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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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this is due to the news live from berlin deadly taxes out protests on the gaza border leaves at least fifteen palestinians dead the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the violence after israeli troops opened fire on protesters also coming up. a spokeswoman for peace returns to her homeland troubled by war malala makes her first visit to where she was almost killed more
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than five years ago. and by in munich has a big chance to secure the point i think it's quite it's a nice standing in their way is dormant in a match being called their traffickers. i'm honored ana thank you for joining us well the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is calling for an investigation into the deaths of at least fifteen palestinians and clashes with israeli soldiers in gaza israel's military opened fire on passions of demonstrators at the closed border between israel and the gaza strip on friday the palestinian health ministry says over one thais and demonstrators were injured in the violence the militant group hamas has called for six weeks of protests and water is already the largest demonstration on
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the border in recent years. it's mostly quiet today on the border between gaza and israel palestinians are holding funerals for those killed in this traduce clashes the israeli army is keeping watch over the border some protesters remain at the tent cities set up the day before they say they are not giving up. ya know moment the motherboard of. what is there hoping that the old will die out and the young will forget on. the young are here they want to go back to the lens of their fathers and grandfathers the young want to go back they have more ambition than their elders well. israel's military released images showing palestinians throwing stones at the border on friday israeli gunfire killed at least fifteen people but the military says it was careful to target only what it calls instigators the spokeswoman accuse the militant group hamas which controls
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gaza of using civilians to disguise attacks on israel what we've seen over the last twenty four hours is anything other than a peaceful protest what we've seen is a violent riot and its players to form the hamas terrorist organization have said that people here camouflage the true intentions and we've seen that on the ground just behind i'm standing right now. in the room gaza palestinians buried their dead on saturday but hamas has promised six more weeks of mass protests in the run up to the seventieth anniversary of israel's founding if past history is any lesson these protests are likely to end and more violence and bloodshed. hows and pollution is a journalist in gaza he was asked at one of the funerals today house and watch have people been saying their. well the families of the people they were. sad and and. they wanted to you know that
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accountability at least i think just the two of you know one of the time of the show me a video when a guy was shot while he was skating and just holding a car air force one he was shot in his head from the back. and they were very angry and they said we want to accountability. our son once was on on me he was throwing stones but they did that they didn't injure the soldiers who were behind the fence so they're very angry and they're looking for accountability what about the situation right now at the border what is it like there. in the morning i went to one of. the places in the areas where. the mass protests yesterday you know the city to an area. few hundreds of young people
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were there standing and there was no shooting actually. guys were fired by the israeli soldiers straight or troops were behind. in the same kind that some people were standing some of them where approaching the fence but not like yesterday just a few hundred. thousand positions in gaza thank you very much for speaking with us . one day after russia expelled twenty three british diplomats moscow insists that even more should leave the country russia's foreign ministry says another fifty have to go meanwhile the british government said it was considering moscow's request for consular access to its crippled the thirty three year old russian citizen was poisoned along with her father sergei a former double agent and a nerve agent attack earlier this month burthen and its major western allies accused russia of perpetrating the attack and in pakistan it's
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a homecoming for a young voice of peace yousafzai is visiting the village she's from for the first time since two thousand and twelve when she was almost kills there by a taliban bulles. she said coming home a daughter who six years ago was nearly killed here for her outspoken belief that girls deserve education. the taliban shot manalo yourself in the head but instead of killing her the attack strengthened her resolve now malala is back the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner is visiting her hometown and pakistan small region security is tight when mother was shot in two thousand and twelve the pakistani army had already been back in control of the area for three years similar attacks still happen from time to time but now the streets of swat a mainly peaceful and bustling. outside the local press club these men welcome her
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return. we're here so we are very happy because malema is a daughter of pakistan and the daughter of swat we are happy that the daughter of swatches returned we welcome her with our whole hearts. we welcome her with our hearts it is a matter of pride for us that she is given recognition to the name of swaps throughout the whole world. but i still claim that milosevic go against both pakistan and idea she continues to challenge i'm proud of my opinion and i'm proud of my country islam has taught me they've bought into feet is done has taught me the importance of education the first order of islam of the first word of koran was a crime which means read and in and the wife of prophet peace be upon him was a businesswoman with me teaches us that women should be involved in the media should be doing business or they should be getting jobs and they should they should
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be speaking out for themselves from allah her time as a dream come true she never wanted to leave she hopes to advocate further for the rights of girls' education. and some of the other stories making news around the world some five hundred invited guests have attended the funeral of the british physicist stephen hawkins in cambridge england mourners include eddie redmayne who portrays hawking in a biographical movie is known for ground breaking research into black holes and for defying a crippling disease to lift at the age of seventy six. voters in sierra leone are going to the polls to choose their new president in a runoff election former military coup leader yes you know when the first round touches to end the corruption and offer free education his rivals and where i come from the governing party is promising continuity and economic recovery. so in
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sacramento california the autopsy of a black man killed by police two weeks ago confirms he was shot seven times in the back t.v. car was on aren't in his grandmother's backyard when officers opened fire as kelly has triggered days of protests in the city. china's defund spacelab tiangong one will fall back to earth this weekend it's been in orbit since twenty eleven the ten major long space station will make an uncontrolled re entry and no one knows for sure where it will land china's space agency says most of this will burn up and probably won't cause any damage for space there and germany's number one tennis star alexandre therof has made they final of the miami open the twenty year old cruised to a straight sets victory over a spaniard pablo cranial bostock it's very with is ranked world number four and their faces america's john isner for the title on sunday. well it's
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a special occasion whenever i buy a new nick and dortmund square off this time all the more so as buy and have the chance to secure the border think it's haifa when the game is known as dare classic and it's supposed to be the clash of two titans but as by and part of the typos it's becoming less and less of a fair fight. dr went. by since two thousand and ten it's been an either or proposition the two clubs have kept the bundesliga title between themselves the last five seasons though it's been advantaged by or has even the black and yellow hat for the rivalry will concede. byron see it as a requirement to be the best team and they've delivered our goal at the moment is to be the second best team and we're not there yet. in other words dortmund still have their work cut out for them while for buyers clinching
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the title is only a matter of time. is a serious secondary if we win the title this week or next week or the week after next i'm taking a relaxed attitude there. the defending champs might be tempted to go into this edition of dec last a go at less than full throttle they've got the first leg of a champions league quarter final on tuesday to contend with. this game is the beginning of a crucial phase for us where we're going to be playing week in and on the weekend virtually every week so i'm getting wins on saturday we get that run off to a very good start good morning madonna musique. and with a little bit of luck a win would earn by in the bundesliga title and a beer show or come may. well joining me now to talk about their classic car is tacky from the giovanni sports desk so alina what you reckon can buy
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a munich wrap up the title this evening not as straightforward as it looks because two conditions have to be met so the first one by i need to be taught mind which is of course stating the obvious but they also have to hope that chalk a drop points against freiburg today but all that said and by and then they will eventually get their hands on that title it's a matter of when and not even if it will happen so let's have a look at buying munich if their coach opined case is talking about leaving at the end of the favor of the end of the season is not a concern for them it is because a buy in and if their long term plan is and the fact that they still don't have a coach lined up for next season that's huge concern and but they of course also but they need to find the right fit and we saw how long abode by nick with the start of the season under color and. you know in in six games there were five points behind him and two were at the top of the table but then of course your pint
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has happened he comes you know they call it the you pint disaffect he comes in and he turns that five point deficit into an eighteen point lead so having the five but he's the biggest talking point because finding another pint has finding another pep guardiola that will be buying the next biggest challenge i think they should definitely go for somebody like oftentimes you. he might be on the market you know if it might work out but and often this is used to. instead the fact that he's so young and that he's inexperienced but i think i mean he has such a in-depth understanding of football it's so deep for his age you know it's so advanced and he know he's only thirty years old and let's shift focus to door and what would win mean for them to nice so i'm obviously it would help them to clinch a champions league spot but the a classic. as you pine has likes to call it el classico. you know there's a lot of pride on the line there's a lot of pride on the line and it's very personal and i don't think don't want to
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be that team to hand by and we need the title you know it alone watch them see it so for them it's like at the end of the day they don't want to see by and celebrate they don't want to see those what is it to be a shower that we just saw the you know they the going gets the out called the out called the you do sure i don't like to think of the day i just. get out of i think for them too it's really painful it brings back of the rivalry brings back a lot of that memory ok well talking thank you very much for coming in and i think with all. cats are well known for their curiosity and a family on safari in the serengeti in tanzania experienced this firsthand look at she said got into their vehicle. and the passengers kept quiet and still possible while the wild feline palter and the four by four cheeses are hunters and the fastest animals on land but the safari group said this one appears more
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inquisitive and aggressive and disappeared when it spotted lunch elsewhere. when they know well that is your news rock to join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our web site stop is due to opening dot com or of course follow us on twitter thanks for washington to be nice. we make up oh but we want tons of oscars the un does that to we all the civil servants are. being one to shape the continent's future. card and join youngsters as they share their story their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charge.


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