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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin deadly clashes protests on the gaza border leave at least fifteen palestinians dead the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the violence after israeli troops opened fire on protesters also coming up. a spokeswoman for peace it returned to her hold on troubles by war malala yousafzai has made her first visit to where she was almost killed more than five years ago. and in the u.s. protests continue following and know their killing of an armed black man by police
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and it's all topsy is raising new questions about the incident. i'm ana don thank you for joining us of the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is calling for an investigation into the deaths of at least fifteen palestinians in clashes with israeli soldiers in gaza and israel's military opened fire on thousands of demonstrators at the close forger of between israel and the gaza strip on friday the palestinian health ministry says over one thousand demonstrators were injured in the violence the militant group hamas has called for six weeks of protests and was is already the largest demonstration at the border in recent years. it's mostly quiet today on the border between gaza and israel palestinians are holding
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funerals for those killed in yesterday's clashes the israeli army is keeping watch over the border some protesters remain at the tent cities set up the day before they say they're not giving up. yeah i know more about the motherboard of. what is there hoping that the old will die out and the young will forget. but the young are here they want to go back to the lens of their fathers and grandfathers the young want to go back they have more ambition than their elders. israel's military released images showing palestinians throwing stones at the border on friday israeli gunfire killed at least fifteen people but the military says it was careful to target only what it calls instigators the spokeswoman accuse the militant group hamas which controls gaza of using civilians to disguise attacks on israel what we've seen over the last twenty four hours is anything other than
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a peaceful protest what we've seen is a violent riot and its players for the hamas terrorist organization have said that people here camouflage that's true intentions and we've seen that on the ground just behind i'm standing right now. around because of the palestinians buried their dead on saturday but hamas has promised six more weeks of mass protests in the run up to the seventieth anniversary of israel's founding if past history is any lesson these protests are likely to end and more violence and bloodshed. house and pollution is a journalist in gaza he was asked at one of the funerals today house and watch have people been saying their. well the families of the people they where greed. and. they want to. know that accountability at least i think just the two of you know one of the time
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of these very show me a video when a guy was shot while he was skating and just holding a car air force one he was shot in his head from the back. and they were very angry and they said we want to accountability for our son once was on our ernie he was throwing stones but they did that they didn't injure the soldiers who were behind the fence so they're very angry and they're looking for accountability what is the situation right now at the border what is it like there. in the morning i went to one. of the places and the areas where. the mass protests yesterday you know the city to an area. few hundreds of young people were there standing and there was no shooting actually see again as were fired by the israeli soldiers and stray troops were behind the fence.
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in the same time that some people were standing some of them where approaching the fence but not like yesterday just a few hundreds where there. has been the lucia in gaza thank you very much for speaking with us. in pakistan it's a homecoming for a young voice of peace malala is visiting the village she's from for the first time since twenty twelve when she was almost killed there by a taliban bullis. she's a daughter coming home a daughter who six years ago was nearly killed here for her outspoken belief that girls deserve education because. the taliban shot malala yousafzai in the head but instead of killing her the attack strengthened her resolve now malala is back the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner is visiting her hometown and pakistan's
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swat region security is tight when mother was shot in two thousand and twelve the pakistani army had already been back in control of the area for three years similar attacks still happen from time to time but now the streets of swat a mainly peaceful and bustling. outside the local press club these men welcome her return. we're here so we are very happy because madonna is a daughter of pakistan and the daughter of swat we are happy that the daughter of swatches returned we welcome her with our whole hearts. we welcome her with our hearts it is a matter of pride for us that she has given recognition to the name of swatch throughout the whole world. but others still claim that malawi views go against both islam and pakistan an idea she continues to challenge i'm proud of my engine and i'm proud of my country islam has taught me they've bought into the system has
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taught me the importance of education the first word of it's one of the first word of what i was a quote which means grade and in and in the wife of prophet peace be upon him with a business woman which we teach is that women should be involved in the economy they should be doing business or they should be getting jobs in english and they should be speaking out for themselves for malala her return as a dream come true she never wanted to leave she hopes to advocate further for the rights of girls and education. to some of the other stories making news around the world. some five hundred invited guests have attended the funeral of the british physicist stephen hawking in cambridge england mourners included eddie redmayne who portrayed halting any biographical movie o'kane was known for graham breaking research into black holes and for defying a crippling disease to live to the age of seventy six. voters in sierra leone went
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to the polls today to choose a new president in the runoff election former military coup leader hugo bio one the first friends he pledges to end corruption and offer free education his rival and some where i come from the governing party is promising continuity and economic recovery results are expected to be and then within two days. china's defund space gong one will fall back to earth this weekend it's been in orbit since twenty eleven the ten metre long space station that will make an uncontrolled re entry and no one knows for sure where it will land china's space agency says most of us will burn up probably and probably won't cause any damage. protests in the united states have again highlighted the issue of police violence against black citizens authorities have fired weis police officer who shot dead
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a man in louisiana and a separate case an autopsy shows an unarmed man killed in california was shot eight times and none of the bullets struck him in the front. marchers in california state capital sacramento protest at the shooting two weeks ago of twenty two year old steven clark. police who shot him in the back say they feared he was holding a gun it turned out to be a cellphone in a separate case in louisiana buddy camera footage shows two police officers swearing at thirty seven year old alton sterling outside a grocery store before shooting him dead one officer blaine salmoni has now been fired it was clear that one seldom only came out like it or. any mediately escalated the entire situation putting a gun to this me and it. using profane language threatening his life any ended up taking. a second officer involved has been suspended from judy my
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decision was not based on politics. it was not based on emotions. it was based on the facts of the case the family lawyer says the police have a responsibility to the whole community. we know how difficult it is we understand it. it's a tough job. they have to deal with a lot. but with high duty comes high expectations you don't just look after white people you look after black people and hispanic and asian and everyone else a series of recent fighting shootings of black men by police has sparked a nationwide protests and the black lives movement but these cases can only fuel the debate of a bias in the american criminal justice system. the united nations is sounding the alarm over what it's calling the deadly combination of conflict and
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disease in east africa the suffering in somalia is especially severe there is little water and the country has endured decades of war on terror hundreds of thousands are internally displaced now a program by the german government and aid organizations aimed to help those now stuck in refugee camps. for somalian herders their cows are everything but a devastating drought last year claimed hundreds of thousands of animals just a few together with their owners have made it to dollar refugee camp in the southwest of the country. here mothers cleaned to the babies wait for help in the scorching heat. like rawhide to buy a lead and her sick daughter. came here a year ago. drought and insecurity. had only means how's this when you where can we need schools for our older children we really need everything the low but
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a little of the album. but there is almost nothing in this place this project funded by the german government is trying to help people survive the harsh living conditions. toddlers in particular like ron has daughter are malnourished. some of us had to look at it twice i thin to the hospital with her they sat me god heal her read the koran for her and she's actually doing better than our own. not least with the help of a vitamin rich peanut paste that broadcasts on every visit a centralized system tracks her development it's all new for the herders few of whom can read and write. as life used to revolve around her life stuck in the cycles of rainy and dry seasons as husband knows no other life this is the first time he's lived in such close quarters with other people. and on
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bias it up with our life is no marched by a stair to in the struggle for the bare essentials we can't go back to where we came from that here we have no real life we can't escape abroad we don't have any money for the with the minimal go back and look at. her and her husband are likely to stay and don't live with their seven children in a makeshift refugee camp becomes a permanent home as in so many places worldwide. i just hope that our government succeeds in securing peace in the country and that the aid organizations provide us with essentials we need both. but how to carve out any sort of life out of its existence is another question. since for its germany's number one tennis star alexander it's fair if has made the final of the miami open twenty year old christina straight sets victory over. world number four and now faces america's
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john isner for the title on sunday. and going to see continued their tear in the make this time they defeated fibroid to nail getting the goals were dining on the jury and burke star and are so comfortably in second spot in the standings in other games that laver whose injury without an over a loss that holmes lives they hoffenheim run roughshod over cologne took our share of the points to major games on saturday see the motto of the rand by inverses dortmund followed by had to hosting revolves ferric and on sunday two games then as well braman take on frankfurters and mine school against. well just before we go cats are well known for their curiosity and a family on safari in the serengeti in tanzania experienced this firsthand when i got into their feet of the passengers kept quiet and sat still as possible while the wild figure i hauled around the four by four interior and exterior teaches our
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hunters and the fosters animal on land the safari group said this one appeared more inquisitive and aggressive. look at them stay with us here on details that you will be back again at the top of the our. earth home or saving good morning to you is tell stories of creative people and know they do projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions like global warming to get the series of global three thousand on g.w. and all.


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