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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is due to the news live from berlin deadly clashes at protests on the gaza border leave at least fifteen palestinians dead the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the violence after israeli troops opened fire on protesters also coming up. a spokeswoman for peace returns to her homeland troubled by war by law that makes her first visit to where she was almost killed more than five years ago. and the u.s. protests continue following another killing of an on not on armed black man by
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police now it is all topsy is raising new questions about the incident. i am on i was on thank you for joining us the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is calling for an investigation into the deaths of at least fifteen palestinians in clashes with israeli soldiers in gaza israel's military opened fire on pounds of demonstrators at the close border between israel and the gaza strip on friday and in authority declared a national day of mourning as funerals were held for those killed in the clashes today. every road every side street every bridge top here in gaza is awash with emotion such aerated with anger one day on from the bloodiest protest since the two thousand and fourteen war and nation's grief hangs heavy and
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least fifteen palestinians killed by israeli forces and more than a thousand injured following must border protests witnesses have reported life fire multiple rounds of rubber bullets and tear gas dropped into crowds. in the theater after the march started i went through the fence found an injured woman who couldn't bear to see or not help her i brought her out. shot me in both legs who initially looked into. the u.n. has opened an independent inquiry into the deadly clashes the palestinians demand to return to what they call their homeland friday's great march to return had marked the forty second anniversary of land day in one nine hundred forty eight six on all and palestinians was shot by israeli forces as the government expert prita to swathes of palestinian land to create the state of disarray israel's military released these images showing palestinians throwing stones at the border on friday they claim they'd only targeted instigators they blame the bloodshed on hamas which
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controls the gaza strip what we've seen is a violent riot in its clearest form the hamas terrorist organization have said that people to the border with israel and gaza in order to camouflage the true intentions of tara extend the women and their children as a pro choice to hide their true intentions what are the true intentions the facts speak for themselves they've fired rockets towards israel they've attempted to infiltrate the border between israel a sovereign border. a day on from friday's aggression an eerie sense of quiet determination simmonds in demonstrators camps. yeah no more border. they hope that the old will die out and the young will forget what the young are here why do you want to go back to the lands of the fathers only grandchild. the young want to go back they have more and mission and than their
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elders. six more weeks of mass protests are planned in the run up to the seventieth anniversary of israel's founding palestinian stuff the not the catastrophe a commemoration for the more than seven hundred thousand palestinians who fled or were expelled from their homes in one nine hundred forty eight a stark reminder of the violence that's become synonymous here and if paul sr has any lesson a warning of the bloodshed that may yet to come. has and is a journalist in gaza he was asked and one of the funerals today has and what have people been saying there well the families of the people they were angry. they want to you know they're trying to promote at least. two if you know one of the crime of these very chilled me every year when. he was scraping and just holding.
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one he was shot in his head from the back. and they were very angry and they said we want to constitute the war our son once was. he was rolling stores but they did that they injure the soldiers who were behind the fence. so they're very angry and they're looking for accountability what a basic the situation right now at the border what is it like there. here in the morning i went to one of. the places where the areas where used to be. struck first yesterday city to an area. two hundred young people were there standing there was no shooting here chile but the fire quite easily for you the troops were. behind there. in the stream crying that some people were standing on board were approaching the fair
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but not like yesterday just a few hundred where there. has and pollution in gaza thank you very much for speaking with us. in pakistan it's a homecoming for a young voice of peace malala is visiting the village she's from for the first time since twenty twelve when she was almost killed there by a taliban bolus. she said coming home a daughter who six years ago was nearly killed here for her outspoken belief that go deserve education. the time of on shot malala yousafzai in the head but instead of killing her the attack strengthened her resolve now malala is back the youngest of a nobel peace prize winner is visiting her hometown and pakistan small region security is tight when mother was shot in two thousand and twelve the pakistani
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army had already been back in control of the area for three years similar attacks still happen from time to time but now the streets of swat a mainly peaceful and bustling. outside the local press club these men welcome her return. we're here so we have very happy because madonna is the daughter of pakistan and the daughter of swat we are happy that the daughter of swatches returned we welcome her with our whole hearts. when i last thought i welcome her with our hearts it is a matter of pride for us that she has given recognition to the name of swatch throughout the whole world. but i will still claim that milosevic is go against both islam abse pakistan and idea she continues to challenge i'm proud of my engine and i'm proud of my country islam has taught me they've bought into the things dan has taught me the importance of education the first word of islam of the first word of koran was a crime which means jade and in and the wife of prophet peace be upon him was
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a businesswoman with me teaches us that women should be involved in the calling me they should be doing business or they should be getting jobs in the they should they should be speaking or put in size from her time as a dream come true she never wanted to leave she hopes to advocate further for the rights of girls and education. now to some of the stories making news around the world. some five hundred invited guests have attends of the funeral of the british physicist stephen hawking in cambridge england when i think created the redmayne who portrayed hawking and biographical movie was known for ground breaking research into black holes and for defying a crippling disease to have to the age of seventy six. a day after russia expelled twenty three british diplomats moscow insists another fifty have to go meanwhile the british government say it's considering moscow's request
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for consular access to use. she and her father sergei a former double agent for poison in a nerve agent attack in england on march fourth. protests in the united states have again highlights is the issue of police violence against black citizens horace's fired a white police officer who shot dead a man in louisiana and a separate case and autopsy shows an armed man killed in california was shot eight times and none of the bullets struck him in the front. marches in california state capital sacramento protest at the shooting two weeks ago of twenty two year old steven clark. police who shot him in the back say they feared he was holding a gun it turned out to be a cellphone in a separate case in louisiana buddy camera footage shows two police officers swearing at thirty seven year old alton sterling outside a grocery store before shooting him dead one officer blaine salomone has now been
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fired it was clear that he came out like this. and immediately escalated the attire situation putting that gun to this means. using profane language threatening his life i mean taking. a second officer involved has been suspended from judy. my decision was not based on politics it was not based on emotions it was based on the facts of the case the family lawyer says the police have a responsibility to the whole community we know how difficult it is we understand that. it's a tough job. they have to deal with a lot. but with high duty comes high expectations you don't just look after white people you look after black people and hispanic and asian and everyone else
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a series of recent fatal shootings of black men by police has sparked a nationwide protests and the black lives method a movement but these cases can only fueled a debate over bias in the american criminal justice system. photos and sierra leone have gone to the polls again to choose a new president in a runoff election former military coup leader yes not a big deal one the first strands he touches to and corruption and offer free education as rivals and where the governing party is promising continuity and economic recovery. the first round was won with a razor thin majority julius model of beer was victor the challenger to the ruling party's candidate some are a commodity but with only a fifteen thousand vote difference the ruling party alleged irregularities and filed a court challenge delaying the vote on saturday sierra leonean went to the polls.
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because as a citizen of this country you are led to the first mandate and i understand in the very least with that's most here and we are looking forward to we hear connection. with a credible resolves the queues in front of polling stations were much shorter this time the opposition leader believes that skew to an increased military presence. where districts are no i think you know if you read the book that was very good about it a. bit of. it was the beginning was. after sporadic clashes during the campaign security was stepped up for the runoff most citizens want the new government to focus on the reconstruction of the country after a devastating outbreak of the a bowl of virus and on securing permanent peace i don't think they want to drag or
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see again till we are we are we are before the ten years senseless civil war that we went through in this nation i believe there will be reasonable enough law to drug wars to anything bring conflict again in this nation also have a large as the we didn't lose our support that we know what to get offered a better image of this nation. analysts say the race is too close to call results are expected to be announced within two days. says force there and former tennis star and trainer andre agassi has announced that he is no longer part of novak djokovic just coaching. scene joke of it a former world number one tennis player has been as of the limelight for most of the past six months with an elbow injury he did play a recent tournament that indian wells and miami but was knocked out of both events in the first round i guess he started working with the twelve time grand slam winner of prior to last year's french open. and going to sleep where
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a shocker continue their tear in the leak this time they defeated five to nail getting the goals are done the jury. and are still comfortably in second spot in the standings in other games they've refused injury with a hand over a loss at home to live sick hoffenheim run rough shod over a cologne. share the points to later games on saturday then currently the match of the round is taking place by inverses dortmund will be followed by hosting involves barry and sunday his two games graeme and take on frankfurt and winds go up against mentioned. cats are well known for their curiosity the family on safari in the serengeti in tanzania experienced this firsthand when a cheetah comes into their vehicle the passengers catch quiesced and still as possible one of the wild feline poulterer and the four by four interior and exterior are hunters and the fastest animal but the safari group has said this one
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appears more inclusive and aggressive. lucky for them that's their new draft join us again at the top of the hour or you can always check out our website that's state of the dot com stay with us. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and it's something hinders us we must overcome it and. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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