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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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they are yes we'll have that and all the other games coming up right now. and that's a news wrap join us again at the top of the hour don't forget to check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching. the. earth go home we're sinking google into those ten stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming do you know it's been going in series of global three girls and on d w and online when i was young meaning to go changing the world . but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital
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mutilation humiliation. so i know well so now we read about the news of the written word to stand up for women's rights. now one of the inside the free voice of egypt starting late on g.w. . we've been talking about it for months but had fifteen day arrived kind of foreign unique only if there are twenty eight in the think a title how much they twenty at. the defending champions could live on this legal silverware for a sixth consecutive season but first they needed to beat dortmund a team with plenty to prove it's being a tough season for the black and yellows but here they have the chance to get one over on their old rivals in their own backyard. title deciders and
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gold still or what an exciting weekend of action we've got in store view so let's see what's coming up on the bundesliga. shall go to the other team hoping to rain on byron's parade with a sixth consecutive win because they see off a freiburg side in free fall. and let's not forget we'll be looking at this weekend's big match the classic could dortmund hungry for a champions league spot cause an upset in munich. welcome to the bundesliga here on d.w. with all the match day twenty eight action on pablo foley. let's start with the match that could delay byron's title celebrations shelter against freiburg the royal blues have been in flying form and could keep the championship alive for another week with a club record sixth consecutive win but first they needed to see off freiberg who are teetering desperately to the relegation spots with just one win and their last
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eight matches coach to stanch touch and his side were feeling the pressure to shock the crowd. had won their last three games one male one of those thanks to x. freiburg man daniel kind of jury and this match proved just as tight now though the defender with a goal scoring touch just missed his cue the best chance of a laborious first half because he needed a spark and then our it got its own i went down in the parks parents he said. no uva are. hard done by. caligiuri putting the bavarian beers on ice and causing freiburg tempers to poilievre. fast kept in newspapers and talked himself in secure yellow cards and generally bath before he was joined by his coach every temperamental christian strives. shocker capitalized on the man advantage style of pretty mccain beyond reach.
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six trait wins a club record for shaka of a young coached atypically grounded we didn't think of this record we just thought of all of this match how to beat my book it's not easy to be tribal because it's organized team with young hungry players hungry former player house make a difference cementing second place. now aftershock is when biron will have to wait at least another week to lift the title trophy but the defending champion still had a big weekend with their main rivals in the league in recent times procedure dortmund coming to visit there are tribals have had plenty of highs and even more allows this season but they could end this year's campaign with a coveted champions league spot that so long as they don't nose dive in the coming weeks could they cause an upset in munich let's find out. experience on the
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touchline and on the pitch your client has named his oldest starting eleven of the season an average age of thirty yet brimming with energy just five minutes in thomas miller sent robert levin dusty on his way up the pole doing the rest replays hinted at a possible of side but the video referee chose not to intervene. that was in contrast to five minutes later from korea varies effort ruled out by v.a.r. because hammers retreat has touched the ball on its way. not that it cracked by in style as they went to no luck after a quarter of an hour david oliver with the cross were intrigued with the sliding finish. my. thought then looked terrified and by and where no mood to play nice this time it was miller's turn to get on the scoresheet the hosts ruthlessly exploiting their opponents weakness three nil. and it wasn't going to
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get any better for the visitors we bury tricked into pieces way through the door and back line eleven dusty just had to touch it in if you wanted an example of how not to defend this would be. the big. moments later rivera he went from provider to scorer and in some style five nil and there was still forty five minutes left to ensure. the second half was somewhat quieter with just the one goal for by an eleventh of ski completing his hat trick three minutes from time. his tenth goal in eight games against his former club. dortmund humiliation was their first defeat under coach paid. for by an it bodes well ahead of tuesday's champions league clash with silvio. well at certain hour let's take a look at the race for a top four. finish informed leipzig unbeaten in their last five matches travel to
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hapless hanover the hosts who've lost their last four games turn their fortunes around but first we'll take a look at who's and who welcomed a team they've never lost to could this be their year to do it against a laver couzin side determined to return to europe's top table. live accuser now hoping that team spirit carries them to the champions league so heiko hallet side simply had to be visit his house but they only had one reason to cheer in the sixty fourth minute a shot from union bronze found the net by and even then the joy was short lived as his teammate leon bailey was ruled offside. the game between levick isn't an outspoken big goal this not really what a champions league full names. like seek have the same champions league envisions as leverkusen in hanover they took the lead in the sixteenth minute when
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a meal for spirit scored. and the guests made it to nail in the second half courtesy of this header by captain billy orbán. a set play got hanover back in the game courtesy of sally if sonny in the seventy first minute. but like six responded just five minutes later when you see if paulson made it three one still can't over weren't about to give up. in fact they cut down like six lead to a single goal when nicklaus phil crewe connected in the seventy sixth minute by and moments later it looked like hanover tied it up with another goal by fruit group but it was ruled off side by like six survived the scare the three to win means ralph ellison who two squad are on course for another champions league season. well now let's take a look at the other end of the bundesliga type table in
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a moment we'll bring you colognes trip to hoffenheim darts clash at home to bottom of the table hamburg but first let's talk about this man here bruno of india has yet to lead his fourth from bottom vols for inside to a victory since taking over in february they finally pick up some much needed points against a lackluster has a berlin. the clash between berlin and ball sport didn't exactly get bundesliga fans arch racing and although both sides had their chances to grab the win the game's biggest highlight came off the pitch rather than on it rooney yosh tiny setting up his coach paul gardai who showed off some silky skills a scoreless draw is all these two sides deserved after this display. by their standard stefan who makes cologne have been sensational form since the break and headed into this game looking to continue their run especially off a sing off live a good as in last time outs but often i met other ideas twenty three minutes in and
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says cannot break open the scoring for the home side. great stuff from you not those men's team after the break to visit his room for twenty five minutes of absolute mayhem the on stoppable cannot prefer seconds as the floodgates open in spectacular fashion. extended the lead in the fifty six minutes i before score its hat provide a five minutes late up look us hoops go to the home sites fool i it was painful to watch it completed his brace in the sixty fifth minutes and make it five nil and steven suba then scored the final goal of the game as the billy goats with a six going to sneak a survival seems just outs of reach. the other side deep in relegation trouble are hamburg they were without a win since november and desperate for a result in stuttgart. and they got off to
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a strong start run robert sealers bill john luca welch and shot lewis holtby show the true striker's instinct to convert the rebound in the eighteenth minute. were short lived and it tommy shot was funneled to daniel insect who levelled the score sure before the break. and so it stayed the side share the spoils but that doesn't help hamburg as they remain rooted at the bottom of the table. well now let's take a look at all the matches so far on match day twenty eight and you can see there shall be a struggling freiburg six goal thriller against dortmund leverkusen and i was where it ended in a troll of course hanover were unlucky against another draw there im berlin hof and i'm another six goal result there on match day twenty eight against cologne and another draw stood guard against tom we're going to course let's not forget that on sunday we have two games that's braman against frankfurt and strugglers minds
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against now it's time to take a look at what all that means for the table of course no shock at the top byron still waiting to lift the trophy shell four points ahead of third leipzig move up but of course don't let's not forget that frankfurt are going to be playing on sunday moved into the to the right end of the table will say and the other and no change than there for the bottom five teams but in reality look at those three bottom struggles terrible results i mean they're basically in a very very difficult situation and it's all a matter of who will end up being relegated this season there is a little bit of movement up there have to move up and move down as ever we end the show with a look at the play of the day as chosen by you on twitter and with forty eight percent of the vote the winner is tomas mina a breakaway goal crafted by commas whose first time crossed was finished in silky fashion. by the germany striker that was the third goal for biron in their
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demolition of dortmund. well that's all for us here at the bundesliga for me and the rest of the team here in berlin and some that. are twenty one special. because my dear in the summer. with iranian are the. women man. the pressure of liberation. exile home. these are some of the most mark in her life.
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this week's highlight. the must have found she took trains for twenty eight. the master i'm sure much decision architect mario come. right so for instance feel aerial acrobats contravene also. the romans in sixty minutes. my first boss moses going machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean for something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i want to talk about the bicycle off my home but it took me as the space. finally gave up invention buying on bicycles and returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos for girls than writing about. as
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knowledge i want to meet those woman back home blood bones by then two teams and social norms and informed of old dead basic rights my name is them out of the home and i work at some. constraints. and company time.


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