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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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news. this is e.w. news live from berlin clashes on the gaza border leave at least sixteen palestinians dead israeli troops opened fire on protesters during mass demonstrations the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the violence also coming up a spokeswoman for peace returns to a land torn up by war malala yousafzai makes her first visit to pakistan where she was almost killed more than five years ago. and in the u.s. more protests following the death of yet another unarmed black man at the hands of
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the police now his autopsy is raising new questions about the killing. i my actuator welcome to the program the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is calling for an investigation after at least sixteen palestinians were killed in clashes with israeli soldiers on friday israel's military opened fired on thousands of demonstrators who were rioting at the gaza border the palestinian authority has declared a national day of mourning. there freebirds every side street every rooftop in gaza is awash with emotion such aerated with anger one day on from the bloodiest protests this is the two thousand and fourteen wall the nation's grief hangs heavy at least sixteen palestinians killed by israeli forces
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and more than a thousand injured following mass protests witnesses reported life fire multiple rounds of rubber bullets and tear gas dropped into crowds. after the march started i went near the fence found an injured woman who couldn't bear to see or not help her i brought her. shocked me both legs into. the u.n. has opened an independent inquiry into the deadly clashes palestinians demand to return to what they call their homeland try to great to march for return had marked the forty second anniversary of land day when six ananda palestinians were shot by israeli forces in one nine hundred seventy six as the government to cue just wastes of palestinian land to create the state of israel israel's military released these images showing palestinians throwing stones at the border on friday they claim they'd only targeted instigate says they blame the bloodshed on how mass which controls the gaza strip. what we've seen is
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a violent riot in its clearest form the hamas terrorist organization have said that people to the border with israel and gaza in order to camouflage the true intentions of tara. a day on from friday's aggression and eerie sense of quiet determination simmons and demonstrators camps. yeah i know more but. they hope that the old will die out and the young will forget what the young are here why do you want to go back to the lands of the founders only grandfather. the young want to go back they have more ambition and than their elders of the war i mean. six more weeks of mass protests are planned in the run up to the seventieth anniversary of israel's founding what palestinians dubbed not by the catastrophe and if pos history is any lesson that could mean more bloodshed in one of the world's longest standing conflicts of the modern era. has a militia is
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a palestinian journalist working in gaza he's monitoring the situation on the gaza israeli border for us i want them in the morning to see the scene same same areas where. demonstrations and protests yesterday today was a smaller version of yesterday hundreds of protesters where at the border still in the same same place some of them they approached a sense of peace and less than three hundred where the israeli army want war. to approach. i could years fire gunfire and i so. good mates were fired at the protesters according to the minister of things they said forty six palestinians were and yesterday along the border. so it's still ongoing with with less. with less
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demonstrators or protesters. and so seems like the situation so tense on the ground and you attended two of the funerals for people who were killed on friday what were the mourners there saying. well people were angry of course at the lows members of their families. they were mourning tent set up in the streets i want to as you mention one of them. the family show the video how their son was killed he was twenty years old he was. a string of. the gaza strip he was he went to help someone else who was picking up a tire for closer place and in the fence. out of sight and he got shot and has had actually the family said he was on he was in
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a showdown so the israelis he was running away from the fence and out of sudden he got in and the head of the family was angry who wanted. accountability for the other family was like we'd be pissed off. with the father was saying you know is destroying the future of they are people. correspondent lucia in for us and now on to some other stories making news around the world some five hundred guests attended the funeral of british scientist stephen hawking in cambridge england mourners included eddie redmayne who portrayed hawking in the award winning winning film about his life the business as it was known for groundbreaking research into black holes and for defying a crippling disease to live to the age of seventy six. workers have taken down the american flag from the u.s. consulate in st petersburg the kremlin ordered the consulate closed and sixty
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american diplomats expelled the u.s. is among twenty three countries giving russian diplomats the boot all this is in response to a poison attack on former spy sergei screwball and this daughter in southbury england. pope francis has provided over his six easter vigil service in st peter's basilica at the vatican the service began with the lighting of a candle the light of which is meant to symbolize christ earlier francis urge people not to be complacent about the world's injustices. in pakistan a homecoming for a young voice of peace malala yousafzai is visiting her village in the swat valley it's the first time she's been there since two thousand and twelve when the taliban nearly killed her. she's a daughter coming home a daughter who six years ago was nearly killed here for her outspoken belief that girls deserve education just. like the taliban shot malala yousafzai in the head
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but instead of killing her the attack strengthened her resolve now malala is back the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner is visiting her hometown and pakistan's swat region security is tight when mother was shot in two thousand and twelve the pakistani army had already been back in control of the area for three years similar attacks still happen from time to time but now the streets of swat a mainly peaceful and bustling. outside the local press club these men welcome her return. we're here so we are very happy because malema is a daughter of pakistan and the daughter of swat we are happy that the daughter of swatches returned we welcome her with our whole hearts. we welcome her with our hearts it is a matter of pride for us that she has given recognition to the name of swatch throughout the whole world but of
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a still claim that molests views go against both islam and pakistan an idea she continues to challenge i'm proud of my age and i'm proud of my country islam has taught me they've bought into the things done has taught me the importance of education the first word of islam of the first word of god i will take that which means read and in the end and the wife of prophet peace be upon him with the business the one with the teaches that women should be involved in the economy they should be doing business or they should be getting jobs in english should they should be speaking out for themselves for her return is a dream come true she never wanted to leave she hopes to advocate further for the rights of girls and education. further police violence against black citizens has sparked new protests in the united states louisiana authorities fired a white police officer who shot a man dead in a separate case the police shot an unarmed man in california eight times the
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autopsy shows almost all of the shots were in the back. of the marches in california state capital sacramento protest at the shooting two weeks ago of twenty two year old stefan clock police who shot him in the back say they feared he was holding a gun it turned out to be a cellphone. in a separate case in louisiana body camera footage shows two police officers swearing at thirty seven year old alton sterling outside a grocery store before shooting him dead one officer blaine's alimony has now been fired it was clear that lane ceremony came out like a pit bull. and immediately escalated the entire situation putting a gun to this means he did. using profane language threatening his life and he ended up taking his life. as second officer involved has been suspended from duty my decision was not based on politics. it was not based on
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emotions it was based on the facts of the case the family lawyer says the police have a responsibility to the whole community. we know how difficult it is we understand it. it's a tough job. they have to deal with a lot. but with high duty comes high expectations you don't just look after white people you look after black people and hispanic and asian and everyone else a series of recent fatal shootings of black men by police sparked a nationwide protests and the black lives mayhem movement but these cases can only fuel the debate of a bias in the american criminal justice system. so there is a large object hurdling at us from space the tiangong one a space station to be exact the chinese lab has been in orbit sense two thousand and eleven but it's been spinning out of control for months experts estimate it's going to crash into the
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earth possibly as late as monday morning greenwich mean time but no one can really say for sure and no one knows where it will hit the good news is that when they station enters the atmosphere it will break up into thousands of small pieces most of which will likely burn up upon re-entry. just with the chang going one space lab will come down nobody knows not even europe's top space junk expert hole get krug predictions are being revised constantly and are even affected by solar flare activity. so it's on call to do it and it's going to be an uncontrolled reentry and it's even more complicated because the space station is tumbling on its own axis. in two thousand and eleven the nine and a half ton module was launched into space the first step of an ambitious chinese project to build its own space station in a small bit but two years ago they lost contact now with each passing day the module comes closer to the earth all that snow and for certain is that it will come
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down somewhere between letter chewed forty three degrees north and forty three degrees south is in a component first will see the outer extremities torn off due to the vile. and aerodynamic forces and then the object to develop megawatts of heat as it reenters the atmosphere i mean you're milt's but it's made of titanium or stainless steel will glow as they come down but this won't be some kind of heavy rain of molten metal rather individual bits many kilometers apart. although astrophysicists predicts between one hundred and two hundred kilograms of the module will actually fall to earth they say there's no danger of large impact and if the with the plays nicely people can expect to see something like a large meteor shower only much more spectacular. and on more to sports news former tennis star and trainer andre agassi has announced that he is no longer part of novak djokovic his coaching team started
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working with the twelve time grand slam winner prior to last year's french open djokovic a former world number one tennis player has been out of the limelight for most of the past six months due to an elbow injury he did play recent tournaments at indian wells and in miami but he was knocked out of those events in the first round. meanwhile germany's number one tennis star alex and it's vera has made it to the final round of the miami open the twenty year old cruised to a straight sets victory over spaniard public. serve is ranked world number four and now faces america's john eisner for the title on the sunday. and stay tuned because in one minute we'll have our bundesliga show including whether by noon it could wrap up yet another title in their match against policy at dortmund that and all of the other games this round coming on right up. that's when israel turns again at the top of the hour don't forget you can check out our website or follow us on
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