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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from burning good years of fighting in syria's eastern ghouta region be drawing to a close of course a deal has been reached to evacuation fighters and civilians from eastern that group has lost rebel held advanced yet syrian state media say the first fighters have begun leaving the town of duma. also coming up. israel defends its move to open fire on palestinian protesters ingalls like killing at least fifteen people on friday it's raining leaders rejected calls for an inquiry into the
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bloodshed. and in the us more protests following the death of another unarmed black man about hundreds of police now his autopsy raising new questions about the killing. i'm going to home free thanks for joining me syrian state media is reporting that rebel fighters have started to leave the town of duma the last rebel held stronghold in the eastern suburbs of damascus this follows reports of a deal between pro-government forces and rebels granting safe passage to over a thousand injured people from duma to operate opposition territory in syria's north the syrian government and its allies have surrounded do man regained most of eastern ghouta since beginning a military offensive in february. well course one of our eyes following
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developments in kuta from beirut in neighboring lebanon for us good to see you know what else can you tell us about what is being touted as the final evacuation deal for duma. well we still have to be careful with our reporting because this information is coming we syrian state television some are t.v. and they say that the regime in fact has refused to deal with the dominant rebel group which is known as gestural islam and that an exchange of civilians that have been incarcerated by jason islam these. rebels would be let go to italy but the activists on the ground are still not confirming this in fact some of them that i managed to speak to continue to state say that the rebels of some the other group ramón have in fact left dumas but not to general islam and what general islam which i repeat is the dominant group in the long want is to be is to have control is to continue to have control of the duma as promised to them in
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a stand on stand by russia so that struggle is still on we haven't heard the final word from the dominant rebel group in the last hour the regime though now says that they in fact have reached a deal so we still have to wait it out of it and see of the final word as to what the dominant rebel group there finally says and in the meantime and show you've been speaking to your sources on the ground what is the situation for civilians there right now. well it's horrifying we're hearing all sorts of reports we're hearing that a lot of the civilians who wanted to leave could not leave because. they're afraid of the regime but many of them at this stage want to leave they feel that there is absolutely no option left in the rebels are not letting them go about a few days ago i spoke to people on the ground who were rushing out and the rebels on the ground confirmed to me that about five hundred people from duma had left though this is a very significant number when you consider how hundreds and thousands of me bill
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and do our part still that dumas i mean has hundreds of thousands of civilians still caught up between the rebels and the regime and the situations they live in are a pretty horrifying situation is clearly in flux right now as you point out and child but what would it mean for the conflict if the syrian army does manage to retake the city what it means a clear victory for assad that it means the international community in a sense has been unable to do anything at all for the. for these people who've been caught up in this situation for quite a long time the siege has been on since two thousand and thirteen everybody knew this is going to happen assad has used the same tactics sea air warfare and then intensive bombardment ground offensive to retake well the level the same things happened after this is all were which is expected to happen soon then that would
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mean that assad basically has all of the territory back except for some on plates in how much better and then he's going to go for them and perhaps even if lead which has turkish forces on the ground so this is a victory then in that sense for assad but also perhaps a learning lesson for the international community as to what they did wrong this is time in the city and warm her spine and in beirut thanks for your analysis. israel is rejecting calls for an inquiry into the killing of at least fifteen palestinians on friday israel's military opened fire off a palestinian demonstration turned violent at israel's border with gaza here opinion and in amnesty international have joined the un in calling for an independent investigation into friday's bloodshed united states reportedly rejected such a move put forward the u.n. security council we want israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says soldiers acted appropriately to protect the country security oh god hundreds
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of mourners on the streets of gaza. some are carrying the body of a palestinian killed by israeli fire during friday's mass marches. at least fifteen palestinians were killed by israeli forces and more than a thousand injured in violent clashes. witnesses have reported live fire multiple rounds of rubber bullets and tear gas dropped on to crowds. in the theater after the march started i went near the fence i found an injured woman i couldn't bear to see or not help her i brought her out. shot me in both legs into the un and the e.u. have called for an independent inquiry into the deadly clashes palestinians demand to return to what they call their homeland friday's great march for return had marked the forty second anniversary of land day when six on armed palestinians were
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shot by israeli forces as the government to cute swathes of palestinian land to create the state of israel israel's military released these images showing palestinians throwing stones at the border and friday they claim they don't like targeted instigators they blame the bloodshed and hamas which controls the gaza strip. what we've seen is a violent riot in its clearest form the hamas terrorist organization. i've sent that people to the border with israel and gaza in order to camouflage that true intentions of terror but as so often one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter and those remaining in the demonstrators camps say they are determined. not a war to hit with a hope that the old will die out and the young will forget but the young are here they want to go back to the lands of the five it is only grandfather. the young want to go back they have more ambition than their elders of well thought of.
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six more weeks of mass protests are planned in the run up to the seventieth anniversary of israel's founding what palestinians dubbed knockabout the catastrophe. and if past history is any lesson that could mean yet more bloodshed in one of the world's longest standing conflicts of the modern era. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the governor all rushes came out over religion has resigned off to a devastating fire at a shopping center a month to yet has been in charge of the region for two decades to face criticism for his response to the shopping center fire in which the sixty four people died including more than forty children the first plane carrying russian diplomats expelled from the united states has arrived in moscow washington is sending sixty diplomats her in my view the poisoning of ex russian spy said against chris paul
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and his daughter junia in the u.k. last month the united states blames the kremlin for the incident but russia denies involvement. in the indian city of in-door at least ten people have been killed and several others injured after a four story hotel collapsed the collapse occurred after a speeding car struck the rickety building a rescue is happening able to recover some people a life from the day three. or forty's in mali have arrested an islamist suspect of alleged war crimes in timbuktu is accused of rape torture and the destruction of agent muslims when jihadists control the city in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen he's been handed over to the international criminal court in the hague where he will face trial and then fresh protests in california over the killing of an unarmed black man by police seven talks families released the results of a private autopsy showing most of the bullets hit his back contradicting an
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official version of events clark is among a series of black men whose killings by police have sparked protests condemning violence by north force and. marches in california state capital sacramento protest at the shooting two weeks ago of twenty two year old stefan clarke police who shot him in the back say they feared he was holding a gun it turned out to be a cellphone. in a separate case in louisiana body camera footage shows two police officers swearing at thirty seven year old alton sterling outside a grocery store before shooting him dead one officer blaine salamone he has now been fired it was clear that blame somebody came out like it or. any mediately escalated the attire situation putting a gun to this man's hit. using profane language threatening his life and ended up taking. a second officer involved has been suspended from judy my
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decision was not based on politics it was not based on emotions. it was based on the facts of the case the family lawyer says the police have a responsibility to the whole community we know how difficult it is we understand that it's a tough job. they have to deal with a lot but with high duty comes high expectations you don't just look after white people you look after black people and hispanic and asian and everyone else a series of recent fatal shootings of black men by police has back to. one of the walls heaviest drinking nations if you wayne is grappling with nearly always that aim to clamp down on alcohol new legislation coming into force this year bans of the ties in for alcohol makes it harder for people to buy liquor was unwelcome as a positive me for public health is leaving others with a bad. quarter to eleven in the morning good time for
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a nip from the bottle according to the world health organization lithuanians consume the most alcohol worldwide to tackle the problem the country has passed new laws for example a ban on alcohol sales after eight pm. it changes only that i am buying now much more alcohol to. my home so that's the only one sings it changed my husband said that in a time he has seen better than man a woman he said that he had never seen that in holland. everyone here agrees something should be done but what exactly. the new law is also banned marketing alcohol in magazines and that's caused an uproar. ads placed by foreign companies have even been cut out of magazines. the message machine lobby ripped out the
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ads were also removing the articles on the other side of the page the percent tax. the laws even cover reviews about alcoholic products which are now considered advertising. good food kosher meat good food magazine recommends wines that go with the recipes those also have to be removed if you my dad into school can we still get messed up in a mystery skit. sensors still have their work cut out for them to lithuanian press has adjusted to the new laws but foreign firms haven't. thought this is disgraceful straight out of the middle ages it's damaging lithuania's reputation worldwide don't in the it up without. this label explains that a page has been removed. the lithuanian government has now put a hold on the decree until march but it's not lifted and it's fight against alcohol consumption lithuania is hoping to give its citizens a dry future. fortunes
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and see joshua's beaten new zealand's joseph barca by unanimous decision in a world heavyweight fight in cardiff in wales the fight went the full twelve rounds with both fighters having entered undefeated it was a while title unification fight which means that joshua becomes the w.p.a. i.b.s. and w b o heavyweight champion. christians around the walls are marking easter sunday the day they believe that jesus christ rose from the dead pope francis's lead celebrations in the vatican in his traditional easter message he called for an end to what he called carnage in syria calling for better access to humanitarian aid the pontiff also welcomed upcoming talks on the korean peninsula saying he hopes they could advance peace in the region but. you're watching news from bali no have more for you at the top of the out of course
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