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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2018 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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as i travel to the places where i lived as a child i'm filled with anger at the past. the world also dealt with the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on g.w. . much day twenty eight is done and dusted barn unique have to wait at least another week to be crowned this season's champions but the race for a champions league spot is heating up as is the battle to avoid relegation on public joining me are former bundles league player reach out into a very welcome to the show close to the d.w.p. very down to jonathan credit. so let's take a look at what's coming up in the show. in sunday's action in frankfurt we're
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hoping to get back into the top four as they travel to braman what mines needed vital points at the bottom when they hosted class. and we'll take a look back of that huge result from saturday when the brilliant by and this monkey do much does most dortmunder my guests in the studio will be breaking it all down. well frankfurt travelled to bremen in search of three points that could push them into the champions league spots but it was going to be no easy feat verda were unbeaten at home since october while lost their last three games away from home and even the match tool was in store. raven's florian co felt has been working to emulate the kind of success nico kovach has had in frankfurt unlike the former croatia international though cosell builds his team around attack thomas delaney with a pinpoint cross just not too loose of it's. one nil to brain in the twenty eighth
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minute a high quality goal in a high tempo game. in the second half frankfurt struck back with some style as well . kevin prince bowen same with a snappy back heel assist for a look at your watch. three minutes later the eagles nearly soared into the early your bitch threw on the republican who pulled a crucial kick see how crucial this crucial use of it is cross deflected high into the air by dov it out for him. and into the net. look us with its he tried and failed to control the ball perhaps dazzled by the sun. frame and walked off two one winners the trend under cofield just keeps going up. when it's time to dive into the talking points from much day twenty eight here on the bundesliga and i'm going to start with you michelle how impressed of you being
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with. makes a great job since he's there at home. a little bit. frustrating if you have games but he's a very positive guy he is very close to the players and that's why they won today against frankfurt. just as his ball once but today for a way out he's a very very good and talented culch it's been an incredible turnaround really hasn't it one defeat in nine games. and i think we can safely say now that ben not going to get relegated any real. she worries over and when you compare to how they were at the start of the season on that experience a completely different side he's coming giving them an identity got them playing some attractive attacking football and it's interesting isn't it to nourie at the start this second half of last season and how their incredible run they're doing
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the same on the can they keep it going the next season well that's what i want to ask you michel is it why is it that some teams like finish the season so much stronger than they than they started here sometimes it's happened so you don't care anymore and but the situation was very tough for them and you remember a few weeks ago there was very close to the early game really gave. a point and but like cruise assisted day if they win one game so they don't care anymore to have just only able to beat one of the next six games and then they're happy to stay in the league and it's very very positive for britain gentlemen to bring you in i want to talk about frankfurt briefly we see this defeat as you know a very you know a missed opportunity i think that would be very frustrated especially with the nature of the women the era from because for that city and they've now those three away games and they're away form in the season was the thing that was actually keeping them up there if it wasn't for the good home form recently they really would be struggling you know they're in sixth place at the moment hoffenheim
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breathing down their necks they're even to stay in the europa league place is going to be a challenge for them well enough to wait and see how they get on of course now we're going to move on to sunday's other game now mind solve one objective avoiding relegation a run of just one win in their last eight games has left them sitting third from bottom so victory was essential against another side in poor form that appears to have given up on playing european football next season so let's see how the tie panned act. mine's a glass bottle winless throughout the month of march and the shots like this in the first time it didn't look like that would be changing in april. at least the second period had more to offer when the host briefly cooled they taking the lead through alexandre hock but younes ahmed dealt with the situation supposedly to stop the ball from crossing the line. the last few minutes so the visit is almost breakthrough i but the game ended in a school a stroll the last thing either side really needs i. think.
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well not much to get excited about there so let's turn our attention to byron munich and their battering of dortmund on saturday the classic used to be a fairly evenly matched affair but in recent years it's lost a little bit of its sheen after beating six nail we heard from two of the top stars for the soon to be crowned chap it's. played a very very good game. really strong game from i said of course very effective control of the goes in the first first the house we wanted to start very strong and we did you saw the open and had some big problems with the game we played and we can be very proud and happy today both were you know on tuesday is a completely different game. well the match day twenty eight conversation continues i'm going to start with you jonathan was it me or did they say. well there were just you underground almost embarrassed to especially mouth homers you think
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probably felt a bit sorry for his former teammate seeing them suffering out there but have bigger concerns at the moment one. coach they desperately want him to he doesn't want to and to the champions league and this is just another routine when if you're by munich in britain does leak you know that may should this excess is not measured by beating teams like it's measured on champions league success now and i think it just shows how far the classic has worn that's four wins out of four the season for by and against goldman if you count the super cup and it really is symbolic of the the way dortmund have foreign in recent times to bring you in michel i mean you said a word there which is routine i mean is this just becoming another routine game for byron munich essentially and that rivalry that you know goes with the classic essentially isn't there anymore there are only clubs like ours in spain and that's what you know it's drifted into buffalo since a long time it's not a classic anymore of course. off the final of the championship by one
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against dortmund as the completely different way it's not i'll just say in if they have trouble was like hollywood you have to hollywood now and order and it's completely changed you know everything it's probably on t.v. and that's why for me it's not a classic anymore well what i want to ask you is you know is it worrying for a league that basically no team can keep up with byron and. pretty much every season because we saw an incredibly silky performance from yeah. that's a big problem in this league because. all the teams stare freight not feeling freed. when it is a strong team on each position. the whole leak but. you have to be have to take all your your power in this game you have to beat them on the on the on the pitch and have to show them that we are here so if you're coming to our stadium you have
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nothing you have no chance. don't go anywhere because we need to discuss dortmund of course and their disappointing season two after their simply embarrassing defeat against munich here's what they had to say for themselves. and we're at least a class above us today and they absolutely deserve the huge school i know. when you come up against a team that has that kind of quality you know who's going to win the game and you play like that you can't be surprised when you take a drug. that says. it had nothing to do with the tactics. summation. by that we just really didn't do the basics right. because. it is you need not just against by end but especially in games like this. well let's bring michelle and jonathan back in michelle i'm going to start with you how big are dortmund's problems right now do you see
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a solution to this like don't call it a crisis it is if you look on the defender position not the center of the midfield . weigel is not playing on his position he will he did it he did a good in the past but not now or he was a bad day for him he was. not on the field and no twenty nine minutes here in the coach's changes but it's not only on this position it's the whole team i think it's each player is not playing does what he can do if you see good he's not there since weeks you know he's injured him so many injured so we don't know if he's going for the work of the only one who was surely he did it well in the last games but today yesterday he was completely out of game so that's a big problem it's a problem i think that's that's part of the problem they've got several good individuals but they just don't seem to be playing well as a team and you know it was embarrassing watching it yesterday i was embarrassed for
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dortmund they must be feeling really really ashamed because you know paid to stagger off the roads come out and said well actually maybe the hammering is a good thing you know forces us to evaluate and i think he's probably right that because had they only lost one or two you know maybe. some of the problems because they were twelve games unbeaten and the yes he's come any steady the ship is tighten things up to some extent if you don't count yesterday but i think it really has most of the problems are probably right the top of the club that disharmony that was present and thomas took over it's not really ever going to be a disastrous appointment we all know that now and i think that's probably why i don't want to boarding some of my summer as a consultant we need to bridge this gap between the board and the players and really kind of give the club some direction and cayle kayla's coming in i think is going to stop us there because we want to talk to you briefly about the champions league can dortmund hold on to their champions league place briefly yes no yes no i don't know i don't like i said second i think second i think it's going to leipzig
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and leave if it is and they don't change they are not going into the. europa league i'm afraid. that there is full time for the bundesliga i'd like to thank our guests this week of course michel and jonathan crane from the new for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. twenty one special. my dear than the summer. with the running. man my. precious liberation. exile. these are some of the most part in her life.
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