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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is t.v. news live from berlin performing for peace some of south korea's best known than splay aware concert in pyongyang the north korean leader kim jong un tells state media he was deeply moved by the experience so what does that mean for diplomacy also coming up in syria rebel fighters are reported to have agreed to a deal to give up she stronghold near damascus but the plight of civilians trapped there remains unclear.
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i'm simply so misconduct good to have you with us north korean leader kim jong un says his heart swelled after attending a rare concert in pyongyang by musicians from south korea it is the first such performance in more than a decade and some say a sign of improving ties between the two countries it also coincided with the start of annual military drills between the u.s. and south korea. size korea's k. pop girl bands red velvet and girls' generation among others played the kind of music that has been chipping in the north. that's north korean leader kim jong un was in the audience in the capital pyongyang and feeding the groove over one hundred chinese korean musical artists came to perform in north korea for the first time in thirteen years. things got really interesting at
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a theater in pyongyang when size korean performers sang about reunification. i hope that we can look at each other and feel deeply in our hearts that we are one . meanwhile assize korean taekwondo team gave its first performance in pyongyang since two thousand and two. on the political stage south korea's leader moon jay in is scheduled to meet with his north korean counterpart on april twenty seventh to discuss the north's possible denuclearization from the us president donald trump is also planning to meet in the near future with the north's kim jong un. has also scaled back exercises between the u.s. and the size korean military. sunday's concert was held under the title spring is coming. but to many koreans both in the scythe and the north hope
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this means peace is on its way. and we can talk to hamas mostly from the graduate school of east asian studies at the free university here in berlin thank you for joining us in our studio now the north korean regime usually frowns upon western style music but we saw here at k. pop girl band getting a warm welcome what do you make of that well in the first place that might seem to be surprising but when you think about it of course kim jong un has to present himself as being able to make concessions and being able to have cooperative discussions so you can only accept it and after all also the north koreans were performing in the south right so this concert also coincided with the first day of the joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea and these drills are usually seen by north korea as a provocation what kind of reaction do you think we're going to expect here i think we see the reactions that we've seen so far that is low key reactions because kim
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jong il made very much clear when the beginning of march a south korean special envoy visited him when he said i will understand if you have to continue with the schedule military exercises and that's a sign of understanding when he now does not react to these military exercises so a sign of understanding what kind of message is north korea sending there a very clear message we are seriously interested in having a dialogue a discussion talks in order to pull relations and for future peace the drills themselves are more low key than they have been in the past why do you think that is well that's from the other side south korea and the u.s. will want to give the sign od towards north korea we are interested in having proactive and constructive talks so we scaled back our military exercises this is a give and take so all signs on both sides. ads are pointing towards
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a thaw in relations and we're supposed to see a summit in april between the north and the south do you think we're going to see this thaw continue hopefully yes you cannot tell but i mean we have important schedules coming up and now is still ongoing is the cultural diplomacy until to morrow then we have meeting on a on a working level on paper for. high level meeting on april eighteenth very much depends on these meetings whether this very good relations are being continued well the other big player at the table of course is the u.s. even at this talk continues between the north and the south do you think we're going to see a high level meeting with the u.s. as well well that again depends on how the summit between north and sells on april twenty seventh will go and how in particular the white house will organize itself now with the new hawkish john bolton on board this is now the factor which is
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very much hard to to to say what's going to be on the white house or at the next big hurdle there has most of from the graduate school of east asian studies at their free university here in berlin thank you very much. now some other stories making news around the world militants of the boko haram islamist group have killed at least eighteen people after they attacked a military base in two villages near the nigerian city of my duty dozens of people were wounded officials said the militants fired mortars that troops on the base and suicide bombers detonated explosives in the village. increase security restrictions are in place in the indian controlled kashmir a day after twenty people died in clashes between militants of security forces much of the region is also on strike on sunday four civilians were gunned down by troops for protesting anti militancy operations that had killed sixteen troops and rebels earlier in the day. a defunct chinese space station has reentered the earth's
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atmosphere years after scientists lost contact with it that one was launched in two thousand and eleven and served as china's first space station astronomers say it mostly disintegrated upon re-entry but some debris appeared to have landed in the south pacific ocean. or ports are coming in from syria that rebel fighters have agreed to leave their last a stronghold in eastern guta progress forces say they have reached a deal with the largest rebel group army of islam to pull out of the territory but some members of the group deny their surrender is imminent fighters from another smaller rebel group however are leaving hundreds of people have been killed in fighting in eastern guta in recent weeks. the road to eastern ghouta passers by ruined buildings and abandoned lifeless villages. on the roadside corpses rebels that nobody has stopped to bury displaying victory signs assad soldiers
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approach the center of eastern go to the offensive has lasted more than a month with russian warplanes carrying out crucial air strikes. and. the rebel terrorists finally over the syrian army has been able to free eastern gota we thank our president. and to put a stop over from the last rebels are leaving the area the conditions of their withdrawal were negotiated late into the evening many are now trying to get to the city of idlib in the north one of their last remaining strongholds. and her children were taking prisoner by the rebels for four weeks and held as hostages. oh i see that in the end my son was ready to kill my daughter and me so they couldn't violate our semi more. than hard
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they beat them with rifle butts and stomped on them with their heavy boots and a horse can i live in then they grabbed my daughter and screamed that she was now married to one of the revolutionaries if she refused they would cut off her head and give it to me. said they were monsters so you know means. more and more refugees are making their way through the card or out of the east and go to more than four hundred thousand people were caught in the crossfire essentially held hostage by rival groups with a common goal overthrowing the assad regime. many are now in the custody of the syrian army apparently the lesser of two evils. eastern ghouta now just a collection of ruins a region without people after the recapture of the region moscow and damascus are bursting with self-confidence and washington after announcing it would freeze millions of dollars in reconstruction aid is on the back foot what's left of the
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dead the homeless and many displaced eight years after the civil war began with a few isolated protests against the assad regime the president has almost finished bringing the country back under his arm grip. let's talk to correspondent she's following developments in ghouta from beirut in neighboring lebanon hi anshul good to see you bring us up to date on these that rebel of accusations from eastern guta does this mean the syrian regime is now regaining control of the entire region around damascus well it certainly means that though it might take them a little bit longer than expected because there is it's the general slum the army of islam which is the main group controlling the muslims to be divided some members say one that we know office said there is no deal with the government according to the state television to buses with the fighters and their families have actually left and have left for john robbins they're not going to live there will be jobless
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which is another area in the north of syria so there still is a little bit of confusion because that is the final word from. the dominant vote group but having said that they have admitted to at least this march that the wounded would be evacuated at some point today if we do see a full rebel withdrawal from tomorrow what does this mean for the syrian conflict anshul does this mean essentially that the assad regime has effectively won. it absolutely does mean that i mean if the moment they get this will be the second biggest victory for. the assad regime up to a level i wish to begin in december two thousand and sixteen once they are inside tomorrow which is expected to happen soon there will be a tiny pocket in how much on other time pockets and there are and that's where they will focus their attention to the already started some sort of allotment there as well and then if the image of these could be a little bit difficult for the regime to get because the turkish boots on the
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ground the regime has vetoed it several times they didn't get all of their territory back but to answer your question in short this is a significant victory for assad's regime and in many ways would see that of a shuttle assad along with russia has won some pretty huge turning point i'm sure what about the civilians the fighters who are leaving as you said heading for rebel controlled regions in the north what can they expect there. well let's just really from the frying pan into the fire move there conditions in italy and have been truly horrifying as well even though injure arlo's the turkey says that they are sort of building some sort of infrastructure for the syrians and it live it's been a pretty sad story in fact the city in the monitor base in the u.k. syrian observatory for human rights has a short while ago shared with us journalists as important about how to deal of these syrians from wood that were trying to get into turkey from limb and the reason they want to go to turkey is because it was already overpopulated is not
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enough for them to survive on and they want to go to turkey because they see they can perhaps build a better life for themselves now on the border there the turkish forces have treated them they've beaten up some of the young boys and i like to add you know this is not a new story this is happened several times on the turkish border with people the syrian refugees want to live in and also in fact happened here in lebanon where american the lebanese border now turkey does not want any more refugees that's right that's why the turkish forces are stopping the refugees correspondent reporting for us from beirut and jill thank you very much sports now and in bundesliga soccer i touched frankfurt travel to bremen in search of three points that could push them into the champions league spots but it wasn't going to be easy against a strong brain that. romans florian co felt has been working to emulate the kind of success nico kovac has had in frankfurt unlike the former croatia international though cosell builds his team around attack two most a lady with
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a pinpoint cross does not to lose of which. one nil to brain in the twenty eighth minute a high quality goal in a high tempo game. in the second half frankfurt struck back with some style as well . kevin prince but once again with a snappy back heel assist from the b.o.h. . three minutes later the eagles nearly soared into the only your pitch threw on the republican who pulled a crucial kick see how crucial this crucial use of it is crossed deflected high into the air by god upper hand. and into the let's. look this way that's he tried and failed to control the ball perhaps down so bothersome. braman walked off to one winners the trend under cofield just keeps going up. all right you're watching the t.v.
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news still to come china hits back if the us tax levied on metal imports china announces china to tariffs on one hundred twenty eight u.s. products including wine and food and there's more trouble brewing also coming up austerity has been the name of the game for many countries in europe recently portugal has opted for a different approach and the countries wine producers are benefiting those stories coming right up with monica tell us. they will not succeed in dividing us shall not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made mines.


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