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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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braman walked off two one winners the trend under confident just keeps going up. for a year watching t.v. news still to come china hits back if the us hikes lovise on metal imports china announces punitive tariffs on one hundred twenty eight u.s. products including wine and food and there's more trouble brewing also coming up austerity has been the name of the game for many countries in europe recently portugal has opted for a different approach and the country's wine producers are benefiting those stories coming right up with monica jones. they will not succeed in dividing us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick trying to shift. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made for minds. of freedom of expression. a value that always
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has to be defended anew. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com to freedom. to. china hits back in response to u.s. tariffs on chinese steel and the minium beijing now imposes levies on the u.s. products including pork wine and fruit we'll get more on the world's top two economies trade dispute from our asia correspondent. also on the show portugal abandons the austerity. policies pushed for by the e.u.
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the result the portuguese economy is growing again. welcome to d.w. business stocks in china kicked off this new week with mild losses amid lingering worries of a full blown trade war with the united states on sunday china announced tariffs of up to twenty five percent on one hundred twenty eight u.s. imports including pork and wine the new tariffs kick in today and beijing said the move was to save china's interests and balance losses caused by a new us terrorists. these american avocados are destined for the chinese market but they might not sell so well anymore now that china has imposed tariffs on fruit and meat while steel pipes and scores of other imports from the usa the rates of fifteen percent on one hundred twenty items and twenty five percent on eight others . the chinese government says that people support its move some in china regret the
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ensuing rise in prices. it's definitely going to have an impact many fruits that kids love only grow in foreign countries we don't have them in china that is a direct impact. it's absolutely right to impose tariffs because i've seen the news about the us crapping trade deals with us it's right to fight back. the new tariffs are china's initial response to the u.s. move to slap tariffs on steel and alimony and imports the u.s. is also threatening to impose further terrorist on sixty billion dollars worth of other chinese imports a year over what it terms the theft of intellectual property china by contrast is raising tariffs on about three billion dollars worth of u.s. imports. beijing says it will never submit if the u.s. launches a trade war and says that tariff increases are in line with world trade organization rules to protect its interests still the scale of china's new tariffs is modest the
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move looks more like a warning shot than a major counterattack the u.s. is china's largest single market a full blown trade war is the last thing china would want. and for more on the growing trade tension between china and the united states let's cross over to our asia correspondent andrea hang in singapore good to see you andrea so if china doesn't want to enter into a full blown trade war how do you interpret those chinese tariffs on u.s. goods. well monica it's very hot not to think of it as a treat war or as a retaliation is some kind of retaliation against the u.s. however heresy it can be seen as a much needed supplies on china's putte targeting the three billion dollars in u.s. imports is minute effort compared to the larger scale of things considering the one hundred fifteen point six billion dollars in u.s.
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imports altogether to china so this those three billion dollars worth of tariffs is just a warm up place. it could be given it could be given that the upcoming sixty billion of new tears that trump intends to put across to china in the near future that being said china has been minimal in its retaliations to the u.s. given the multiple threats it trump has imposed on to china thus far and how how it's all of this going down with the chinese business community given that the u.s. is such an important export market for china well as seen in the video of their views on in china itself where which i should stand when it comes to these new chairs and its position when it comes to the us at the moment a lot of a lot of traders are looking to two ways either the e.u. market to continue its supply of pok and other products that the u.s.
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is employed was in these tears on the other is to actually look and look to his domestic markets and perhaps grow those the message markets as well now the e.u. of course is also under pressure and somehow has to find a way to please both china and the united states if it wants to continue making business with those two sides what are the chinese or asian investors betting on which way will the e.u. go. chinese asian investors at the moment watching this very closely very nervous all around the table days tension abound also their hope there is hope also in that the u.s. will pull back on its terror as a lot of analysts see that these new tariffs not be one all end all solution for the u.s. in making up for street deficits which is very very white as we all know so there's a lot of pressure going around. as this is going on the rest of asia is going to
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watch is very closely until it finalization its me or until a particular treat agreement feeds the stick all right andrea hang in singapore thank you so much for this and meanwhile the president of the federation of german industries has lashed out against the u.s. trade policy detect called it an attempt by the trump administration to weaken the world trade organization that while at the same time making robust use of the w t o's dispute settlement system. april kicks off the frankincense season in oman yes frankincense the aroma we normally associate with christmas the ricin is harvested this time of year trade has survived many centuries but modern life is taking its toll on the rare frankincense trees. frankincense is using essential oils in french perkins and that has partly helped drive global demand you know
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school declared part of the dover region it's not a no man's land of frankincense a world heritage site. frankincense is still considered a precious well the trees are rare in order to protect them we collected trees from many places in the door for problems we protect them and that's reserved for natural frankincense trees. you've got the. efforts here could help protect the bulls will your trees that produce the resin for frankincense for trade in the future demand is so high that the trees here do not have enough time to regenerate. but there's more to that you know school site here this area was also an important stop on the ancient silk road which runs all the way to china in those days frankincense was traded in exchange for spices textiles and still. staying in the region the gulf nation of bahrain has
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discovered the biggest oil field in the country's history the field which is located off the country's west coast will do also bahrain's current that's according to the bahraini government details about size and extraction viability ought to be released by the oil ministry at a news conference later this week the rain of course isn't a major oil producer it's only ranked fifty seventh when it comes to oil production i have a sense of the financial crisis struck ten years ago austerity has been the name of the game for many cash strapped countries in europe portugal has opted for a different approach twenty fifteen people voted in a new government which seems then has been opposing cuts to public spending for example by lifting the minimum wage apparently with a positive effect portugal's economy grew by two point seven percent last year yes more. business is going pretty well for evo oldest
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his co-operative has been making wine since nine hundred fifty seven but sales haven't been this good for years. in the beginning there were only this part and then you have to upgrade it to increase the capacity then we. will double the capacity we. just side by side because we are in the maximum capacity of production and we have more demand and with what can you produce around thirty people work on the cover where a co-operative. working conditions have improved for most portuguese in the past two years thanks to a raft of reforms including a higher minimum wage instead of stifling economic growth it's accelerated it at least that's how the portuguese finance minister sees it we have done some increases especially for the most poor. people for the pensions but we have done these in the. correct way by complaining the gross of the spending with the growth
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of the g.d.p. portugal has also tried to stimulate the tourism industry regulations have been eased for hotels and restaurants and as well as cutting spending the government has also cut taxes and the gamble is paid off millions of tourists are now visiting portugal especially lisbon. to izmir the important thing packing recovering of our cities but now is having an important impact on the developing our rural areas where a co-operative is sixty kilometers from lisbon but the wind produced here bears the name of the capital it simply sells better to the increase of tourism in porto this one's really trendy the labels are really important nowadays. but not everyone is profiting from the new wave of tourism rising property values a changing neighborhoods low income locals are being forced out like fernando tech
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sarah who grew up in the banks of the river they can only afford to keep the studio as the new bars and restaurants drive up the prices a lot of. people that can afford to pay rent in this area not one i was born here and i was thrown out so a hotel could be built and i have to move way back. the government should make sure everyone benefits from the economic upswing but he remains optimistic that portugal can find prosperity without the need for austerity . thanks for watching.
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