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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 28  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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on top of programming going to have you with us our innovations magazine for each of. us from every week and always looking to the future dot com science and research for. take it easy. keep calm but give it your all versus dortmund stack classic it's about bragging rights being number one or at least it
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used to be currently nobody can knock byron off their perch easy doesn't for the club closing in on the title it's rejuvenated for all. the seats in the fifty buttons and that's the speed limits it exceed this is so the number one the poor. dog meant as the number one is a thing of the past. what's with today will they let byron take the title. and jump on the other snoozed. the city of mosul. but before byron came crown themselves champion shall have to lose their footing. i can freiburg and their explosive coach stops out that i can put alice for you i've been in an old minnow before especially. fire and power you need that in the relegation battle. can come around make the impossible possible. and what can
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hamburg do when they run into an inform team munster guard can remix still put a smile on their faces who can light things up on match day twenty eight. coast guard are on cloud nine the club have turned their season around for good anti phone call record is the architect of that revival the team and undefeated in the seven games since he took the reins so what's the secret i think it's normal i think everybody can see that we have a team on the field defending together attacking together that that's the point. in form stricker are playing at home against the league's bottom placed side shouldn't be much of a challenge. for one of the new hamburg coach expect to see that i expect every player to give it one hundred percent mentally and physically and then we'll see what it is but it be great not just for me if they deliver the three points but on
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. the big question was would hamburg deliver fireworks or fizzle out as so often recently hamburg had gone fourteen matches without a win. under core course the mercedes-benz arena has been a fortress the team had yet to concede a single goal at home during his tenure but when no one offered seed i could only bury luke. there was holtby was in the right place one day up to hamburg with eighteen minutes played. glimmer of hope for the team struggling to stay in germany's top flight. i definitely believe that we can still says they up. and everybody else and believes it to sept and i told the guys we have nothing to lose now all we can do is when we have to go out there and play gutsy football. bamberg even looked like they'd gone to no luck but luck wasn't on their side. but
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sure it was called offside the correct call even of a good one for hamburg who remain the only side to have played continuously in the top flight since the league was formed stuart broad meanwhile were eager to extend their unbeaten run just two minutes later on the stroke of half john eric's always shot it was too hot to handle for you leon paul goes back. dejected pounced on the rebound and it came as little surprise hamburg were playing away against one of the in-form clubs since the season restart. one month and then their home record were back on track it was the expected difficult game for us because everybody thought that we came we couldn't beat them easily so i second half was really open hamburg were desperate for a win and i think we'll be happier with the draw we're now in the feeded a games on the rocks in the follow on that said it wasn't all doom and gloom on the
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hamburg bench either. the season's up and that's a shame we were unable to get a win this year but overall even despite the disappointment it was a positive performance and one i'm good much of a political candidate. is hard to think positive when things aren't going your way but if took on have been able to get back on their feet why can't hamburg the team of thought of their friends who made the. any downside of appreciated the performance and the point there is just six games to go now though and next up our shocker. hope dies last. hope is still alive in cologne too and goalkeeper team all morning is certainly no quitter. petition of course we all believe in them are going to go along than some local people in general have been saying to us so you'll make it. and
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why would they think otherwise after seeing the team brushed aside darby rivals leverkusen on the previous match day. form talking or not i'm getting there is laughter before and after training you can sense that there is still belief is that all shot from conversation comes despite the club's messy season corn has managed to show what he's made up the goalie has chalked up over one hundred saves this campaign on saturday cologne went to hoffenheim were four and got straight down to work. do you wonder in what truly dire straits cologne would be without their keeper. but there's only so much one man can do and horan was powerless to stop saying there's nothing he's blistering shot midway through the first half. back to their old ways. captain eunice hacked or urged his team to reproduce the grit seen on
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beside outings. but the second half saw more of the same worse in fact far worse. i not only made it to nil just two minutes into the second half. of course i was not a performance worthy of the top flight. nothing was going colognes way more disastrous to fight. being gifted the hosts a third call by former cologne reserves player mark i thank you. i'm sorry to see cologne losing in that fashion going to lose in the losers and. it was to be a very long afternoon for going on with lookouts we're also getting on the store she. better day for cologne's goalie and the nightmare wasn't over yet.
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i then got his brace i alone am torn we're being overwhelmed i have to mature for this one first and i cannot understand how we showed zero byte throughout the ninety minutes and such little aggression should be a game can be. a lost cause for cologne i by the end they'd been hit for six the last coming from stevenson i i the story line team marked a record victory for the hosts and colognes worst thrashing since two thousand and six. towards i feel really sorry for the fans they spent money on a match that wasn't worth worth a cent. and central to. even a free of charge no fan wants to see such a poor performance the good guys who are not just going by when we play like that we're definitely going down we have to get ourselves back up and put in
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a different kind of performance on the ice from the get go. the result doesn't do any justice to team on foreign a man facing a massive burden week in and week out. next weekend's home game against third from bottom lines will be a make or break affair for cologne. so whatever of mind speed of the summer. will they go straight down or perhaps finish in the playoff spot or will they secure a ticket for continuing in the top flight three points against scott brock would be most welcome them but for some goal keeping heroics by youn zouma they would have taken the lead but after that the hosts weren't able to muster much more before going forward the action even if chaotic at times was known at the other end.
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but a spectacular double save from any art that secured them a clean sheet and a point there's still fight left in mind and central trance will want to see more of that. like minds wolfsburg face a future that is looking pretty murky. burnell love a deal was still waiting for his first win since taking over in february and the actual was largely on the terraces in saturday's late game between highlights two near own goals first ignacio camacho for or from rather against wells org nicholas stark also hit the post at the other end luckily for him we should be at a training it's different but i didn't see a single shot on target here because even my tortuous bullets work take away a points but will have to be more next week against relegation rivals freiburg parents are still aren't safe either. all aboard for our next outing like c.d.r.
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hoping to reach champions league destinations next season. while opposing fans like to express their resentment over the club's gravy train but lapses got off to an express start with general brown up bursting through on the right to set up a meal for scrap with quarter of an hour gone there in the sweet also kicked up lives the second a simple but effective free kick trick finished off on. but nicely time ball from nobby cager and the captains go for the friendly. up at the other end as i leave sunny quickly pulled one round for an over with another powerfully headed goal. for lunch in a bank to be derailed. not quite an hour's difference look to gear as vanno squared the ball for use of force and restored the two goal cushion but this wasn't the end
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of the line yet as because food cooled brought on over back into contention with a flying out or. a full time approaching the local lad equalized. except he had. the video assist ref disallowed the goal for offside damning an overture their fifth straight defeat but still it was a great game to watch. it's always a good move today was a little bit of it. it's been a roller coaster ride for leverkusen of late. with the v.a. are proving more of a downer this weekend. you hear on time found a spot in the sixty fourth minute but his celebrations were short lived. leon bailey was offside when he deflected the shop with his heel and that was the
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closest anyone came to scoring. and that was down to the teams not the technology. because it were too harmless and at the same time wasteful. i like the timid performance like this you might have a better chance of catching a train to boswell out on time or belgrade and the europa league. i. i there currently seems to be no stopping braman the steam gun i had against frankfurt thanks to the slot go you know the bridge the austrian open the scoring after half an hour and it was his cross that was headed into the frankfurt goal but i'm truck defender job and opera. to the delight of the home fans. and the dismay of nico called. his champions league aspirations are at the buffers although the roper league wouldn't be
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a disaster if it seems they stay with us if. it were laying in the champions league would be absolutely crazy but i think the fans would be happy with europa league to feel good perhaps he's being too modest. frankfurt played and scored as well. but bradman had luck on their side not least in that opener and that means they're now unbeaten in five matches. that went into the weekend on a five match winning streak in the last three winning by a slender one. to many coated asco has turned his side into masters of minimalism and the fish unsee. it might do you think it's a coincidence that shockey keep on winning one nil this week of course not. to be
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tough opponent and the players have confidence in me and themselves because it's been working recently and it's you know there's a bit more of energy. efficient than i and he wanted more of that energy against freiburg to consolidate that all important top four finish and at least delay byron's title celebrations. but what is it that's made shall cause so affected first there's now doubt and set pieces. five goals have made him shall his second best score of the season and he almost made it six on saturday. for michel to coach which gave instead a hand in the evolution of our second factor efficient results means keeping things tidy at the back to whether due to a leakproof defense or solid keeper like al fairmont. although solid woodwork can also come in handy. and the third reason for shock is effectiveness
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pressuring their opponents into making mistakes especially in their own half and one such mistake handed the hosts a penalty in the sixty third minute a contentious decision but not for daniels caligiuri. one nail sounds familiar but this was against freiburg who of course always have an extra man on or rather off the bench. to stanch guys first incensed after conceding that goal and then outraged at the sending off of his captain niel status and after a second yellow card for dissent. doesn't arise in the back of his head. and he was walking away you never saw the first card. unlike people watching t.v. card if you had no chance of knowing imus. i'm not allowed to say something's mix up that peterson been unaware of the first booking he did seem shocked to get his
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marching orders either way it ended five words chances and while pater said left the pitch his coach wasn't accepting the decision yourself against lice likewise being sent off. shelter kept their cool and battled on. to discos marriage of shock of fighting spirit coupled with italian efficiency paid dividends yet again. to book star love with the second seventeen minutes from time after a nice work from braille and bolo and now be open to let. us know if it's not i what our target in our actually our target in india is going to head we have other topics in our heads the next session the next match against tom book in her book the really hard for us shot to equal the club record of six wins in about the last five games to nil and the bonus for the home fans postponing the byron
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party for at least another week. this classic time again fixture with a history of thrills spills skills and drama to look for but in recent years violence dominance is taking away some of the throw. in sixteen of them if the coaching by munich is an elixir of life truly a fountain of youth poor man's affiliation if you. don't want to have a look fresher it must be said they were already eighteen points off the leaders and had already lost to the barbarians in the league and the cup this season. byron subjective is to be the. best side out there and they are as if we aim to be the second best side and we have not achieved that yet you have to be summoned only
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to their belief plays a huge part of course but from the off it was hard to see any belief within this top twenty i took upon all of five minutes to open the scoring. i was there fastest this season even though it shouldn't have counted with leavened of ski marginally offside i meant it all went rapidly downhill from there for the visitors another four minutes later barry had the ball in the back of the net i accept this time the video assist ref spot of the offside as the pass came from hamas. but it remained a game of men against boys a world away from the classic faceoffs comments doubled by hands lead in the fourteenth minute. it was a disaster for us and from the first minute to the last i think the first stop was we were not there and that's impossible in a in a game like this and yeah by and destroy it doesn't happen this lapine finding
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a side dogbone barely managed to get their ball out of their own half and mistakes against this kind of caliber can be costly i read all the must know about midway through the first sounds the game was effectively over by then were running all right with their trademark liquid football i asked. us optional initially if it was a new experience for me but we did a lot of things well today not sure the opposition had major problems but we also did really well. drop and were not merely being outclassed they were being torn apart i remember you run combined with slapstick defending in some out all but never enough steep. got his toe on the block before no and it wasn't even half time . the ball did fall conveniently for biron but that was after it appeared he had
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been granted free passage through the penalty area. and in first half stoppage time substitute union bangle passed straight to reverdy a one two with thomas a casual lob and it was five now it was looking like a thrashing of historic proportions perhaps riveting has been savoring some of that in let's hear about to turn thirty five you seemed fresher than anyone in the dortmund team although it's not one broken his fault i mean i'm a some a child chances we didn't we didn't score off so for us said first off of course when and almost as it was the top and executives looking on must now have been sure that peyton is not their man for the future but and shifted down a couple of years in the second half giving gotten the chance to actually have a crack at goal themselves but apart from that off the post effort from mario gets
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them it was much ado about nothing with top on the drop and managed to recover from this unmitigated disaster in time for their crucial upcoming clashes against neva guzman and chaka. in the dying moments another slick move from devon dusty in acres of space six nil to brighton and a hat trick for the polish ace against his old club it was their biggest win against auckland in over forty years. and shockingly the same scoreline for byan as against lowly hamburg three weeks ago. i. saw them falls off so many chances so many goals and the pace stated as we were slower in the second half. but still. but there are six mil against all and it's really special and that's because on that it's. for the neutral special is no longer the applicable
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term for dare classic of a fixture that in the past delivered high class highly competitive and he did contests his no one where only one side is willing and able to rise to the occasion . the six mil win for fire and was a nice warm up to their champions league match on tuesday against the bill also six goals in hoffenheim and five in hanover it could have been a real goal fast had it not been for the three goal mismatches and later closing bell and months. now before we take a look at the table. let's take a look at freiburg strange incident with the ref. he doesn't have eyes in the back of his head if he was walking away and never saw the first card it's like people watching t.v. he had no chance of knowing the kind of shots at the second. olympics in the spoken as it sat a game at least the second yellow card i'm neal thanks is it
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a sing song call shines in quick succession needless self-inflicted wounds. sheesh. i'm not allowed to say anything like christine strike me as well and he is also being dismissed by severe state that. i didn't overreact i cursed once. it was the fight of any other questions yes we still have some questions. by him when the league on the upcoming match day or who will book their chickens to the champions league. my position in the book isn't from first. we cannot beat running five games even off an arm or once again candidates. what about the bottom of the
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table to go down once it's all said and done from the thirteenth place on nobody is safe to hamburg and cologne still have a chance to avoid the drop the answer is most likely awaits next week. and before we go let's take a look once again at eleven dos the show in munich. alex maleev who says that it doesn't answer for us so it was a disaster for some from the first minute to the last. hat trick against dortmund with style and the best of luck. scots the polish flag. just. strikes again. it was the coach who got the final touch. the first toughest course. of living just. six.
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well after a close having cisco much of an effect sometimes i don't want to see if it sticks in a game six. thousand and six or six mil against this really special is on this. movie.
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good luck. the. odds. are good. syria nov twenty twelve because two reporters fell into the hands of the islamic state their names were john can't leap and dreams foley. the terrorist organization immediately exploited the opportunity using the hostages to dominate the headlines the islamists launch a propaganda offensive the band of truth the hostages of islamic snake the fifteen spawn d.w. . they make
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soft. double using a learning course. maybe see. one hundred million tons of sand. devastating impresario it's. going to be consequences. dust storms. come around us. long america too and frequency. once they start there's no stopping them.
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the storm is starting to pull something on g.w. . it is the number one killer the number one non-communicable diseases that we are. a deal between israel and the un refugee agency to be located thousands of african migrants to western countries has been suspended just always off to being announced israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he was pushing the deal on hold until further review israel has faced criticism for previous plans to send the migrants back to africa in mass deportations. south african anti-apartheid campaign a winnie mandela has died at the age of.


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