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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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the storm started to pull something on g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin german prosecutors applied to have former cattle on president carlos bustamante extradited to spain the separatist leader is currently imprisoned here in northern germany he's accused of rebellion in spain over catalonia campaign for independence. also coming up an about face from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the country's leader cancels the deal with the u.n.
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on the relocation of tens of thousands of african migrants and france's and plunged into travel chaos thousands of commuters are stranded as rail workers start a series of strikes at the last for several months it's part of growing resistance to president manuel mccall's plan some modernizing the economy. i'm sumi so much gone the good to have you with us the former catalan separatist leader carlos push tomorrow is today facing an uncertain fate he is currently in prison here in germany after being detained while crossing the border last week but a few hours ago a german prosecutor asked for him to be extradited to spain to face charges of rebellion it is now up to a regional court in germany to decide whether to grant the request. for the former counsel lonely. for now. remains behind the walls of this detention
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center in northern germany. and that's likely to remain the case after prosecutors in the state of schleswig found spain's extradition request to be legally admissible. tech whether the statutory offenses listed in the european arrest warrant namely rebellion and misuse of public funds correspond to the offenses under german law high treason and misappropriation. we came to the conclusion that there is a correspondent. just over a week ago had traveled to finland from his self-imposed exile in belgium to attend a conference and meet makers. facing arrest by finish off dorothy's he tried to return to belgium but police detained him shortly after he crossed the danish german border ever since handfuls of his supporters have been demonstrating outside
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the northern german detention center where he's now being held. but we got him there if you remember that i see extradition is a betrayal of the european union's values its approach to more as a politician with ideals that oppose those of the spanish government a bit of difference is the basis of our coexistence in europe and they are within europe. the case now aligns with. a regional court if its judges approved extradition his lawyers could take the matter to germany's constitutional court so it could be weeks possibly months before a final decision. i spoke to. demands a german lawyer a short while ago he set out why his team is contesting extradition to spain for rebellion. in german law we we have a similar. norm but. the hurdle is extremely high
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that the perpetrator must exercise violence oss reddened with violence and there is not the slightest proof. cautiously as a prosecutor has said yes he himself is peaceful but. there was some boylan's and this was foreseeable that's enough not enough for german law and about the embezzlement. they claim at times it's a correction. there is no fact in the arrest warrant. of spain at all it's only saying that the referendum was speight period you're saying that there are no there are no facts in that arrest warrant doesn't germany have to respect the rights of the european arrest warrant that you member states have put in place to make sure that the rule of law is a bait across europe. absolutely but that's our third step the first
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two steps is there is no double criminality it's not punishable in germany and therefore it's going to be expedited second step. game and it's a political. case and therefore he is sought for police to kill reasons and because of his political opinion this is no go strictly forbidden german law and this also under the european arrest warrant was shown but i want to ask you about the question of the violence that was involved in the protest in catalonia because the spanish case is partly based on the idea that mr push him out was warned that there would be violence before he called for this referendum he decided to go ahead with it anyway isn't there a point there that mr bustamante pushed this region or was part of pushing this region to break. so i did. i originally called.
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your living in a virtual. it's not that important what really happens we have to have the truth but you have to see what is written there will be arrest warrant i don't think that's enough. because the german prosecutor see more or less. by admission. in germany that was a sham birth the lawyer for carlos pushed him out talking to us a little bit earlier in the day now israel has canceled a deal with the united nations to relocate african migrants to western nations it comes just hours after the israeli government unveiled that agreement some hardliners had attacked the deal because it allowed some migrants to stay in israel under the agreement with the un about sixteen thousand of them were to be said to western countries some of these migrants mostly from eritrea and sudan have been
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living in israel for a decade there around thirty five thousand of them they say they have fled danger and persecution at home in israel they work illegally but the government wants them gone and offer them a stark choice leave the country voluntarily go to prison or be deported to an african country such as rwanda. if that's the choice i'd rather go to jail at least i'd be safe that but many israelis and many supporters abroad condemns the plan unethical must deportation so prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned to the united nations refugee agency for help. sixteen thousand two hundred fifty migrants will be sent to countries like canada or germany or italy or some of the world's most developed countries that's the commitment of the u.n. high commissioner. but that plan has also run into trouble hardliners say it allows too many migrants to stay in israel. that seems to be want has driven nessun yahoo
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to suspend the deal just hours after announcing it but it also remains unclear exactly how the u.s. . germany and italy both mentioned as possible destinations for the deported migrants were taken by surprise those said they had not been consulted although the german interior ministry said berlin always respected its humanitarian obligations . now to some other stories making news around the world the malaysian coast guard has intercepted a boat carrying more than fifty. violence and mark authorities say the asylum seekers will be allowed to enter malaysia on humanitarian grounds some seven hundred thousand muslims have fled mean more since last august after the military launched a crackdown saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon says israelis have a right to our homeland it's a notable shift in the kingdom's position towards the jewish state saudi arabia does not recognize israel but ties between the two countries have improved in
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recent years. and a truck driver in the u.s. state of georgia made a lucky escape just moments before his vehicle was struck by an oncoming train. a passer by capture the moment of impact on his phone both a truck driver and train crew are said to be ok. the u.n. has called it the world's worst humanitarian crisis and today donor countries have pledged two billion dollars in aid for a war torn yemen getting closer to its target the three billion dollars at the fundraising conference in geneva u.n. secretary general antonio terrace urged the warring sides to strike a peace deal we must see action and. these reality stars that you know most human suffering to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people. and there are no humanitarian situations we meditate in prices. a negotiated political settlement so we believe in free yemeni dialogue is the only
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solution or yemen's foreign minister is echoed that call for a political settlement and said that his internationally recognized government is working to open ports and airports to receive aid three years after fighting in yemen have claimed around ten thousand lives a proxy war between the saudi backed government and iranian backed to the rebels has also driven an estimated two million people from their homes and the un has been revising upward the number of humanity's in need of assistance to twenty two million that is some point four million more people since last year who depend on outside help for survival. is mother to five young children not and she's also alone in the world since her husband died she has to track for two hours every day just to fetch water from a well. she struggles to look after her family. had
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things what she had before the world even if you didn't have much money you could buy things but prices have skyrocketed i don't know how i'm going to buy food. years of conflict in yemen has devastated the country thousands are dead and millions driven from their homes two thirds of the population that's nineteen million yemenis need humanitarian assistance according to a u.n. report from last year half of the country has no access to clean running water that's caused a widespread cholera epidemic. yemen's health care system is under extreme strain the young are worst hit. but i'm a little bit what would even before the war more than one in five newborns died now the death rate can hit seventy percent because of the current situation in the country yesterday at
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a center. for ayesha and her family the future looks bleak without help and already critical situation could become desperate. time for sense for its news now and in football fire nick visits of the in the first leg of their champions league quarter final this evening byron are on the verge of winning their sixth straight bundesliga title but it's been five years since they won the champions league in recent seasons spanish sides have always been the stumbling block. fire and haven't won the champions league since twenty thirteen every season since they've crashed out against spanish sides but coach pine case is keen to point out the things were very different when he was last in charge. when i was here in two thousand and twelve and twenty thirteen we beat two spanish teams to reach the final the two best teams in the history of
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spanish football barcelona and real madrid. so for me the last four years aren't relevant. severe may not have as impressive a record in europe as spain's top two sides but they have won the europa league three of the last four seasons they're also on a high after knocking manchester united out in the last round severe coach vincent someone tele says the key to success is taking the game to buy and. buy a used to scoring lots of goals in every game. they used to having control of the ball we have to do the same and keep the ball for as long as possible that way you force them to do something they're not used to. but shutting down by and will be no easy task they scored eight goals against us in the last round and six against dortmund at the weekend. the scene is set for a classic champions league encounter. here in
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europe spring has arrived and the ski season is winding down to one of the last competitions before the snow melts took place on monday the free right world tour finale in switzerland and the men's competition sammy love from the u.s. claimed an unprecedented third consecutive title to put on a strong display of speed and agility despite the terrifyingly steep terrain in the resort. in the women's competition austria's claimed her first free ride world tour title with an impressive run the and multiple shocks was. you're watching news still to come france is plunged into travel chaos thousands of commuters are stranded as rail workers start a series of strikes that to last for several months it's part of growing resistance the president plans to modernize the economy. and spotify the world's biggest
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streaming service is going public in new york but is it the right time for the company to be floating its shares. those stories and more coming right up with pencil in business. to learn german we. any time any place.


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