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isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing the environment for the better. let's. do it. the magazine. long d.w. . luther. i walk into a new edition of the movie magazine coming up on today's show. a german kids classic finally makes it to the big screen and we give a film off to martin luther king the american civil rights activist who was assassinated fifty years ago this week. but we start with a film that views history not as tragedy but as far as when totalitarian dictator
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of stalin suffers a stroke his bumbling apparatchiks fall over themselves in a mad struggle for power the film the death of stalin frames this tale of soviet air as a very black very british comedy russia not amused has banned the film and even in the west the death of stalin has divided critics. it was pretty sure that's not nine hundred fifty three seconds after the final notes have faded away in the concert hall and destroyed conductor trying to stop the audience from leaving to he's just had a call from come right stalin five to define i want to come out stalin love tonights can sure sounds like a recording of it right away which we don't have the but meanwhile concert so we play it again and this time we will record it and we will applaud it. as crazy as it sounds this scenario really happened the absurdity of history
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provides the deficit down and with its best punch lines. recorded. just to get us to sleep and why the delay has been logged i wish to convey a special message from what i wish to convey this recording to congress stuff i thought of that stopped the flow it's a terrible thing it's for. the past no no to stalin is artistic license just a way to get the dictator to die laughing. and laughing turns into a strike. but no one dares to stab or say the dictator. has to. show up before you get his five killed i knew going into the film that one had to be enormously respectful of the fact that millions were killed or
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disappeared at that time right through the nine hundred thirty s. and forty's and fifty's and it's not something you can show or you can just neatly explain in a little joke i think you have to be absolutely deliberate in in terms of recognizing that at all stages in the film. but our actual general secretary is lying in a puddle of indignity and me i think is saying get me a doctor now you were in pajamas yes so why because i act like rent a the size of liam with great speed i said we tested him on i went as if i shot him away but sharpest we got a couple of those to just. a successor must be found and so the past drug war begins agriculture minister nikita khrushchev. and the head of a secret police learns beriah face of over who will rule russia. in that this
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comedy throughout but this tragedy throughout that often the two are in the scene similar to any slate there's something curiously comic about these powerful figures acting like. bullies and kids in how they behave really. the film laughs at the banality of evil laughter that sticks in your throat but despite good intentions the film slapstick style stays superficial never diving too deep into stalin's reign of terror. oh is that. all you. can kiss my russian ass. for one of history's greatest belongs to one of history's greatest heroes the extraordinary life and untimely death of reverend martin luther king has been the subject of numerous films and documentaries fifty years after racist shot
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him dead we pay tribute to king's life with this sort of magic. except the one that ain't doing a lot to keep us alive. sounds respond to martin luther king's school to protest in march one thousand nine hundred sixty five the troopers brutally attacked and marches with tear gas clubs and horses. the events from that day in selma were turned into a film for the first time in two thousand and fourteen. we need to help dr king this thing is just going to have to wait it cannot wait you got one big issue i cannot hundred one martin luther king believes nonviolent resistance is the path to black civil rights in america. his words fill many with hope. i have a dream. that one day. there's a major one will rise up. and live out the true meaning of it occurring.
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but many grow impatient with king's nonviolent stance they want change now a new documentary king in the wilderness shines a light on the conflicts that arose within the civil rights movement. a topic which until now has been largely ignored. the conflicts arose in part from a sense of powerlessness among american blacks themes explored in another documentary based on a book by the american novelist and social critic james baldwin believe that if you got. it out early with a little rather you didn't get it all there's little hope here and a dead civil rights activists including martin luther king. racism in america isn't history and two thousand and sixteen not a single black actor also michael was nominated for an oscar. but the hash tag oscar so white started a debate that commentated in the night a coming of age story of gay black youth winning best picture at the two thousand
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and seventeen academy awards picture. it's a development that would have pleased martin luther king shifty years after his death king's dream of a world where one is judged not by the color of one's skin is not the actual reality but the example of his life of nonviolent resistance continues to give hope that that day will come. as. we end on a lighter note the story of jim or jim is as famous in germany as that of paddington bear or winnie the pooh in england the novel the children's book from michelle was published in one thousand sixty and became an instant classic but it's taken decades for the tale of an orphan boy
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a train engineer and their fantastic adventures to make it to the big screen. and i enter two mountains far out in the deep blue sea that's from the land it's right king alfred the courts trial for lives with his two subjects and the train driver it's in a deliberate. microcosmos until the day when a strange parcel arrives heard from your. sister finished that's who she is to criticize you my man sticking to see. jimmy often is lovingly adopted by the un and it's the hominy doesn't last long in. the land just feel like clyde are. it's a simple game and. it was never an option for. neurons from vic only to come out it was good to get fairly good this math think it's a question of the gulf. between times and it's about little jim and mario land and his journey to find himself it's at least classic of all famous identity who am i.
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and that journey it started with many adventures full of magical moments and fantastic images. themselves then for the more kids who are on verdict watch question. put me on was more of the gym for me wasn't clear. one brilliant moment in the film as when the enormous giant tore to r.p.s. you get smaller the closer you get to him. as vice galloped each down the list for me victor nelson's relief was and it's also a lesson to not be afraid of strangers or of things that appear to be scary wasn't the followers of us and. this past cinematic adaptation sticks closely to the book . made me feel it's been jim cannot even yet see open sesame seed so that. michelle endo wrote the book the film is based on
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a nine hundred sixty it instantly became a worldwide test and was translated into thirty three languages. and it was then made into a hugely popular t.v. series using puppets from the puppet theater first america might then in the one nine hundred seventy s. and glorious technicolor. i mean or you know on top of the profound and the interesting thing about jim button is that he influenced whole generations and continues to do so the book the radio play the puppet ferdinand and now this film that's why we keep these michel end of stories alive. isn't he said. exist they are living hide and could. according to the makers of the film it took almost sixteen years to get the story up on the big screen production cost around twenty five million euros making it one of the most expensive german productions ever killing took place and back here in germany and in cape town in south africa.
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there's a huge the every department really put their heart and soul into it so that the story stay true to the original and didn't get torn apart. or that it would be for them that was on them to where they thought about how they could bring it to the screen in the most lively and contemporary way. and they did jim bohannon new cars the engine drivers adventure is a fabulous trying to. cool . that's all for today's show we leave you with scenes from steven spielberg's ready player one a science fiction adventure packed with eighty's the style job and all that style i'll see at the movies.
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