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this is deja vu news live from berlin a british military lab says it cannot prove that the nerve agent used to attack former double agent screwball and his daughter came from russia but that directly contradicts what the u.k. foreign minister told in an interview they were upset because i offered to go first so i said are you sure and he said there's no dogs so as an international watchdog needs to discuss the attack we ask how certain we can be about the origin of chemical weapons. also coming up big changes are taking place on the ground in
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syria seven year war the rebels are being forced to leave a key stronghold near damascus and a critical summit on the country's future is getting underway in turkey. i'm sorry so much good to have you with us the global chemical weapons watchdog is holding a special meeting today to discuss the nerve agent attack on a former russian agent in britain the kremlin has demanded an apology from the u.k. for saying the poison came from moscow they argue britain's failure to track down the source of the nerve agent proves the accusations are baseless in an interview with g w british foreign secretary johnson said there was no doubt in his mind that russia is to blame. you argue that their source of a snuff edge and the choke is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that's driven possess samples of these when i look at the the evidence we the
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people from from porton down the we. may have the samples to do and they they they were absolutely categorical a mass the guy was so i said are you sure and he said there's no dark but the porton down laboratory chief executive has spoken out countering that he's come out to say his scientists only identified the nerve agent and not where it came from we and terms of our rule were able to identify it as an overture to identify that it was a military could read near future. we have not verified the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government who have then use the number of other sources to piece together the conclusions that we've come to let's get more on the story now with kitty logan
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a correspondent covering this for us in london hi kitty we hear a clear contradiction there this must be putting the british government under pressure. yes it has and it's come in an awkward moment full of the british government if she listened to the interview carefully from yesterday if you look at the context of it they do explain in that interview that while they identified the age doesn't of a shock and they also believe that that came from a state that they're not exactly saying the source of it but that's not their position to do so and the government is saying the british government is saying well look we had other factors that came into play here there were other sources of information the problem is they can't tell us what those are the sources of information are and that is playing into the hands of russia it's playing into the hands of the conspiracy theorists and the doubters in the attack insoles great why are they telling us what those other sources of information are. they likely fact is that those sources are intelligence sources they may even be russian
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intelligence sources who they don't want to expose that's the theory behind this they may have been shared with other governments that cannot be shared with the public but there is a cool now from the public from many people here saying well we do need to know the facts we do need to know what is behind the government's decision has had such a knock on effect with the russian expulsions for the international outcry. important down it's very much sat on the fence because it is not suitable institution it's the job of the lab to identify the nerve agent and not to go any further so it's put itself in a rather open spot by coming out in public about this it has not helped the government's case with russia and after the lab statement they kidding russia is now demanding an apology how are the u.k.'s allies reacting because they have put their support behind the british government's accusations of russian involvement. that's right we already had
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a german government spokesman saying that they start with britain still despite these latest remarks and it could well be that these european governments other international governments the u.s. government has seen some of this intelligence and desist pure speculation but it may well be the case that they have seen a lot more information than the public has and they will to confidently draw the conclusion that they will stand alongside the u.k. on this and the problem is the government is finding itself in it there's many things that they could divulge that would put the public mind at rest but they won't and the russians are playing this are they are using this confusion if you like and the doubts that there is over this incident to so their own information program and so their own seeds of doubt and the russian government has come up very strongly today saying this proves what we've been saying all along that there is no evidence that russia was involved i corresponded kitty logan covering this story for us from london thank you kitty now to some other stories making news around the
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world a woman has shot and injured three people at the you tube headquarters in northern california before fatally shooting herself police have identified the suspect as a vegan activist blogger who accused youtube of censoring her videos authorities say they are still investigating a motive. a dutch lawyer with russian ties has become the first to be sentenced in the u.s. special council's russia pro alex vendors one was handed a thirty day jail term and ordered to pay a twenty thousand dollars fine he admitted he lied to robert miller's investigators about his contacts with an official in donald trump's campaign. thousands of people have gathered in rio de janeiro and other cities in brazil to call for a former leader who is enough. to be put behind bars is facing a twelve year prison sentence for alleged corruption the demonstrations come on the eve of a supreme court hearing to appeal the charges. the leaders of iran turkey and russia
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are meeting for a summit on finding a political solution to the syria conflict president want to hosting russian leader vladimir putin and iranian counterparts the honey for the talks in the turkish capital on corrupt the three nations have emerged as the power brokers of syria's seven year long civil war they're seeking to speed up the peace process and bolster their spears of influence in the country all three nations have large but also competing interests in the outcome of the syria conflict. syria early twenty eight hundred. seven years of civil war and still no end in sight there are too many interests involved this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups. major foreign doctors are playing their part too. these are the main ones they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can help to meet their own geo political ends russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support to assad since twenty
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fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists out of power the russian air station near latakia is now a permanent fixture on the tarsus marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged. president hassan rouhani of iran is another acid supporter after all iran has no intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one to run a support to damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return grants around a much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon larger this man on the other hand would like to see assad out of power turkey has supported various rebel
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groups from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president aired ones goals is to push back kurdish groups that gained influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s. operations against the so-called islamic state. jones is covering the summit for us and i spoke to him earlier and asked him what russia iran and turkey are aiming to achieve in these talks. i think he area of talks will be these the conflicts that have been created across syria in the last year whereby syrian rebels and their families are moved to the zones where a ceasefire is then in force them for many of those are believed to be moved to the conflict zones close to the turkish border but this policy is extremely controversial because according to syrian regime this ceasefire only covers those who are considered legitimate rebels as opposed to ones who are considered islamic
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terrorists and they say they will be continue to be targeted totally disagrees on who are considered islamic terrorists and that is expect to be a key issue of talks but by and large all sides do seem to agree that this is a positive development this policy as it is helping to create a map of water a post conflict syria would ultimately look like and on top of that they are also good talking about a future syrian constitution that is going to provide the framework of a future syria and again that is an area particularly contentious given that are all those attending the summit today have very different views on what a future syria would look like but for now at least they recognize they have to work together if they can achieve into the syrian conflict and ultimately achieve their regional goals even though many of them are contradictory while doing you said they have conflicting interests in syria and one of them is especially the future of syria's president bashar al assad how is that factoring into the tux. well i think there saudis are a major issue of contention particularly is iran is committed to staying in power
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and turkish prison and one has made it clear that he wants him out moscow is seen as more flexible on the issue but i think all sides recognize that is the kind of issue they have to deal with further down the road for now at least they want to keep momentum going on achieving an end process move towards receiving and finally achieving an end to the conflict then the status of assad could possibly be dealt with but for sure it is a major issue of contention before all sides and the u.s. recently announced it's withdrawing its troops from syria and president trump is not taking part in the summit today what influence does washington still have in syria. for the united states to have one key card to play they do are backing this syrian kurdish militia why peachey which controls around a third of syria now that was in basically to support them in the war against the islamic state but increasingly is seen as providing the u.s. leverage in syria despite the words of president trump that they are leaving syria
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we're getting reports of the pentagon are currently reinforcing this kurdish militia in northern syria and this militia has been targeted by turkey who they consider as terrorists and in fact they have been carrying this offensive against a syrian kurdish militia and present heard one is expected to press the russian and rainy and presidents to get consent for an expansion of that operation which ultimately could bring turkish and u.s. forces into conflict. jones covering the talks for us in uncorrect today thank you dorian. football now and in the champions league quarter finals byron munich came from behind to secure an away win against sivia biron put on an impressive performance in the second half and scored the winner in the two one victory in the night's other game champions real madrid demolished host eventis christiane for now though scored twice in the three nil when the return likes will be played next wednesday and in tonight's champions
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league action liverpool host manchester city and at the first leg of their quarterfinal the all english clash hits together two of europe's most high profile coaches club and pep guardiola it also promises to be full of goals. manchester city's march to this season's premier league title is nearly complete they leave the table in england by a country mile and single season records for points wins and goal difference are well within reach the only team to get the better of them liverpool you know high scoring thriller of a loss but city's coach seems to remember with some fondness. i think. the game is third in the game here where we last for three years so we cannot deny the both teams try to play so we have both teams more schools more goals are scored in the premier league this season so far and by far the liverpool forward mohamed salah has been the team's goal machine this season and the fans at anfield know
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that they'll need him and the other boys in red to be at the top of their game to get past city. it's a big game against. one of the best teams in europe if not the best team in europe in a moment and that's nice to put on the stats we are not coincidently in the in the qualifiers we qualified for that too so we are there and yes b. b. . may have a few weeks months ago. but we knew before the game that it's possible it's difficult to do it city have heard a lot of praise this season mostly from vanquished opponents they'll want to turn liverpool back into one zero on wednesday. you're watching news still to come beijing's tariffs on u.s. soil and other goods the trade showdown between the economic superpowers is growing
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. plus employment numbers are looking up here in europe but there could be some head. those stories and more coming right up. they make a commitment. they find. africa . stories of people making a difference. being the nation.


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