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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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good's the trade showdown between the economic superpowers is growing. plus employment numbers are looking up here in europe but there could be some bumps and head kris of those stories and more coming right up. to play. they make a commitment. they find. in stronger. africa the little stories of people making a difference shaping their nation leg and their continent of africa on the
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move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own and splinted w.'s new multimedia series from. d.w. dot com africa on the move. the trade dispute between china and the united states reaches a new level of escalation washington publishes its list of high tech products to be hit was terrorist beijing answers with bad news for u.s. farmers also on the program europe sees an upswing in employment power resilience is the strengths and we take you to slovakia where money that's meant to foster economic growth regularly attracts violent criminals. this is a business i'm christopher caldwell welcome to the tit for tat trade dispute
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between the u.s. and china continues on wednesday beijing announced additional tariffs on one hundred six u.s. products worth around fifty billion dollars including cars and soybean meaning that farmers many of whom voted for u.s. president donald trump are most likely to be hit beijing is yet to announce when the terrorists take effect. now before the trump administration had rolled out its own list of proposed chinese imports to be hit with fresh terrorist thirteen hundred products worth roughly fifty billion dollars would be subject to an added import duty of twenty five per cent now the list includes various industrial components for airplanes like launching gears turbines flight data recorders and even tires the medical and pharmaceutical sector is also affected with extra terrorists to be put on different later and many medicines interestingly the mobile phones which constitute about forty percent of u.s. imports from china are exempt from the long list with the u.s.
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government likely to be fearing an outcry among consumers over higher prices for their favorite gadgets earlier i asked our financial correspondent if that was enough to call markets. no it can't be good news for people like apple of course or something but. not not really good scrubbing the market as soon as the message came that final overcrowding in congress for tariffs on one hundred six products the market for one third down here before that it was holding on a little right wing i'm going to but now export heavyweights like person club the steel company or of both wagon and he m.w. losing quite substantially the market's thinking but it's thinking. seriously and we're reading statements now by representatives of german business. germany could be caught in the middle. of a largest trading partners very serious concern that this can have repercussions
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the market in europe or across europe is also down on the. only parts reporting from frankfurt there now france is facing a second today of transport chaos as rail workers continue to strike tuesday's industrial action saw three quarters of train drivers joining the walkout causing massive disruptions unions have called on rail workers garbage collectors and air france staff to protest president. labor market reforms now despite the current dispute france's job market has been improving as has the overall employment situation in europe there are some clouds on the horizon though. germany is the star of the european job market over seventy five percent of those of working age have jobs and the unemployment rate is that a record low. germany's economic boom is being led by domestic consumption germans
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have more money in their pockets they're out there spending it and that's helped spur on the economy. in neighboring france president manuel microphones reforms loosening employment restrictions are just starting to come into force the employment rate is on the increase and the jobless rate is edging downwards but bitterly opposed to change could torpedo the reforms currently a strike protesting the reforms is crippling rail travel the government is hoping the strike will fail to turn into a movement lack of long term work is the major concern in italy on the surface hiring is growing like a beast has the head of one employment agency put it and unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in five years but despite government incentives for open ended contracts almost six out of ten new jobs are preparing us according to bloomberg news. let's get some more insight into the european labor market with mark as well
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he's a senior economist at the university of sound gal in switzerland thank you for coming in this morning marcus the overall employment in the european union has been on a steady rise in the last five years now with new political leadership in france and italy do you think that the divide between the better performing north and the underperforming south is a thing of the past. well whether it's a thing of the pos i don't know but it's clearly not any more the north and seller starvation it's far the more reform or not reform distinguishment you see france which is doing a lot of reforms you see italy which doesn't do any reforms at the moment now i want to talk about france in in just a second let's let's focus on italy or first you say there are no reforms being done there but the unemployment rate in italy has fallen to its lowest level in five years but they're still at the very end of the labor market situation in europe and if you take the g.d.p. to debt ratio it's one hundred thirty five percent at the moment that's actually
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the moment when we started to rescue greece a few years ago so italy might become the new and even larger greece do you think more investment into the labor market will help me is on the report the five star movement wants to spend up to two billion euros is of course investment would help but you need to do investment into the structural reforms of the labor market and you could look at two fronts which is doing exactly that the right thing to reform correctly but the french president is facing heavy opposition and growing resistance to these reforms as we also see well the jury is still out for him whether he will succeed in the end but for the moment he's doing the right things he has undertaken the labor market reform he's now taking up the fight against the unions as n.c.f. you just mentioned it was the state own railway system so he is actually doing something which in germany would have been called the again twenty ten do you see that there are some common ground between the plans of the government and the
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demands of the unions in france which seem to be quite far apart no i don't see too much common ground and the good thing if you take my crohn's perspective is that his own mas movement is not really a party which need to take a consideration the fiefdoms left or right so he can do whatever he thinks is right or wrong. and whether he will succeed we will see probably next year and then france might become actually the motor of the european economic system which germany has been so far and employment figures and germany's are at a record high and there are some people that argue well taking these record figures into account wages should also be higher in germany what is your take on that. germany is doing very well and it's a reflection as i mentioned of the agenda twenty ten but we need to do more we now have the budget to do we need to invest into the infrastructure mess if we invest into germany's infrastructure and obviously wages should be at least some point
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higher than at the moment so that we can do something from the demand side of the economy for the improvement of german situation after two thousand and eighteen two thousand and eighteen won't be the problem anything beyond that is the issue markets are all senior economist at the university of south gallant thank you to slovakia now where the recent murder of journalist young and his girlfriend has sparked outrage could have been investigating corruption which is running deep in the country and is fueled by billions of euros from the european union money that's supposed to fostering konami growth now regularly attracts violent criminals who for example take over large areas of arable land our reporter sent us this exclusive report from or your i bet rush was badly beaten up along this track he brought the printed smartphone pictures with him as evidence the competitors sent a group of armed thugs cut down his rapeseed and drove the fifty eight year old off
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the land he had leased state owned fields he'd farmed for decades his rival obviously had good connections to the local authorities his leasehold was canceled from one day to the next and transferred to his attacker. there's a lot of money at stake. today most likely we were only interested in getting their hands on the e.u. subsidies but a lot of these are. better ash says organized crime gangs in eastern slovakia are taking over huge areas of arable land to become eligible for millions of euros in e.u. subsidies every year he says he knows of thirty other farmers who contribute away by violence and blackmail so far you're right paresh is the only one brave enough to come forward and talk about it publicly the police and justice ministry have been informed but slovakian authorities remain unresponsive. good to see those who
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have so much power and influence they can manipulate the police they exert influence over administrative authorities and also manipulate the agency which distributes you subsidies when throwing up. at them they are going to order this is the corrupt swamp that journalist john korczak was investigating before he and his girlfriend were shot dead. a tragic wake up call for slovakians. in the eastern slope at city of course it's out demonstrators now rally in the streets every friday they're protesting against state corruption and bribery since korczak was murdered a steady string of corruption cases has been emerging into the open. in this public discussion amongst academics a lot of the participants insist that although slovak is a condom is booming the rule of law in the country is weak. as for me it's about changing the atmosphere about turning slovakia into
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a polite country where people have their rights accepted to where or where we don't see corruption your eye better schwanke give up the fight for his fields he hopes the current protests will bring about change he doesn't expect help from the e.u. fighting corruption is a sovereign task for slovakia authorities. and that's our show for now for more simply follow us on social media thanks for watching i'll be back here with a fresh update in forty five minutes.
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