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tv   Doc Film - Public Enemy Number One  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 3:15am-4:00am CEST

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one hundred million tons of sand. devastate everything except. with deadly consequences. the storms. become a. magnitude out frequency. once they start there's no stopping them. starting april seventh on d w.
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l two hundred much but i'm stuck on a schedule b. attacks. the new cannot scale it could happen but friends watch out for me i don't tend to go around on my own or like. this guy. but of course a crazy guy could just flip. since i know how to stand on we arrived on the scene half an hour ago because typically it's the police are currently securing the evidence it's terrible that i can't be impersonal listened to his shoes are still on the street there's blood carefully surrounded by a chalk outline the standard police procedure side that's what sorts of signs and also the stuff and the bicycle is still in the exact position it was after really do much good was hit by three or four shots it's really just awful to seditious to talk like this is the assistant freshman to say.
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the only purpose of our lives more or less lies in our absolute devotion to the truth we can only achieve freedom and order by continuously striving for truth truth is righteous order. a twenty year old student wrote these lines in one thousand nine hundred sixty and got to ninety eight years later he was the leader of the extra parliamentary opposition a media and on form terri. really did the brains of the student movement had been shot i know. one of the eyewitnesses here obviously pretty stunned even you were here and saw what happened to us because she and leave yeah i get that we thought they were shooting pigeons but then we saw a man running away we came over here lying there he stood up and screamed for his
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parents and he. said i have to get to the barbers with iran another fifteen meters then he collapsed his last words were soldiers soldiers. among the soldiers returning home after the war was out front he'd been conscripted at the young age little rooty didn't know his father but at home his mother always told him that men in uniforms weren't to be trusted rudy would never accept his father's in the forty figure. else but dutch girl raised her four sons on her own rudy was the youngest born on the seventh of march nine hundred forty when his father was already at the front his mother raised her children in the christian faith she was a devout protestant pious but not on worldly.
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islam with them i'm chuffed and i got my intro of my that was a community where my mother was in charge my father fell into line two when my father came back he didn't want to recognize my father as his biological father because he'd never seen him he would rebel when my father said here don't touch that. because i thought he would hit back if he was. off the local. club skin color most. the dodgers lived in look at a small rural town in vandenberg some fifteen kilometers south of berlin in the heart of communist east germany. looking back he wrote the rural tradition definitely has a certain warmth but it's always based on man limited to hard work in the field i definitely didn't have a liberal middle class childhood i had to work hard. in
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one nine hundred fifty four rudy started in the get hot hauptmann high school and look at. history was his favorite subject he was a conscientious student and got good grades not because it was demanded of him but because he enjoyed learning and set himself high standards. he once wrote we can see today what the few other and this is i should have brought as a unified germany is currently inconceivable my mother didn't have asked for sums for the war we hate the war and want peace even at a young age make no attempts to hide his convictions. in the i'm a nine hundred fifty eight rudy spoke publicly for the first time at the annual congress of the so-called free german youth school group he had rehearsed his speech at home he didn't talk about sports but about why people shouldn't join the
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national people's army. and there was trouble last year when i wasn't willing to join the army i was a member of the free german youth. and there was a confrontation at an annual congress when i voiced an opinion about the army and socialism and about the national question. i came out in favor of reunification and socialism but not socialism in its current form is to do. instead of the grade he deserved because overall grade was reduced which meant that he forfeited his place studying sports journalism in leipsic.
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instead he trains to be an industrial clunk he hopes the east german authorities would forget about him but after completing his training he was refused a place in leipzig a second time. ruby decided to study in west germany instead but to do that he first had to get a west german high school diploma the wall was not yet built and he commuted back and forth between look at nevada and west berlin he seemed immune to the temptations of the cats in the city he was at home as much as possible but suddenly his way back was closed off. with woody doll i drove to tell tale on the edge of west berlin with rudy on a motorbike it was all closed off already in preparation for the wall but there were checks on the way they knew us and they let us leave i drove them to the station and tell. if that's where we said goodbye in sixty one thinking it wouldn't
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be long now that the. east germany turned him into a foreigner but. germany was also foreign to him looking valor was his home. was to remain an advocate for german reunification for the rest of his life. now after the second world war the government started talking nonstop about reunification twenty years have gone by and it's not happening what we do have governments that are institutionalized lying machines machines of half truths and distortions that people aren't being told the truth means there's no dialogue with the masses no critical dialogue that could explain what's going on in society and how the economic miracle suddenly came to an end and why there's no progress on
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reunification it is virtuous when there's talk of relaxing the rules to allow more freedom of movement across the border but what they mean is maintaining their own political power might offer them dying in political nasha. in october nine hundred sixty one rudi dutschke the enrolled at the free university in west berlin he studied sociology he was rooted a seeker and so he immersed himself in his studies he read everything he laid his hands on. i feel splendid at the moment i studied tirelessly for ten to twelve hours a day he wrote in his diary. he read heidegger void plato and max weber. the crucial thing was he read. that was a protestant trait certainty came from the written word but which word. read
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on and on reading never meant just understanding to him and also meant understanding something about himself the twenty two year old christian with a socialist heart red cow marks. who commented the only thing that mattered to me in that moment was reading and studying those things that didn't match my direct experience of life in east germany but we're still connected. would call this a process of working through he worked through his past and recognized even in real world socialism people exploiting each other. there is no true socialism on earth yet socialism with a human face. from then on this would be his utopia. sociology is an all round the area of study and unwinding of human history he cared about the
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big picture and would no longer settle for anything less. on a list of expenses he noted hundred marks means to preserve the body and therefore the mind everything was aimed at understanding understanding first then action. in his student lodgings dreamed of changing the world. in one nine hundred sixty four the congolese prime minister morse a trauma bay visited berlin churchgoer organized a protest conjunction with a subversive happening planned by a group of artists in berlin. he led the protesters to show in a big town hall while his demonstration had police approval this route was illegal it was greeted with tomatoes he was accused of having arranged the murder of
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patrice lumumba who had served as the first prime minister of the independent democratic republic of the congo it was the first time students clashed with police a scandal in berlin it was almost arrested strong athlete that he was he was able to get away. on the one hand there was a critic of the borzois capitalist order but on the other he was a devoted family man. met an american woman in a cafe in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and name was great and she was a christian he could talk to her about religion and theology they became close but dutch his first love was for the revolution and he broke up with this but it didn't last long. he leave it to live with bleach and cloths and american women she's
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studying theology. the says is on revolutionary tendencies in the upper stalling age. while rudy's comrades were waxing lyrical about free love he chose a very different style. with. this song. and that's a line we wanted to have a party and we invited lots of people. pointed out firelight now friends people from different working groups from the third world groups. done so i know our whole site we composed a kind of wedding speech and it was read out loud as a kind of sermon like there or complacent. berlin in the mid sixty's dutch who wrote things are getting serious now for the revolutionaries who see they are a tiny minority that will remain irrelevant to society for quite some time because
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it exists largely outside of society. wants to get those who are disadvantaged by the capitalist system to become active because people only destroy their traditional norms if they believe they can improve the situation. to the socialist german student league formally the student wing of the social democratic party seem to be the perfect instrument for this. or that he rose quickly to the league's ranks but many long established members thought he was too radical. his nickname was put upon the word push meaning to. hear beats. it's often difficult to reconcile the demands of studying with being politically and socially active. tasha in ramadi had this satchel every morning he
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filled it with books around twenty of them it was always full i couldn't lift it he carried it around so he always had something to read. we sit down together very often to talk critically about our past activities to come up with new theoretical approaches and to prepare for the next round of confrontations and i made a film for the way. his political concept was summarized as education through action he was impressed by the fiery action ism of other revolutionaries such as d. to conceal my unfits teufel. got involved in their plans for a commune moving in together free conversation and free love but he was married to his aus as seriously as he took politics free love wasn't his thing and he could get a natural high from ideas. rolling
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thunder in february one thousand nine hundred fifty five the americans started their aerial bombing campaign of north vietnam the first ground troops arrived in march the vietnam war outraged many left leaning intellectuals not least in germany which could include if it was an issue with international impact and clear perpetrators and victims. americans get out of viet nam demanded the activists who staged protests demonstrate their solidarity with the viet cong co first made up revered his fellow student activists used illegal tactics such as pedestrian provocation disguised as harmless but as streams they distributed flyers and regularly came together as blocks of demonstrators. they numbered only around fifty but the police arrested eighty six pedestrians including window shoppers tourists two journalists and would be judged he was considered the ring leader he was no longer one of many he was now
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a public figure. the berlin it side. the newspaper described him as having messy black hair pacing eyes on the bushy eyebrows and a leather jacket a society's worst night man made flesh according to the right wing press and by axel should bring out wherever he showed up trouble wasn't fat white. ladies and gentleman vietnam isn't the talking point on the third of july vietnam will be the talking point tomorrow during the shah's visit it isn't vietnam or the star but it. is when the show or of persia came to visit we didn't know much about iran about our own country we thought the shell was just an attractive
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man with an attractive wife and a happy family from a happy country it wasn't until the students came with their flying is that we learnt the truth about the show that he was to blame for maintaining an electricity rate among his people of eighty percent that infant mortality it was fifty percent and that he himself pocketed four hundred million dollars every year while his subject stove on just seventy dollars i on the evening of the second of june an opera visit the schedule of the magic flute but the theatre started before hand the shah had brought with him supporters who launched themselves at the entry shot demonstrators fighting. i a student owner's org was shot by police officer col hans could last that night from now on everything seemed possible persia vietnam in the state firing shots it
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seemed like rudy was right the free democratic order was revealing its true friends violent and maybe even fascist. benno on his dog was buried in hannover several thousand people walked behind the coffin a congress took place in the evening it's hidden agenda to question a violent action officer thessa hamas your undefined objectivism is battering the subject to death not emancipating him. sorry these if your dreams that i am going off in a few months lets you know if the demonstrations scheduled for tuesday is forbidden we've decided that immediately after the ban we will consult and be signed on fighting back against this ban the ones that would be a god in their own w. that and she did their thing here. and for sure i would like to ask head
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dutch good the following question you know. he has developed an ideology that was called utopian socialism back in eighteen forty eight and most of them on their own that might be an omen and that today must be called leftwing fascism at least i have reasons for calling it that confessions wasn't it was thank you or. isn't counter-violence just violence could never really make up his mind about the violence issue. around so if i were in latin america i would fight with a gun in my hands i'm not a latin america i'm in west germany where fighting to make sure it never reaches the point where we have to take up arms but that's not up to us we're not involved and a few days later the marxists philosopher how but mark who's from berkeley california visited the free university he gave the students a justification for violent resistance joe take it out. i think the
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term violence covers two very different things institutionalized. violence defending the status quo and the violence of resistance that necessarily remains illegal in relation to positive law. in god. but nobody could define exactly when resistance became illegal rooted judge who couldn't either but he dead to question the legitimacy of power to meet the next important stage in overcoming i was self-imposed isolation would be the project off expropriating this spring our cooperation. how do we work outside of the operators that assumes that west berlin could become an international city of subversive action that we could implement free city plans in an altered form where we could turn west berlin into an international subversive
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city against stalinism and fascism and in favor of supporting the third world through central europe via she's most interested something you didn't need to do that here as a first serious strikes and west berliners where promising workers mass supporters collecting funds and taking on the silvery functions in west berlin this will lead to an acute confrontation with structure reason and stresses we are determined not to stand by and watch criminal actions are at the very least incited at universities at worst supported and initiated a new light if it didn't intervene we will support universities if they support us in putting a stop to events that prepare criminal actions that could mean there now and long been so in debit the trial of activist fritz teufel started at the more beat district court on the twenty seventh of november nine hundred sixty seven teufel was accused of throwing stones at the police set up a wide cordon around the courthouse seven hundred fifty officers were on judy.
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on the other side were around six hundred demonstrators including. he instructed the protesters to tag down the barriers took part in self as the burly impress looked on. this is the image that spread around germany taking on the spring up press anyone who haven't understood by then realise now that he was the ringleader of. the unshaven revolution and the violent provocative the firebrand that's how he was
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presented on the front pages of the media. good evening tonight we are broadcasting an interview with rudy tortuga recorded a few weeks ago. it was just a funny why don't you leave politics and wouldn't that be the greater mercy for the poor devils the people you envisage such terrible times for why don't you say we can't change it let it go. we can't change it we're not hopeless idiots of history incapable of taking off eight into our own hands we can shape the world that has never been seen before characterized by an end to war and to a hunger all around the world the crucial question me they still recall question for me was always what was jesus christ really up to. how did he want to change his
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society and what means did he use. during these hours. as the world's greatest revolutionary jesus christ died in the gasping orient the unknowing counter-revolution nailed him to the cross now twenty four year old right on good friday christianity and revolution were one in his mind. found his bible told must move as the theologian of revolution written by arabs block the philosopher from two big blocks was also from east germany and it was fascinated by him he was looking for a father figure block an old man an optimist became one of his intellectual fathers .
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on christmas eve nine hundred sixty seven staged a political protest at berlin's memorial chanche. arnold foster seen it it was an impressive scene and one i'll never forget it was the christmas service in the memorial church in berlin that the socialist student league had decided to organize a silent protest outside of the church with posters featuring images of the children burned by napalm and. muslims either because the church goers had to walk past all of these posters they had all gone to church to digest their roast goose in peace and quiet while listening to a good sermon or they sat there waiting expectantly for a soothing sermon by the pastor but then. came along from the top and feel i know he stood on the steps of the altar and began
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a speech the standard christian way dear sisters and brothers and then started giving a sermon on vietnam but i've never witnessed anything. like it in my life this crowd that had just seemed so peaceful was transformed into a pile of hate filled faces. of under suspicion the whole guy from the hash through to france. born to strong men i grabbed rooted which go by the arms and drag him through a cordon intuitionist but here i would have before he was spat on and one person beat him with his stick so that blood ran down his forehead and. i was a hatred that came to light was unimaginable. they should be burned i think they just want to cause trouble here in berlin nothing else but you should go and work he has no skills he has nothing to say he's a student what does
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a student have to say. there are people drone like but that's normal. people who have to do incredibly boring work for hours on end every day if they get together a few hours early. if they're trained to act against minorities all those who think differently. sure they'll be angry and want to let off steam. to fear that kind of risk they can mobilize the masses but i fear that the masses move him into that when he stands in front of a large crowd allows himself to be swayed by them and figure out that could be dangerous for him and for society because it is great illusion is that he believes that he can get all the workers on his side as one group but it seems to me the greatest hostility to him comes from the conservative workers raised in post-war germany about the shaft. ugly
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brainless and unkempt this was the image of dutch get painted by the schmuck. paths . modernization get lost. minister of finance use of strauss talks about the unwashed and unshaven do it with a mayor shop a bottom bodden says you have defiled churches in your hooligan debts and a lot of the very end politician fronts is a veil on ethel calls you on unwashed dirty creature covered in lights is how do you explain this hatred. was the. dear americans there will come the day and the hour when we will draw you out if you don't give up your imperialism that i did
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was i was. the people of the anyone to build their future in peace and freedom. nobody will stop us from doing that including the enemies of democracy in this shitty t.v. just i was meeting with who won't be seriously pissed were protesting against this conference was. he was . out the demonstrators in berlin believe the city employee that's due to mend was the dutch guy he was almost lynched
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was wonder how many shruti down. i tried to reach woody at amsterdam airport by asking the airport employees to find him like that. aren't there or how they got through to him and he called me. and culminate i said don't come back i'll come to amsterdam and then we can go elsewhere. and so i told him what had happened he told me i was exaggerating and nothing would happen and he would come back so he came back that is there out of.
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the eleventh of april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight twenty one minutes to find the unemployed painter yells if bomb on shot really dodged three times before he pulled the trigger he shouted you dirty communist swine he was injured during an exchange of fire with the police he was twenty three five years younger than. burley exploded i really do much good shot nobody knew any details the students made this spring a corporation and its anti dutch the beijing responsible for the assassination attempt rocks with run vans were set on fire a loss flaring up of the result before it was extinguished. was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries ten centimeters of his brain
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were blown out he couldn't talk any more but he survived. really judge he had to start learning to read and speak from scratch he was as old as his son hosea cheney they learned together. the press was off to the family it was the start of an odyssey through europe they played a lot of table tennis it was good for a dutch guy who'd lost half of his field of vision. to compose a handsome man ahead invited them to his villainy a rhyme. was on the phone to berlin twenty four seven he was unable to do nothing hence his phone bill was horrendous then they were discovered. sound took pictures
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of really without permission the dutch has left the villa then italy. but i thought on. both of us in the whole of when he knew what a house of a tree a bottle and a piece of bread were again he visited me. before. he could only see through one eye the other was blind. crummy for dog. under four and we became close friends and not for political reasons or due to from going to the wire my good or cooper long meant he was a good personal fear god if i mean maybe. he was called a phrase monger. yang.
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he did use a lot of phrases. but he was a gentle person. wrote letters to yells of. i don't believe you'll remain a fascist and i'm not mad at you the one wrote back. years later took his own life in prison by suffocating himself with a plastic bag. he was given an entry permit to england on his way there he had his first epileptic fit a consequence of the shooting the university of cambridge admitted him as a graduate student but england had had a conservative government says nine hundred seventy read rudy lost his residence permit again. for two on his behalf but to no avail the church has had to leave
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england. on the twenty first of february nine hundred seventy one they arrived in denmark the university of our who's had offered her a position as an academic assistant. he gave a press conference to satisfy the media but it wasn't enough. when his v.w. started heading towards alice real he was followed by a press convoy. ellisville was a remote farm around thirty kilometers from our house it was home to a commune which was now joined by a retired revolutionary. would never really get to know the people he lived with he never learned danish but the boy from lookin valder liked rural life.
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i. i. wasn't born to rest he knew things were taking a new turn in germany the student movement had fallen apart the socialist student league was disbanded. their folks. as a tribune of the people he was a broken man. was. less than thirty first by the shots and secondly because the situation was different and what he had to offer wasn't needed any more with or without bullets in his brain. it was over he was condemned to the life of an academic. i mean. at the
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university of our who's dutch who felt uncertain and nervous he'd never minded addressing thousands in the past now he had to learn to not be fearful in front of a few students. he wrote his doctorate in the seclusion of his view on a topic typical of him why did it dictatorship emerge from the october revolution in russia why it is a good theory produced terrible practice but writing his doctorate was also his way of proving himself. that he was still the guy he was that the shooting had destroyed in. germany helped to block his father figure the wise old man from tubingen travelled to denmark at the age of almost ninety it was august most of the time was spent sitting outside debating the blast stayed for two weeks longer than they'd planned
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. to visit at a therapeutic effect philosophy as a lifesaver blah she had to check up. continue to toil on his doctorate to travel to germany more and more often and came up against the limits of what he was physically capable of. he had panic attacks and was scared of assassins but he did it his doctorate was ultimately entitled an attempt to get lennon on his feet it was an attempt to get dutch get back on his feet the dr of philosophy was drawn back to politics i couldn't live without a certain degree of political activity he wrote.
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a new alliance emerge from the peace and environmental movements the green party they radically changed the political situation in germany political novices sort our women knitting norwegian jumpers men wearing them they came from all walks of life farmers and housewives former communists and generals members of the s.p.v. and c.v. you the greens had room for every one party or citizens initiative that was the crucial question. hi i'm fifty i'm not currently a member of this party it doesn't actually exist yet as a party but i've worked as much as possible during the next phase it just necessary to work with everyone to exclude no one and. those who have the tendency to exclude themselves more must learn to see that they are excluding themselves it's not us excluding them they know she's.
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finally saw a home for himself again a political one but also a deeply existential one he decided to work for the greens in braman and to move back from denmark. one more christmas in our hoose and then he was full of hope one small. place for fina. but it was christmas eve and i would have all the bought. what he wanted to take a bath while we were preparing the turkey and when it was in the oven i went to check on him because he'd been gone for quite a while back at forty you know bob ward and i went to see him and he was dead and him again of our talk.
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routed to china drowned as a result of an epileptic fit eleven years after the assassination attempt the bullets finally did what they'd been intended for rudy dodgeville was buried in the cemetery of sin and church in berlin on the thirtieth of january nine hundred eighty. two thought movie about books good food if you're going to make a film about it which you should know that he was wrong at times as we all are and that he corrected himself when he knew better because he wasn't a coward one day he was always authentic record in that sense he was childlike in the noblest sense veneer came from.
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it's always about passion and rarely about business plans. creative entrepreneurs in the german capital. the tunnel between self-determination and self exploitation. passion and profit berlin creatives made in germany thirty minutes d.w. . time for an upgrade.
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sure that grows all by. oz with. design highlights you can make yourself. and stick to tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with t.w. interior design channel on you to. come up as long as it is bangladesh on the brink of civil. we are scared we are very scared we have to stay. in the media to fight for this fight against it are. torn by domestic power struggles all for the name of law of islam and violence dominates the headlines if this continues should be out of it should be it is
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not. bangladesh of islam is on starting april twenty first on t w. russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the poisoning often a spy. andy's daughter in england has been voted on of the international chemical weapons watchdog at the hague russia denies responsibility and has suggested the nerve agent used in the attack could have originated in britain sergei screwball and his daughter yulia have been hospital since march fourth. facebook says eighty seven million people may have had their data accessed in the privacy breach involving cambridge and it is that that stands up.


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