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every week and looking to the future john comes to science and research for. this is literally news live from berlin back from the brink of death of the poisoned daughter of an ex russian spy speaks out in a statement by a british police your script says she's recovering well after the nerve agent attack on her and her father what will her testimony mean for investigators and the mounting diplomatic dispute between london and moscow also coming up we're still for present the we see not so little of the silver loses his bid to avoid prison time while appealing a corruption conviction the decision by the supreme court looks likely to end his
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political career and deepens divisions in the country. looking at. their. new direction syria laon swears in its new president julius made a bio but his defeated opponents say they'll challenge the election results. close the victims of violence in the gaza strip we need a palestinian family mourning their son shot dead by israeli forces last week that's his fears mount fresh protests tomorrow could trigger another deadly crackdown. is great to have you along everyone we start off in the u.k. where there's been a development in the poisoning case of sergei script ball and his daughter yulia a short while ago she is. a statement by
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a british police confirming she's awake but disoriented after the attack that left her critically ill her statement came immediately after recording released by russian state television purporting to be a conversation between yulia scribble and her cousin britain and russia fighting to control the flow of information about the case and what's become a full blown diplomatic crisis has crossed over to the russian capital now let's take you now straight to the russian capital to get reaction there from our very own your shadow who is in moscow yuri tell us a little bit about this recording that aired on a russian the state television this phone conversation allegedly between yulia scribble her cousin. well and seems a little bit strange to that right now just hours i had told the meeting in new york at the u.n. security council that is expected to discuss russia's role in the affair so right now the daily talk show sixty minutes on the russia state broadcaster russia one or
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i see i didn't present a recording of the conversation between the u.s. crew pollens her cousin victoria who lives here in moscow at the beginning of the program the presenter stressed that to victoria screen herself had allegedly given events recalled in which allegedly took place on the previous evening so yesterday evening however during this conversation or the alleged conversation you this trip all sad that everything was fine everything could be solved everything was recovering everyone was recovering and that all were alive one shoe came to the question of all to the condition of her father told that said again was also fine and that he simply was asleep she also said that no one had irreversible things and she could soon leave the hospital if you were doing or how they came by that recording at all that she was she where they were that she was being recorded. well
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if this is allegedly given to the present us to the russian t.v. yesterday evening ok let's move on now because there's been another development to where you are a bus carrying u.s. diplomats has left the u.s. embassy here in moscow part of that massive diplomatic fallout about this case let's take a look at how that took place. departing on bad terms sixty american diplomats pack their bags and board buses at dawn there leaving the u.s. embassy in moscow the latest diplomatic expulsion in the wake of the spy poisoning crisis a large number of russians have also been ordered out by the u.s. and other western allies which accuse moscow of orchestrating an attack on sega's script and his daughter yulia in the u.k. in march using a nerve agent. with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov claims the attack was staged to justify the expulsion of its diplomats. according to the we're going to
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been a while since we've seen such a blatant mockery of international law diplomatic ethics and basic decency. i will point out that we will continue responding adequately to unfriendly moves but at the same time we want to find the truth hurts you. on wednesday russia failed in its bid to become part of the investigation into the poisoning it was voted down at a meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague britain's representatives said it would be perverse to allow the alleged attackers to carry out the investigation but russia says that the u.k. cannot ignore its questions about the legitimacy of its claims. if you are the u.k. does continue to have the backing of much of the international community that however isn't putting off russia it continues to push through even after yesterday's setback at the o.p.c. w. today russia is taking its case to the u.n. secretary council security council excuse me
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a session what are they trying to achieve well with the one hand russia lolled included announced this terms apparency and clarity russia wants to see evidence hard to clear evidence no assumptions no accusations but evidence on the other hand moscow was also asked to prove that it had nothing to do with a poisoning only this demand came from london and should be fulfilled within twenty four hours then moscow sent how can we prove something we didn't do and why we have for sumption of innocence the one who accuses should bring evidence and not the accused and that is moscow's claim to international law and that is why moscow now is going to use the highest possible political stage the un security council to state its arguments and is sit insist once more on its presumption of innocence russia feels strongly isolated internationally because and nearly all members of the european union shelled so there would be with the u.k. and not with russia moscow feels it's been pushed against the wall and insists it
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would be absolutely innocent as your shadow is reporting it from moscow russia thank you all right we're going to shift our attention now to brazil that country's former president luis inacio lula da silva had been eyeing a political comeback as the front runner in upcoming national elections this fall instead he is likely headed to jail soon the nation's top court has narrowly denied his request to remain a free man the pending on appeal for a bribery conviction will that is the biggest name yet to be toppled by prosecutors in a massive anti corruption investigation that has shaken the nation. after a marathon televised debate brazil's supreme court was deadlocked its chief justice commonly cheer then cast the deciding vote rejecting the we said nothing to silver's bid for freedom while his conviction has appealed last year lou was found guilty of taking bribes and sentenced to twelve years in prison. brazilians are
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equally divided in opinion outside the court and he alluded protesters celebrated the court's decision. brazil i love you shouts one demonstrator. others were upset by the ruling. the sonar system is no different we are really worried for the future of our democracy in our fragile country. that one we think history of institutional coups and impeachments. only knew our democracy is weak that we have sadness. under lula's presidency from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten brazil saw its largest period of economic growth in three decades millions were lifted out of poverty but after he left office a corruption investigation and alleged the top level politicians including lula and
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then president dilma rousseff had received bribes in exchange for awarding state contracts. has claimed the charges are an attempt to thwart his bid for president in october. i am a victim of the largest judicial hunt that a president has ever seen. despite the corruption allegations latest opinion polls suggest that lugar would win the election by a wide margin but after the supreme court's ruling and with the prospect of a prison term faces big hurdles to a political comeback. on motions are running high in brazil. lopez is the brazil correspondent for the washington post and she joins us now from sao paulo very good evening explain to us what's going on i mean so you've got the former president of brazil also happens to be the front runner in the upcoming presidential election he's going to be jailed that's right there when we left the
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presidency in two thousand and eleven he had guy high school ratings you've been wanting to make a comeback but it's education it's been sullied by destruction scandal he has vowed to continue his campaign behind bars if he has to you is crying conviction though does bar him from running so the stakes really couldn't be higher ahead of his impending arrest right and he's such a towering figure how will this decision be seen by resilience and what does it mean for the election i mean is it still considered legitimate if the front runner is disqualified basically brazilians are graded i did about this you know on the one hand it was a working class president in a country that struggles with sky high. inequality rates he lifted an estimated twenty million people out of poverty during its so many years have been understandable in the late years but others are eager to see it one of the most powerful figure in brazilian object held accountable for his alleged corruption the
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mood of the human tenses everyone awake the next the next he steps of this this case right now as you alluded to former president dilma rousseff of has been impeached now liz headed to prison is this just a sign of a robust judicial system doing its work. well the family a lot of people here can view the two cases as an indication that there's a wider plot to discredit lula's workers' party but i do think it's important to note that you live the impeachment was a political profit and lula is a criminal trial in addition to this he's facing the other corruption charges so while the judicial is a mad and i didn't leave been emboldened in the last few years when it comes to corruption whether it is part of a wider to really depends on the speech you know all right marina lopez brazil correspondent for the washington post thank you so much. we. are going to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world.
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bollywood superstar salman khan has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing endangered indian animals a court of artist on convicted salman khan of illegally poaching black box filming in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight someone khan who has always denied the charges is among the top ten highest paid actors worldwide. at least president says your mother in law says two days of crisis talks have produced no breakthrough in efforts to form a new italian government more talks are planned for next week the deadlock follows an inconclusive elections and the establishment five star movement and far right league party won the most votes but have refused to form a coalition together. a large fire has broken out at a hospital in a turkish city of istanbul the blaze started on the roof and then sprayed down to the exterior cladding of the building patients had to be evacuated onto the street
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there are no casualties being reported at this moment. stinging criticism today from the german justice minister describing facebook as a network of in transparency out exactly the social media network is under fire for a massive data breach which is even bigger than anyone thought it it now says eighty seven million people may have been exposed in the cambridge analytical privacy scandal the british firm use the information without users consent to help us president donald trump's twenty sixteen election campaign. it is potentially the worst privacy scandal involving any social network and facebook has admitted its role on its corporate blog in a post the social media giant revealed changes to its privacy policy it also released figures about where users affected by the cambridge analytical privacies gundel came from the u.s. was the most affected but millions elsewhere are among those whose data may have
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been improperly shared after the u.s. uses in the philippines indonesia the u.k. and mexico are among the most affected. focus enough on preventing it and thinking through how people could use these tools to do harm as well and that is foreign interference no action. in addition to developers and data privacy. when you take a broad enough you know what our responsibility and i was this huge mistake it was it was my mistake that marc second berg will have to answer for in front of leading lawmakers in the us on april ten and eleven the social media giant c.e.o. will be testifying before the u.s. congress he will likely talk about how facebook uses and protects user data and its plans to limit user data accessible to other companies. stocks on both sides of the atlantic are enjoying a big bounce back the dax finishing the day up two and
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a half percent the dow following suit investors believe a trade war between the u.s. and china could be over before it ever really began to trump administration a signal possible wiggle room in a spat with china trade secretary will ross saying it like to reach an agreement with china soon and the president's economic advisor larry could look questioning whether the latest tariffs will ever take effect. that the frankfurt stock exchange for us really how do you read into this could this be the beginning of the end of this very short lived trade war. i hope so but i don't know and i don't think anybody who reacted so positively to the positive signals from the united states knows either i talked to a trader just as he was leaving the stock market when trading that finished just a little while ago and he said you know who knows when the next tweet will come from the white house and what will be in it so people are ready for four backlashes
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for one hundred eighty degree turns but i think everyone was surprised at several officials from the administration in washington coming out and indicating that well all's not lost there is a readiness to talk now it will be up to both parties to somehow initiate a negotiation process and also of course for the two leaders to somehow address the question publicly to make make make plain that they aim to avoid a trade war well exactly because it comes down to those two leaders who really are eager maniacs i mean a president who thinks he's the best ever and the other one who's just made himself president for life. yeah that's right i mean the good thing is that the chinese president has a very very strong position as you said he's just made himself president for life so he's probably now as powerful as he as he will ever be and if he wants to avoid
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a trade war i think he can do it and he probably has the power to put the kind of pressure on president donald trump to do it because trump is is under pressure isn't much different situation he has midterms coming up in november that may seem a long way away but here at the market people are are looking for a motive and trumps initiating this trade conflict with the midterms in mind and so many people have come out and said trade war it's a lose lose it will cost jobs to do something else so there is hope there but. i don't think so not yet not a very certainly there for us in frankfurt thank you. and here's a potential market for you a dutch environmental group once oil producers held accountable for climate change it's threatening injuries or boiled up shell one of the largest fossil fuel producers unless it takes a clean attack is it possible to force
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a big oil company like shell to steer away from fossil fuels dutch environmental group defense see is at least trying given our producers shell eight weeks to step up its development of renewables if nothing happens they'll take the giant compilation to court. you know the show knows that the my giora t. off the oil gas and coal reserves in the world need to be kept in mind but still there c o told the world i will mine everything i'm able to mine. shell is among the world's ten biggest carbon emitters din vironment a group claims the anglo dutch multinational is responsible for two percent of the missions of carbon dioxide and methane since the dawn of the petroleum era and yet it plans to only invest five percent in renewables. show knows that carbon
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emissions need to be zero by twenty fifty but the company is only aiming to reduce current emissions by hall. shout says it believes climate change should be driven by government policy not lead to gay ssion. taking legal action against large energy companies is becoming increasingly popular. nine american municipalities including new york city have sued fossil fuel companies they're seeking compensation for climate change damages . and i'll have a natural packed full fifteen minutes of business for you next hour thank you so much dan supporters of the defeated opponents of sierra leone's new president julius made a bio say they will challenge his election victory well by you know what was sworn in on thursday after now when he secured fifty one point eighty one percent of ballots in the final count ohio is a former soldier who once led
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a military junta but he says he's changed his ways and is ready to lead surely along to a brighter future. sweeping out the old voters in sierra leone have voted for change in the country's presidential election. the former opposition leader julius model below narrowly won a second round vote and was quickly sworn into office. was going to marry. her. continued our c n. n sunday night. right here. during the campaign model criticize chinese infrastructure projects for not delivering economic benefit. he promised to review mining agreements and introduce free schooling. montevideo is not an unfamiliar face in sierra leone two
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decades ago he took part in a coup and ruled the country's military who differ several months. voters seem to have accepted his apologies for the current describes a. rather looking for their google knows under proper charge this is why we were pushing for. and i won't but i'll be over there we've got this message good for what i'm doing through an. international. servers have said they were satisfied with the election outcome but losing candidate somewhere a commodity from the former ruling party a.p.c. says he will challenge the result alleging fraud. was formed the whole view. that those results do not suggest that may become real is better but. the must be balanced stuff you. would see fraudulent foods out racist. and or that he lives rather than that it is. it was the country's first
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presidential election since thousands were killed in a devastating a bola outbreak and a deadly mudslide in the capital freetown many in sierra leone are hoping that a change in power brings a change in fortunes. israel has warned it will not change its rules of engagement ahead of planned protests at the gaza strip border on friday all this after the killing of eighteen people when israeli soldiers opened fire on palestinian demonstrators last week our correspondent tanya kramer traveled to beit lahia in the north of the gaza strip to meet a family whose son was one of those shot dead last week by the israeli army soldiers are running high in the region had fears or further violence. muhammad's life has been turned upside down his youngest brother was killed last week in the protests a reminder of a life lost here in the north of gaza a family is in mourning. today and messy and over that if the march gives us our
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rights everyone should participate. but if there is no result and if i young people just die then we only have god to calm their souls. one month says that god i was standing next to him when he was shot in the head they were just a few hundred meters from the border fence despite his brother's death mohammed says he will keep on protesting for young people like him there's not much hope left in gaza and no go forward and most of all i took part in the protests all of us should participate as we should because there's no work there's no life and nobody cares about us if it was bad or was one of at least sixteen people were killed by israeli sharpshooters during friday's protests israel said that it was not a peaceful march but a deliberate provocation by hamas which controls the gaza strip israel had warned that any attempt to approach the buffer zone and fans would be met with
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a harsh response human rights organizations have sharply criticized the use of excessive force. a human rights lawyer from gaza was at the border we thought that the ministry of terrorism in laying. flurries i mean snipers were shooting at the forefront of the head or in the back. or a bit is the people men women who have begun to for things of them were around before us. it can be anybody it's your list or a number of snipers picking. or shooting. but people of all ages have continued to gather in the border area like here in eastern gaza city hamas and other factions set up a tent city as a reminder of palestinian refugees. people are now gathering all tires and taking them to the border they plan to set them on fire to see if protestors from israeli
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sniper fire. the atmosphere here is defiant many palestinians say they will take part in the march despite warnings by israel many palestinians here say they want the world to know that gaza has been closed off from the outside world for more than a decade. kramer reporting two of argentina's biggest soccer clubs have been caught up in a child sex abuse scandal from youth players reported suffering abuse and suffer cases. they want to sell for america's most successful the best supported club sides independent and say have lifted the continental coper limited daughters trophy a record seven times but these fans are now seeing their club implicated in a case of sexual abuse the club filed the case with prosecutors this week after members of its youth team claim to have been the victims of a prostitution ring the investigation essential to
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a football obsessed nation. we all know the video of diego maradona as a little kid when someone asked him what he wanted to do when he was older he said to play in a world cup it's this kind of childlike innocence that enabled these perpetrators to reach kids and abuse them. the allegations came to light after a member of the club's used team broke down during a session with a psychologist prosecutors say they have so far found seven victims and a possible ten others. but the allegations aren't confined to one club river plate argentina's most successful domestic side or assisting or forty's over abuse suffered by its youth players between two thousand and four and two thousand and eleven. police raided the club's offices on tuesday as part of that investigation matters were further complicated when an argentine t.v. personality alleged links between the independent entity six scandal and local journalists these claims were denied by investigators. no artist no journalist
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no television host is involved in our case. we've been able to go and i thought about. allegations of abuse of emerged in other sports argentine as a limpet committee also fall complaints of sexual abuse against the gymnastics coach this week a nation which is so often looked to sport as a source of hope is now searching for answers. before i let you go on remind you of our main headline this hour. british police have released the first public statements by your script off since the nerve agent attack on her and her father a month ago her father the former russian double agent sergei screwball remains critically ill but stable. you've been watching you know in years away a lot we hope you can join us again at the top of the hour.
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visiting hours. on four palms. one for hooves more with talons. real health care professionals bringing joy to patients how and why animals can help people who have health problems.
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the boom splines a residential area. got a real good name in cape town. mitchell fences are to protect the housing estates kind acoustic her and her for the impudent beasts. without harming. you. to go at it for god in sixty minutes on t.w. . at the time of islam islam is bangladesh on the brink of civil war we are steered clear very scared we have to stay and remove enough to fight for his fight against it are. torn by domestic power struggles and the influence of islamist extremists. the country's democratic institutions now face a serious threat to the saddam we call for the name of law of islam of
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violence dominates the headlines we've just could you know should be out of it should be it maybe not. bangladesh but of islam is on starting april twenty first on t w. welcome to in good shape here's what's coming up. melanoma how to treat this life threatening skin cancer. chronic tonsilitis when is surgery the end. and animal health is what made stone piece such great therapists. today i mean that he was thinking me from being in the therapy.


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