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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. new smog from berlin tonight a german court stuns a spanish prosecutors with its ruling on catalonia as former leader judges of free carlos puts them on bill and say he should no longer face rebellion charges in spain but he could still face extradition for corruption charges also coming up you're screwball issues her first statement one month after she and her father were attacked with a nerve agent known as no beach she says that she's recovering well as britain and
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russia square off over the incident at the united nations. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us a german court has dealt a severe blow to spanish hopes of trying former cattle on leader karl this point for rebellion judges in germany who said that they would not extradite which tomorrow on the charge which can carry sentences of decades in prison he could still be sent home to face a lesser charge of misusing public funds a move which would bar spanish authorities from trying him on another crime but the court also agreed to free put them on bail pending a decision on that lesser charge. of the court says that mr bush to mock can be released only on certain conditions and we've got to get those listed here for you they are. for seventy five thousand euros in bail must be paid he is not
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allowed to leave germany and he has to report once a week to the court just a little thirty's know that he is still respecting those conditions are let's take this over now to my colleague tom a sparrow he joins us now he's been following this story so almost walk us through the court's reasoning for its ruling today the key element brant of this case all along in fact since mr porter demond was arrested was to find out whether there were any similarities between the charges in spain and charges here in germany specifically the two charges that we've already mentioned rebellion on the one hand and misappropriation of public funds on the court decided today that at least in the first of those two there were no comparable elements let's listen to what the state prosecutor spokesperson actually as they call china now in the
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northern part of germany had to say on this issue. the state criminal division has determined that the charges of violence and not similar enough and to german law to make the statute of high treason applicable to visit moot it's true now but the court has determined that pushed him on as the initiator of the referendum can be held accountable for acts of violence committed on that day that. now obviously the court will have to look for more information on the second element of misappropriation of public funds to determine whether they will extradite. put him on specifically on that case but as you yourself mentioned this is particularly important because if they do so then spain spanish authorities will not be able to judge mr puts them on and on rebellion or hierarchies and as many in spain have actually wanted to and what about mr ridge the more himself have we heard anything
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from him tonight has he reacted to this well he reacted on on twitter very brief message saying see you tomorrow thank you all and then publishing a photo of himself with his thumbs up this doesn't actually say much about what his next move will be will school still have to wait for for those announcements there are still many questions open as to what will be his his next step but he obviously mentioned the conditions that he will have to fulfill once he leaves prison and hold in germany and will this have any political ramifications for the german government we know that there were people the spanish prosecutors for example they had been hoping to see germany curio to the extradition request on the charges of rebellion or probably if you ask politicians they will say that this won't impact spanish relations in fact fortunes have already been asked about that they have said that this is first and foremost a decision for the courts to make and if you start asking them tomorrow they will
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probably say exactly the same thing that the courts have now made a decision that they will respect that but this is obviously a case that is not only legal i would say it's probably a legal case with a big political problem attached to it for german authorities and they will obviously have to to not react to that or correspondent thomas bear on the story for us tonight here in berlin thomas thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world bollywood superstar solomon kahn has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing endangered indian animals acord convicted him of illegally poaching black books while filming back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight salman khan who has always denied the charges is among the top ten highest paid actors worldwide italy's president. says that two days of crisis talks have produced no breakthrough in efforts to form a new government more talks are planned for next week the deadlock follows inconclusive elections the antiestablishment five star movement and the far right
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league party won the most votes but they have refused to work together. a fire has devastated parts of a hospital in the turkish city of istanbul the blaze started on the roof and spread down the exterior cladding of the building patients had to be evacuated onto the street there are no reports of fatalities prosecutors have launched an investigation into the calls of the fire. well police in the u.k. have today released a public statement from yulia script all she and her father former russian spy sergei screwball have been in the hospital one month now they were both attacked insults barry with a nerve agent that scientists have confirmed is the soviet era poison known as nova joke or earlier today russian state television played an alleged recording of yulia
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speaking on the phone with her cousin we cannot confirm the authenticity of that recording we did want to show you a picture of it but it speaks to what has become a war of narratives between britain and russia the u.k. maintains that moscow was involved in the poisoning a claim of the kremlin denies and in a sign of solidarity with britain many western countries have expelled dozens of russian diplomats today at the u.n. security council in new york which we wanted to show you the russian ambassador said that russia has told the u.k. that it is playing with fire no the choke is not a is not copyrighted by russia instead in spite of the obviously russian name it is a name that that was that was invented in the west for a line of talks. toxic substances which which is no nothing new for experts and scientists were developed in many countries including in the united
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states and in great britain. boris johnson in response to a direct question of bella directly confirmed that the great britain does have samples of that substance important down. all right i'm joined here in the studio by my colleague charlotte chosen phil's charlot the russian ambassador i mean that was amazing they're referring to an interview the boris johnson gave to d.w. in which he said the u.k. does have a sample of the nerve agent novi joke i mean what does that mean yes that's quite right it's extremely significant that out of course came up in the u.n. security council appears that russia is really trying to grab on to this statement that boris johnson said in an interview in a way it sort of undermines britain's argument that it could only really have been russia that was behind this attack russia that it's not responsible and and other countries it's blamed for this let's have a quick listen to exactly what boris johnson had to say. you argue that their
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source of. edge and novacek is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that was driven by says sample something else when i look at the the evidence from the people from from porton down the the borough they have the samples you do and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said as they don't. say as you just heard they have did say they do they do have a samples of this night agent now boris johnson has come under fire in the u.k. for these comments the opposition party is basically accused of shooting from the hip and being too too strong there's too saying by contrast the reason may the prime minister's been a lot more careful she said that it's highly likely that russia is involved either in that it was at the attack or perhaps lost control of its nervous nerve agents.
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not that he's even in the past are only pointed the finger. pointing the attack something that clearly hasn't been verified as a good point earlier today in the u.k. police released a public statement from yulia scrip all she and her father the former russian spy sarah gave her paul they've been in the hospital now for one month to have a look at what happened that led to today it is no more than a month since our guys and his daughter yulia how were poisoned with a deadly chemical agent on british soil kicking off a diplomatic war of words descend from mission claims and counterclaims that is showing no sign of letting up. on. a russian broadcaster aired what it claimed was a telephone chat between you and her cousin. whether it was genuine or not. even the t.v. station would not see when it came from is another matter. victoria
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script little said she believed she was speaking with her cousin. yes it was not me who contacted her she phoned me herself when the phone rang i saw it was a call from a british number i thought it was a call from journalists who were. back in seoul's bre where this international poisoning scandal began police guarding the hospital beds of the former russian spy enters daughter issued a statement in her name. my strength is growing daily say that the entire episode is somewhat disorientating and i hope that you respect my privacy at the same time raising concerns of his own russians we are responding ambassador. was on the offensive we have a lot of suspicions you know if you take the. last two years
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so many russian citizens. died here in the u.k. under very strange circumstances russia insists a new part to mr tuck and has said it will accept the results of international investigations so long as they're held in through view of the public. there has been a meeting this evening at the u.n. security council that was called by russia after a this proposal for a joint russian british investigation into this poisoning was rejected yesterday why did the u.k. not want russia involved in the investigation the fact is that this was an attack that happened on u.k. soil so the u.k. says it's up to them to find out exactly what happened as you just mentioned as well this is also been referred to the global chemical weapons watchdog so the the argument is that this is an independent or storage see who will be able to make an independent ruling russia has said that it wants to take part in this price it also
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says that it wants evidence when the findings were released to prove if if in fact that is the case that it was the novacek agent used answer to verify any allegation that may come out suggesting russia was involved it's going to extremely interesting to see what the findings about that investigation are going to be it's what those findings are supposed to come out this week if they stay on schedule we will see charlottesville some bill on the story for us tonight thank you. arts and sports news now in the first leg of the quarter finals of the europa league have just finished arsenal cruised to an easy home victory over c.s.k. a moscow aged past marsay atletico madrid beating sporting two no and lots the zero one four two against salzburg liber who faced potential sanctions from european soccer governing body you wait after their fans attacked the manchester city bus ahead of wednesday's champions league tie amazing to watch these pictures as the
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bus made its way down narrow streets leading to enfield liverpool fans who set off layers and threw bottles and cans at the vehicle no one inside the bus was hurt but these officers were injured trying to bring the scene under control the way to says it will ruin any potential penalty at the end of may five days after this year's champions league final. here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you a german court has refused to extradite former cattle on leader. to face rebellion charges potentially preventing spain from trying him for the crime which can carry sentences of decades in prison which could still be. a lesser charge of corruption and british police have released the first public statements by all since the nerve agent. one month ago. the former russian double agent paul remains critically ill but stable. you're up to date with. the
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from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more news. they make a commitment. they find solutions. in stride.


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