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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is c w news live from perth land out on bail catalonia separatist leader walks free from a german jail it's a conditional release for carla's pushed him on the court refuses to action i came back to spain for rebellion but i could still hand him over to madrid on a lesser charge also coming up as did punishment for south korea's former president park good paying sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption dramatic fall from grace has gripped the nation for months and another deadly showdown over
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the gaza blockade is really troops and can use live fire on palestinian protesters killing at least one and wounding dozens more. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program catalan separatist leader karla's pushed him on has walked out of a german jail pushed him on posted bail and the public prosecutor ordered his immediate release a regional court in germany has ruled it will not extradite pushed him on on charges of rebellion but the court is considering a lesser charge of misusing funds for which he could still face extradition. and here's more now on what carlos pushed him on said to reporters on his release a short while ago i called for the immediate release for all of my complete. still in the spanish free safe seats and shame for europe who have
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recently. i always thrived in group. faced with the people filtration of flowers peace and human rights dr congo mockers the museum's recent. for more let's bring in deputy is political correspondent simon young to break down what exactly has been said here so i mean jail does not have it does not appear to have dampened his fear i mean a pretty defiant message that he has that he's issued there where does he go from here simon first of all no way because he has been told that he has to stay in germany and near enough to the court that he can present himself there if the court wants to speak to him because of course the extradition proceedings are still continuing as you mentioned they thrown out the idea that he could be extradited to spain on rebellion they say there is no equivalent potential cho agenda german law
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but the. question of the misuse of public funds in order to finance that controversial referendum on catalonia independence last year that that charge remains and is equivalent to something under german law so they're going to be looking at that it could take a few days even to bring that into the cools and. the extradition has to happen within sixty days but there's a long way for mr bush to mount to go he could still appeal if he is told that he has to go to spain he could appeal up to the german constitutional court and even to the european court so there's some way for this thing to run yes ok so extradition still on the table apparently he has to stay in germany to know where in germany he will be we don't know that yet he was hold a press conference late it's day but mr hu just a moment spokesman says that he's now canceled that so we don't know when the
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details of that will emerge but i imagine he'll have to stay as i said somewhere where he can report to police and make himself available for this call to rights in the north of germany where does all of this leave germany in terms of its relations with spain who really wants him back that's right well germany berlin has been a little bit troubled by this whole. proceedings so far in the over the months of this story with their cars perched mont in this tended to back the madrid line and say that you know madrid's spain's procedures must be followed says spain's judicial process must be followed and today the government spokeswoman was very well you know this has never been a matter for the government it's all it's a purely legal question and this sort of keeping their distance from it i think they're a bit relieved in the sense that they've cleared up one point from this to put it to moan at least in the short term he can't be tried in spain for rebellion and
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that is the really troubling one for him because that is a choice that could have put him behind bars in spain if convicted for four decades or so a bit of a victory and then for him and everything that apart we know that the independence referendum that he spearheaded that it really polarized catalonia and he saw some of those deep refs coming out in the region to be you know how cattle lands are are reacting to this ruling now today well that i've seen a little bit of reaction. on the web you know with people saying you know they were surprised frankly by this ruling by the court and i think that's true of a lot of people in germany as well that weren't expecting quite as clear cut a case and relatively quickly obviously has been welcomed by mr bush to months supporters the madrid government obviously sees it wrong the differently they said well they respect and accept this decision by the german court but the justice minister also said you know some decisions by courts we prefer more the novice i
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think you can tell which kind faces simon young our political correspondent thank you. twenty four years in prison a harsh sentence for south korea's impeached president park. she was convicted on several counts of corruption park is the latest in a string of south korean political and business leaders to face jail and disgrace a corruption scandal has divided the nation. after four years in power twenty four years in prison the judge said pacu harry had shown no remorse for her crimes including multiple charges of coercion bribery and abuse of power. south koreans watched the sentence handed down on live television for some it wasn't punishment enough. and it's a little bit of money and i had hoped that former president park would attend the hearing it's a shame she was sentenced to twenty four years in jail but i was expecting more
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that i think she deserves thirty years in jail. to disgraced former president of voided court claiming illness but chose to remain in the detention center where she's being held she has always denied the charges against her. it's been over a year since park was forced from office under a wave of massive protests. the daughter of a former military dictator pock was impeached and convicted for coercing major companies including samsung into giving tens of millions of dollars to charities controlled by a close friend and confidant she was also found to have shared state secrets and misused her position to exact revenge on opponents. today hundreds of supporters rallied in front of the court protesting against what they see as a politically motivated verdict. talk now has a week to appeal her imprisonment could lawyers say they expect an appeals court
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will deliver a more lenient sentence. and let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world the trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been adjourned until june zuma facing charges of corruption relating to a two point five billion dollar arms deal the former leader was met by supporters as he left the durban courthouse where proceedings were being held a brazilian judge has issued an arrest warrant for former president luis inacio lula da silva the order gives luba twenty four hours to surrender to police and starting twelve year prison sentence for corruption on thursday the country's supreme court refused a bit by would like to remain free until all appeals against the sentence were exhausted malaysia's prime minister has dissolved parliament ahead of elections expected to be held next month the polls are able major test for embattled prime minister are not gypsy who has been
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a million dollar corruption scam. doctors in britain say the russian x. five sergei scribble who was poisoned by a nerve agent last month is responding well to treatment the hospital says he is improving rapidly and is no longer in a critical condition his daughter giulia scribal is also improving and gave a statement via u.k. police yesterday that she is getting stronger every day. officials in gaza say that an israeli fire has killed a palestinian man during border protest and at least forty palestinians have been shot and wounded israeli soldiers are firing tear gas and live ammunition to try and prevent demonstrators from approaching the border fence it is the second mass protest in just over a week last friday more than a dozen palestinians were killed when israeli soldiers opened fire and the international community has called for restraint. correspondent
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cramer is standing by live for us in gaza and joins us now from one of the flashpoints of today's protest in time you just walk us through what exactly you're seeing around you. while i'm standing here. every day and you might see a lot of people coming and going in between the photo area and then going up there is a small tent city which is part of this march of return for the second time people are protesting you know on the friday and we've seen since noon the half in a lot of time is. in the border area protests have said they want to do that because those. protesters from possible israeli sniper fire. at the same time from the israeli side to have been some brought to convince their but you see in the past off knows them or two guys being fighting at the crowds so
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it's you know it's a fluid situation here and given that i mean we've also just heard we have to mention we've heard that a palestinian man was shot dead a short while ago all of this coming after sixteen people were killed in last week's protest what is the mood there tanya are you getting the sense that people are scared are they defiant. well i think in light of what happened last week with so many casualties and also so many injured people and today as well we have. many people injured according to the ministry of health about eighty people. as of now people were quite vote about what is going to happen at this hour so you have you know different opinions on that of course i talked to a lot of people here they said you know we don't want our sons to go close to the border they wrote about them at the same time it took a lot of young people where we need to find they said we have to go and protest and
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everybody said we want to potest here but it's a wrong to so that we can do it also peacefully that has been important to a lot of people and they're saying we're going to go down to the border every protest they want to so what is going on here in gaza and they feel that they have to attention right now and i want to so that gaza has been close up for ten years and the border area of course is very symbolic but them because of disclosure. can you what does israel have to say for itself i mean we know that they have mentioned that they are to simply defending their border here but surely the government must have more of a response. but from what we understand the rules of engagement have no change israel has made it very clear and many officials have warned this week that whoever approaches the fence ever tries to preach at the fence. a target and would be seen as a security threat hamas but what's going on here on this side of the border they say hamas is using these protests for its own means so the rules of engagement in this
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sense have not changed kanya kramer in gaza thank you. now one sees clearly only with the heart words of advice from a famous children's book celebrating at seventy fifth anniversary today the little prince by the french author first hit shelves on this day in one nine hundred forty three it went on to become one of the world's most translated books and one of its favorite bedtime stories to in chanting generations of young readers it's a global bestseller translated into hundreds of languages the little prince still captivates children and adults even after seventy five years to remember he mentioned for. the fox asks the little prince to tame him or. it's a story about friendship and trust and
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a philosophical fable about the human condition the power of imagination and the beauty of the world. what is really. important to bob the power of that is the link he creates between people. on to one the center exhibit he was born in one thousand nine hundred and grew up in the south of france. in the one nine hundred twenty s. he became a pilot and writer essential fim aviation. it's a book about reconciliation and consolation that explains its success the story of the little prince and of his created doesn't have a happy end santa exhibit he set off on a flight in one thousand nine hundred four and never returned the prince also disappeared yet both are still with us. you're watching t.v. news still to come on the program u.s.
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president donald trump doubling down on a possible trade war with china beijing has a clear answer they say that they will fight the measures at all costs and to the end. all that more coming up with their heartfelt verse in just a few minutes i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching i hope to see you consider. one hundred million tons are sent. to the state every three minutes. with deadly consequences of such. storms.


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