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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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be our guest transferred. managed by from. this is you know when he was live from berlin hitting close to home the u.s. unleashes sanctions on glad recruitments entourage oligarchy and officials have their assets frozen in response to what washington calls a brazen pattern of malign activity ties between russia and the west take another nosedive also coming up showdown at the gaza border israeli troops again using live
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fire on palestinian protesters killing at least five people and injuring hundreds more and out on bail catalonia separatist leader walks free from a german jail a court refuses to extradite karla's put your hands on rebellion charges and releases him on bail. way iraq is a pleasure to have you with us all right we start off with the escalating diplomatic standoff between russia and the west in the latest twist the u.s. has now struck at the very heart of russian president vladimir putin's inner circle imposing some of its strongest sanctions yet on seven of russia's most influential oligarchy washington has also singled out a number of senior russian companies and government officials accusing them of malign ect. around the world well the sanctions target most notably three very
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close allies of putin to start off with his son in law carol sham aloft who you see here right behind me he is married to president putin's youngest daughter catarina and he also happens to be the vice president of russia's biggest petro chemical company cyber and is believed to be worth an estimated one point four billion dollars next up alexey miller some of you may know him as the chief of russia's state owned energy giant gazprom and is a very close friend of lattimer putin and then there is sulaiman kerry for whose family controls russia's largest gold producer with a net worth of six point four billion dollars he was ranked by forbes magazine as russia's twentieth wealthiest businessmen our rate to these sanctions are growing all the way to the top and to talk more about what just happened we can go to washington to do naaman talk to us a little bit more alexandra about these sanctions.
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the sanctions imposed today. that people targeted by the same shoes have in you as your addictions and bars american americans from doing business with them and the thinking behind it is that the best way to punish putin's aggressive behavior is to go after people close to him but the problem is that we cannot say whether the same sions can have an effect because they're not coming as a surprise there was a list of potential targets published by the you asked treasury department's months ago so people on this list had time to prepare or maybe to move their essence out of reach of you ass western of sorties all right so these sanctions are potentially toothless if i understand you correctly alexander are these sanctions
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intended then to punish russia for its meddling in the u.s. election. well according to u.s. officials who briefed us on the measures this is one of the reason reasons to impose sanctions they also mentioned russia's annexation of crimea russia's behavior in eastern ukraine russia's support of the regimes and russia's meddling in the last election but you can have the impression that to some extent the trump administration is trying to downplay the role the russia russia's meddling in the past election have on the outcome on the results all right well having said that i want to pick up on that alexander have really heard from president trump is he fully on board with these sanctions being imposed at this moment. the white house has issued
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a statement and the headline was president trump is standing up to russia's villain activities but we haven't heard from the president yet notes we know statement and this is highly unusual and dissensions imposed today stands in stark contrast to what we hear normally from presidents try. on russia he has repeatedly said that he is interested interested in. in improving relations with russia and he talks very very positive way about russia and the russian president and therefore he has been facing a lot of criticism but in terms of paul the sea he is bored with these sanctions approving them alexander from our reporting from washington thank you very much. officials in gaza see israeli fire has killed at
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least five power to palestinians during border protests today while many more have been wounded israeli soldiers are firing tear gas and live ammunition to try to prevent demonstrators from approaching the border fence while today's march is the second in several weeks of planned protests against a decade long israeli blockade of the gaza strip israeli troops opened fire at the first mass protests last friday leaving more than twenty palestinian protesters dead is really cute says the palestinians of using the protests as a cover for attacking the border. meanwhile lowe the un says it has seen indications israeli soldiers used excessive force against the palestinians last week and is urging israel to show restraint. in policing the green line fence israeli security forces are required by international human rights law to respect the rights to peaceful assembly and expression and to use to the extent possible
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nonviolent means to discharge their d.t.s. right now do you know you said kramer is in gaza and joins us live now from one of the flashpoints of today's a process protests we have been receiving reports earlier of more people being killed and more injuries tell us what's happening around you. what we've been seeing you know all day since noon time people have been i mean you probably see behind me is a sunday where a down to the fence area a lot of people are coming and going and people really of all walks of life you see a lot of families. susan walking down there but there also has been tear gas being fired at the protesters there protesters have been tying is to shield them as they say from possible israeli sniper fire that have been some heard some sniper fire into the ground off to into the crowd into the afternoon and the
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israeli army says that some of the protests that at some points have been trying to come close to the fence and also her mother took up. troops on the other side of the border now is that has warned that whoever comes close to the buffer zone and pens would be seen as threats and they would respond to that what is driving today's protests what's behind it. well i think many reasons for that i mean it has been called the great return of rich in the last week was the first of such protests on so-called land day so it's the first to the issue of palestinian refugees many of those from nine to forty eight because this year israel is celebrating in april may its creation seventy years the foundation of the state of this well enough to sting its commemorating the loss of their land seventy years ago and these marches go on and to what they call the neck but day in the fifteen
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selfmade the catastrophe but then many more other people that you talk to people here most people will tell you that we have coming here we want to see a peaceful protest here especially young you because you don't see if you take gaza gaza has been closed off ever since hamas took power here in gaza it has been closed by israel and egypt the economy is down specially young people it's a very young population in gaza confines jobs they can't travel and so they don't see their future here right now time as you know israel has come under international criticism for its handling of this unrest including from the u.n. now which is urging him to stop using live ammo how has israel justified its response. but he says says whoever comes close to the finds to this office. they vote respond to that and they hold what they say
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hamas a responsible because hamas is ruling the gaza strip and they're also controlling who comes close comes closer to this area so what they're saying the rules of engagement are whenever there's a stretch to their security they will. respond to that with their means that like an addition or other a crowd just doesn't mean that rubber bullets or tear gas but you see it today as time kramer thank you so much for your continued coverage. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in syria opposition monitors say government airstrikes have killed at least twenty seven people in the last rebel held area inside eastern who top state television says government troops backed by russian forces are slowly closing in on the town of duma tax and a ten day low in fighting there. the trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been adjourned until june zuma faces charges of corruption relating to
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a two point five billion dollar arms deal the former leader was met by his supporters as he left the durban a courthouse where proceedings were being held. brazil's former president luis he knows who the silva has just hours left to turn himself into police he's currently hold up with supporters inside. the supreme court has ordered him to begin serving a twelve year long prison sentence for corruption sources from his party say he does not plan to surrender voluntarily. doctors in britain say the russian expires sergei skateball who was poisoned by a nerve agent last month is responding well to treatment spittle says he's improving rapidly and is no longer in critical condition his daughter yulia gave a statement via u.k. police yesterday that she is getting stronger every day. south korea's impeach president
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a part you pay has been sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption she was convicted on several counts of abuse of power and coercion arc is the latest in a string of south korean political and business leaders to face jail the corruption scandal has divided the country so. catalyst separatist leader has put you montel has been says released from a german jail prosecutors ordered him to be set free after he met a bell bail fee of seventy five thousand euros but you won't was held by on a european arrest warrant issued by spain which called for his extradition on charges of rebellion and misuse of public funds yesterday a german court ruled out extraditing put him on rebellion charges the court is still considering whether to extradite him on the second large lesser charge. after twelve nights behind bars carlos posed a man savored his first steps of freedom. basking in the cheers of his supporters.
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but he knows it is a long road ahead for him and the other separatist leaders facing the glare of the spanish courts. for the immediate release for all of my colleagues still in the spanish reasons it's a shame for europe to have political prisoners. i always trust in european democracy based on the will of the people separation of power us peace and human rights and that kind of democracy he seen recently spain opposed to man says he will fight the corruption charges still hanging over him and called for dialogue with spain. but the madrid government is enormous for talk a spokesman stressing that the charges were being brought by independent judges not
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politicians. but you know what is clear is that mr approached him on some of the actions of distance system in german territory york because he ran away from the spanish system so as not to have to face it you have made it very clear that he's not being persecuted for political reasons but because you run away from the justice system you know since this former catalan president ended up in the german justice system officials in belen have been straining to keep their hands clean insisting that car less demands liberty is a matter for the courts. well shortly after leaving prison preacherman put out a tweet and this is what it had to say i've come out of prison and i am on my way to berlin to now is the time to remember colleagues who are still on justly imprisoned we call for their freedom thank you to everyone all right before i let you go the new york police have charged a u.f.c.
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star economy greger after a backstage my way out of the organization's biggest event of the year being held days currently being held on charges of assault and criminal mischief he'll actually smash the window of a bus containing other mixed martial arts fighters mcgregor was stripped of his a u.f.c. lightweight belt earlier this week due to inactivity a court hearing is set for friday. all right now you're up to date certainly iraq and berlin that we hope to see you again at the top the hour for now go back. go out and they will not succeed in dividing us so that i would not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we are tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. me mines. w.
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