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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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alan gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by for. me. this is the deal the unions like from berlin and it's berlin that were catalonia separatist leader says he wants to stay carlos pushed him on says he plans to remain here in the german capital while courts look at spanish demands to extradite him he thinks his charges in connection with last year's independence referendum also coming up in the u.s. state of texas sent in the national guard to patrol the border with mexico this
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after president trump said he wanted the deployment until his border wall is built . and syria's army games ground as it unleashes a ferocious assault on rebel held eastern ghouta just one day after a cease fire deal collapses we have analysis from our correspondent. on mitchell henry thanks for joining us former cattle on president carlos pushed him on says he plans to live in berlin while the courts consider a spanish extradition request against him he was speaking at a news conference here in the german capital a day after being freed on bail from a prison in northern germany a state court there refused to send him back to spain to face charges of rebellion
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but the court may agree to extradite him on the lesser charge of misuse of funds. reporter charlotte chosin pill was at the press conference in berlin and joins us now in the studio charlotte welcome you were there can you tell us what the press conference was like i was as it is a very modest venue where the press conference was held it is a community center in an area but and it's a very suburban it's a rather strange stage for the latest twist in this very dramatic as catalan independence movement customers rome was in relatively good spirits i he made very clear that what he planned to do was to remain in gemini over the course of the legal proceedings that he faces here in germany that of course is legally required what he did say though is that he will stay in by then for the foreseeable future and then once an equal proceedings there either should he not be extradited back to spain and he will then return to belgium where he's been in exile since late last
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year he said that he plans to he will respect the german she dishes process he also once again called for dialogue with madrid and emphasize the digits in the sea of his independence movement and said he will continue to fight for that while he remains in exile and let's have a quick listen to what he had to say. with. our . yeah you didn't give very many specifics about what exactly his plans all for the
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coming days weeks as he says it was a surprise to him that he was that he was detained when he was traveling through germany what we do know they what he did say is that there are no plans currently in the books for him to meet with german politicians i think one thing that's very clear there is that this is not the last big media event that we're going to see from iran while he's there about it and do we have any feeling of what his legal standing is right now or pressure on isn't out of the woods yet we did hear that german courts have decided that he can't be extradited on the grounds of high treason and this is rather complicated essentially in in madrid he's facing very serious charge of rebellion that carries up to the two years in prison. gemini it would have to have a very similar law or if it's going to extradite him on those grounds that they were looking into whether to extradite him for high treason in germany they need to be proved that he was violent or incited violence in that process and it was decided that no that was something that cannot be proved so jenny will not
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extradite him on the grounds of rebellion or or high treason what he is still facing now is actually dition on the grounds of misuse of public funds with one of the lesser charges that he is facing in spain so he could indeed see him still return back to to face the courts in the trade but for now he said he's going to make berlin his base did he give any idea of what he plans to do while he is here in berlin is a very unclear as i said at the moment but while he was in brussels i was that when he first arrived back in brussels he became somewhat of a celebrity that every time that he went for a haircut or went to the operator there was a bit of a media frenzy so i'm sure that he'll be taking the time to make the most of that essentially because in a way this is playing into his hands it means that he is still in the public eye and he can still use his platform to to argue on an international in front of the international media that his case is it just meant yes what will likely happen here
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again in berlin. thank you very much for joining us. to the us now where the state of texas has begun sending the national guard to secure the border with mexico it follows a call by president donald trump to deploy up to four thousand members of the national guard to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration in the region trump said he wanted the deployment to last until progress has been made with his border wall. you can run but it's very difficult to hide from the u.s. border patrol what right you are looking for these immigrants it's the end of the line and. they're among tens of thousands of people who try to cross the border between mexico and the u.s. illegally every month. president trump has started a new offensive to reduce the numbers it involves making sure that it taint and sending troops to the border. we don't have laws we have catch and release you catch and then you immediately release and people come back years later for
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a court case except they virtually never come back so we are preparing for the military to secure a border. the national guard in texas has already started sending equipment troops from arizona will also soon be on their way one of their jobs will be to carry out aerial surveillance. it's not the first time the u.s. has deployed the military to the border but it comes as the number of illegal crossings has dropped dramatically from more than six hundred thousand apprehended in twenty sixteen to just three hundred fifty thousand in twenty seventeen mexico has condemned johns plans saying the decision is motivated by domestic political concerns that is what is here because your mission declarations of juta frustration over issues to do with internal policy or your congress direct just off to them not to the mexican people no longer think of other critics also say trump is stepping up his rhetoric now because his plans to build a border wall have stalled in congress trump though says he's determined to stop
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all illegal immigration as it threatens both security and jobs. because of the other stories making news around the world brazil's president luis and desilva is expected to surrender to police to begin serving a twelve year sentence on bribery charges earlier lula defied an arrest warrant and spent the night in a trade union building with supporters lawyers for lula are appealing the conviction the funeral has been held for a palestinian journalist killed while covering mass protests on the border between gaza and israel cameraman yassir was shot despite wearing a press jacket he's one of more than twenty killed this week after being fired upon by israeli security forces. canadian police say fourteen people are dead and fourteen others are injured after a bus crash and rolls discuss one province near the town of tisdale
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a truck hit the bus carrying a junior ice hockey team the team is put out a statement calling the incident an incredible tragedy moscow has promised a tough response to new u.s. sections imposed on sufferance russian officials washington has frozen the assets of companies and all of arks close to russian president vladimir putin the u.s. said it was responding to what it called russia's malign activity around the world the syrian army is reportedly advancing at the last opposition holdout in eastern guta amid heavy fighting regime forces have resumed airstrikes on touma the final opposition stronghold in the region near the capital damascus a monitoring group says dozens of civilians have died there since the truce collapsed on friday the possibles to allow rebels to evacuate but most have refused to go correspondent on child is monitoring events in ghouta from beirut in neighboring lebanon on shall tell us how significant this government bobbing has
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been well it's pretty significant in the terms of. thieves that we've for victory in the neighborhood in damascus his neighborhood but there's a huge human cost attached to it according to the u.k. based want to see they're not sufficiently human rights so while forty people have been killed aged then are children. activists on the ground we getting a horrifying radios of families looking for help intense bombing happening the combat on the ground now as in dubai now is happening on the ground so it is significant if you look at it militarily but it is also significant if you look at the human cost attached to it and you see that combat is continuing to happen on the ground and what's the situation on the ground now like for the civilians and the remaining rebels. well the civilians really are caught in the crossfire actually because
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a lot of them want to leave and the rebels are not letting them believe we're hearing this from people on the ground here in this from poor people in damascus being heard it's from our aid organizations that have been to do more like her the united nations and we were or you're also hearing it from. the monitor that you can this monitor so essentially they're caught in a crossfire a lot of people want to leave they don't want to die in the bombing they can't many others do not want to leave because they consider it forced displacement and they're sort of putting up a brave front remember in about sixty thousand to seventy thousand people according to the united nations many of these people are rebels rebels themselves or their families or their supporters so they think that leaving is more dangerous than staying inside. so for those rebels that believe that leaving is more dangerous than staying to they looked like they're going to stay until the bitter end when they certainly are displaying that they are removed that was reached between the
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rebels deshon islam which is the dominant group and tomorrow and bashar al assad's allies to russia seems has collapsed now so they have now started reading in the agreement now the problem here is that the rebels want to stay inside they don't want to surrender the regime is in a very strong position here below generally they want the rebels to surrender so essentially that's what we're seeing today and what we've seen yesterday the regime is trying to give a message that you have to surrender if you do not then tomorrow would be bombed out so at the end the rebels perhaps would not be left with any choice but to leave but i think what they're trying to really do is put into some of the end the step in speaking to is damaged the regime clergyman as much as they can on channel four and beirut thank you for the update. saturday is world health day and this year marks a significant milestone for the world health organization it's been seventy years
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since it was established by the united nations in the decade since the w.h.o. has played a key role in eradicating diseases that once killed millions and worked to promote healthier lifestyles and improve access to health care around the world but it's go the universal health coverage for maine's elusive. fighting disease with injections test tubes and pills this was the public face of the world health organization in the one nine hundred seventy s. the agency's mission was to make health care a basic human right its greatest success was stamping out smallpox polio and childhood paralysis have also been drastically reduced thanks to a worldwide program of immunization one hundred ninety four countries have joined forces in the w.h.o. but big challenges remain the vision viruses don't need visas to cross borders and infection can jump from one country to another within
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a day unless we really improve practical worldwide health care no one is safe. global health policy is fraught with difficulty critics say the w.h.o. reacted too slowly to the ebola crisis the danger from swine flu on the other hand was overestimated the organization is under financed and over reliant on donors but its main aim has always been uncontroversial adequate health care for everyone. in formula one australia's daniel rookie ardo topped the time sheets at the end of friday's practice session for the bahrain grand prix the red bull driver finished ahead of both mercedes lewis hamilton and ferrari sebastian patel ricky art of said he was optimistic about his chances in bahrain defending champion hamilton looking for his first season when lock up on his first best lap finishing fifth fastest qualifying takes place later today. and now to
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a smashing easter tradition from the greek island of course food thousands have gathered to watch as residents struck hundreds of large red clay plots from their balconies the parts are half filled with water to make a greater smash and splash the tradition marks holy saturday in the greek orthodox calendar doh.


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