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tv   Interview - Hans- Christian Strobele Green Party veteran  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2018 9:02am-9:15am CEST

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released graphic images which d.w. has chosen not to broadcast they purportedly show dead women and children in the aftermath of the attack it organizations say at least one bomb filled with poisonous chemicals was dropped on duma and eastern on saturday in the last major rebel stronghold near the capital damascus reports have not been independently verified the syrian regime calls the allegations a fabrication. correspondent and chavez ora is monitoring events in from beirut in neighboring lebanon and she joins us now for more on child what can you tell us about this alleged chemical attack. but what we've heard from people on the ground is that essential barrel bomb was packed with chemical compounds and it struck an area which is which continues to be under the control of rebels the group is called general islam the number of people killed currently is disputed it could
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be anywhere from forty to seventy five at the moment the activists on the ground also see that they do not have enough medical personnel on the ground so the number could actually be much higher what we've learned to whitelist is which is a group that is helping those so the for the victims of the war the civilians on the ground of the number of injured could be as high as one thousand images that they have released to some of us journalists are pretty horrifying as you said to torture as decided not to show them but essentially some of the symptoms that you can quite clearly see it in those images sort of would indicate that it could be a nerve agent even though if you're to saturn and some of the activists on the ground or claiming it would be very difficult to prove it in the past though in one such incident the u.n. has said that it wasn't he'd used. well we do know the regime began its offensive in eastern last february and it's not the first time that rebels have accused the
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assad government of using chemical weapons what's different this time around. well you know any time there is an allegation of a chemical weapon attack its food issues it's a huge violation of for all sorts of human rights having said that what's different this time around is that in eastern who thought which is the last rebel stronghold off the rebels in ninety five percent has already been taken by the regime and only two are cities left so essentially it is significant that the regime is now if if indeed it is proved this allegation is proved to the regime has used chemical agent this is the genes in a sense final push and it would go to any extent to be ticked dumas again i'd like to emphasize it has no independent verification at the moment whether in fact any no reason has been used and also it's important just for the nerve agent is use or a chemical attack happens because the syrian regime has already said that they do not have any more stockpiles left according to the agreement between the russians
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and the americas which took place in two thousand and thirteen. it is also important that. casualty figures are very high in such attacks and essentially it's is just a gross violation of all sorts of human rights all right correspondent and of our reporting for us from beirut many thanks indeed. well here in germany police are scrambling to figure out the motive behind a tragic attack in the city of minster at the weekend two people were killed and dozens more injured when a man crashed his van into a crowd outside a busy restaurant in the historic center of the city in the country's northwest the driver then shot himself dead inside his vehicle police have so far ruled out islamist terrorism is a motive local media have suggested that the perpetrator had a history of mental illness here's a look at how the tragic events unfolded
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a picture that captures the moment carnage hit the historic hearts of men star it was the busiest of times diners enjoying the first days of spring. responder's an eyewitness described decay also as a van charged into the crowds. i heard i'm sorry for those who were caught up in this it's a shock to all of us employees for visitors i know that i'm angry it's cowardly to do something like this. the driver a forty eight year old german citizen turned the gun on himself after killing several people and hearts and dozens more reports in the german media suggest he was suffering from mental illness the mayor sounded a defiant note and said the city was grieving. taught and he told him all of munster is mourning this horrible incident our sympathy is with the
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relatives of those who were killed and. we wish the injured a quick recovery. this alleged attack which struck us out of the blue is an attack on our city and we must now stand together more than ever to defeat the scourge of violence that. is augusta the votes. of so busy. coming together but never lingers after a deadly day that has painfully reminded this country of the many threats it faces . for more on the aftermath of this deadly crash to w. correspondent helen humphrey joins us now from munster helena is there any more information on a possible motive. well mariana that's very much what investigators are working today to determine whether this was a deliberate attack or whether that this was
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a suicide which also meant that two people were killed dozens more were injured many in a serious condition still at the mo but of course investigations are continuing you can see behind me that the road is still cordoned off towards the old town where this attack took place in the vehicle we've heard reports that there were cables found and the body of around twelve fireworks which could have been further weaponized now rates were also carried out on the perpetrators apartment last night the forty eight year old german national who killed himself who shot himself and those raids are also seeking to determine to find a motive whether this was a suicide a deliberate attack reports of course also saying that this man was suffering from mental health problems and that he had recently made an attempt to take his own life what more do we know about the victims.
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at this stage what we know is that the death toll toll still sounds at two there's been no further fatalities overnight however six people are in a serious condition and being treated at the university city hospital here now last night the university hospital appeared appealed for blood donations and within the hour there was a queue right outside the hospital and then the hospital staff said that they had received enough blood donations and thanked people who came so a rallying of support here from the people of mincer and of course dozens of other people were also injured in this alleged attack well let's now of course the morning after this very shocking incident tell us a bit about the atmosphere in minster and also what's planned for later in the day shock grief sadness as a city wakes up and realizes what happened on the first warm day of the year when
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people were out on terraces behind me enjoying enjoying a coffee or be together with their friends and family and today we understand that the interior minister of germany horsey who will visit the scene he will also be accompanied by the interior minister the minister president rather of north right invest fadia they will be here at around twelve fifteen central european time and then there will be a memorial at the cathedral here as well many people of course will be attending to pay their respects to the victims. as helena humphrey reporting from minster thank you well now to some of the other stories making news around the world and in brazil former president who is ignacio lula da silva has surrendered to police to begin a twelve year sentence for corruption who had previously ignored an order to surrender by friday afternoon he claimed the charges are
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a politically motivated attempt to derail his run for president in october. in new york one person has died and four firefighters were injured in a blaze on the fiftieth floor of trump tower officials said the fire in the us president's signature building was quickly put out the victim was a male resident of the building who died after being brought to the hospital at least fifteen people were killed and fourteen others injured when a semi trailer slammed into a bus carrying a youth hockey team in western canada the humble broncos were on route to a playoff game in the province of saskatchewan when the crash took place police are investigating the cause of the accident elections are underway in hungary where a nationalist prime minister viktor orban is widely expected to win a third consecutive term polls predict or bonds fetus party which his companions on an anti immigrant euro skeptic platform will win a majority together with the christian democrats by growing unity among opposition
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parties is putting or bronze margin of victory in down to fetus will need a two thirds super majority to pass sweeping reforms. funny and such are is in the hungarian capital budapest right now and she joins us now for more hello to funny we see that it's you are inside a polling station so how have the first few hours of voting been going that have people come and go as you can see behind me not only at this polling station but at polling stations nationwide the voter turnout already is at a record high compared to twenty fourteen thirty six percent more votes already have been cast that clearly tells you of course that not only supporters of the fittest government but also supporters all of the opposition parties feel very much mobilized to go and cast their ballots and to do so and decide what the future of this country. all right so we do know that oregon state is party has had quite
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a strong lead in polls running up to the election but it seems the raise may now be tighter than expected why is that. the opposition can still shake up this election in fact i've been just talking to one voter who said he voted for the fetus policy four years ago but he has enough of this entire immigration topic because he said quote there must be much more many more other social issues other topics that matter to him now more than immigration what is also important to know is that in february there was an action a local election where independent candidate was running for mayor office in. a small town it is south of hungary and he won because the opposition parties united behind him and that's what a lot of people are hoping here is going to happen that soon can you that's a stepping back from suit in opposition parties making sure that everyone supports one candidate that is most likely to to beat the future spot ensuite an electoral
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districts and that this may make and actually result in a difference tonight when the first exit polls are coming in around seven pm and funny very briefly what would or bones re-election need for the e.u. . he's sad already today this morning as he was heading to cast his ballot that what he wants is more sovereignty what he wants is a stronger europe but that means more leverage to each country especially for the eastern european countries the states so that's not going to change promise of viktor orban didn't even publish a campaign program because he says he doesn't need to so it's going to remain as it is he wants to be a leader of a new vision of europe. is funny french are reporting from budapest many thanks indeed. and you're up to date now on d w news we back again at the
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top of the hour thanks for watching. it's all happening going to live coming. your link to news from africa and the world nor link to exception these stories and discussions continue on low comes the day of use us again program tonight from funny jenny from the news of easy to while which side do deputed comb smash africa join us on facebook w africa.


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