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two stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting research on g w. z d w news live from berlin and negotiations to reach a final agreement over the eastern city of ghouta in duma are under way in syria the news comes after rebels in the area say more than forty people have been killed in a chemical attack the rebels blame the government and say the death toll is likely to rise. the allegations a fabrication also coming up police in the german city of minster are now
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scrambling to understand why a man deliberately drove a van into a crowd killing two people authorities say there is no evidence of an islamist connection but they're investigating all possibilities we'll go live to the scene the. voting is underway in hungary's general election where prime minister viktor orban is expected to secure a third term on casting his ballot or who ran a populist anti migration campaign said he was fighting for the future of hungary. to budapest. plus brazil's former president who is ignacio lula da silva spends his first night behind bars after surrendering to police he's beginning a twelve year sentence for corruption and the list supporters say his conviction is a ploy to remove him from the october presidential race which he was favored to win and going to speak in soccer. nick has claimed
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a record six consecutive bundesliga title women and moved one step closer to that elusive trouble. a warm welcome to the program i marion i haven't seen we begin in syria where it's being reported that rebels are now ready to negotiate a pullout from duma in eastern this comes after the news that dozens of people have been killed in a suspected chemical weapons attack aid organizations say at least one bomb filled with poisonous chemicals was dropped on duma and eastern on saturday in the last major rebel stronghold near the capital damascus the reports have not been independently verified the syrian regime and its ally russia called the allegations a fabrication. for more on the story we're joined now by correspondent on child
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maura who is monitoring the situation from beirut in neighboring lebanon so what's the latest you can tell us about the suspected attack. well what we have heard from syrian american medical society and my talents which are a group of medics and activists working on the ground that yesterday evening of a quarter to eight in the evening barack containing a chemical agent was dropped and part of the lost city and they started receiving a lot of patients and the these patients the street signs like excessive or reforming which has led the medics to conclude that they've been attacked with a poisonous gas now all videos that have been shed by these activists and medics on the ground with us of course the images are quite graphic they say that it is likely a chemical agent has been used but that of course cannot be verified verified until and unless you call to illegitimate of quality on the ground. all right well the
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images cannot be verified but just how credible are the claims from the syrian opposition groups should we believe them. well you've got to look at the history of chemical warfare in syria the regime in the beginning said they do not have any chemical weapons later they did admit they in fact they did have a mustard gas and sarin gas and the russians then explain to the americans that instead of attacking syria it would be better that if a deal is struck on the stockpiles can then be eliminated entirely this began in two thousand and thirteen and by the end of two thousand and thirteen it was believed that syrian stockpiles would have completely been eliminated part that continues to be a doubt experts continue to suggest that perhaps only the known stockpiles in the syrian regime had eliminated and not all of the eight and it pisses suspected that the regime actually hid a certain amount of city in a weapons. in the basement or perhaps have made more with the help of the local scientists so that doubt continues to be there and hence there will always be the
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suspicion on the regime. all right well the regime began this offensive in eastern guta in february and as you've been saying this is not the first time that rebels are accusing the us and regime that using chemical weapons what is different this time around. well according to the regime there ever a point of view is that this is all a fabrication and rebellion propaganda and that is because the rebels are losing ground and every time the regime is winning an area rebels come up with such allegations but essentially to significant because the rebels and are asking for international support and now it is on the international community to see what they will do essentially the united states how they are going to respond to this it is also significant because joshua islam which is the dominant group on the ground according to their own media group and according to syrian regime media is a media channel and the final round of negotiations have begun so with this final
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assault so to say now whether if i don't know whether legit or not will this then finally lead to a solution on the last city in in a way sort of. thousands of civilians most of stuck there where we did mention more and more reports that the rebels are ready to negotiate a pullout from duma right now but has this attack made them less or more likely to leave. well that's a big question in a way yes more likely in a way perhaps not so if you look at these reports they suggest that yes the rebels and the regime are coming together to talk about a final negotiation but what would that deal finally be because the rebels have wanted to stay in goma they had a promise from the russians in the talks in kazakhstan that they are going to continue to hold and russian woods can be on the ground in my bag of pot and russian police can be on the ground so what this final negotiation a would come out to be that is a big question because remember with this story now there's also pressure on the regime to back off if not entirely at least
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a little bit we'll have to still wait and see what that final agreement looks like all right correspondent porting for us from beirut many thanks indeed. now here in germany police are trying to work out the motive behind a tragic attack in the city of minster that took place on saturday two people were killed and dozens more were injured when a man crashed his van into a crowd outside a busy restaurant in the historic center of the city which is located in the country's northwest the driver then shot himself dead inside his vehicle police have so far ruled out islamist terrorism as a motive local media suggested the perpetrator had a history of mental illness here's a look now at how the tragic events unfold. a picture that captures the moment carnage at the historic costs of minster it was the bassist of times diners enjoying the first days of spring and into flushed responders an eyewitness
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described the chaos as a van charged into the crowds. i heard a loud bang screaming and then the police arrived and everyone was sent outside. i didn't see much just lots of people running away screaming. i'm sorry for those who were caught up in this it's a shock to all of us employees for visitors i know that i'm angry it's cowardly to do something like this. the driver a forty eight year old german citizen turned the gun on himself after killing several people and hearting dozens more reports in the german media suggest he was suffering from mental illness the mayor sounded a defiant note and said the city was grieving but taught and he taught and all of munster is mourning this horrible incident our sympathy is with the
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relatives of those who were killed. we wish the injured a quick recovery. this alleged attack which struck us out of the blue is an attack on our city and remus now stand together more than ever to defeat the scourge of violence it. is a geyser that vote the minds of so busy can. their coming together but never sniffs lingers after a deadly day that has painfully reminded this country of the many threats it faces . for more on the aftermath of this deadly crash time joined now by deploy you correspondent helen humphrey was in minster and here in the studio with me is our political correspondent hans but aren't so helena i'd like to begin with you what can you tell us on the investigation of what's the latest that police have been saying. the latest that we've heard from the police.
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is that they have now ruled out that anybody else was operating with the alleged perpetrator in this attack that said prosecutors still say at this stage they have no leads as to the motive of why a man would have driven this vehicle into a crowd in the space behind me here outside this restaurant in this terrorist area which remains closed off even though the rest of the area is now open to the desperate they have conducted a raid on his apartment building around two kilometers from here they say that they found and a k forty seven weapon which was no longer in working condition as well as searching for already the vehicle which is now being removed which also contained twelve firecrackers and cables fashioned in something to look like a bomb like device we do know about the victims now as well a fifty one year old woman sadly died as well as a sixty five year old man and german police have not released the names as is
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customary. now at least the method of this attack using a vehicle as a deadly weapon is reminiscent of a string of attacks that we've seen in other european cities in recent times and those were confirmed to have been carried out by islamist terrorists now is this why police were so quick to say that there was no evidence that this particular incident had an islamist motive yes indeed there is obviously an atmosphere of tension as far as. in the whole of europe. many of course the authorities are doing their utmost to try and prevent such attacks by islamists and when under attack happens that follows a similar pattern that is in this case a copycat attack and obviously the nervousness is very high on the side of the politicians on the side of the authorities that this is something that they may possibly have. or could have prevented but did not prevent in this case the
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political reaction has been on the side of the right wing populist enjoyment of the party quote alternative for germany even before it was clear what exactly the motive was for this attack and we still do not know that they maintained that it was should have been and is the missed attack and that it was in fact the rogue government's responsibility that something like this was happening so that's the background against which the a lot of tension is connected to such attacks and a lot of pressure on the authorities to try and establish the motive as quickly as possible well whatever the motive of course an attack like this causes a great deal of anxiety helena what is the mood among residents we know that the city center has been reopened but are people out and about. they all outs and a bounce marianna but of course there is a sense of sadness and disbelief and coming together here and right as i speak
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patients on countering wheat white flowers dressed in black shortly they will present outlook for it all you can count the statue which you can see behind me the keeping count is the traveling salesman it's the symbol of an instant and very sadly this weekend it's become a symbol of tragedy here in this medium. and towns you know a number of politicians have already issued statements what have you been hearing well the government officials from the president the state president vive the chancellor angela merkel gone to the various local politicians. i've been saying that obviously they expressed their condolences to the victims and their families and they have also been trying to stress that room as a bunch this this incident should be limited should be said stopped because there has been also obviously on the side of the rightwing populace an attempt to make political mileage out of this and so the attempt by the officials
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by government by the chancellor has been to say let the police do their work that them investigate in peace do not spread rumors do not spread images videos photographs of the scene or possible perpetrators they can do their work and let them establish who exactly did this and on what grounds that it happened and then we can pick up the discussion off without our id political correspondent who has been to the studio with me and i have a humphrey our correspondent on the ground in minsk many thanks to both of you. you're watching d.w. news still to come by and munich did it again becoming german champions and now they're aiming for the glory is travel. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world and in new york one person has died and four firefighters were injured in
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a blaze on the fiftieth floor of trump tower officials said the fire in the u.s. president's signature building was quickly put out the victim was a male resident of the building who died after being brought to the hospital. at least fifteen people were killed and fourteen others were injured when a semi trailer slammed into a bus carrying a youth hockey team in western canada the humbled broncos were on route to a playoff game in the province of saskatchewan when the crash took place police are investigating the cause of the accident. france's rail network is suffering major disruption once again a third of rail workers walked off the job on sunday in protest against the government's plan to overhaul of the state run rail system the strikes are part of an ongoing dispute set to last for three months the world's largest cruise ship the symphony of the seas has set off from barcelona on its first official journey but not everyone wished it
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a safe voyage angry crowds protested against the damage caused by cruise tourism which they say has flooded barcelona with people.


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