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plenty. clum live concerts every weekend flippin concerts. plenty. hi and welcome to a new edition of quito favorites we've left the syn about for this berlin bookstore because today's show is all about literary adaptations that's making books into movies we've picked what we think are the seven best film adaptations of german
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novels in each case the director found a unique way to translate words into images we start with three classics of german literature. what was published in one thousand twelve it was a sensation thomas months death in venice is a story of love madness and ruin himself called the book a tale of the ecstasy of destruction. for the one nine hundred seventy one film adaptation in time director luciano viscounty found a way to capture in images that sense of decline. one major change from book to film the director turns the protagonist stuff on from a writer into a musician modeled on austrian composer gustav mahler. russian
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bach this convalescing at a hotel in venice when he becomes obsessed with the youth and beauty of a polish boy. what follows is an ecstasy of music and imagery. number six on our list all's quiet on the western front. remark turned his own trauma as a soldier in the first world war into a global bestseller. already in one thousand thirty just one year after it was published and it sold more than three and a half. copies worldwide. and i don't think you steal my book and i mentioned his theory my true subject was a purely humanist was that a young man eighteen years old someone who should be confronting life is suddenly forced to confront death. in his one nine hundred thirty adaptation director
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lewis milestone created the world's first antiwar film the stark little images of the slaughter the front no one at least in the movies had ever seen war like this. i in germany nazi supporters disrupted screenings and the american legion boycott of the film but also quiet on the western front still won two oscars remains a classic the finds a genre. on the set for the reader stephen dahl trees drama set in one nine hundred fifty s. post-war germany. the british director found the authentic locations for his film in the eastern german city of goods based on the bennett schlink bestseller the reader is a moral tale of guilt and justice. kate winslet plays one a schmidt's thirty six year old woman who has an affair with
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a sixteen year old michelle after every tryst michelle result loud to his older lover as. she came. for a moment it was students that this is discussed. this ticket is. borrowed from someone at school. you should be ashamed to. go to their money and improve when you sell the rights to your own book you can expect to see on screen the images you had in your head in the film you see other pictures you understand i'm very happy with these images that i rediscovered in the film. into the beauty of these beautiful mountain have been meeting been shaken pinch one day hannah vanishes years later michelle sees her again he's a young law student and she's on trial for war crimes was an overseer at
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a concentration camp kate winslet won an oscar for her performance and the reader was an international success. turning a book into a film is tricky business if the director is to faithful to the novel they can end up with a too long to talking movie but strayed too far from the source material and they get accused of betraying the book our next two adaptations had the additional problem of politics set during two flashpoints in recent german history they try to capture the spirit of turbulent times. how much good wrote the last honor of catalina bloom in response to fears of a creeping surveillance state in germany that followed a series of leftwing terrorist attacks in the book and film a woman is arrested after a one night stand with a wanted terrorists innocent she's persecuted by police the justice system and
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the tabloid press. source which i guess i'll go so we're going to use we're going to say we're going about it in the first as a perfect show that's also got a choice. really tough on fatah and focus learned or captured the zeitgeist and the spirit of those book in their claustrophobic film adaptation. the media systematically destroyed catalina blooms on her and her reputation. it was for a group devoted. in the end she becomes the monster the media made her. well
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you can read this in times of fading light a family drama set against the collapse of communism in east germany won the german book prize in two thousand and eleven. the film version distills the epic novel into a single day. friends and comrades gather to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of communist hero. but it's one nine hundred eighty nine and everybody but vilhelm suspects that east germany is cracking up. and says the chablis is a good guy and that's why they want to keep. the best conditioning. by turns both funny and sad the director captures the feel of the novel the gloomy decline of east germany just before the fall time travel to a country that no longer exists. and since it is good it is about the. it's for him is this is for greatness for. satire is one of the hardest saunders to
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get right whether in literature or in film are never to pick walks that fine line between wit and provocation daring us to laugh at the worst man in history. look who's back. in people of them mrs best seller adult hitler wakes up unharmed in berlin circa two thousand and fourteen. sort of considerable. instead of a straight adaptation the director turns the novel into a bore out style prank comedy sending his lead actor past hitler among unsuspecting germans the feeling in the book and movie becomes a media phenomenon shocking yes surprising that's. emerged from yeah. i don't see why.
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women who cover the mother who stoops to hitler down to size and laughing at him makes it clear to the audience that the holocaust world war two all that was only possible with and through the participation of the german people not because some monster hypnotize them or a monster. look who's back walk that fine line between funny and thought provoking fighting political satire that isn't afraid to get silly sometimes. the stars. are picked for best literary adaptation comes from a book thought to be on filmable patrick siskins per feel the story of a murder is all about smell it's the tale of a medieval serial killer who distills the olfactory essence of his. victims to create the perfect set but how do you turn smell into cinema director tom tech for
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and producer beth i think found a way in this international blockbuster are number one. patrick houston's perfume the story of a murder was published in one thousand nine hundred five and became a global bestseller but it would be more than two decades before the book became a film. our antihero is when we born with a supernatural sense of smell. to evoke that sentence director tom zooms in tight creeping up on characters and objects like the murder of a school and we whose magic nose is drawn to the scent of young women. if. we tried to close in on objects the way greenlee's nose would in a greedy and for gracious way with the set design of the camera movement we set out
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to create scenes that felt as lifelike as possible from the sort of business you know. when we is a monster who kills and kills in his praise pursuit of a perfect scent with perfume come to her turns on filmable novel into a gruesome but beautiful thriller. those are pics of the seven best movie adaptations of german novels since your own line up of the best and worst books to movies and we'll share them online one special mention though before we go a film unrivaled in german adaptations the author won the nobel prize the director the oscar we go out with a classic scene from the tin drop enjoy. this
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it's a clunker it's a for me a. sample of the. news . it's all happening. pretty. sure linked to news from africa and the world. your link to it simply stories are going to. functions can you and will come student news absolutely transparently and from funny to me from the news of these each and i would say de deputed comes to africa
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join us on facebook d w africa. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of the. problems myself and i work at the w.


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