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tv   Arts.21 - Courageous Men and Women  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2018 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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germany state by state. list. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a special. take a tour of germany state by state on g.w. dot com. hello and welcome to the twenty was coming up on the show. he's not afraid to take on the entire mafia italian writer roberto saviano.
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fearless flashy feminist start of kiki smith. and a passion for playing with film music and animation. i also like to experiment with sound. young filmmaker coming. but first surviving in the ruins some car time takes pictures of death but especially of life continuing in the face of it a new volume has collected the syrians award winning photos. the thomas twenty four i was born in the syrian city of aleppo. the civil war turned him into a photographer. without my current without working out what the gaffer i would never like hundreds of. the photos that he took between twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen went around the world. i would not say nor what is
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happening i don't mean you know but for example i don't believe in boy of me i don't believe in god of fiction eyes and for me when i was there i didn't see myself as someone just waiting to die you know i saw myself as someone trying to do something. two years ago and moved to hanover. he is now studying photojournalism. this old rubber factory reminds him of the destruction in his home town. the town was a teenager during the arab spring of twenty eleven. each who had hoped that his country would be freed of bashar al assad's regime. but instead the civil war broke out. two thousand and twelve where a lot of foreigners who went to syria and i was working with them also i translate to them they examine the city and legs and through that they could have
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a connection and to see that by my eyes how they are working and in the night when we are. a lot of question just like why did you take this picture why why do you select this picture. after twenty thirteen it became almost impossible for foreign journalists to go to aleppo. so for some time started taking pictures and self. posting photos on social media. i wanted to show what was happening the civilians who were there were dying whole brain maybe something will change something great we will be able to stand again. and just as we will stand to brought back syria we will stand to break the c.-h. on the city. as the war as he was
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contacted by the news agency reuters. his photo soon appeared in the new york times the wall street journal and germany's stand magazine. in may twenty fifteen he was shot in the stomach by a sniper. after recovering he continued to work. but as the front lines became increasingly blurred and the situation deteriorated further he decided to flee syria and to make his way to germany via the mediterranean. i was very much a strong just a stay there with everything was going down there for me i really wanted to get out of syria to get myself back stronger to prove to groove my scares on different lovers not only they can focus graphing not only how dealing with washed away. how
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some katon has received many prestigious awards for his photos and the photos of war but more so of survival of the will to continue living. there are a lot of picture as a stuck in my mind or like. many in washington because they are not just horror or because they are big shows was out of was in motion they are bitch i was with something i can't understand with with something i can't think and that's why i was always care of their daily life. who more than four hundred thousand syrians have died in the conflict. some eleven million more have fled their homes some displaced in syria others are brought restoration to syria it's the alike. i'm going then i said to talk and just like
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what has really happened there and also for like the new generation lot of friends of. mine. i. am for peace benjamin britten swarbrick we are performance jointly by young people from all over europe a direct understanding between nations. our. persons in the cologne philharmonic. this is exactly how british composer benjamin britten imagined and wished it to be his war requiem is being performed by young orchestral musicians and singers from france great britain belgium poland and
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germany. some to lend. lease of the countries that germany waged war against in the first and second world wars bostick for one within the idea behind it is that the descendants of those who may have lost grandparents or great grandparents in these wars. can show how they can now live together peacefully. with a. for leaped. one hundred years after the end of the first world war this togetherness seems to be something natural at least in the heart of europe and not only for musicians. britain composed his war requiem in one thousand nine hundred sixty two was a work of reconciliation and as a memorial. its premiere performance was to mark the consecration of the new coventry cathedral. the original if you drill was left in ruins by german bombs during the second world war. people town of coventry was almost completely
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destroyed. for usually seems like a far off issue to the central european youngsters but it's drawing closer during rehearsals for the war requiem. my grandma hates to talk to me about this. but she told me i'll. the only thing i remember was when i was hiding and i was on the calendar and. i just remember the sound of the movements of all me coming into the streets. she doesn't want to be about what's about that but. her. britain's requiem connects these singers and instrumentalists son more than just
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a musical level the project was concerts in cologne berlin and what's well is part of the european cultural heritage here twenty eighteen sharing heritage. is government help minutes minutes and personally i've talked to people from the orchestra about the issue of war several times over the last few days and i think it's important that we don't forget what's happening in the world just because we live in such a sheltered country as germany where the issue doesn't directly affect us. britain was a pacifist and his composition is a sensitive and haunting commemoration of the victims of both world wars. lets them here when we're all here together there are no borders there are no wars and the kind we're just creating something together yet and the music is our common language of that us but i it's theme of the.
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coventry is one of the british cities that suffered most dramatically during the second world war today coventry cathedral is a symbol of post-war reconciliation. the cathedral schools choir he's visiting germany to participate in the war requiem project this sets a clear signal particularly regarding bricks. and it. regardless of what people vote here and there that the message behind this is far greater than any. political agenda all before greater than any. social. whish of a region that it's a big. unifying principle i think yeah they obviously it's a highly topical principle in a europe that's threatening to break apart. and that's. unfortunately
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nationalism is currently on the rise in europe we're setting a clear signal against that although it's only a drop in the ocean. i. i. would have expected that europe would once more be so urgently in need of works like this past. week. and of course we've got even more music for you on facebook. just go to our page f.t.w. culture old. kiki smith loves the human body and all its physicality nerve cells digestive tract it inspires her to meet enchanting pictures and sculptures now and display in minutes
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. an exposed spine. strange creatures emerge. these are the works of an artist who touches us like no other. works too well in the human body in all its vulnerability. its complex systems hidden to us. boyfriend gave me a copy of grey's anatomy which is the learning the famous learning book from the nineteenth century and it just saying to me all the neurons and pictures of your nerve endings and fat cells. digestive systems and all those things that i it was a way like the lands for me to look to lie lie flat also look what was happening
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socially. smithies curious by nature. she loves bright shimmering colors. so glass making workshop in bavaria caught her fancy. handicraft traditions interests the artist as well. smith draws her inspiration from all over turning it into something. sometimes it's the material that shows are the way . this is how she created her glass drawings delicate filigree illustrations reflecting our reality distinctive and magical. there's not like all over. what i'm trying to do i'm just trying to be a person. fourteen tapestries fourteen different ways to make sense of the world.
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the pieces are a crossover between medieval tapestry and fairy tale illustrations in nature. animals all interconnected. in eagle sweeps over a cliff. stars in the sky. and in the middle. of a woman an entire cosmos. makes life rich to have a richer experience. to experience the different. track make some properties of materials that have enormously vast histories and you know people for working with for thousands of years and you get to. this into those rivers.
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it's an opportunity to look at what. one figure is based on. the smith moved to new york in one nine hundred seventy six after dropping out of art school. she was born in your good she grew up in new jersey they were father was a sculptor it wasn't until mid twenty's that smith realised she wanted to be an artist. if it resonates it resonates because it has it holds no significance to me that it fits into a different pegs in my consciousness or something like that and then. hopefully brings some unexpected i understand they. are questions gender roles and opens up space for contemplation.
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roberto saviano has written about the brutal methods of the young generation of mafia members in naples his novel is uncomfortably close to reality. life. and. roberto saviano likes coming to berlin the italian n.t. mafia writer is presenting his new novel here and taking a break. for me berlin is like returning to a myth from my youth. most importantly i can move around freely here at last without the usual squad of security staff. for some of you know berlin is
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a place of tolerance and freedom. in his home country of italy no lives virtually in captivity with constant police protection. in two thousand and six his book gomorrah exposed the criminal heart of the cumorah in naples since then he needs bodyguards and bulletproof cars as the mafia are threatening ridge. he described the terror of the clan in detail named names and provided evidence to investigators leading to the arrest of several mafia boss and. violent death is still an everyday phenomenon in naples only the gangsters methods have changed. in the past the quarrel we conquer their territory using blackmail threats today they just burst in and shoot indiscriminately at proper. people gain power by spreading fear. they raced through town on scooters looking for easy money and they're prepared to kill for it that's the life of the teenage killers of seven on his
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novel the puranas which is due to appear in english in september. his fast and furious descriptions are borne out by police videos gangs of youths gaining control of the drug trade in naples whatever it may cost a new fresh faced mafia generation. whose you can be sure. it's all about gangs whose members are children aged between ten and eighteen. they're right around in their mo pits they never stand still and shoot at houses cars shops and people with military standard weapons you have all that. youth unemployment in italy is that forty percent crime offers an instant promise of cash and power it's a murderous game and often imitates examples from television and the internet and. even the t.v. series game or a written by saviano himself which is about to start its third season has become a stylish role model for adolescents seeking riches and recognition of the fog of.
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facebook and twitter also play a part in the process. opening. the cumorah kids today want people to see and know everything they do they brag about their actions on facebook using their own real names and those of the gang was people they reveal their identity publicly as if to say screw the police so what if they intervene. in his novel saviano talks about a youth without god with no mercy and no way out. his gripping epic written like the script for a new mafia series suggests that naples isn't just in italy soon naples could be everywhere. in my book i want to show that these. kids are also in paris berlin stockholm a new york. mentality the pursuit of instant cash a fast life and a sudden death. they give themselves for five years then they know it will be over
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. with. look after children. whereas he once focused on the italian dilemma and the drama of the mafia he has now turned to broader questions the crisis of western societies of democracy. european capitals could end up like naples paris berlin london. there could be many naples. i don't want to be too gloomy but i picture highly complex urban spaces without a center. without a social fabric. where only the smartest do well while others survive by defending the last territory that they have their own skin. with. never let it be said there are no.
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family no talents is a yearly gathering in berlin encouraging a global network of young filmmakers we ask them what their dreams and goals are a passion for film on arts twenty one. hi i'm kind of your deep and belligerent from italy but i live in mexico city and i live in musical culture and and i meet all my own was my first instrument then i started to play guitar and when i was some a b. fourteen i found my grandfather mandolin he wasn't
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a mandolin player but when he got married he went on honeymoon in naples and he built a mandolin and nobody knows really why and the so i found this instrument and i start playing. if you speak about composing for a movie i think that the secret is really understand the movie is not about the music itself you are not writing music for a concert you are writing music for. a piece of art.
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you have to understand the concept and the film just on the concept i mean it's it's very easy to to really translate eating music. she's a seventy two years old woman and everybody says you're old the carter is a strong woman that doesn't want to be called old so that's why we came out with the music which is kind of fun and light. time classically trained but i also like contemporary music i also like to to experiment with sound itself.
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i really started to love music flow i mean and i never really abandoned. the to side i really wrote the music for diskette and then there will be easily animation just because i loved the music and then the nation so it was an experiment just to make something modern on an. old cartoon. last year i had a i was lucky enough to be invited to create a visual for sure the hollywood bowl you know centuries which. it was just fun fast . food and i had. was. a wonderful premier and i
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was seated in there the hollywood bowl with seventeen thousand people who harry looking at miami mission i said wow that's that's very weird. with. her and you'll. be in all the world of your imagination if you think i'm done i'm perfect where i am and i don't need to learn. other stuff and that you're not growing as an artist. and who your and. that's all for today. next week on our twenty one conductor valeri get here which sounds out of
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a thousand and one nights. korsakoff's should paris out in its full length and full glory. until then good bye and a few to say. ok .
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the food. the. food. the food. the from the bunker a million tons of sand co-existing everything is going to look at it with gently consequences to a dust storm scintillation a cold global menace oh and once they start there's no stopping them.
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those storms in fifteen minutes total you. learn german with. any time any place. whether with jo jo and her friends. colleagues the the islamists criticisms bush is going to cause a fork with friends all over the world. news. online and interactive. and german to go. to and learn german for free with w. p. a news analyst it is just let's listen to. the call to shake hands out goodies can simply boost side by.
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playing. the play put big dreams on the big screen. and maybe magazines on d w. i. the dawn of islamism is bangladesh on the brink of civil. time this government has become completely dictatorial to some extent it's a fascist government of. we are scared we are very scared we have to stay. in libya to fight this fight against terror. torn by domestic power struggles and the influence of islamist extremists. the country's democratic institutions now face a serious threat to islam we call for the rule of law was mocked.
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by lance dominates the headlines here to chicago should be out of this should be. a bit. after. bangladesh the dawn of islam is a story of people twenty first on t w. u.s. president donald trump and french president emanuel my call now promising a strong joint response to reports that syrian government forces are using chemical weapons opposition activists and rescue was an alleged poison gas was used in an attack on the town of duma on saturday killing dozens of.


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