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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin missiles targeted a major air base in syria this just hours after the u.s. says the syrian government would pay quote a big price for an alleged chemical weapons attack on women and children over the weekend the u.s. denies carrying out the missile strikes so who is them responsible also coming up. right wing nationalist viktor orban wins a landslide victory in hungary after a campaign that took a radically hard line on immigration. and after three years of losses
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germany's top leonard bank has ousted its c.e.o. will the new man of the top be able to revive georgia banks fortunes. and doormen make amends for last week's disaster against veyron with a massive over formants against the. i'm brian thomas warm welcome to the show a monitor group says some fourteen soldiers have been killed in a missile attack on the syrian government airbase damascus says it shot down another eight missiles targeting the base in the province of homs the u.s. and france have denied carrying out that airstrike now this after both washington and paris promised
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a strong response to an alleged poison gas attack on the city of doom over the weekend some forty civilians were killed in that attack which syria and its allies deny carrying out. thank you these pictures appear to show as strikes on the town of duma in eastern. it's the last remaining rebel stronghold following a relentless russian backed onslaught on the region which began in february the white helmets volunteer rescue groups say at least forty people including many children were spics yates in the chemical attack. the regime continues the intense and violent shelling barrel bombs were dropped by helicopters carrying poisonous substances. until now paramedics haven't been able to enter because of the continuous shelling the regime is trying to wipe out this area. syria denies its government forces launched any chemical assaults nonetheless
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international condemnation has been swift and blunt. u.s. president goggled took to twitter blaming russia and iran for supporting syria and describing its president bashar assad as an animal in rome pope francis during mass and simply to square denounce the attackers unjustifiable. we pray for all the dead for the wounded for the families who suffer. there is no good war and bad war. and nothing nothing can justify the use of such instruments of violence against people and unarmed populations. the syrian army released pictures which it says showed troops moving toward student the army dismissed claims of the gas attack as fabrications the military insists it's advancing rapidly and does not need chemical weapons. and
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joining us now in the studios marcus time from the german institute for international and security affairs a bill and based in thank you morning marketing nice to see you again the syrian government says it is not involved in this chemical attack and we have any evidence pointing to who may be behind it i mean we do not have an official explanation because we do not have free journalism to grow and the area is not accessible to journalists so we don't know really what happened. but given the last couple of years and the early chemical weapons attacks it's highly likely that it was the syrian government as it has been analyzed or investigated by the united states and i did nations into twenty thirteen and last year where we have at least two incidents where it was clearly proven that was the syrian government ok now this alleged attack we're still waiting for the final evidence happened as the rebels are leaving the duma it's one of the last fronts now in the war against rebel held
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areas not against islamic state as early how close is the assad government to regaining complete control of the country not do not control over the whole territory of syria about that we have seen over the last couple of months some kind of political cleansing of ethical clans and were political clans and the syrian government is regaining territory help the rebels for four years and years and now we have two small pockets. of the rebels in the lip and then so was the pot. syria and at the end of the day we'll have a division of the country between. the assad government and the kurdish government but no rebel go rebel rebel hold area anymore ok and the kurds in the north of course under pressure from the turkish government right now a completely different front this morning we also saw a missile attack on homes airport fourteen government soldiers apparently killed in
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that attack the u.s. says it was not behind it who who might have been difficult to say highly likely the israelis because they have targeted reining in for military infrastructure in syria for a couple of times now and these ball infrastructure to prevent an immediate maybe not the type of confrontation with israel or maybe friends because of monaco has indicated that he wasn't ready to wait anymore he spoke of red lines again and maybe just agreed to act ok we recently saw a summit between russia turkey and iran on syria what came out of that what does it mean for the fighting and wise ahead for syria what we see some kind of end game of the syrian civil war that everybody is expecting the war to end more or less and the division between the kurdish held territory and the syrian government held territory and given this end game and think in particular the extent that this
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russia or and turkey are trying to position themselves territorial times as well as political terms for any post war in syria and in the middle east in general the united states will it be playing a role in that post-war order we are having conflicting reports right now outside of washington whether the president's going to pull out american troops or not what's happening and i don't believe the burger question i think to schools are fighting with the united states the international school in favor of staying engaged in syria. with regards to iran and the polls all polls war before the middle east and the isolationists schools are strong for a withdrawal but at the end of the day i think the next days will decide what's going to happen with the u.s. middle east policy in the next days ok markets will be looking at the marcus garvey of the german institute for international security affairs thanks very much thank you. it's don greene now where the right wing nationalist prime minister viktor
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orban has won a decisive victory in the country's general election during his campaign where bon took a hard line on immigration patrol for training migrants as a threat to hungary's christian identity in his victory speech he said the result gave him carians the chance to defend themselves and their country. was when he won a triumphant. hungary's right wing nationalist prime minister winning he's third consecutive term in office and his fourth term overall it follows a campaign in which all band rallied almost exclusively against what he described as the poison of immigration. there's a big battle behind us. we have won a crucial victory got a chance gave ourselves a chance to defend hungary age. or burns populist in
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euros skeptic messages of strained ties with the e.u. but they won his feet as party almost half the votes because of complex election laws he's on track to secure a two thirds super majority in parliament voted turnout rage close to seventy percent exceeding the past three elections it had been thought that high turnout might favor the far right opposition ya beak and the same to lift socialists but trailing far behind the winner the leaders of hungary second and third biggest parties ever signed following the result. i respect the decision of the voters even if it hurts and feels bad even if one expected a lot more support. but we have to accept it as part of life and part of democracy when things go differently to what we would have liked. or been strong victory hands him increased legitimacy but it means almost certain
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trouble for independent media and civil groups that harm and likely more clashes with brussels. for more from budapest let's bring in our correspondent there on the far far of this is another convincing victory for viktor orbán would support exceeding even the expectations of others a feverish party. definitely if you wake up this morning and you look at the electoral map it's orange except for a few spots here and there including the capital city it would have passed which is not in the color of orange the color of the fittest body but of course alone the fact that there was such a huge voter turnout and he did not benefit the opposition as it traditionally does but it benefited the fit as a governing party is something that a lot of analysts are going to look at as they try to dissect these numbers and the results and of course the big question is what the fetus government is going to do
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with this super majority i've also promised a victor or by being elected for a third consecutive term for a fourth in total since he started his political career as a as a as a leader all the defeatist potty is of course a huge victory for the fetus party and at the same time the opposition is trying to figure out what to do next maybe to look for a different candidate in the future or try to somehow find a way out of this fragmented political situation between the opposition parties to somehow get an answer what to do next in the next four years to make sure they have a candidate that they can put on the table that people are more convinced of than they were this time around there's been a lot of criticism of the opposition on able to present a convincing counter candidate what about this success what was behind it was it the decision by were gone the focus mainly on migration.
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migration was definitely the focus of the selection it definitely wrote twelve a lot of voters but a lot of opposition voters of course said no that's not the number one topic we want highest salaries of that to care in hospitals high up pensions so depending on party performances of course there were different answers about the ballots were cast on sunday but certainly migration was a topic one of the main topics and it's going to hear it's going to stay here in hungary as well as in confrontation with brussels as promised the victor all that is going to do everything to make sure that he's pushing for more sovereign edge and comes to the status of hungary within the european union for the force or for us this morning from budapest which has a new incumbent president for another term a third consecutive third term now for viktor orbán thanks very much. this is still to come on the show has been called the most dangerous bank in the
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world after three years of losses the company is now banking on a new c e o and he turned the ship around. also you look at some of the other stories making the news this hour vigil has been held to honor the fifteen members of a junior ice hockey team killed in a bus crash on friday hundreds of people attended including prime minister justin trudeau and the national hockey league players the arsonist is one of the worst hit canada's sporting community. the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has met with chinese president xi jinping and other chinese leaders in beijing terrorist voiced concerns about global trade tensions and rising protectionism and called china absolutely crucial in the international system this as beijing and washington exchange escalating threats on gnutella. german police say they have arrested several people on suspicion
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of planning an attack on berlin's half-marathon on sunday one of them is reportedly suspected of planning a knife attack on spectators and participants in that race authorities have also carried out a number of raids in the city. it's over to helen now and a look at that change at deutsche bank today that's right the bank is getting a new c.e.o. brian effective immediately just in the saving is to take over at the helm of germany's biggest lender he's a doctor bank veteran he's worked for the bank for almost thirty years most recently as co deputy. he takes over from john cry and he'll have an uphill climb ahead of him the bank has been struggling to turn a profit and declines tenure. christiane's even has seen the dire strait of germany's largest bank from the inside deutsche bank's new c.e.o. started out as a financial advisor at one of its branches since then he's climbed the ranks to
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join the board of directors so he knows what he's getting into georgia bank had hoped to make a name for itself in investment banking but the reality turned out quite different in securities trading the bank is still a straggler its investment bankers contribute too little to the bottom line while soaking up billions in bonuses each year but they've cost the bank a fortune in fines and penalties over the years and us president donald trump's tax reform will likely cost billions. and that's why a bank is in a permanent state of crisis it's been hemorrhaging money for the past three years stanching those losses as christiane's even as top priority and that means he'll have to untangle he's previous answers mistakes. and we can bring in steffen now from the frankfurt school of finance to talk to stephan di going to
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seen three top leader ship appointments in six years amid pressure from investors to improve profitability reverse that share slump is saving the man for the job. i think is so saving is probably not the one who will continue with the strategy that the bank is currently following given that he has been basically at the head of the private and corporate bank he would probably mean that's that he would shift the focus to some extend and tries to to bring back the bank to more profitable to higher profitability using that kind of strategy shift away that potentially from that investment bank business which didn't work out very well anyway what other changes does he need to make what is he really need to roll up his sleeves and get to work for the bank. i think one of the major issues is that really for particularly the investment banking part for each euro one euro has to basically
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been spend so this is quite seems to be quite unprofitable and and i think people and also investors are particularly concerned about the extent of the investment business investment banking business in the u.s. so they are probably and also to the big derivatives so there are a lot of things that need to change and what we've seen from the u.s. competitors basically they have made relatively quick and drastic changes its relative feed difficult to see whether we whether we will have to see the same was in dollars and what i would think is that probably we see a gradual shift and an increase in the in the road to thump houghton's of the retail banking pods but i don't see that you don't expect to see drastic changes in the investment banking business and. of course this is the top job at deutsche bank i'm not sure if it's very any vehicle one bearing in mind that in twenty sixteen it was considered the most dangerous bank in the world off the i.m.f. found a potential collapse of deutsche opposed to risk to the global financial system is
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it still in such a tough position. i think it's due to some extent as you said a dangerous bank i think the current levels of capital are relatively thin also given given the prize that we have and a capital increase is not really possible these days so i think the bank is still in a very vulnerable position and needs to return back to profitability and prove its performance such that at some point in time of a possible. capital raise might might might be on the horizon all rights to the risky bank within capital a big task ahead of the cia sasha steffen at the frankfurt school of finance thank you. meanwhile in london five traders from deutsche bank and british bank bought case take to the stand today in the first europe risking a child by euro boy is the benchmark interest rate set in brussels wish banks
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challenge each other to lend money to lend euro's the trade is a charge with manipulating that right to their advantage at the height of the financial crisis the past is catching up to do it to bank again the german lender had hoped the euro bourses candle was over allegations of rigging the average interbank interest rate has already cost deutsche bank billions of dollars in penalties in the u.s. u.k. and in the e.u. in the last two years that some traders involved are going on trial is throwing the bank back into the spotlight deutsche bank is one of the banks that set the europe or rate that rate is calculated by the european money market institute in brussels twenty banks from all over europe send their daily interest rates to the e m m i the institute calculates the weighted average of these rates to produce euro bore this interbank lending rate applies to all european banks past cases of manipulation often involve the banks consulting one another before disclosing their rates to the e.m.m. i to nudge your abor up or down because you're
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a bore underpins trading in various financial products that represent billions of dollars even tiny changes in the your board can result in enormous financial benefits for banks. from says parliament is debating controversial rail reforms de mint continued strikes by employees of the state owned s.n.c.f. railways their phone bill is up for a vote early next week and unions are angry that changes could be pushed through by direct decree which they say is on democratic and protests led to numerous train cancellations on sunday the essence yes said only one of five high speed trains were running the government to seek and overhaul the debt ridden railway company reduce costs passenger rail traffic is set to be opened up to competition starting in twenty twenty ending the s.n.c.f. see monopoly. perspective to brian now an investigator is looking for clues in the system helena some some details are now starting to emerge about the man who drove
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that van into a crowd in the german city of munster on saturday killing two people and injuring twenty eight others some critically police say it was wealthy had a number of run ins with the law he said to have expressed suicidal thoughts to a neighbor last week people in munster have been attending a church service for the victims. the people of months to packed out the city's famous palace cathedral in honor of the victims of saturday's atrocity. earlier flowers were laid outside the popular pub in the old town where it happened two people were killed and dozens more injured when a forty eight year old german man crashed his van into the crowd the driver had mental problems and was known to police he shot and killed himself after the incident. fifty. i've lived in munster for forty years
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and hardly seen a drop of blood because the people here are so nice it's such a beautiful city one mention in this. i'm relieved i'm sirleaf but it wasn't a terror attack germany's interior minister called it a brutal and cowardly crime. i'm here today in munster to convey the solidarity and condolences of the entire government here especially the chancellor angela merkel in space on the consulate police said previous petty crime charges against the driver had all been dismissed we can only tell you that at the moment we have no indications that there is a political background or that other perpetrators were involved so that he. well there's relief this wasn't a terrorist incident it's a painful reminder of how little the authorities can do to prevent vehicles being
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used as weapons. and you can find out more on that story at our website that view dot com we have some sports now on a cycling tragedy at the paris one day classic on sunday the belgian writer michaud suffered a heart attack while riding in that two hundred fifty seven kilometer race he received c.p.r. from medics but died later in the day in hospital he was twenty three years old and some gulf news patrick reid has won the masters to claim the first major title of his career the american pro at a three shot lead going into the final round now despite being pushed by compatriots rickie fowler and jordan spieth reid held on to win by one stroke. to the bone the slogan now on sunday dortmund were looking for redemption after losing six nil to byron munich last weekend then they faced start guard on sunday dortmund coach peter sterger said they had expected to win in munich anyway and so
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door and went into their home game yesterday against the guard feeling very confident that despite the fact that their opponents were unbeaten in eight outings . full hope played the fates of the returning marco royce dortmund on base and whenever he's been on the pitch this season but dortmund was slow out of the traps gets took up however were unable to take advantage with the crowd becoming restless took them took the lead out of the blue. a mis hit cross from christiane pulis six finding its way past keeper run rabbit seal or. dortmund ahead despite an uninspiring first half. they reappeared after the break at different pace and soon they would soon alaap. try a seventh goalie no one would miss the games arriving after a nice exchange with teammate noori schoene after fifty nine minutes it was game
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over good and pulis sic taking up maximillian filipe who starts at home with his second attempts his last goal against took up resulted in a loss this strike completed a three nil win the atmosphere in dortmund given a boost ahead of next week's showdown against fierce rivals shoka for telephone call could see his first loss in charge of still got. and also on sunday frankford lot horn's with hoffenheim now these two teams came into match day twenty nine right on top of each other in sixth and seventh place respectively but actually couldn't be more different fry forgot where they are with true grit hoffenheim pride themselves on speed technique let's find out which style won the day. in the ones i gots hoffenheim now goes man in the other. two different styles but each attracting the interest of munich after
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a cautious start the game sprang to life on. the keeper but not the post for hoffenheim the other end frankfurt had not one but two chances to take the lead incredibly. night. so no goals to report at the break but just four minutes into the second half a breakthrough it's nice work down the frankfurt right finished off by yo bitch. the highest we could find the finale we were then sucker punch. finding its way to mark. and by and loney supplied to finish. of firing in his fifth goal in this many games. course it was strange the way in the space sides went for the winner. sebastian. the closest we got to that. it ended on is even in frankfurt probably a bit happier with the points they stay ahead of hoffenheim in the race fear.
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of our top stories at this hour missile so struck a syrian government airbase in the province of homs the united states denying carrying out that strike it comes after washington warned the syrian government would pay quote a big price for a suspected chemical attack on civilians over the weekend. and the right wing nationalist prime minister viktor orban has secured a third straight term in office after winning a landslide victory in hungary's general election. campaign took a hard line on immigration and on the. polls. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news thanks so much for being with us. cut.
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