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tv   Close up - Border Rebels - Saving Refugees in the French Alps  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 3:15am-3:45am CEST

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four of them there crossing the border now we've got to go or list them. all the noise during the day. ok trying in the alps on the border between france and italy phillips a neti and two other french volunteers set out to rescue refugees. the border police are going to get them in. the fridge to feel. normal as they usually come from that direction both lose. or whatever on the porch careful those snowmobiles belong to the border police over by the end of the moment anyone who helps refugees risks a jail sentence and hefty fines. or if we're willing to take the risk. that's not as important as the lives of these people. you could put the criticism.
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to us at least once a bottle it's not as important. in life has no price tag that's what i believe. it's daybreak. brings a family of illegal immigrants into his home but the eighteen year old young woman doesn't want to be filmed of the small family managed to escape over the snowy peaks in the cover of night with a fourteen month old baby. fifty two year old felipe offers them shelter a bed some food and something to drink from the mortal. for his wife supports him but she doesn't have any time to help. right now the
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kindergarten teacher is the only breadwinner in the family now. that's one of. phillipe studied computer science and lives with his wife and their fourteen year old son in the village of live in year he built the house himself now he works in the mountains as a technician but not during the winter. some people in living year support the right wing fallenness united party but in this small village with two hundred ninety inhabitants those eager to help are still in the majority. after last night's hardships the baby has caught a cold her mother is already pregnant with her next child phillipe will help them through the red tape ahead of them but their chances of being allowed to stay in france legally are slim but these helpers have turned a blind eye to the long they don't see legal or illegal they only see human sperm
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and if you think of it under what we're being punished for saving them. they still there are two labors over there actively involved in aiding refugees percentage being instructors. behind us lives a retired farmer i think you know. he used to work in the mountains now. that. their home office that us is a young couple with children of the mother is currently on maternity leave the father is also asking instructor. in the mountains everyone helps each other philip says that's how it's always been this seems to hold true although along the border between france and italy she leap is on his way to the next small town play old song. even the town's
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mayor is a member of the border rebel movement. philip tells us he set up essential area for refugees and local police have orders to stay away. but they're shrugged their psyche i decided to earn less of that i can help allegory to kill a summer time i will have to go back to work really believe that i won't be able to do this anymore because of this but with. each night a new refugees arrive and each day villagers from plainsong and nearby villages come to help them. the sanctuary was opened in twenty seventeen and has helped over two thousand refugees since. the refugees are registered to document the helpers work and enable them to receive financial support from the community. a team of doctors take turns providing medical aid in their spare time everyone is
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needed here even filipe has to pitch in. and one woman who crossed the border last night is eight months pregnant she doesn't feel well. and they added i just said once it was. the most it baby in the world. yet the world over if you walk you will. walk you are. you. ready to spit. it out to be sitting there for ever i. wish you. were there to just.
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sleep decides to take me to the hospital. her her frightened. and stays behind at the sanctuary. on the way he tells us that he had to drive the father of the young family he had taken into the emergency room late last night he received emergency surgery and is now recovering at the same hospital. that the phone never stops ringing it's too much too much. difficult fare after what are we to do. as i sit here there's more and more each day dawned on me. and it's wonder now or that stopped some of them from coming and i thought that if they are both of them about what about in the spring time. i
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thought i thought. i think we're in for a tsunami of migrants if nothing happens by then. the reports are there any feds. phillipe thinks it's high time the government finally took responsibility for the refugees. the motion of the high mountain passes the peak to the right straddles the border between france and italy there are ski resorts on both sides and a manned border post at its base. but the border police operates throughout the entire mountain range the refugees almost always come at night. on the italian side lies. they arrive here and in other small towns along the border by train mostly from southern
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italy. the book this refugee doesn't want to talk about why he wants to go to france you know what do they know about this route. this young man claims he was heading on to touring with and that's where he just came from. the halls. there are a few controls on the italian side. that evening fifteen refugees arrived in the neighboring village of bottleneck you're.
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those who survived the torture camps in libya and managed to cross the mediterranean won't let anything stop them one will speak with us. he will continue on foot which direction to france that's all. this got us. why france. all falls over water france because we're sick of it or if we can't get any papers here at the foot. it's thirty two kilometers from here to the motion f. a pass and the french border. they're at one thousand eight hundred meters above sea level the french border police sit in their checkpoint the quipped with infrared cameras.
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back at the sanctuary in. just like almost every evening the helpers are getting ready to go marauding as they jokingly call it as if they were canvassing for customers philip is coordinating the mission he and two others a skiing instructor and a mountain guide are heading out to search for refugees the other two i wish to remain anonymous. my grandmother at least even set out for over twenty kilometers away is there in this fog and with this humidity that. would often snows as a day the wind is blowing over from italy to the horse and if and if they risk losing a limb to frostbite. they don't have any gloves and people their ears and faces are unprotected to store their feet because they cross the pass just wearing sneakers. full of people or not. so what fill what he asked if sometimes we find them when
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they already have hypothermia why because they got lost in the snow will go we have three rescue blankets with us we're here to make sure they don't freeze to death oh they. want. to sign a derek t. net as they call their operation she even has its own phone number the refugees know and it's given to them in italy. and a bit to come up and we just received an emergency call we're going to try and locate them and see how they are and bring them to pray also. in. the event of a no. no come up of that of those we need to dress warm to what it was. to keep.
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order to save what you have or will leave a car near the border. with a new look for them in italy as well didn't you. so be it the settlement the refugees don't know where they are they're unfamiliar with the area. checks if they took the last bus from works there's no one in sight they pick through point you can check the tunnel it will meet at the parking lot that's all. they continue want you can get in an italian village directly at the border. they have clothing and warm. shoes ready for the refugees so they don't freeze if the police pursue them and they have to flee to the mountains. they could be hiding anywhere. he said but
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you couldn't live in a mosque befell another we found some migrants here before. either of them make the offer leave it out but. you know they're going to tell. us about us and it's a good thing for them the garage door is open. office or the other way here or it's warm for the very first and.
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the thought of all to kill. the main street in. sometimes the refugees walk along here. the volunteers also want to warn them about the deep snow in the mountains on either side of the border. nothing. they had back to the french side and keep looking. phillipe is worried they got lost. more. gnomish it was not they're not hard to sand the snow even the police have an easy time arrest on the other side bush honestly thought. the préfet. would. get a. lot
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of forwards or follow they usually come from that direction. or whatever the onion don't have or their fair share of the slogan was born the border police or the local careful of careers of this particular server. are there any refugees on the slopes. they ask a ski or. nothing. they receive another call. i thought i thought that on hold on can you hear me at all you want oh. ok yes i can hear you when at the bus stop i'm not gonna. do that where in france or in n.l. in the thirty. in france of course france good ball how many of you are there resent the. fall. back if you that room behind
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a mound of snow and then. now they think they know where they can find the refugees . phillipe goes on ahead apparently there are two more refugees. but. if the police catch them now with refugees in their car they could go to jail for up to five years and be fined up to thirty thousand euros. are you cold there's a bag in the back from
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a square walk with one drinks are stuck up here. because the pushing of. the third helper also drove ahead to scout for police they'll have to wait for the all clear resource here all four are good workers good. enough people. i'm taking you to pray to the sanctuary to the people you really know. what's the name. the place where you found us moshe left.
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now they're safe refugees and helpers alike. with. the two young men from the train station are also here including the one who claimed to be heading for turin. in the phillip gives instructions for the next nighttime mission. to prove all those they're all wrong and. the helpers don't ask any questions except for where they want to travel and to once they've regained their strength. in the. world and. i don't. know that nothing can go. on until all. the contact friends or relatives to tell them the good news about
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the matter and there are. a lot of good you know who are war. do their activities make the helpers human traffickers who want no more war this young and no we want to accept any money to get here but traffickers do most of. the for the in the out where there have always been traffickers during the war and smugglers. god's peace but if we want to make sure they don't suffer from. ross abide or die in the because they come either way but even in winter and oblongata grew up on. the phone can you feel it when i press here from no no i put on two pairs of socks . with under those who have already been here for a few days make the beds for the newcomers. or over into. i don't know much as it is often not often without our help they die here in the
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mountains if you have some sure in the spring will find that bodies but i don't. know. the next day philip takes the young man from mali to the train station she wants to join his parents in a heresy says. the sanctuary pays for the train tickets from donations sometimes the police arrest refugees on the train and send them back to italy but then they just come back to try again and the game of cat and mouse starts all over again. on the author of the. the community also makes this house available for refugees remember. millions sure phillips neighbor has been taking care of mama doing a refugee from for the past year.
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the filmmaker and her husband a tour operator help. he's been through ten years of terrible suffering the dream of living in europe cost him both feet they froze while he was escaping across the mountains and had to be amputated his friend lost both his hands that are valid considering you consider. philip is on the road again this time he's bringing one close to a small hut on the same pass where mamadou this accident happened. today just as it was back then the coalition pass is closed due to atalanta's warnings. you know we were wearing sneakers we left at three pm or. by the time we reached the mountain it was already getting dark we couldn't see
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a thing. we didn't know where the street was there was so much snow it went all the way out to our chests. on the t.v. at the top we reached a tunnel but it was closed off we had to jump into the snow drifts on the slopes to reach the other side. we spent the entire night in a snow crying. and my hands and feet tucked. in. there where we had fallen into the snow we tried to move upwards as if we were swimming in the snow. i made it up and told my friend to give me his backpack. i just these things out a knot of them together. and took a hold of that and i pulled him up by that. but he couldn't stand any moment as. he
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didn't know me. and. i put his arm over my shoulder to carry him along but there was too much snow we couldn't get ahead. i put my right foot in the snow then my left foot and pulled him behind me. then he said to me listen if you leave then you'll make it in can save me too. maybe you're right. this. point where the mountain slopes down to break i saw a woman with a sled. she help me reach the street i stop the car. and i asked the driver to turn the heater all the way up. but that hurt so bad and the driver asked me where i wanted to go i said to a train station you know i want to go to paris let me see not to monday he let me
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out to station. thanks. to only made it as far as the hospital but he still managed to get help for his friend. the young man hey there are still some food left but i'd best add more. is there enough one clothing enough matches and firewood and blankets and candles. here some cereal bars. a piece of the things. just like back then the refugees still come over the closed pass this is where mamadou started stumbling and could no longer feel his feet to the limits and live in a myth the doctor came and said ok we have to amputate your feet or it's all over.
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he said first they amputated my tugs and then the entire front all the way up to my ankles and his two little. the markham had to get him out after what happened to mama do the people here started organizing rescue missions every day so that nobody else would get lost and no one else would share his fate that. city is checking another hut. well they are doing everything they can to save lives there is a constant hunt for refugees going on in the mountains phillips says.
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the police even search for refugees in the hospitals does unusual look look police use in the police came to the hospital they want to see if i was feeling better so they could send me back to italy you know when his own party the second day they came again. three weeks they didn't let me out of mass sight on the plus i'm an offer what are your hopes for one party in france and europe are actually supposed to protect them but instead they hunt them as if they were game. they even called in the army made that oh no it looked like a war zone here if them don't they get. a bad play on song on the road to mosul never. at the break of day the first refugee. they had overlooked him last night is he crossing in broad daylight out of bravery or because he can't stand the cold any longer.
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fifteen kilometer still lie ahead of him on his way to play in song and it's freezing cold outside. it's impossible to approach him he's too afraid to notify him in case we found a refugee. he says he'll drive out immediately. but a different car stops to give the young man a left. everyone in play on son knows the sanctuary will help. but the driver doesn't want to be recognized. in that same evening they will go out again and search for the next people in distress.
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