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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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u.s. president donald trump blaming russia iran and animal and he promises that they'll be a big price to pay big talk from the leader who's been here before tonight trump's threat do they mean more the second time around i'm burned off and this is the day . if confirmed this news yes another example of the assad regime's brutality and brazen disregard for its own people that i'm saying it is our strong conviction that the syrian regime is responsible for a chemical attack an attack. a provocation aimed at accusing damascus again of using a chemical poisonous substance against civilians. on their part to china's position
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on chemical weapons is clearly consistent we firmly oppose the use of chemical weapons by any country or. not we did not treat any injuries or any patients suffering from injuries from poisoning agents and if they are found to be responsible the regime and its backers including russia must be held to account you pull out taking action launching airstrikes against the sun for such a good move out of you thank you very much. also coming up on the airwaves of america the battle for truth and the right to claim. what happens when your local news is you could. see your own service station and nearly two hundred others if your thinkers to restate the same political message word for word. oh we begin the day the same way we began the day one year ago strong signs pointing
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to a chemical weapons attack in syria the west blaming assad's military and the russian cover guaranteed by vladimir putin it was one year ago when newly elected u.s. president from ordered a missile strike on a syrian air base believed to be a launch pad for chemical weapons or tonight the world is waiting yet again for the reaction of the white house to yet another attack on syrian civilians it happened on saturday in a rebel held suburb of damascus russia says there are no traces of any chemicals where the attack occurred but human weapons experts say the speed at which people died suggests this attack involved an agent even more lethal than chlorine gas used one year ago this time around the world is more unsure of what happens next the unpredictable and erratic donald trump has made policy predictions
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a high risk gamble especially in syria just a week ago mr trump told a cheering crowd that the u.s. would be pulling out of syria very soon tonight he's meeting with his national security team to figure out how to make assad and putin and iran pay a report tonight starts with the israeli attack on the syrian air few. missiles flare in the dark hours of the morning according to russian and syrian military they were fired from two israeli fighter jets although israel has declined to comment the missiles found their target an air base in the province of homs used by the syrian regime and its allies at least fourteen fighters were killed according to observers days earlier bombs fell on the town of duma the last remaining rebel stronghold in eastern it's alleged they were carrying poison gas according to observers at least forty people were killed and hundreds wounded in
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the attack many of the victims were children said to be smelling strongly of chlorine leading a wave of international condemnation the u.s. president donald trump insists the syrian government will pay a big price for using the gas and he says action is imminent to begin by condemning the he is tack on innocence. with been chemical weapons it was proceeding. it was horrible. with our military and everybody else. decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours civilians in eastern could have endured weeks of pump out mint as the syrian government tries to root out opposition many have now given up evacuating the region in bus convoys to territory still under rebel control syria denies its government forces launched
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a chemical assault it says its troops are dancing on duma without any need for poison gas. but the chorus of shock and anger at the attack is likely only to grow louder. well i'm joined now by our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena she is at the white house tonight's good evening to you alexandra so president trump blaming iran the russian president and the president of syria who we called today animal of saud are we any closer to knowing how the president plans to respond. what we do know is that the president is having dinner with senior military leaders tonight and that's the pentagon is preparing a list of possible options we can only speculate what these options can be talking about limited action or whether we are talking here about doing something punitive
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and beat and maybe we are just talking about and the instrument that the united states is not pulling out of syria so we don't know it now but according to the president the decision can be made by the end of today you know last week alexander we had president try to pull the u.s. out of syria very soon now he says that they'll be a big price to pay for this chemical weapons strike does this administration in your opinion does it have a coherent strategy on syria. it seems not to have a coherent strategy on syria as you said the president has been talking to his aides for months now about his wish to pull out of syria and that he thinks that it's not in the u.s. interest to be involved there now he is threatening camilla terry action for this reported chemical weapons attack so it doesn't seem to be
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a coherent strategy we are getting conflicting messaging messages from the white house and if there is no coherent strategy how can there be any credibility assigned to the threats or the promises that are made by mr truong. and this is a very good question and the military experts here say that the president has put himself in a very difficult position right now because actually he has to do stem think he has to take action otherwise he would be looking very weak in the eyes of russia and iran and some of speculated that trumps promise to pull out of syria very soon embolden the assad regime and it may have in abled this latest chemical weapons attack how does the white house react to that kind of accusation.
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or another word that there was a specific reaction to this statement tweeted by senator mccain about the normally the white house rejects some accusation such accusations whether we are talking about syria on russia and the president himself likes to picture him as a president that is different and that is trying different approach. and we know for the first time we trump has mentioned mr putin by name while criticizing him i mean what is your take on that i mean after all trump tweeted this week that despite tariffs and a looming trade war with china he and she will always remain friends. yes you right there with the best i think that this criticism today is significant
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because it's been the first time that president trump has personally criticized of london we have pointed in his government has taken lately more tougher stance on russia imposing new sanctions and criticizing russia's role in ukraine and syria president trump however was always very positive talking about blood in the poutine showing that he's very interested in having a good personal relationship with the russian president but this criticism today is significant i think and some commentators here are already assuming that the charm putin. brahmans made becoming to an end yeah that's what we've been hearing a lot today i mean what is obvious and clear at this point is that the u.s. and russia have opposing goals in syria i mean you know despite whatever you hear
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mr putin say or what mr trump may say i mean how can they continue to claim that they are working together there against terror when their goals are so diametrically opposed. you're right and it really sounds strange but i have to say that i think that this is maybe the only area that is very important for both countries and might be the only area that they can try to cope word or at least to call auden ate their efforts. right washington bureau chief hollings on a phenomenon the story for us tonight here at the white house alexander thank you very much. still another victory for viktor orbán hungary's nationalist prime minister and his right wing party have once again taken more than two thirds of parliamentary seats in the general election mr orban calling the result a change or
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a chance to defend and harriet's now it comes after a campaign that took a hard line on muslim immigration or train migrants as a threat to hungary's christian identity it could also put the prime minister on an even more of a collision course with the european union. victory is written in his name. nationalist across hungry and europe are celebrating victory or bans reelection his anti immigrant campaign drew people out in record numbers but in the capital budapest where the opposition performed well the reaction was mixed. much less well the government has successfully implemented its hate campaign they planted hatred in people's hearts which is very sad. this is what should have happened we are happy because we are not really interested in immigrants and that's what's at stake now. if
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this tendency continues then we won't be heading towards a liberal country in my view we will not represent european values and that makes me deeply sad. just measures. despite being in a new manager hungry has refused to implement the blocks migrant resettlement program or been has like an migration to rust and poison a threat which he said his win would stave off. there's a big battle behind us. we have won a crucial victory got a chance gave ourselves a chance to defend hungary. for years. for bans reelection has energized right wing parties craving emancipation from the bloc several european politicians congratulated or ban including germany's conservative interior minister who also issued a warning to the e.u.
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. i would advise the european union to maintain sensible bilateral relationships with its member states but secularly with smaller ones such as hungary would see when i've always considered it wrong to manifest paternalism towards individual member states. for. party won almost half the vote which gives them the two thirds supermajority needed to introduce sweeping reforms and of the election or ban promise to take what he called moral political and legal action against his opponents. are pulling our correspondent barbara visual she is on the story for us tonight from brussels good evening to you barbara b. victor orbán he has been on a collision course with the european union for quite some time but when you listen to him speak what he did over the weekend i mean you get the impression that this is a man who is at war with the european union are we likely to see any change in
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the told at least between orbán and the e.u. . that's not likely of course at least not one see talks in his own country when he comes to brussels you can hear totally different viktor orban who really modifies the moderates the way he speaks and all of a sudden he seems quite tame to speak and. moderate and sort of open to discussion so we really see two faces but it is really the point really is what he does and what not what he says and he announced that he's going to crack down on n.g.o.s he's going to crackdown on the last pockets off resistance against his autocratic rule in hungary and he's going to crack down on the european university in budapest so the european union will see all that and then it will have to make a decision and will stay still and watch or will have sort of do try to do something against oregon in the course he has taken and what can. or are
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considerations within the e.u. to cancel subsidies for states that do not cooperate you know the words if they don't play we don't say is that realistic. and not at the moment but european are particularly german taxpayers probably should ask themselves do we want to finance this single phobic anti-semitic hate preacher who wants to be the autocratic rule of hungary and who is against democracy and fighting democracy in europe was our tax euros that is the question everybody can answer for themselves however the european union would need a rule change to enforce the cuts to his subsidies that is the one point where you can really hits him because he strives on those subsidies he takes you money not only for himself but for his family and for his cronies his of martyrs but it is difficult to implement and of course there's a lot of political resistance to that change when we also know that mr orbán he
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does have a fringe the leader of poland the russian president as we heard in that report even the interior minister of germany mr is a whole for seems to be on his side so. how strong is the support for him from outside the country. victor over and has protection as they say in mafia circles probably he has political protection within the european people's party that is the strongest conservative grouping within the european parliament that is also home to the german christian democrats and they have a very insistent party so we heard horse dissent are about if you talk to the who is the head of this party grouping the drama and ask them about viktor orban and why they continue to defend him and protect him he says really he is not that bad at heart he is a european and that really is as if you talk to the owner of
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a pit bull and he says oh he doesn't really want to bite you he's playing as drugs would be buying a pit bull to begin with a lot of people would say let me ask you before the resultant program that hungary refuses to participate do you anticipate any change in there none whatsoever the other european countries will sort of have to have to divide up the numbers and simply take in that our man is not going to change he's not going to compromise the european court of justice can't force him poland. second same position so we can sort of strike that off and we can also strike the agreement on a new migrant and refugee policy that was scheduled for the summer that is going to be kicked down the road so he has had a win not only in budapest in hungary last night over the weekend but he's going to win this battle within the european union all right of course one of over a very slim brussels towing it like it is tonight barbara's always thank you very
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much. well tonight police here in germany say three people are still in critical condition after saturday's deadly van attack in the western city of munster investigators say the driver did not have a permit for the gun which she used to kill himself after driving into a crowd outside a bar in the old town two people were killed dozens more injured police say the forty eight year old attacker appears to have had mental health problems. our correspondent charlotte shell's until has been covering the story for us she filed this assessment of how the city is react people are struggling to make sense of what's happened they still don't know what let the attacker to drive into a crowd of people just behind me on saturday afternoon and yet if there were thunder been the shining light amid all of this horror immediately after the attack
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queues of people lined up to give blood outside the local hospital hundreds more crowded into the city's cathedral to pay their respects to the dead this is a city defiance in the face of violence. and there was our correspondent there charlotte shelves until reporting in the hours after the van attacks social media helped spread inaccurate information about the driver and his motives i was watching it in real time this tweet falsely claimed the attacker was a german with a kurdish background who had left his passport at the scene the room or even migrated from computer screens to television the reports this report here on were mainly on television repeated that exact same faults in front of and even showed that exact same picture but it is actually a well known internet hoax the man in the picture is the us comedian sam hide and his picture is frequently circulated by internet trolls after nearly every large
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scale attack. and there were many other attempts to link the monster attack to islamist or hurt is terrorism this screenshot of an austrian t.v. broadcast shows and i witness not a suspect but the picture was misused to claim the man shown was the attacker and here it was posted on facebook to cast doubt on the german nationality of the driver the post has been shared almost nine thousand ton. well this promises to be one of the most pivotal weeks in the history of facebook the social media company begins today notifying those eighty seven million users whose data was harvested by cambridge analytical that data was then used without users' permission in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential campaign would it have been possible to use that data to engineer the
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outcome of the election well that is just one of the many questions waiting for facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg or today here rived in washington to meet with lawmakers tomorrow he'll testify before a congressional committee and is expected to be grilled on health he allowed the biggest scandal in the company's history to take place and why the government should not regulate or slap social media with regulations as a result now ahead of his testimony he offered this statement to the committee. it's clear now that we didn't do everything or enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm of that goes for fake news for interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and
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i'm responsible for what happens here or from guardian of your data to watchdog of the government it has been one week since the world learned about the questionable intentions of sinclair broadcast group sinclair owns almost two hundred local t.v. stations in the us making it the largest corporate player with tremendous influence it is lobbying the u.s. government to allow it to purchase even more stations sinclair is also a pro trump company last month management ordered local t.v. news anchors to read a promo script which mimics u.s. president trump's attacks on the mainstream media news inkers say that they were forced to debase their own journalism and equate the work of one side reporting and fake news with their own a video of those acres went viral and has led to major pushback against sinclair
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this week ads are airing urging people to contact the government to stop sinclair's expansion of those spots are airing on sinclair stations but with a big caviar sinclair is airing its own message before and after to make sure viewers get the point. which is owned by singular broadcast group is proud to present both sides of issues for that reason we have agreed to air the commercial you're about to see opposing sinclair's acquisition of additional television stations we think the ad is misleading but wanted to let you decide thank you for what happens when your local news is looking like a. guy. their own service station and nearly two hundred others if your studies of bankers to recycle the same political message word for word sinclair is trying to control new stations in seventy two percent of
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american homes killed the f.c.c. to stop the sinclair merger the friendly our democracy physics really think. you are a misleading ad you just saw focused on a brief promotional message that simply said we are a source for truthful news ignore thousands of hours of local news we produce each year to keep you informed the ad was purchased by a group known for its little bias and we hope you will buy into the hysteria and hype. there you go hysteria and hype sinclair is also using money to make a point last week the national press photographers association published a letter criticizing sinclair's manipulation of t.v. anchors to push a political agenda the next day sinclair withdrew a twenty five thousand dollars donation to these as the ancient or this did not intimidate the deans of thirteen major journalism schools in the us they have published an open letter condemning sinclair accusing it of treating local news like programming for trump t.v.
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in their letter they write we believe that a line was crossed it sinclair stations when anchors were required to read scripts making claims about the troubling trend of irresponsible one sided news stories plaguing our country and making the leap to disparage news media generally without specific sinclair has diminished trust in the news media overall and extreme danger posed to democracy by news media telling the public what to think describes our fears about the impact of the sinclair must carry script. well so far the response from sinclair we understand that the promo prompted an emotional response and we'll learn from it in the future. all right is going to wrap up the day we'll see you tomorrow everybody. trying.
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little. now with that in our innovations magazine for in asia the us from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com science and research for enjoy. your tune to tomorrow today coming up. is there anyone out there a scientist looks for my for outside the solar system. the nose knows why this dog helps researchers find hedgehogs. and the secret of cement what makes roman ruins so long lasting. first let's talk about sex and.


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