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tv   Doc Film - William and the Windmill Part 2  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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our keeper saved it all the conditions city have ninety minutes to overturn at three no deficit but liverpool who are training out hoping to spoil any idea of a miracle comeback. or this is deja vu news live from i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us and we'll see you again thanks on . the path of the world over information they provide to the penguins they want to reduce stress and g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us.
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i. mean. this with the mother with. them through and i mean are you going to be there. for them. and a minute of it was no. specifics but
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a fun smell like a. good cave for. him coming around to watch you know what you know. now that's from me you know a minute. if i'm. serious what are a little fuss of a isn't. money. moments at a two nucleus of a scandal in a moment the says one where they do not do is and want to go public just. to give them.
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a venue to me. right. and there's no room in what. did you mean. by you're. going to. give it. up. without going to give me my that he would. do and it was that he. needed the money you need and need. not go to all of it. but you know in. the mind of a young. kind
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of a one like us a little bit of would i have a way to feel what it was able was if i got. in a good and simple way to think until it is a minute. when
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jim. don't. couldn't do good still more of it. i didn't go over. the magic i would i. want to be i'm a feel way in your mind if i would have. been to him is an evil then his most of us who told. him his name on a whistle would have been either with an occasional single woman. or man move in the. school who. i knew on. a mobile why deny that he got it would be the. i'm the new one going to. go with number ten. screaming your few words on me the.
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new album nothing was a day when woody i. mean that idea of. when you know woody and it is a for me you know when you've been. together . with. as a bit. of money but for. anybody gazing down on one on that one ending example twenty seven going. on when you say man or woman.
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was. i'm so glad that all of you are here to welcome us to feel at home in the village of women. and we look forward to i'm starting off tomorrow in signing the covenants and then beginning to build the school. but no. one media would be. among us. already did they they wouldn't go in they must. know nobody we must cool and they got no one to be the audience because the mob we know because c.n.n.
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just put him in that i need the because w. l. he. and i joined. us once again when i would hear what i mean about going to. a school in a whale. and deciding how many babies. i wonder and it's about. what we do. you know but i don't. want you to. buy a bunch of one hundred. fifty but it's something i'm. giving it's what i'm going to see a wonderful stuff but you know what you also as one hundred. i've been told you don't want any school. would have. to give you to. justice for the needs of say one of us we're going to still make the most of the modern murder. didn't most would moan.
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because a cop will. look. into it a month. and above us we have. done our boy before you know know. i'm the only guy. over them only to get one would one do so no one of them can hold on to me crazy i know that when you know when a mom of a bush to the front moni and the money is from the non-criminal it was i'm going to come in and we do a lot of you know where you are will you when you're looking at that very very in a group of. girls one of them you know through whiskey woman he's a wonder woman is going ot. buy the. new nero we move them i'm going on and. on on and.
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good. god. yeah. i think. it will open the. pool was he i.
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did. what he thinks beyond the apparent head. journal oh c'mon speculate. yeah. i would say. it's kind of interesting to be on the other side to be waiting. for someone to visit you rather than you visit someone else. very interesting. that. we. should. save it.
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and. i think that l.a. was a struggle for him especially the first year it was a very steep cliff and you couldn't climb the cliff you needed ropes and tons and a harness and. you know you couldn't just walk up it it was scaling a sheer face. he did it he did it but that's the thing is he would always tell me i'd be like is this too hard and he said i'm just going to work as hard as i need to and never give up ever. and he didn't.
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thank. you if. i. was. like. wow it's. like. at some point during the book tour i realize wait a minute why don't we make this a college tour. that would be a good idea and william can get a sense of does he want big or small or private or public or liberal arts or super engineering. and he spoke at harvey mudd in l.a. while he was there and then when he was going to mit we got this email from this
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woman and she said you really need to come to dartmouth and i said if these people want us badly maybe it's worth william going and checking this out. but they said to him we want you to apply early decision by next week and i wrote to the mission council i said he hasn't taken the s.a.t.'s and they're like yes yes we know you know. and he you know filled out the application and like a week later he was accepted. i think they said do we want this kid or not and president kim said to william you are just the kind of kid that i want to educate for the twenty first century and when he said that i mean i heard about this once removed from brian i said. if if william wants to go to dharma he can go to dharma do you feel prepared for school. for no for now
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again i don't know what you do you prepare but. the time goes on i mean i'm going to be able to a better. prepared for school right now for sure on the lady i'm ready for you but i don't know how well on my trip you had. and what you do is you know with yours. if i'm not trying my best to. yak. allegorical. but it's a good. one
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if you don't meet. me who's coming out with it would. be that wolf is not going to be well we. i don't know i'm not the man who. did you know that. d.v.d. is on. the don he gets i think he's out. by we don't have a visit but evidently because i just. didn't. get to say. me yet you. i'm just going to say a tool to aids and. then i'll be i'll be done. i'm not going to say let's just do it.
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for most. of us only a movie that you do on it a muzzle the way he died many people did he was in the. eye when you meet him. this will be me good bye woody. thank i will my good. see. somebody did. do they now i know when you know the name as it. is it is nobody nobody will get bored with somebody you. guys it's almost my duty to go i didn't go out throughout the day that you could ask them to but the point is that we somebody that's the joint yeah.
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it's. what you think of the event yesterday i think yesterday's event going to air and i. i kind of. i think. it in though it was just. i was just getting lots of people mentioning my name. so yeah but it was nice well. yeah people were talking about you a whole lot. yeah that they were in there but the but. i didn't enjoy it as much as
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i was supposed to moderate. why don't why don't you enjoy that. you know i i. i yeah i don't know i just don't like it. they keep people i just like. mission among all the. i think you've been taught to feel that way william or you just do feel i guess to feel. if. you think of yourself as humble feet. i don't think you but. to me that flag itself if
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a lot of people you know me but i'm numb. then i get from. more. and. more. and. more. who are. more.
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was. home. and moved. to. move. state to proficiency if it. for fear of speaking up in. intervenes. in the sewer. i should keep. it if just to see if i'm sick.
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at this moment. we want to arrest you for this thank you thank . you. in the five years that you. know. his life is obviously transformed changed. do you ever talk to him or do you wonder if. this is like we did was we were. raised the way he is now. see when i look at the situation of now versus five years ago i actually see the same
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person i see william i see around him more opportunity more satisfaction more sense that he can do what he wants to set out to do and. i don't honestly perceive that even for a moment he wishes to go back to the way things were however it it i'm sure at some times that it feels like a bird it i'm sure. he . wants to do something. and they just want to shake it i think because they're presenting their generations to them and for being one of the most progressive minded ritually inspiration thank you so my thank you and
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i know. they're going to fix it for sure. that you don't think you. have a very excited about any research opportunities that are met. and if they're like any of that you know that like particularly scoping out or just going to sleep as they are would be the most of the dumb while doing something wrong because but yeah like. i say why do there. so it's a little bit of the fellow. you know you look different when he. doesn't like you to tell fellow here that he is what. interests you it's like the outfit there it's like you have to that's a bit earlier ken. it was. really good for you. i guess. a lot of.
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playing you just use. this each time i think. that's for. sure. and as much vacation one that might be too much for. there's a good. deal of that. in chinese. but. maybe. just speak once my means to say what you really think or to not be afraid to say we are resisting. like. it's cool if you don't want to do something. to can say no. you know what peer pressure is. you know.
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i figured. they want you to drink from the beer keg that is this big there's a little post about it being a little valve. ixnay. you might you know i. as you describe it yeah. you know i need to also do you know wave names if somebody says you want to do shots. and i want to say no. but they're a small class and they put out a hard out like strong out the whole early keela like or like what you're right and then they do shots like you just trying to really fast and i guess the purpose is to get drunk on. the right.
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see. where these lawyers throw you know throughout the universe for anything i have internet mobile phone. television production pay cable satellite broadcast video on demand paper you series movie that we can really serious fraction rights. free people see is remakes and series based on earth three. that you can sign this i've been able to do that if you say it's this this is the agreement between you and she with a show for saying he has the right to make them both into a movie and he has the right to. all of your life rights i mean if he has the right. in the story that we're giving him a lot of rights to do stuff but it says the think they just see you know that they
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get the right to make a movie about you and they also get your life story rights but it stops before dartmouth and says explicitly we carved out and said you can't have anything of his life after darkness or you have to pay him more you know because i don't want you to have all of your life trapped. in you know that he owns that he can do stuff with right. that the most important thing to understand about this kind of agreement and this is true of every every selling your rights to hollywood it's true for every single one it's called they get fictionalization rights meaning that they can make your true story into fiction if they want they can take out scenes they can put in whole nude scenes they can make stains. they can make you know they could make you into a villain if they wanted to and make you the bad guy but they won't because that doesn't make any sense and nobody would come to see that movie you know so they're
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not going to make you look bad that's even have to worry about that although they could they technically have the rights to change things but they can make your father. you know like he didn't drink when he was younger or. like. you know i mean it doesn't work it doesn't work as a story so but i just wanted you know that they can fictionalized something they can change it around and you have no right to say. if you just take the time to do these right now then when the world you know with the notoriety partly gets it i am sure. my recommendation is you do it now. since to get it just to get it done sorry . for air. flow. hate running tom i'm here with willie. willie he should have told you before
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the dream and i just wanted to share your comfortable with. we're going to go see things there's there's a couple things that seem huge and i just want to ask you this initial family for twelve months or eighteen months to remember. that even though we. seem to have a. very . good year and one of the corner revs like you either in their.
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for it to. snow today which would you know a. whole fifteen thousand away as. i read about. the other thing you can do is claim test you if you want light it's there if you don't if you don't want to glare i mean it's your computer that is there something that was just there right next to this did you go to this is yeah i think.
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it's light plus because it will be. played maybe this lines yeah right now because it was very heavy because. are all your bags packed to move them into your room yeah. ok. so what now. and then we need to go. have a question for you. remember that contract. from a couple days ago tom explained to you. yeah what does that mean.
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you know me oh. which one of. the one from she would. they want to make of a movie yeah. i'm just hoping that if it goes well then they'll might be able to make. a move about my. last. do you want that. yeah. i feel like sometimes you get a little nervous or embarrassed if a lot of people know your story.
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yes i'm some parents because. the israelis i don't want to do that because people when they know my story some people they just think as. they say oh we i was we know me a boy but not just. saying we don't know as if this one has. just what i wanted to like people to know me. we i was you know more of a. guy and you know so that's why when some friends i get asked. do you wonder though. if you sign that contract. if that means that everyone will know you as the windmill boy. that's one thing that. it's what you might have been when you make him one.
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being but yeah going to. have to use the envy of all these other things. and just. trying to find out what is going. that's why i was sort of what he was doing anyway and why i'm trying to. so my love is. low. no. three minutes ok free me it's. ok. you. know yeah. yeah. ok i just want to ask you about this and then we can go. did you sign the contract . yes i d h. yes because you can
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print different leaf so we'll finish this we have a computer as can be so big. but it's the one that comes free to your computer so if you want. to do you just who doesn't want him. to know what we're going to see on you know your most wired capable of putting your clothes away because you harnessed to do it well you're saving us a click if you know what it is this is all i am right here. i mean certainly all your physical preparations are done of the technology all the posts all of the door and that. you know and i feel like a lot of the academic. preparation and. obviously you started reading forty nine you get. lucky and that's a long book but if you keep plugging away at it. i think you'll be ok i mean
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obviously you can tell that you have a support structure here and. it's. because people. are very very new. and you know. take advantage of. that they don't feel that. there's only one thing i. don't know they don't feel like you can just ask and we'll help you. whatever to help you thought so. it's hard to. argue that. we could act if. just let me. read.
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one. house but if you don't like skin. just like the sky but it's now it's up to me like to figure out what i want to do. to figure out everything by my own
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so that's that's the one thing i was like. one thing and then bad some point like something will be asking me oh. boy the boy honest the wind in the gut said i know that guy went to the same high school. i went in for the money as we are. i just wanted to be like you as a student dozen students as everyone else. and and you you think you you found that . with only. the case thank you. oh i feel ridiculously proud i mean how could you not but. i mean what i'm proud of is him manifesting the him i knew he could be and not about any assistance that he may
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have gotten from me or anyone else what drives me to want to help william. i think . that there's definitely this sense of being a parental figure in someone's life the way i wished it to be in mine and there's definitely a sense of of i'm definitely working out stuff for myself by doing. nothing on healthy nothing dysfunctional particularly but i think i think that there's something that's been emotionally. profound emotionally healing for me about doing this.
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i think i mean you know we're going to be her minister though and so that woman and told me when the when the woman and there. wasn't somebody was us and all of us until somebody was i'm going to want to be. you know g. and being governed by name which is possible doesn't will as i be his muse would and so of his i would say when you go. to school any more than that it would be pleasant to see him as me you mustn't say me oh that's a kind of girl you want on that which is equivalent to go to for your journey to where your school.
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goes so that i saw the proceedings. on tuesday night you knew you would you would. meet up as you know me not because a month of all those was you know. by human dick. and by then i will go my tussle with what he meant and i got called on a call. when i do i. don't know what about the kind out of me i did so and i was in because of i'm going to call on the one troll boy.
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