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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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we need more photographers starting may third form d w. this is d w news live from berlin accusations fly over an alleged poison gas attack in syria moscow invites international chemical weapons experts to inspect the allege and site of the attack saying it's found no evidence it actually happened this as president trump threatens to strike in syria syrian military targets. meanwhile the office of president trumps personal attorney is rated by the f.b.i.
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trump lashes out calling it a witch hunt to undermine his presidency. and the poison daughter of an ex russian spy has been discharged from the hospital and taken to a secure location she and her father were targeted in an apparent poisoning attack just over a month ago. i'm sumi so much down there good to have you with us russia has invited an international chemical weapons watchdog to inspect the site of an alleged chemical attack in syria this says u.s. president donald trump threatened imminent military action in response to it aide workers in the town of duma east of damascus say poison gas was used to kill dozens of people in the attack over the weekend moscow said it found no evidence in the syrian government denies any responsibility. did these bombs dropped on the last
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rebel held area near the syrian capital damascus contain chemical weapons the answer could be cause for escalation in the conflict there most of all between the united states and russia the two global powers faced off at the united nations security council in new york. russia's obstructionism will not continue to hold us hostage when we are confronted with an attack like this one the united states is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the syrian people held to account yet. i call upon those slandering the regime to move forward with the assumption that there was no chemical weapons attack. no russian troops have been deployed in syria at the request of the legitimate government of a country we already conveyed to the u.s. side that armed force under false pretext against syria could lead to grave repercussions as. aid workers say chlorine gas killed at least forty people and
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injured many more in duma the u.s. and its allies want an investigation into what happened there but the u.s. may go further than an inquiry history will record this as the moment when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond. that response could look like this last year following another suspected chemical attack u.s. president donald trump ordered cruise missile strikes against a syrian air base. trump says military options are again on the table and action of some sort could come soon. khaled yacoob always is a specialist on syria and he joins us here on g.w. thank you for being in our studio with us donald trump is threatening more forceful
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action what do you think that means so what are his military options judging by the last time the military option was an attack that was merely slap on the wrist of. not only the civilian population of cd of this when the population have been targeted by the heavy world war two type from bodmin by russia the seat in the g.m. and also let's not the let's not forget to get along we can see you know the suspected chemical weapons has been again used so unless you have a really forceful response of epic proportions assad would not be the third that russia would not need to leave it would be used on what would be that really forceful response something that would hurt the base of the the you loyalist piece of the energy the security apparatus the secret police the alawite elite forces of energy where they can feel some pain like that being they have been inflicted against the sunni population only then when the beast of
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a side is good he can have a second calculations but as long as his base is not he doesn't kid now the latest incident that is a listen to this attack from this response rather from donald trump is this alleged chemical gas attack in duma now russia says that this was fabricated the u.s. says that's not the case this is something that really happened what is the evidence i mean either to look at democratic governments and believe all of these they want cut the governments they are the states france russia germany are deceiving its population and saying these repeated chemical weapons attacks in syria are invented or do you think that there have been some soldiers have been hitting themselves and beat it with chemical weapons attack and killing themselves or killing the population or do you believe the. the russians i mean it's up to you but remember that russia wrote the book historically all this information this in front months it's literally wrote the book the russians themselves are actually now calling for the international chemicals weapons watch stock to come in to actually look at the site where this attack is said to have taken place what do you make of
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back and the idea that they now control they can easily wipe of the evidence and then that is there is a proverb saying killing killing someone and then marching in this feeling that this is exactly what you're saying what is this latest escalation that we've been seeing in eastern guta and duma does it threaten the security across the region as well i mean the security of the region has been vastly threatened by the merely the undemocratic military regimes in syria and elsewhere and the un want. without any repercussions of killing masses of civilian population this is what that is the security of the region not isis not the causes of this which are these the these thirty six thirty and fifty three she was in that region that nobody in the west want to deal with i mean look about three hundred years ago edmund burke responded to another atrocity you on your show one of the boy thousands of soldiers were drawn this is the age of sofas that he said self is theirs and calculators and this is what you say get out of bed calculations no more latino values so you're saying
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now is the time to act it doesn't look like the syrian regime is about to finally win this conflict he's winning in certain areas then gene but remember the best ideas that used to be freight is the oil that is sort of water and the winters of water of syria on the pro-u.s. kurdish militia and you have other areas in the soft and the north yes i said this controlling territory but look at the whole map of syria the guy is a puppet for the your audience and for the russians so that it is winning but you know what that's an addition you know all right. the serious specialist with us here on thank you very much for your insight. now u.s. president trump has called an f.b.i. raid on the office of his personal attorney disgraceful the f.b.i. acted in part on a referral from special counsel robert miller miller is conducting an investigation into russia as a legit meddling into the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election. president trump was blindsided by news of the raid on his
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longtime attorney's office and he didn't hesitate in publicly venting his anger he accused the f.b.i. of unlawfully entering michael cohen's office despite having a warrant. so i just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorney and good man. it's a disgraceful situation it's a total witch hunt it's an attack on our country in the true sense and the attack or what we all stand for trump says the so-called witch hunt is distracting him from more urgent matters as president and he has made no secret of his disdain for robert muller who is heading the f.b.i. inquiry and was involved in the raid miller is investigating trump on allegations of misconduct including collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen election and trump's lawyer michael cohen is now in
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miller's crosshairs after he admitted to making a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to adult film actress stormy daniels just days before the election daniels alleges she had a sexual relationship with donald trump in two thousand and six and was paid hush money for her silence trump has denied the affair and knowledge of the payment trance reaction to the raid prompted renewed speculation that the president may have miller removed from the investigation. why don't i just fireballer well i think it's a disgrace what's going on and we'll see what happens but i think it's really a sad situation where you look at lawmakers on capitol hill have warned of the president to allow the investigation to go ahead without political interference. the daughter of a former russian spy has been discharged from the hospital and taken to a secure location some five weeks after both she and her father were poisoned yulia and circus group all were exposed to
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a nerve agent in the english city of solsbury last month both were in critical condition for weeks they've heard target of the attack remains in the hospital the case has plunged relations between russia and the west to their lowest in decades britain accuses russia of masterminding the attack moscow denies involvement now the hospital treating yulia her father and a police officer who was also exposed to the nerve agent has a press conference a short while ago. all three had been exposed to a nerve agent nerve agents work by attaching themselves to particular enzymes in the body which then stop the nerves from functioning this result. in treating the patients is to stabilize them and showing that they can breathe and the blood can continue to circulate we then need to use a variety of different drugs to support the patients until they could create more
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and signs to replace those affected by the poisoning. we also use specialized decontamination techniques to remove any residual toxins the scribbles are recovering from the attack but what's the current diagnosis on relations between the u.k. and russia our correspondent in london says the outlook is still bleak. well there's a lot of course in that was broken over the last. both sides whereas johnson was not and there it goes with the foreign minister and the that was the russian side who suggested that it was attack or. britain itself so also we have a long way to go to reestablish there at the magic relations the question is how the british government reacts to the second acts in the last years of reduced ground with north and investigating also corrupt money flow into the country from russia ukraine says it will impose sanctions on russian all or darks following
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the lead of the united states ukrainian president petro poroshenko made those comments in berlin where he's held talks with chancellor angela merkel pushing cool thanked merkel for berlin support and maintaining sanctions against moscow put in place after russia occupied crimea in two thousand and fourteen but your leader is also addressed by lateral trade issues as well as the north stream natural gas pipeline which will bypass ukraine and poland now one of the world's richest and most influential men will be grilled in the u.s. senate today facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is set to appear before lawmakers on capitol hill second berg's been on damage control after it was revealed that the data of millions of facebook users may have been improperly shared the news has left users around the world wondering whether they should close their accounts to death as claire richardson reports. in washington d.c. spring is in the air well almost but with facebook making all the wrong headlines
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and what better season for some digital cleaning many americans have said they'll delete their accounts could this be a turning point for facebook. mark zuckerberg is testifying before congress for the first time to answer questions about a major data privacy scandal he's hoping to convince both facebook's users and the company's investors that he's taking the problem seriously but just how worried are people are you a facebook user. are you concerned about some of the allegations of data privacy breach and definitely i really want to close my page you're going to you're going to delete your facebook absolutely because i just feels just privacy is just not there you don't use facebook and there were not the person. instagram took over. you know instagram zone by facebook yeah but then i very different things everybody knows they use it you know you get as ads including ones
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meant to get you to vote in a certain way information collected from eighty seven million users was improperly harvested by a company called cambridge analytic it says its research helped donald trump win the twenty sixteen elections his campaign denies it. i went to ask an expert if the changes facebook has promised are enough to win back public trust you know. so facebook said they're going to make it easier to find your privacy controls to see what information they have on you is that enough i think privacy concerns are just one of the issues here facebook has been dealing with so many different issues there are discriminatory ads online there's been a lection manipulation there's been security issues so i think while they're making some changes they're going to need to do a lot more in order to regain the trust of both the users and regulators around the world. that robert has apologized for the oversight and promised a new privacy features before his hearings but it seems unlikely lawmakers will take any serious action. a reminder now of our top story here a d.-w.
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russia has offered to arrange a visit for chemical weapons experts to the site of a suspected poison gas attack in syria moscow says it has found no evidence of an attack this after u.s. president trump threatened and imminent military strike against syria over the incident. now king city is supposed to be the future of urban living in saudi arabia but what is behind the shiny facade column for us that coming right up in business. which of pretty. sure links to news from africa the world or link to it simply your stories and discussion someone uses easy and what we say debbie to come so much to join us on facebook. for.
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