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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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d.w. diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. and with that our innovations magazine for. us from every week and always looking to the future w. dot com science and research for a show. oh i was going to drive a v.w. motor magazine coming up so you know it's hot spot for winter testing. couldn't we are carnivorous the jaguar even race. plus all the latest news from the
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new york auto show. as the northern hemisphere awakens from its winter hibernation new york city recently put current through c s n a springtime mood with the annual international auto show in my head our reporter mark that says the show features a lot of cars that are bigger than the ones you'll find elsewhere for many americans it is beautiful and that applies to their cars as well so you'll find a lot of oversize vehicles here but you have its convention center center i'm not going to go i need these i'm honest. it seems like feet out all manufacturers are competing with each other to see who can build the biggest car. why get it here too of course the models on display include a five seat coupe a edition of the atlas. and a pickup truck that you. this is the same atlas planned for both vehicles were
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designed specifically for the u.s. market. pickup trucks and. p.w. design ship close additional says the pick ups are part of the american way of life so what's working decided to get into the game that was once called so i was saying to. the v.w. pickup is five point four metres long it's got a double cam. and a cargo bed that's one point six metres long big enough to fit in a small quad bike. german cars at the show also focus on interior features says mount this like the new audi r s five which has a capacity of three hundred twenty six kilowatts. the day before the show opened the r.s. five made its international debut at the manhattan classy car club that's where rich and famous auto enthuse the issue off their collections we are is five is due
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to arrive in u.s. showrooms this fall it features a two point nine leader be a twin turbo engine and outings patented quatro four wheel drive system the r.'s five is expected to go on sale in europe next year. here's one of the fastest cars at the new york auto show the porsche nine eleven g t three its rear wheel drive and powerful engine make it a lot of fun to drive the output weighs in at three hundred eighty three kilowatts and the g.t. three can go from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in just three seconds it's the perfect car for those who demand top performance whether on the racetrack or on city streets. mercedes am g. also makes a pretty fast car here's an updated version of the c sixty three there are two engine options with three hundred fifty and three hundred seventy five kilowatts. but they also. the free auto industry equivalent of an oscar or
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a grammy says mark this is the christie just world car of the year award which is handed out every year at the new york on a show this year the award went to the involved x c sixty put in voice for existing . there are awards in seven categories for overall design environmentalists fish and sea luxury features sporting design and urban drivability more than eighty times otto journalists take part in the voting this is the second year in a row that in s.u.v.s been crowned world car of the year and this year also for the second time running the top three picks were all s.u.v.s. the higher seat positions trend continues as seen in this toyota model it's the sixth generation rav four the grandfather of the compact s.u.v. . started late today four will get credit for it the second they were in
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a fifth generation what's interesting is last year we sold four hundred thousand of these it's fifth year of a sixth year body life cycle. toyota is trying to stay ahead of the pack by making this version a little bigger which creates more room inside iran for also features new driver assist and connectivity systems. and doesn't really want to says noticed how electric cars alternative power trains and sustainability don't exactly take center stage at the sheers new york auto show that may be because the event is hosted by automotive retailers who course want to feature cars that people want to buy off on that and a lot of american motorists still favor good old combustion engines on. things and on t.v. hobbies it's important even though he's pumped up a penalty more fab seated.
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does is that our current i hope or since it nothing irrational go one g.m.t. i for one nine hundred seventy six of course but the new polo g.t. i think it is sixth generation and you can tell that from the batch and also from the honeycomb grille and the red line at the front which now extends into the headlamps while the original g.t. i had anyone kilowatts apolo has one hundred forty seven. that translates into an a credible two hundred horsepower to leader for so many or turbo engine generates up to three hundred twenty new meters of tour available as a one thousand five hundred r.p.m. the sports suspension and the x.t.'s differential lock turn the polo into a compact sports go. the new model comes with a six speed dual clutch transmission and makes the dash to one hundred kilometers
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per hour in six point seven seconds top speed to some two hundred thirty seven and there will be a manual shift edition at a later date. the movie function steering wheel allows the driver to switch the information displayed on the digital dashboard a very modern touch but not exclusive to the g g i the regular pull the additions are also available with a virtual cockpit. point of view to improve the g.t. i use not smallest as right it's thirty five centimeters longer than the original g.t. i mean really notice that at the back where there's ample space she recommends the fabric she covers with a plan which most wagon calls. also like the virtual cockpit. which lets you
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customize the instrument displays as well as being modern its cutting edge technology not just a cluster of blanking lights so on up to as to take. the pollute g.t. i is only available in a four door version. but the l.e.d. headlamps with the red willetts are optional. also available as an optional extra are the eighteen inch alloy wheels they have a high sheen finish with the inner areas offset and high gloss black paint their red brake calipers shine through the spokes they not only look impressive engage with considerable force. moving to the rear features include a split roof spoiler and at the bottom of the bumper a black honeycomb inserts next to the dual exhaust pipes.
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will. be infotainment system is horizontally aligned with the instrument cluster for easy visibility and use typically for each e.t.i. the color scheme is dominated by black red gray and chrome red contrast stitching in the seats and hence is the sporty look. buyers have a choice of for driving profiles with a sportin individual modes delivering the most fun at the wheel but the polo is not just about performance it also comes with a number of safety features the front assist area monitoring system was city emergency braking and patisserie monitoring is standard fitted as are automatic those collision brakes. therefore to get to final says the full g.t. i can be a thrilling or a leisurely right wolf. and the actual and suspension steering and brakes make it
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very sporty the two main advantages for him though are that it's more compact and cheaper than its bigger brother the gold. prices in germany for the polo g.t. i started just under twenty four thousand euros they've both g.t. i cost at least six and a half thousand more. mazda has given his six series sedan a facelift for the two thousand and eighteen model year both a diesel and gasoline engines are now available with cylinder deactivation technology in order to further improve fuel economy and optionally available three hundred sixty degree camera helps drivers negotiate tricky parking situations the new must a six is due at dealerships in germany this summer. jeep is introducing a new version of the grand cherokee a good track cock as the best acceleration of any of the makers of eight s.u.v.s
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five hundred twenty two kilowatts of output powered from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and just three point seven seconds that track cock will start cruising the roads in germany in the middle of the year and prices beginning at one hundred twenty thousand euro. for many months of the year it's seriously cold in sweden a number of auto makers use the freezing conditions to put their vehicles to a special test over a four month period see carried out sixty checks on his models years covering a total of thirty thousand kilometers one hundred fifty engineers and technicians were in wall. cross this thing you throw down because it's the weight that we check that the cards turning what we wanted to do here on. this track features two different kinds. road conditions that's a real challenge for
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a car's brakes and a.v.s. . so breaking in with blue it's always a critical situation because. to the fore and very different to one side than the car on the other side the space of we have. one side ice on the other side so we're going to break this is then he's going to be the stubble a cigar. in the brake pressure but also history in the air and the way that show. so as you have seen the car is completely stable and you're able to. keep their right directorial because this is going is this working properly. and of course car engines are likewise subjected to rigorous testing here right now the technical crew is carrying out an air intake test using a variety of sensors and measuring devices they want to find out whether the air
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filters clog up when the car gets caught in snow picked up by the vehicle in front of it there to test cars drive in tandem at eighty kilometers per hour after fifty kilometers the technicians would check for any problems with the air filter and any resulting drop in engine performance. now they're going to test how much vehicle parts have contracted because of the cold and have come into contact with each other that can create noise which. we have now in the cloth tests in this test we tried to find out any kind of nice produce by contacts between parts interior fox plastic parts or giving the folks with plastics get this to find which parts are contacting probably using the. if we can. help.
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our materials ploughboy the place. next up for inspection a seance electronic stability control system which complained important role in winter driving conditions the test is carried out in a circular track on the frozen surface of a lake the car's traction control system is disabled gradually in stages and turned off completely to test sporty driving conditions. the car's performance is constantly and meticulously analyzed and recorded. these one hundred tests are rigorous to say the least because the technical crew wants to make sure that the car will perform to the standards under any driving conditions and they seem to have a fair bit of fun with some of these tests much to the envy of many car enthusiasts
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. the new e.p. seems jaguar present its first compact s.u.v. it's out to compete with the likes of the audi q three b.m.w. x one and mercedes g.l.a. and also with the jaguar land rover group's own range rover evoque. car reviewer ronnie points out the little jaguar on the windshield of another downsized jaguar with the e.p.a. says the british carmakers second and this time oriented to the compaq segment so is this little cat still a predator. the design is related to the f.-type the rugged sporty suspension and attractive range of engines mean this is still very much a genuine jaguar except for the entry level model with front wheel drive all
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additions are all wheel drive. the pace is unlike other jaguar models as ronnie the e.p.a. says a body made not of aluminum but chiefly steel at the same time of course its maker has fitted it with various components to reduce weight such as in the limo it out of me. so i don't see it. with the long hood and sloping roof line the e.p.a.'s almost looks like a coupe a optional be available twenty one inch alloy wheels underline the car sporty carry . at the rear striking elly the lights ensure that the s.u.v. looks like a jaguar at night to. the interior is a modern and elegant affair boasting high quality workmanship that tightly arranged cockpit combined with huge displays is a sight to behold up to eight external devices can log onto the internet via the
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car's own wife iyonix by they could be powered by no less than poor twelve outlets and five u.s.b. ports. they are running fine switch a great pace is a pretty nimble mover if they become for it mode the handling is well ok but to experience the true jaguar d.n.a. you really need to switch over to dynamic months. ronnie checked out the addition with the second most powerful four cylinder turbo diesel engine which pumps out one hundred thirty two kilowatts the trays can sprint to one hundred kilometers per hour nine point nine seconds top speed. just two hundred seventy official fuel consumption is an average of just five point two leaders for a one hundred kilometer prices for the basic addition in germany started just under thirty five thousand euros our model would cost close to forty thousand. the
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thinking a compact s.u.v. segment is in big demand says ronnie and jaguar doesn't want to miss out on this of course. has turned out to be a really great vehicle with both a b.p. design and comfortable handling. and if you're not worried about blemish ing its pretty face you can have a lot of fun taking this little big cap off road to. ninety nine turbo a prime example of swedish engineering saab which started out as an aircraft manufacturer presented its first automobile prototype the order saab in one thousand forty seven that famous scandinavian attention to detail meant it was another twenty years until the next generally new model was launched op known as christoph bauer puts it when the saab ninety nine was born in one nine hundred sixty seven the media was delighted with a solid compact build in modern engineering he quotes the swiss weekly trade
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journal automobile from one nine hundred sixty nine it's hard to find a more responsibly build vehicle and the saab ninety nine crew into the darling of individual is freelancers and academics but even for that kind of clientele christophe says one hundred eighteen horsepower was too little so it's saab turn to brand new turbo charger technology to coax more out of the four cylinder engine. out of. those saab ninety nine turbo was a pioneer the only european production models were turbochargers at the time. were b.m.w. is two thousand two turbo introduced in one nine hundred seventy three. and the porsche nine eleven turbo from one nine hundred seventy four. innings that sir christopher the big difference between porsche and b.m.w. with their high flying sports models and saab was that the swedes were the first to
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put it turbo charger in a mid-sized family sedan and trim down the university of technology for every day use a bit of a preceded carefully first giving turbo prototypes to one hundred drivers from the public and letting them clock up four point five million kilometers and it was a success if the saab ninety nine turbo is reliable and robust as the proverbial swedish steel that's. despite its respectable one hundred forty five horsepower the ninety nine turbo was no sensation on the sporting front the turbo charger moved saab into the performance executive range upper middle class without its having to develop a costly six cylinder engine. to be able man stop the motto was toward not horse power christophe explained so drivers don't get that second turbo kick instead the charger starts to build up pressure in just one thousand five hundred r.p.m. by three thousand rabs it's already reached its maximum pressure of
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a moderate at zero point seven bar the result is twenty three percent more power and with that above all forty five percent more torque and that's what counts for every day use. this is trenton going to st designed by star architect renzo piano an appropriate backdrop for the functional swedish car. made him stop nine months if you mean to be very fast and a sob ninety nine turbo's is kristoff but you're very safe like going to the high security cell with a cushion dashboard and even a double jointed steering column with that two event means you're. he said the ignition lock was moved here behind the gearshift and that inside here at the park but the real highlight for christophe are the ergonomically form seats with the coed restraints added a typical feature of the one nine hundred sixty s. compact executive a car. gets out to point out some special features that any kind of
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store will recognize as belonging to the top of the range model a lower chassis wider tires and now the so-called inca it's a pyramid design symbolizing the router blades of the turbo charger whatever and to optimize all that terrible power on the road the car has a few spoilers and past point a good time. the sub ninety nine was the last model designed by sixteen sas and the celebrated swedish industrial designer it's considered the quintessential son safe aerodynamically sound and solid but a touch eccentric as well. the interior is unconventional but cozy and well equipped this top version has a weather steering wheel and a turbo boost gauge. and now
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christophe is ready to show its the turbo revolution was in his own here we have blades rotating up to ninety thousand times a minute this i know the one on the turbine aside from is driven by the exhaust current and i actually have to offer it see other rotor blades on the compressor side that forces extra air into the combustion chamber and more air more fuel and more power. and in a further innovation the religiously small charger has a fashion response time eliminating the feared turbo gap the techno. when she enabled this pioneering vehicle to sprint from zero to one hundred in just under ten seconds and the car continues excel orating up to one hundred ninety eight kilometers per hour stop not unlike the saab ninety nine turbo brought one hundred forty five horsepower on to the road one and in general it understeers that's good
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from a safety point of view but he can see why a shorty driver might be underwhelmed by the handling and also by the somewhat cumbersome steering and stiff gearshift so fit to fly south. the f.a.a. to getting caught once. they could get it but that's and then there's the hefty price of over twenty five thousand marks at the time back then that could buy you a b.m.w. five twenty eight i was six cylinders and more than one hundred eighty horsepower or two leader goes with standard equipment so well and all the saab ninety nine turbo was a car for a wealthy individual issues if you do what is. in joe's five years of production from one nine hundred seventy seven to one thousand maybe to precisely ten thousand six hundred seven such solvent individuals chose a sub ninety nine turbo. on
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the saab ninety nine turbo debuted in one nine hundred seventy seven it was rightly considered the first production sedan with a turbo engine for everyday use a modern car production wouldn't be possible without the power boosting turbines and look at downsizing says chris duffy stiffing idea of using fewer cylinders and smaller engines sizes wouldn't be possible without turbo charging turbines and the saab ninety nine turbo is the primordial ancestor of today's turbo boost car shop and definitely a milestone in automotive history by instead dollars will be seized. after struggling desperately for years however saab filed for bankruptcy in two thousand and twelve it was bought up by chinese own national i'm. vehicle sweet but is no longer permitted to use the name sop. and next time i drive it a cold convertible returned the new mustang cabriolet. and
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as u.v. into tone style we check out the grand slam next. the be. above. the. law. i'm going to. cut the law.
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the law. night after night leaves on it even sure is into this knowing. night after night of the restless freezing refugee. kids skilled legal but he and others in his village don't care. they are determined to help. the fast pace of life in the digital globe the fish has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information though with useful items and interviews with makers
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and users. should be in forty five minutes on the boom. to fasten your seat belts so the bath the body the body. check in the. travel guide w. fighting for the kids to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on. the female superhero on a mission such as. smart women smart talks smart station the
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matters. d.w. made for mines. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been testifying before u.s. lawmakers their hearing has focused on his admission that the data of up to eighty seven million users may have been improperly shared with political consultancy cambridge analytical he's admitted his company didn't do enough to combat fake news for an interfering.


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