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tv   Made in Germany - Ageing in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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and now i want to meet those woman back home my bones my very own social rooms and inform them about that piece and why. my name is the amount of the who and i'm more apt to. seventy is the new fifty a popular saying these days a lot of people are living longer when more health conscious and medical science is making progress but what if you're struggling to make ends meet in retirement while your mates are on a world cruise half the year the economics of old age. we'll get to some of the
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pitfalls later but first the upsides and there are quite a few the wave of silver surface spending their disposable income the holds of grey nomads exploring every last corner of the earth aging populations aren't necessarily a drain on economies my colleague quen to talk about it with someone who should know her mother placated. this is me and this is my mother there are nearly forty years the tween us i'd like to be like her when i get old an eighty one year old who's full of beans. sure i could come over here every day and do my gymnastics in the park. people in germany are getting older and as long as their health holds out they continue to be active as they age how old do you feel. oh that's a tough question i usually ask people how old they think i am but how do i feel i
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say mid sixty's or so. i certainly not as old as i really am thank goodness your life. motto in life is to try to not come to a standstill stay active continue to look for and experience new things. and visit when you come across something new don't think oh you don't need to try that it's not worth it at your age but just a bit ago. that makes people like my mother attractive for many companies these so-called youthful seniors want to lead independent lives and that means they're an important part of consumer society. they're not averse to modern technology. to see have the colors are changing. that have in the last on the internet when you swipe over something with the mice in the color changes then you know you can click on it it's like a button you can push. ok but it's not doing anything why isn't it reacting
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my mother is generally unfazed even when things get complicated. oh it's been finish i'm pretty persistent and once i've started something and feel a need to learn how to do it then i stick with it until i can even if it's difficult and i have to swear myself a little i say big e. don't be stupid just keep on trying so hard on me said mom i give myself a little pep talk and that usually works but then i would. buy what i'm biased. by there my mother taking trips is a way of staying active in old age travel loving seniors have become a lucrative market for tour operators special travel clubs offer package tours for them my mother is happy to spend her money on bass and make her remaining years pleasant. in private i don't i don't spend much time to eling on the future and who
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knows what might happen in a week or in six months when i try not to think about that too much i don't feel old and i hope that's the way it stays for a while. living in the here and now i think that's a good attitude to have as any age and i don't think a lot everyone is that positive and the preconceptions about aging are usually quite negative but talk to marketing experts and you'll discover quite quickly that the older generation is growing in force it has consumer clout and is increasingly well off. to stereotype older people are less productive and no longer capable of holding down a job. but that's simply not true more and more people are working beyond retirement age in two thousand and five that apply to six point five percent of over sixty five's in germany by two thousand and fourteen that number had climbed
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to fourteen point five percent putting germany ahead of italy in the u.k. the percentage is even higher and in a stony or greater still. but what about the adage you can teach an old dog new tricks well that's wrong two of the roughly thirty four thousand people operating courses a german universities almost half are over sixty. it's true that cognitive lost does occur as people age but in many seniors these changes are coming later and later. and what about mobility. while in one thousand nine hundred five only one in ten seventy five to seventy nine year olds had a driver's license nowadays up to half of them still get behind the wheel. and seniors are an increasingly important market for the tourism industry cultural
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and educational tours are more popular with over sixty five days. but don't older people have to pinch their pennies. in germany one in six elderly people is currently at risk of poverty and in the future this figure could rise to one in five but the fact is seniors have a higher average disposable income than any other age group. all told their total spending power climbed over the past decade to three hundred seventy five billion euros one in every three spent by a senior. a lot more than you think now. what did you say. i. thought it could be twice. a day or maybe i need to get my is cleaned up or do i need a hearing aid another widespread cliche about the elderly is hearing loss we tend
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to imagine old people wearing those clunky flesh colored contraptions tucked behind their ears that people patiently but two things about that cliche are wrong first of all the latest technology has given hearing aids a major make over these sleek new devices are so small you'd hardly notice them and another thing is that hearing loss is not restricted to seniors. that's what most people hear when they cycle. but this is how it sounds to have it be enticing dole rumble in traffic or impairment could mean the difference between life or death. with a hearing aid it's easier for me to hear cars that drive up behind me it's safer. but never less stereotypes persist hearing aids are just for friday duddies. that's
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an outdated image i knew in the past hearing aids used to be a lot bigger nowadays they're much smaller you can hardly see them most people don't even know i have one that's it. these two businessmen sell hearing aids made by different companies the devices are often only as big as a beat and cost up to two thousand eight hundred euros. with life expectancy growing and an aging demographic in many european countries hearing aids a big business. you know to about one in three people over fifty has hearing problems but only twenty percent of them actually wear hearing aids but a lot of potential under enough work for decades. through to come out the pain is started up in two thousand and twelve and already employs three hundred fifty people in berlin alone some asked first of all you need to get your doctor to check your hearing. and they are advising potential customers discussing the various options and whether they might be eligible for
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a free device it's not an easy job many people find it difficult to admit their hearing isn't up to scratch staff get commission on their sales and even occasionally a gong. on the team award for this week goes to lynn's team. well why benny employs eight hundred staff in nine countries profits have been ploughed back into the expanding company. most people featured on their website a youthful looking the kind of people who wouldn't want anything to do with data devices but would like sleek in conspicuous aids. ones that can even be completely concealed in the ear. with all. the basically this is about the holy grail of eternal youth. so the generation we encounter are baby boomers who are still very active and often still working. and
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now they're confronted with the annoying fact that they can't hear so well in some loud environment of this consequence. this customer also gets his hearing aid on learning. how he's getting the device adjusted by an expert. tossed in mark always wears his hearing aid no matter where years it's almost invisible he can also use it like very expensive headphones he regulates the music using an app on a smartphone. he doesn't see it as an accessory for oldies saving it for i i don't get the feeling that people around me perceive it as a device for old people and if you get your smartphone out and show people you can listen to music with it then everyone immediately thinks that it's pretty cool because on one thing i was of what is into this thing. when he wants to listen to
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what's going on around him again he has to reset the device. thanks to this new technology having impaired hearing is no longer a problem for twenty nine year old thorsten marcotte. or hearing i don't know what some elderly people like but i get a shock from our earlier report just don't let their age get in the way of anything keeping scene is healthy and active isn't just good for them and their families it's also good for the economy so what's the secret to a productive happy life in your twilight years let's go back to break it is to find out. my mother retired years ago but she's showing no signs of slowing down she still has a part time job conducting surveys twice a week for now i'm going to ask you a few questions you just need to respond with either yes or no. i've kept working i think that's definitely
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a way to keep the gray cells active you're forced to get moving and get out of the house and work for a few hours. you stay focused and hands up energy and these are things that keep you from aging. and she doesn't need the money she works because she wants to. is thomas says regardless my heart are there to say it and the more people say what you're still working but it's not they probably think i'm crazy hardly anybody works at my age stan hides about india my dob i did i just mention but i've always enjoyed working and i'm the kind of person who can't just sit around at home. and i always need to have something to do no matter what it is an effect of my i can usually come up with a way to make myself useful and that's an important factor of course feeling useful . to have a sense that you're doing something worthwhile by as much. as. what else keeps her young enjoying life of course. at eighty one my mother still
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knows how to do that for her it's all about dancing ever since she was a little girl my mother has love to sing the dance floor. that hasn't changed one bit luckily she's got a friend who goes with her. as long as you're still in good health you should enjoy life and that means celebrating too that's what life is about as long as you're well enough and participate because you never know life is short. a time frame i love to dance and if i ever stop wanting to go dancing then i'll know i'm truly old african i think i'm still far away from that. and i think so too so how old would my mother like to become. i'm going for
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ninety. minutes. i've always said one hundred but that sounds a bit silly that's the way it is no longer the better. and of course i can only agree i'd like to share as many years with her as possible. but it is a model of successful aging and while she's made her own luck not everyone has such an easy ride in later life one big issue many elderly people complain about is this criminal nation especially when it comes to accessing the labor market some fifteen percent of germans say they've experienced ages them we sent two of our reporters out to investigate. as a if are i feel discriminated against because of my age i'm twenty six and i feel like no one takes me seriously i did so in effect to be honest my colleague could be my daughter but i don't feel maybe i will experience age discrimination one day but i haven't so far. we both work as t.v.
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reporters but today we're branching out. to apply for a job to see which of us gets it. we are in a restaurant and frank there are often openings here is a factor in who gets hired. the first job making latvian pancakes. we're going to make buckwheat and cook a reka. take some cheese. a slice of ham. and then you fold it up like a parcel. of fried egg.
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boiler job done but which of us gets high at. my age doesn't matter what matters is having team spirit and working country and just working neatly that's what counts in my book which comes from sticks and gets what they are still differences between older workers and yet no one so what are their respective strengths and weaknesses. with the older workers experience is definitely a bonus they're more confident practiced younger workers have a lot of energy they're dynamic and physically stronger. the companies you coughed . and fortune. has got a point making the better is hard work. i'm pretty strong but would i get stuck in the kitchen would i ever get promoted. on how young people are as capable as older ones. definitely yes they are. by glad to hear it makes
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a change to the calls in sick more often young or old youth older workers are sick more often that's true. so it makes economic sense to employ younger people who when you're in that respect yes it does but experience makes up for a lot of young people have to make up for their lack of experience. under the can convince you to the boss says he would hire either of us but i can't help thinking that if there was only one opening in his restaurant he would offer it to kill because she's younger. but that was the restaurant business and other sectors physical stamina doesn't matter as much journalism for instance. we've come to a demographics congress a meeting place for people from human resources department researchers and employers from various sectors gearing up for demographic change they know better than anyone what sort of people companies like to hire.
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us and what are the advantages and disadvantages of older and younger people in the workplace. ya competition between bit of basically we've seen that younger people are probably more innovative you know what he sees and they're faster learners more flexible in their thinking and they're broad minded when it comes to weighing the challenges for him in perspective. the older people tend to have more experience they know what works and they can see the bigger picture than being of a p.s.p. community ok i'm starting to send some age discrimination surely my reactions are getting slower i put them to the test which you're rooting for me right sure i can see it that i'm always fair it's awful to the point is to get screened for times it's not easy. one out of four pretty good.
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you. know what i was aiming for to order for. me so i don't feel not bad you won thank goodness i've confounded the case shane. being young has its own challenges. no one in my generation has a secure job the way you all did it's not really fair. that is not true that is a broader questions of the younger generation has some resentment and i get that. sense most of our company had to make savings as a younger ones would be the first to go that's just how it is where young we have fewer commitments we don't have long term contracts we can lose our jobs pretty quickly pregnant option a coveted window we have legal protection against age related dismissal because it's harder for us to find
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a new job you heard what the restaurant manager said he thinks all the employees are sick more often maybe that's his experience i'm not sick more than my younger colleagues but that's what people think so it would be harder for me to find a job than for you. maybe but employers often think young people are clueless he will soon be in the right age for employers and for me h. discrimination could start being a problem at what age are you old or sometimes i think seventeen. of hardy no seriously it's a matter of perspective how young do you feel how proactive are you and how flexible how fit some people are set in their ways at twenty i look at them and think ok they're old mind me young body and. we both feel we are exactly the right age for our jobs and if it were up to us we'd be happy to keep working to get that. i hadn't made
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that many t.v. reports before really boosted my confidence i know and i'm not from keil tool maybe a camera technique we were a great team. should we do it again you bet it's management pace for two of us that's. fine by me. getting traded in for a younger model for many older people in the workplace it's a real fear i wonder given the jump in poverty rates among the elderly in the european union some sixteen percent of women and twelve percent of men are at risk of poverty in old age i'm surprised that women are more affected given the widespread discrepancy in pay and therefore in pensions take germany for example where male retirees receive eleven hundred fifty euros a month on average women just seven hundred fifty yours. well this next advocate
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for female entrepreneurship says put more men in traditionally women's jobs and you'll see pay packets even themselves out a reporter christina smith stephanie bashaw. i don't know about you but i'm not sleeping beauty i can't wait a whole century your kid up without any that come yet. it would take one hundred seventeen years at the current rate of change for men and women to earn the same and oh you know well that's a lot of us expect but experts say things are changing we just have to be patient. there are two main reasons why women earn less than men number one they pick lower paying work they all of them wanted.
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yes a woman second they interrupt their careers first to take care of their kids and later their parents. home how to change this vicious circle stephanie shore may be able to help me she's the president of the association of german women entrepreneurs. once again and women here in germany earn twenty one percent less than men on average are only women to blame to some extent if we pick the wrong professions. i think we need a different perspective on this issue and we need to make professions like cag or elementary school teacher more attractive to men that would lead to higher pay for such jobs and what we get out of there being intrusted with our greatest asset our children and that should have a high status in that because following that women often reduce their hours or give
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up working to take care of their children and later their parents shouldn't governments create infrastructure that allows women to focus on their careers the way men do i think and. of course that's very important we will have a right to daycare all day schooling for our kids but not in. twenty twenty five we're discussing this now and we needed this ten years ago. i said and i think we can do employers roll out a woman who was around thirty years old because she might take parental leave enough. of course no one is spared that as an employer to say we have equal opportunity in germany when we start looking at a c.v. from the viewpoint of will this person take leave when they have kids aspect if you're interested in them long term and then you'll just see that it's a things other than one field and then you can overlook it and really focus on their qualifications and then we're where we want to be but we are miles away from that long. mile is that ok the
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politicians have to act but so do we. choose a better paying profession build up your own business hire that must i don't think i want to be the best employee you want to think i want to run the company well that the u.s. and british. sort of analysis the way we can make things change without waiting one hundred years. you know i want to wait that long and you won't have to wait that long for our next episode tune in next week when we'll meet someone who wants to help change the world social entrepreneur tolson china gets involved in countries that investors tend to avoid somalia in east africa for example he's outfitting containers with solar power to bring electricity through remote villages movie stars for that. the be. the
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be. the be. the be. good. the be be.
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the . entering the conflict zone my guest this week here in kiev is stateless he's a former president of georgia a former regional government in ukraine i'm hanging over him multiple allegations of criminal activity and he's miquel saakashvili once the dawning of the west for spearheading the rose revolution in georgia that has you know made too many enemies and run out of wrote the first e-mail g.w. for. busy gathering is coming to light from behind but the right to our
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correspondent he is in central istanbul i'm joined by the shellac of thirteen others political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective closer to the w. c s. european storyteller prosing performance of the taliban. still a pretty. close live concert every weekend cut good in concert. do you believe. me a. week. we make up over three quarters of africa the end of the two types of december services.
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a month to shape the continent's future could be part of it and join us youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart. the dangerous battlefield images. five women. five exceptional stories of peace. i want to look in the trunk. well i'm leaving nothing more to easy one calling more photographers dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing street full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to own the stories of people who ended up killing their. own plane with more photographers starting may third on g.w. .
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plane. this is g.w. news live from bergland u.s. president donald trump fires off a warning to russia over syria he tweets get ready russia missiles will be coming trump has vowed to strike syrian military targets after an alleged poison gas attack last week and. also coming up facebook boss.


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