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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is. from the trump tweet threat the u.s. president fires off a warning to russia over syria. get ready russia missiles will be coming. in to strike syrian military targets after an alleged poison gas attack last weekend also coming up the death toll climbs to two hundred fifty seven in a military plane crash. one of the deadliest disasters in aviation history the nation has three days of mourning and. to of questions in
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congress mark zuckerberg tells the committee of the house of representatives that facebook has not seen any activity by russia or china to collect data. it's good to have you with us u.s. president has blasted off a warning to russia over syria he has threatened military action after an alleged poison gas attack there last week in a truck tweeted today russia to shoot down missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming you should be partners with a gas killing an animal who kills his people and enjoys it well syria's army has evacuated key defense buildings in damascus over. fears they might be targeted in
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retaliation for that alleged chemical attack on duma several western nations say the attack was carried out by syrian government forces using bombs filled with toxic chemicals well now we're joined by journalist. who's based in beirut with many contacts in syria and she's monitoring the situation from there it's good to have you with us if the u.s. does indeed strike what are the likely implications both for the country and beyond its borders. well the implications are huge i mean you have u.s. and russia facing off some of the and some already started saying that the perhaps to get a third world war now even though that may be an exaggerated this is but as i said if it's united states and russia is facing off then there is a lot of if you remember last year after the chemical attack in the united states
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did conduct a limited air strike it was seen more as a face saving exercise by dollar charm but that was limited the russians weren't informed earlier in a sense it could be contained and. this internet evidence was pretty much back in the day but this time the president of the united states says not only that the missiles were becoming but also the smarter than you are which means that it would be tomahawk like the last time something more need turn so it would be a bigger strike that if it is a bigger strike with a beast russian casualties the sitting in our armed forces have evacuated their military bases and their assets close to where the russians are to make the possibility of russians being attacked more so in a century looking at the united states attacking in russia responding in essentially this escalating it could escalate into anything there and how effective would a u.s. strike be to have this stage are child because you have to admit the u.s. president has basically telegraphed to the world what he's planning to do so the
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element of surprise now has been lost. and this is something that he'd criticize president obama for what in advance on iraq i remember our lives in advance on that story and we bomb us that by two thousand and fourteen the sources with. forces a big part of what evacuate and data as a candidate trumpet criticize it and criticize him on that on other occasions as well so is getting a lot of criticism in the american press for this and when he says that no this is my man essentially he's giving time to the russians and the sit ins and the sit ins have clearly taken note they've been moving their assets. russian so how long how effective is this strike going to be a because he's really strategy but really what is its strategy is this number three sitting exercise or does seem to doesn't have a broader strategy in mind is evil mean that after this strike assad would suddenly have a change of oxalis it's all the talking to able and talk to the rebels the analysts
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seem to disagree and we know that there's no one in the u.s. in the military talking about an overthrow of bashar al assad so what would a u.s. military strike at this point lead for the power structure there in syria and around syria. well i think these are two broader questions in syria it means pretty much nothing because we're not aware of what united states is broader strategy is is he really trying to bring us out of the talking to what is it like to pressurise to him into letting dumont be with the rebels but the rebels have already started leaving to mark the west major parts of city are already under assad's control except for certain pockets so is this strike or those certain pockets like it live in droplets but they already have what's on the ground is this strike where there is also the u.s. that coalition forces that you need to see that but again john has said that he would like american troops to get out of there assume this possible so there's a huge there this is look
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a lot of your watches fantasy is very sensitive and when it comes to the region even worse implications because in this part of the world everything sort of stops at israel putin is none of the our short while ago and asked him to not attack syria but even in an levanon there are lots of one means that we could in effect see some sort of a collision between iran and israel and syria or the battleground or a journalist i'm short form for you tonight from beirut i'm told thank you very much. well the situation in syria getting the attention of the german chancellor angela merkel is she says that she regrets the failure of the u.n. security council to agree on the ground as the american resolution suggested there are strong indications that point towards the syrian regime we will continue our assessments on that basis in any case we se condemned the use of such weapons and that's because. of the german chancellor angela merkel speaking there here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world saudi forces
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have intercepted several ballistic missiles fired by who the rebels in yemen earlier today witnesses reported hearing a number of blasts in the capital riyadh have been posting videos on social media showing smoke in the sky there were no reports of casualties or damage. in the united states the republican house speaker paul ryan says he will not run for reelection when his term expires in january ryan's decision is seen as another blow to the republican party as it tries to retain its majority in the house of representatives elections later this year. a un court has overturned the acquittal of vojislav schussel finding the serbian ultranationalist guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the nine hundred ninety balkans conflict he was sentenced to ten years in prison but will not return to custody as he has
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already spent eleven years in pretrial detention. well tonight an investigation is underway in algeria after two hundred fifty seven people were killed in a military plane crash the aircraft was packed with soldiers and their families when it crashed soon after take off near the capital. the death toll makes it one of the deadliest plane crashes ever three days of national mourning have been in its. rescuers pick through the rubble at the sites of algeria's worst ever plane crash hundreds of people were killed when a military aircraft came down in a field. on board soldiers and their families. you know. when my neighbor and i arrived we found piles of bodies it's a disaster an absolute disaster. this man escaped with his life
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and. the plane fell just after taking off from the base it fell first onto its wing and it caught fire after it hit the ground i just had enough time to say a prayer. but the body kind is inescapable the aircraft a soviet made model used by several countries armies to transport soldiers to remove locations. the plane had just taken off from its home base at the feyerick airport it was headed for morocco but it never got there. an investigation has been launched the cleanup has started until geria has begun three days of mourning for the hundreds of people who lost their lives. well the boss of facebook mark zuckerberg has answered more questions today from u.s. lawmakers about data privacy so berg testified following revelations that millions of people had their facebook misused by the political consulting firm bridge
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analytic article an answer as he did yesterday zuckerberg began by apologizing to lawmakers over the scandal which has so far affected some eighty seven million users during questioning zuckerberg told a democratic lawmaker that he was among those whose data was improperly share. with you know data included in the garden sold to the melissa third parties your personal data yes it was. are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy congresswoman we have made and are continuing to make changes to reduce the amount of hell are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy congresswoman i'm not sure what that means. you know that's a good question what does it mean you're right with me here at the big table is our social media editor karl announcements to impressions what was different today or.
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day that is different in the books now a marathon really over these two days for mark zuckerberg i thought overall that this house committee was better informed they had better questions for zuckerberg than the senate committee yesterday i also think that mark zuckerberg did very well he had a strong performance he was cheap train for this he prepared and i think that if you would have to say one side of the upper hand it was definitely mark zuckerberg a few things stood out to me that was definitely an intense exchange there that was interesting he was also asked whether he would commit to minimizing the amount of user data that facebook collects he didn't really have an answer for that question either also interesting to see that several lawmakers grilled him about some illegal opioid sellers marma sees that are selling drugs on pages and ads on facebook he said if those are flagged he would take them down immediately but didn't have a good answer for how to prevent that really in the first place i was also interested to see what wasn't asked what questions didn't he really get grilled on
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he wasn't really asked if he should step down as the c.e.o. of facebook he's very powerful he makes all the decisions there he wasn't really properly asked if they spoke should be broken up as a company and what that might look like and there wasn't really much on facebook's role in the racial or religious violence in countries like me and maher and sri lanka i wanted to see some questions about that those were that good a lot of good points there defended as we heard earlier today facebook's business model but. he did make at least a couple of concessions today let's take a listen. and i think that it is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation so my position is not that there should be no regulation but i also think that you have to be careful about what regulation you put in place i think a lot of times regulation by definition puts in place rules that a company that is larger that has resources like ours can easily comply with but that might be more difficult for
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a smaller startup. i think is it i really don't understand why they would ask him if he wants regulation what's he going to tell them right i mean if he says yes it's going to make him look like he doesn't know what he's talking about and if he says no it's going to make him look like the bad guy and i think mark zuckerberg is a smart guy he knows that regulation is on the horizon whether he likes it or not that it's going to be coming there's not much you can do about that but what i can do is be on capitol hill and influence the conversation and and try to get that regulation what he wants it to be in fact there is regulation coming here in the e.u. with the g.d.p. our the general data protection regulation this will come into effect on may twenty fifth actually today so i can work said very clearly that he does like those regulations and that he will implement them for all of the facebook users as much as possible so there is regulation coming and it's not because of congress not the house not the senate it's actually because of e.u. lawmakers exactly right and you know what's interesting over these past few days we've heard him say time and time to get about how he wants to focus on building
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community he's talked about that more. privacy tools or how to protect yourself do you think he's focused on community because he wants to divert attention away from the problems it's a big buzzword for him he love that word unity but i think what he really has done during these hearings is evade questions about what he's doing behind the scenes how does he track users that's a big focus it wasn't really touched on very much i mean facebook actually tracks users when they're not logged into facebook and it tracks people who do not even have a facebook account if you see a page that has a facebook like button that means there's a tracker on that page and facebook is able to follow that person even if they don't have a facebook account and use that activity for their own advantage and he still hasn't told us if he's going to tell us what's inside those algorithms right i don't think he will i think if you really there are has been thank you very much you're watching the w.'s live from berlin where i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day stick around for that.
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