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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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club competition. you're watching t.v. have been used to stay with us because guess how to enforce the standing by he has this is news coming up and looking at from shake up in german companies in their management do you think you very shortly. by endorsements like say the big favorite teams sleep all the best goals we've got all the action. is the home of german football here the experience of every match that the fund is legal every weekend here w. climate change. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for
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the better it's up to us to make a difference let's charge. for the environment magazine. long b.t.w. . collateral damage in the skies befall donald trump has even fired his first missile on syria many airlines already rerouting flights in the region adding call some testing past just patients. and major management changes that german companies both bunch of folks bargain get new bosses is picking company inside is over how and with the best. this is a business welcome international airlines are following u.s.
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president double trump. threat of military action against syria several carriers have started rerouting flights as a result of the potential missile strikes. air france was among the first to modify its schedules for destinations close to syria including parts of beirut in tel aviv the european aviation safety agency has alerted airlines on tuesday urging them to take precautionary measures to white house counsel flights to beirut meanwhile townsend says it has avoided flying over the eastern mediterranean for some time as a precaution and precautionary measure. tensions mount around serious talks in china have suffered of the don't from stress let's bring in standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange danny what's the mood with investors that investors are still a very reluctant and nervous not just in asia where all the major indices were and the red but also here in europe in general during the last weeks i guess we can
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even say amman's the market was a very volatile and with every geopolitical decision or announcement we usually see the shares here on the trading floor dropping after last night when it was announced by the spokeswoman off donald trump that so far at least that's the official version there are no concrete plans for an air strike on syria investors have calmed down a little bit again this was happening after they were not very nervous with his tweets also saying that relations with russia have never been as bad not even during the cold war so far during the trading day we have not seen big losses were even at some time here in the class. v.w. is getting a new c.e.o. but that's not all it looks like the supervisory board is moving its regular session from tomorrow to today why the harry suddenly what are you hearing. yeah exactly this was scheduled or originally for two more now we're hurtling
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hurrying that this will be taking place at five pm this afternoon and it could last for many hours investors will be waiting for the answers how possible new company could look like the new appointment of having that these as a c.e.o. seems to be a done deal he is not not just going to be the c.e.o. but will also keep his position as brand chief and most likely the company will be going through the biggest reform since a long time it seems that the company could be split up into different groups or divisions one group could be volkswagen see it and scold us for the big car brands the other sport cars and the other one called mercial vehicles and we're learning that the commercial vehicle division could be even become a public listing pump possibly here at the frankfurt stock exchange. in frankfurt thank you very much for this update for starting is only one of two big companies getting a new boss this week germany's leading financial institution is the second one both
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companies have in common that they keep making headlines only for the wrong reasons folksongs diesel that it's going to cost the comic a many billions and put the whole car industry into disrepute and bring strap prices dropped by ninety percent of the last ten years while c.e.o. often c.e.o. has promised investors to make a great again and failed. clear the stage for the new head of volkswagen dees can certainly sell cars but is prepared to take full control of europe's largest automaker after old volkswagen is operating in a world where politicians and unions have as much control as shareholders that's one of the things that current c.e.o. mathias miller had to learn the hard way and it's apparently why the sprawling companies diverse stakeholders think he can no longer handle a massive restructuring program that includes more electric cars and new mobility concepts but do you says only been the company for three years and is presumably untainted by the emissions scandal that still haunts the automaker this man is
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facing another kind of challenge saving is the new boss of a bank his predecessor john cryan didn't manage to bring the company out of the red germany's biggest lender is student a battle for survival saving says he wants to revive the bank's hunter instincts he started it deutsche bank nearly thirty years ago as a trainee but will that experience in the trenches help him at the very top of the company. to men why not women when my boss take the helm of two battered old battleships of the german economy well the new commanding officers be able to fix the leaks pump the excess water out and set a new course let's discuss this with thomas duffel bag a longstanding critic of german corporate culture himself a former manager of the car industry here now a member of parliament for the freedom across misses of those two men are coming from inside those organizations is that a good thing. looking at the challenges which are lying ahead of the
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bank and folks fagging i would say those people are not the right right choice probably you need it specially in the car business you need somebody who is disrupting and breaking up those incestuous structures and power engines which really run the chairman car industry in those major major troubles and. mr saving having a hunter's instinct over the last thirty years obviously he didn't show that too much don't know. looks like it but zipping is seen as a rather sober and unassuming man inside though it's a bank bus he spent nearly all his career isn't that dangerous yes you know i'm i'm always advocating for a critical number of disruptors in traditional in his step this german corporates
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because they need to renew themselves the banking business look at commercial bank it's in a disaster still situation still but also the whole car industry and who if not somebody from the outside could bring in new thinking what german industry is no never any good in letting outside is in really and the not really comfortable with disruption all these problems problems in those companies symptom of some to magic for a larger more general problem in german industry well if you if you really look at the long history of scandals. at folks going back kill ninety nine hundred ninety six and inductive bank rather be the last decade. you see that those companies. the sites
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looking for new business models definitely would have needed a cultural reform and attitude to magic before many large german giants that they read the do not tackle old hierarchies old power structures found also specially at fox fagen the sessions relationship with the church in the middle union which probably even prevented that somebody from the outside but now run a c.e.o. it folks acting because they want to have their hand on the c.e.o. and that this union dominated selection processes opens up about joining us from frankfurt this morning thank you very much thank you two minutes from the u.s. federal reserve's latest policy meeting show the country's central bank is in agreement that stronger growth in the u.s. means the fact can raise rates more aggressively in the next three years two more
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increases are expected within this year but the fed is too big on knowns complicating policy making the impact of domestic tax cuts and by how much they'll help growth and effects of the ongoing trade tensions with china on the u.s. economy. one belt one road project is chinese president xi jinping bishes vision for the future consolidating china's global power with a string of construction projects in sixty eight countries financed with chinese money but many are warning china and its partner states that the project should only really travel where it's needed. it's a multi-billion dollar project building roads and railways from asia to africa and europe and to connect china to the world but there is mounting worry the belton road initiative could bind other states to china in negative ways to chinese financing for infrastructure construction many countries could leave them owing the
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world's number two economy too much money. the built under it initiative can provide much needed infrastructure financing to partner countries but this ventures can also lead to problematic increase in that potentially limited other spending as that service is a rice and rice and creating balances of payment challenges at the belton road conference in beijing look guard said it was important to focus on projects that were both really needed and sustainable to avoid spending strain on governments her remarks come nearly a month after a think tank the center for global development released a list of countries hosting belton road projects that were at high risk of debt distress pakistan top that list which also includes mongolia djibouti in kyrgyzstan among others. but if you're looking for some really really old school investment why not go prehistoric dinosaur bones prove to be look at these days at
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least if you believe the auction house jewel in areas which is selling to fossilize skeletons for more than one point seven million dollars each turns out diana. have become trendy interior decorations for people with well watched money the ocean house targets private collectors because they typically pay more than museums specimen for sale are low sorrows and deeper daucus if you don't know what that is just kids. well that's all for me thank you very much for watching. the to prevent.
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the to cut. cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut. you haven't paid tax. your child just received a bad grade. moskos monitoring its citizens with the government's actions. and a hundred to sixty thousand surveillance cameras is russia misusing the smartphones convenienced to control its people. next.
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enter the conflict zone my guest this week here in kiev is the straightness he's a former president of georgia a former regional government in ukraine i'm hanging over him multiple allegations of criminal activity and he's mikail saakashvili once the dawning of the west has to head to the rose revolution in georgia but how does he know me too many enemies and run out of road the fifteen sixteen minutes of g.w. the for. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be do. fended a new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom.
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as long as. nothing more changes you know the banks the money and so watch the language of the bank the money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery glad to have you with us turkey is undergoing profound political change moving away from being a secular society to a country where nationalism and one legend are at the forefront. and it is president wretched types are the one who's been on.


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