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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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we're watching give you news live from berlin a fact finding team heads to the site of an alleged gas attack in syria and even as the u.s. deploys its warships washington puts off a decision on striking back for that suspected attack now this is russia says any u.s. military action will trigger war also coming up a huge shake up that you have bad deeds takes over as c.e.o. in hopes a new man at the top and the reshuffling of major brands can turn the company
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around after diesel. and protests in india as another rape case and stirs the conscience of a nation the government comes under fire for failing on this promise to better protect women. also on the show a shake up at the top of byron munich the bundesliga powerhouse reported to have hired a new coach for next season to go kobayashi is a former player for byron t.w. sports field. and we get the story behind this image the winner of the world press photo of the year. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us a team of international inspectors are on their way right now to the site of an alleged. chemical weapons attack in syria now this as
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a marked shift in tone emerges from washington the white house saying no final decision has been made on how to respond to that alleged attack now fears of a confrontation between the west and syria's main ally russia have been growing since president trump's comments that missiles will be coming soon. to destroy its u.s.s. donald cook and u.s.s. puerto have been positioned off the syrian coast but if and when they get the order to strike it's not yet clear after this bellicose tweet in which he threatens syria's ally russia that missiles will be coming u.s. president donald trump put off a final decision on military action. but we're looking in very very seriously very closely at that whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks we'll see what happens it's too bad that. the world puts us in
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a position like that but you know as i said this morning we've done a great job with isis we have just absolutely decimated isis but now we have to make some further decisions so they'll be made fairly soon thank you all very much . the president's more measured tone was echoed by the secretary of defense who said the u.s. is still seeking evidence on the chemical attack there's a tactical concern that innocent people we don't add any civilian deaths and do everything humanly possible to avoid that we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control. at the u.n. russia's and voice said averting the danger of war is also moscow's priority but he refused to rule out the possibility of u.s. russian conflict. we hope that the there will be. no point
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of no return. that the us. will deliver fraying from that military action against southern states. you understand that the danger over the escalation is to simply sit it because of a military. that. meanwhile russia says the syrian government is now in control of the site of the alleged attack inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog are expected to begin their probe into mount on saturday it's not clear whether the u.s. and its allies will wait for the results before deciding on strikes. twelve journalist on trial for a joins us now from lebanon she's following developments across the border in syria joins us from beirut good morning to you thanks for being with us when will the o.p.c. w. inspectors be arriving in duma and will they be able to do their work. well the
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inspectors arrived in beirut last evening today they'll be travelling to damascus and tomorrow they will be in duma at least that's what is expected now the assad regime has invited them to conduct this investigation and this is going to be offered any kind of support that they need but the question here is that the russian boots are already on the ground and some of the experts from the western countries fear that the russians may already clean up the chemical attack site where the russian forces have actually been so with the u.p.c. have you really find anything there it's also important here to remember that the u.p.c. w. after last year's last year's attacking it live did been the responsibility on assad regime instead of chemical agent was was indeed used but this time around him and it is limited and they can only see a check if chemical attacks have been use or not but they cannot be in any responsibility ok considering this limited mandate on trial how will this investigation be influencing any possible military intervention by the u.s.
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. well there's a bit of a question mark over this as you said because it has unlimited mandate and countries like sweden have said that they should be an impartial inquiry that should be conducted its to convince to be seen whether that will happen or not but it's also important here to north the western countries i mean american experts they can't say on one hand that opie c w is filings and become allies because the russians are being on the ground and at the same time at the same time sort of say that russia is stopping the o p c w from finding out from pinning responsibility on people if russia would have cleaned up the site then why should they be in a sense afraid of it's a logical question why should the russians be afraid of what we see to be finding out who is behind the chemical attack so having said that it should be important to find out what the findings of this team are going to be the results will be a winnable in a week or perhaps it would take a month it does give the diplomatic of it as issues around the world
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a bit of time to understand what's happening to have enough evidence before this strike happens because remember this is not just america strike hitting syria but we'd have a russia a u.s. base of so it's perhaps advisable to have more evidence in your hands before such a strike takes you are considering that faceoff you just mentioned washington has been dialing back the rhetoric as has russia could we see in the end a diplomatic resolution. where some experts now are hoping for such a resolution we don't really know whether that would happen or not because dollars on streets have been pretty incendiary and many are saying that there would perhaps be another limited strike the work right now that's happening in washington and in moscow is. according to what we're hearing from experts that can there be a limited strike and united states hit syria and awarded any russian assets on the ground which will be
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a very difficult task for two main reasons one is that assad has moved his forces close to the russian bases and also because the russian defense systems are also pretty strong if america does hit russia russia will be in a position to hit back when this inquiry will this investigation plea or some sort of a positive role and this moment it's expected because the rhetoric as you said has been down a bit but the tension in this vision even today is pretty high ok thanks so much for that this morning from beirut on child bora for us well two of america's closest allies in europe are also considering military action against syria president emmanuel more troll says france has proof that the syrian government did launch chlorine gas attacks in recent days and the british prime minister theresa may has received the green light from her cabinet to work with the u.s. and france to coordinate an international response carrier and land based french jets would likely play
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a central role in any strike against syria coordinated by nato allies the u.s. britain and france. for the french president emanuel mccaw he could just be a question of when bakrie insists he has proof the acid regime used chemical weapons against its own citizens in the town of duma and he says france wants to remove syria's chemical weapons capabilities of hoffman if off france will not allow an escalation or anything that could damage the stability of the region but we cannot let regimes do anything they want especially not crimes against international law. on the streets of paris opinion is divided on whether france should take part in any strike on syria. what the syrian dictator is inflicting on his people is frightening as far as france is concerned an intervention is legitimate and he wants you to deal with the russian should say clearly to assad now you must stop and you should get out and then we would avoid
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a conflict but if we strike the russians will be obliged to respond. there will never be strikes. because france and europe are scared of russia. the russians provide us with gas in the provisional years britain's royal air force would also likely join a strike on syria all the indications are that the syrian regime was responsible and we will be working with our closest allies on how we can ensure that those who are responsible are held to account how we can prevent. the humanitarian catastrophe that comes with the use of chemical weapons in the future the continued use of chemical weapons can challenge british ministers have been holding a special cabinet meeting to discuss joining possible military action against syria the prime minister would not need the approval of parliament to give the go ahead for strikes. now for some of the other stories making the news this hour the former
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f.b.i. director james comey has blasted president trump as a liar and compared his leadership style to that of a mafia boss now that's according to excerpts from his upcoming book the president fired called me last night leading to the appointment of a special counsel to probe alleged russian meddling in the election campaign. the head of the group that awards the nobel literature prize has resigned of mystery growing sexual misconduct scandal sarah denia said she was leaving her post of the swedish academy this comes after a newspaper published allegations from eighteen women claiming they had been sexually assaulted by an academy members husband police in somalia say a bomb attack has killed five football fans at a packed stadium in broadway a port town in the country's south witnesses say the bomb was buried in the sandy floor of that stadium where a local match was taking place islamist al-shabaab militias claimed responsibility
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for the attack which also wounded a number of people this is day to be news still to come on the show protests in india as a child rape case exposes the country's sectarian divides and its fears politics are getting in the way of justice. or guards here now and v.w. is heading into completely new territory with a new boss well it looks like a major shake up the walls of old school the advisory board of the world's biggest carmaker will today announce the biggest structural changes in the company's eighty year history the twelve brands are to be completely reorganized and the truck division will be prepared to go public itself but crucially v.w. six hundred thousand workers will get a new boss. has a new man at the top with immediate effect the w.'s new c.e.o. is have a d.c. he's been with the company for three years now he's been tapped to kickstart the
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next phase one that will see the company betting big on electric cars if it falls behind in the race it could lose ground in critical markets like in china and news a decent new position has gone over well with many employees but not as it's made up at the forefront stand up in my work for the like soccer and was at the meeting and shut down and leave it on i can only say that he has done a great job at v.w. or so far or you tube or folks running this natal are. still absurd and yet. the company now plans a massive restructuring program in china and in six other business branches the program ins to better structure the company and make v.w. more manageable. and what's to become of moola sources say who remain with v.w. until twenty twenty he had been earning ten million euros a year and both sides seem unwilling to break his contract. well reporter stephen badly has a v.w.
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headquarters in a vault spoke where the advisory board meeting continues stephen after yesterday's session a few details have already emerged what can you tell us. that's right here hard as we heard in the story there is a major reorganization that is at the heart of the change of leadership this is a big part of reorganizing the whole company folks like it is of course a sprawling company it has twelve different brands its selling producing across the world this is an effort to streamline those those efforts but again producing six different groups and a special portfolio for china we know that the twelve brands are going to be sorted into three different groups themselves the consumer premium and super premium and this allows again the idea here is that these different groups are going to be able to take advantage of developments from one another synergies if you want to use that word and perhaps address redundancies again this is volkswagen trying to
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position itself in a rapidly changing automobile industry. is also getting a new c.e.o. have a d.c. who is that new man at the toll right now if marty is mueller was known as or brought in as the savior of volkswagen during its most difficult time the diesel scandal than have a d.s. is being handed over the company at a time when they want to look forward i think that's the key takeaway here is that volkswagen is saying we want to put diesel scandal behind us we want to reorganize for the future and address topics like the electrification of automobiles autonomous vehicles and of course the increasing range of i.t. devices and infrastructure that's brought into vehicles have a d.c. is known as a very focused individual who was brought in more than two and a half years ago to be groomed for that top position or at least that was his idea was that would see his goal was to get to the top he came in and at an unfortunate time with the diesel scandal having just broken and now he's back there from
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everything we've heard a very focus individual who put his stamp on this company very quickly. talk about being in the right place at the right time. these changes are quite dramatic why why are weather coming on both. financially v.w. is in a very good place isn't it exactly it's a terrific place it's a record setting place actually it made nearly twice its operating profit last year than it did the year before so it's a terrific place record sales it's improved its position the u.s. and in china but again the idea is that folks like in these a position itself in an automobile industry that is quickly quickly changing challenge by uncovers like tesla challenge by what's happening in china so this is more about looking ahead and hopefully less about looking into the past they don't want to settle what they've already done but they need to position themselves and streamline themselves to be ready to see even been stay there in full spoke thank
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you very much u.s. president donald trump has announced that he is exploring to rejoin the trans pacific partnership u.s. senate has revealed the president has assigned economic advisors to quote take another look at the possible entry despite leaving the agreement last year on friday he tweeted that he would only rejoin the t p p of a substantially better deal was offered than two former us president barack obama japanese finance minister tara also has since said japan will welcome every entry if it means trump recognizes the significance of the pact. french president manuel mock raul says he's sticking to his ambitious reform plans even in the face of crippling rail strikes and other protests in a television interview mccomb said he was not deterred by the heavy resistance is
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planned but asked people to remain calm and to be open for dialogue because popularity has declined sharply since his since his election last spring after he initiated a series of tough labor reforms to create more jobs. back to bryant protests in india over a child rape case that's right there hard it's to india now and the brutal gang rape and murder of an eight year old muslim girl in january has reignited religious tensions eight hindu men including two police officers were arrested over the attack and now right wing hindu groups are marching to demand the release will counter protesters are demanding justice for the girls been identified as a seat of bondo she was part of a muslim nomadic community in indian administered kashmir police say this attack was an effort to terrorize local muslims and force them into leaving the area this incident has again focused attention on rape in india activists say little has
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changed for women and girls in recent years that despite government promises. protesters on the streets of the capital daily on thursday. hundreds of people gathered to denounce the killing and protest the lack of action by the authorities. i don't know what kind of fund reveal growing up in what kind of country we are taking this country in which direction i can't explain what i'm feeling because i am angry but they don't know want to explain the feelings. that there is an attempt to use politics and use communalisation to protect those who have committed such crimes and a force that is infuriating and what i feel now is that there is an attempt what makes me angry knows that there's an attempted. kashmir after local members of
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indians governing party b j p barks the accused. anybody of the same to. be asked to be the support criminals you know the support he placed and then leave all the supports to i mean everything that he actually did he also in kashmir hundreds of hindu lawyers but high as in support of the accused men and demanded their release. they say after they unsuccessfully tried to prevent the police from fighting their investigations of the killing of the girl earlier in the week. our next story looks at a chinese couple struggle for democracy human rights lawyer. was for fine bars about three years ago during a government crackdown and since then his wife sue has had no contact with him at all and can even be sure where is being held this week please stop her from finishing a one hundred kilometer protest march did you spoke to her in beijing. leader wenzhou and her son kwan kwon have found safety in the apartment of friends and
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relief is palpable there that day yesterday i didn't think i'd be able to leave my home come here i still feel tense there was evidence in your house hunting down the wenzhou has a terrifying ordeal behind her on wednesday her apartment was besieged by an angry mob. one of her friends was beaten up and those who wanted to come to her aid were prevented from doing so when she tried to leave she was threatened with violence and the crowd was probably acting on orders from china's intelligence service believes that attempts to highlight her husband's plight have made her enemies in high places have been financial. one kwan's young was arrested in twenty fifteen along with over two hundred others. because allegedly no one has been to visit him since he was arrested and no one has seen him we don't
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even know if he's dead or life. most of the other detainees have now been released but nothing's been heard from the human rights lawyer in protest leader wenzhou set up to walk the one hundred kilometers from beijing to the prison where she believes he's being held but police cut the mark short and she was forced to return home where more pressure was applied this will harm or are terrified of your old son kwan recorded everything on video and even if he looks happy enough the day has clearly left its mark on him was that his wife that he says he's not afraid and that he'd like to strike them down with his sword. because of this. yeah. but his mom explains to them that he's allowed to be angry and express his fighting spirit but not to get a violent and if you know the need for listens and you know almost an engine that's
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. just a war for twenty five the house to do some chores he often asks me mom i think into a rescue to you and put you in prison. it's going to carry on for the next few days wenzhou is going to focus your energies on her son but she's also determined not to give up her search for his father and him and you see what has. ok we have some very big sports news right now regarding german champions byron munich jonathan crane from our sports desk is here to talk us all through it jonathan can you tell us about the reports of a new coach for next season or by i mean yes both. the tabloid build reporting that the frankfurt coach. will take over now and still no official confirmation from either club but both those publications very well respected when it comes to football stories i have to say something of a surprise because it was among a number of names linked to the job many people even the first choice he's done
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a pretty good job at frankfurt he's on the from side the fight against relegation to one fighting for a champions league place he's under contract there until twenty nineteen insurance i think it's an around for them and even though. he was happy at the club that he would stay seems like by really it would cost them we're hearing from ticket two point two million euros to release him from his contract and be happy that director for the week that it was all in on wants a distraction when he was contacted last night by by the publications he said he was unaware of any details i have to say played of course for byron munich how important is that for this club you're right between two thousand and one and she thousand and three and you have to say that's probably the most important factor in this decision if it happens because otherwise he doesn't seem to be a natural fit for by and he was a defender when he played that's kind of reflected in his gritty coaching style sort of runs counter to the attack minded by in. the cup final season he's never
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won the. hasn't coached in the champions league experience also lacking but we need bind a really big on identity. not surprising most of the we're hearing from rebury and. veterans. they were going to retire at the end of the season and now reports they can extend that contract and you have to remember on a kind of running out of options they wanted a german speaking coach that was a requirement which limits the coach's croatian but he spent a lot of times and he does speak germany a german and their first choice coach the man who had emotions that first choice thomas took over from a don't coach move himself found it briefly if you could your pint this was brought in to get biron out of the slump of the seventy two seventy three years old. fans going to miss fantasy fans fans want him to stay so to the pine board because he really has turned things around if any supposed to be stopped at remember that
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after the disastrous start they made on the colorado to he's now turn them into trouble contenders they've wrapped up the burns league of their in the champions league semifinal with these already retired twice i think he wants to push maybe three's a charm or even trying he wants a pretty three separate home with his dog can buy ok jonathan thanks a very much from this what's this. all t.v. news programs like this one live on a steady diet of video material but it's often photojournalists who can capture the heart of a story in a single image last night the world press photo award was announced in amsterdam. the venezuelan photographer took this year's top honors he won it with a picture he took in caracas during violent protests against president nicolas maduro the man in that photo was set on fire after the gas tank of a motorbike exploded he did survive with serious injuries. now there were of course many other powerful images captured by photojournalists around the world
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we'll take a look at some of the finalists now and be back with war news at the top of the hour thanks so much for now.
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