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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from for lend a fact finding team heads to the site of an alleged gas attack in syria and even as the u.s. deploys its warships in the region washington puts off a decision on striking back for that suspected attack now this is russia says any u.s. military action will trigger war also coming up a huge shakeup at v.w. have that disease takes over as c.e.o. the new man is a toff wants to reshuffle major brands and prepares the auto giant for the future.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us international inspectors are on their way right now to the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria now this as a mark shift in tone emerges from washington the white house saying no final decision has made on how to respond to the suspected attack now fears of a confrontation between the west and syria's main ally russia have been growing since president trumps comments that missiles will be coming. to destroy its u.s.s. donald cook and u.s.s. puerto have been positioned off the syrian coast but if and when those get the order to strike it's not yet clear. after this bellicose tweet in which he threatened syria's ally russia that missiles will be coming u.s.
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president donald trump put off a final decision on military action but there were looking very very seriously very closely at that whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks here see what happens it's too bad that the world puts us in a position like that but. the president's more measured tone was echoed by the secretary of defense who said the u.s. is still seeking evidence on the chemical attack there's a tactical concern that innocent people we don't add any civilian deaths and do everything humanly possible to avoid that we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control. at the u.n. russians and voice said averting the danger of war is also moscow's priority but he
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refused to rule out the possibility of u.s. russian conflict. we want to. look we can look stupid people civilities unfortunately because we saw with so messages that the coming for washington they were very bad because meanwhile russia says the syrian government is now in control of the site of the alleged attack inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog are expected to begin their probe and duma on saturday it's not clear whether the u.s. and its allies will wait for the results before deciding on strikes. a journalist on trial for a joins us now from lebanon she's following developments across the border in syria joins us from beirut good morning to you thanks for being with us when will the o.p.c. w. inspectors be arriving in duma and will they be able to do their work. well the
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inspectors arrived in beirut last evening today they'll be traveling to damascus and to morrow they will be in to look at least that's what is expected now on the assad regime has invited them to conduct this investigation and this is going to be offered any kind of support that they need but the question here is the russian woods had already on the ground and some of the experts from the western countries fear that they have russians may already cleaned up the chemical attack site where the russian forces have actually been so with the u.p.c. have you really find anything there it's also important here to remember that the u.p.c. w. after last year's last year's attack and it did been the responsibility on assad regime instead of chemical agent was was indeed used but this time around the mandate is limited and they can always check if chemical attacks have been user not that they cannot been any responsibility ok considering this limited mandate on trial how will this investigation be influencing any possible military intervention
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by the u.s. . well there's a bit of a question mark over this as you said because it has unlimited mandate and countries like sweden have said that they should be an impartial inquiry that should be conducted it's to convince to be seen whether that will happen or not but it's always important here to north the western countries i mean american ex-pats they can't say on one hand that opie c.w. is filings and become allies because the russians have been on the ground and at the same time at the same time sort of say that russia is stopping the o.p.c. w. from finding out from pinning responsibility on people if russia would have cleaned up the site then why should they be in a sense afraid of our it's a logical question why should the russians be afraid of what we see to be finding out who is behind the chemical attack so having said that it should be important to find out what the findings of this team are going to be the results will be a winnable in a week or perhaps it would take
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a month it does give the diplomatic of it as issues around the world a bit of time to understand what's happening to have enough evidence before this strike happens because remember this is not just america strike hitting syria but we've had a russia u.s. face off so it's perhaps advisable to have more evidence in your hands before such a strike you are considering that faceoff you just mentioned washington has been dialing back the rhetoric as has russia could we see in the end a diplomatic resolution. well some experts now are hoping for such a resolution we don't really know whether that would happen or not because dollars from streets have been pretty incendiary and many are saying that there would perhaps be another limited strike the work right now that's happening in washington and in law school is. according to what we're hearing from experts that can there be a limited strike and united states hit syria and awarded any russian assets on the
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ground which would be a very difficult task for two main reasons one is that assad has moved his forces close to the russian bases and also because the russian defense systems are also pretty strong so if america does get russia russia will be in a position to hit back when this inquiry will this investigation plea or some sort of a positive role at this moment it's expected because a rhetoric as you said has been down a bit but the tension in this vision even today is pretty high ok thanks so much for that this morning from beirut on trial bora for us well for its part germany is urging restraint on syria a chance for all america has ruled out joining any more tory strike on the country here's what she had to say and. an even germany will not take part in military strikes which still remain only a possibility at this time but we will actively support efforts to send a signal that this use of chemical weapons is unacceptable by the sun starts of
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time now for some of the old story is making the news this hour pakistan's supreme court has barred the former prime minister nawaz sharif from politics for life than stems from corruption allegations against three for his three stances prime minister resigned last july after the supreme court disqualified him from holding office for failing to disclose a source of income with. former f.b.i. director james comey has blasted president trump as a liar and compared his leadership style to that of a mafia boss that's according to excerpts from his upcoming book trump fired komi last may leading to the appointment of a special counsel to probe was russian meddling in the election campaign the head of the panel that awards the nobel literature prize has resigned amid stratus ism of her handling of sexual assault allegations against the husband of a former panel member sardinia said she had been asked to leave the swedish academy
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a newspaper had printed accusations from eighteen women. the venezuelan photographer and although shamita has won the world press photo awards photo journalism stopped prize he won with this picture taken and caucus during protests against president nicolas maduro this man was on fire after the fuel tank of a motorbike exploded he survived with serious burns well three years after diesel gate v.w. is about to get a new c.e.o. marred by scandal the world's biggest carmaker is preparing for a complete make over its biggest in decades today at volkswagen's headquarters involves berger the company's advisory board announced major structural changes this is what the new boss abbott piece had to say was it still is this it's our rain could be more than one of the leaders are not aware it is free you know when
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it comes to economic and you know great of strength and sustainability and we're on the right track to do exactly that so mom a reporter steven beardsley is at v.w. said quarter's involved spurred where the advisory board continues its meeting today stephen what's been emerging so far from the talks where you are. well i think the clear message here that we've heard is urgency there's an urgency to get folks like him back on track after what they see as a detour of the diesel scandal we heard from hans dieter perch the supervisory board chairman is that the diesel scandal is mostly behind volkswagen what we heard from have a decent a new board of management chairman is that he has a plan and he wanted to tell us about it very early on of course he introduced himself and very early on and said this is my plan the words we keep hearing are here are speed and then down to increase the speed of volkswagen to respond to a changing field of automobile the automobile industry is changing quickly ok well
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what can you tell us about the new math of the top have it d.s. . again as i said have a decent man with a clear vision it's very clear here that he wants to talk about that that he wants to handle a lot of this in self he's taking on more task compared to his predecessor and so he is someone who is known as a cost cutter is known as someone who's not afraid to ruffle feathers in person here listening to him he sounds like a very you know cosmetic speaker he can explain his vision but he's known as a hard to go shade is a tough taskmaster and there are questions here there's a lot of skepticism about whether he's taking on too much after we move on from this period diesel scandal in which we saw so much power concentrated in the top leaders of this company in the past now to return so much power again to have at least he will contain he will continue controlling the brand itself his former task as well as taking on the chairmanship of the bourse that's a lot of power to invest in one person ok again it's weeks to how much vision he
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has it is a risk isn't it putting all that power in one chief officer there but why the change is you know financially beat up is not in a bad place at all it has weathered the diesel scandal after all. that's right again i think this is a message that they want to look forward not backwards here exactly right you look at two thousand and seventeen they nearly doubled their operating profit from the year before huge numbers record sales they've improved their position the u.s. but there's this fear that as automobiles are changing in their nature to become more autonomous there's more personal technology inside the electrification of automobiles that they need to change faster with and it's such a huge company has to trim down or at least become more sponsor of the fast market changes and that is the goal here and that's what he says telling everyone here not a lot of challenges ahead in this industry and certainly for v.w. as well as part of it stephen beardsley for us a bit of his headquarters and those for thanks so much. we have some sports now on
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the newly crowned bonus league and champions byron munich have chosen talk frankfurt's nico kovacs as their coach for next season that's according to multiple reports here in germany kobayashi has led a modest frankford side to fifth in the bundesliga he played for byron between two thousand and one and two thousand and three something very important for fans. also has international experience having played for and managed croatia but he was born in germany and he fits byron's requirement to have a german speaking coach there has been no confirmation but both clubs have press conferences for later on. staying with football and rb alive so you have been eliminated in the europa league quarter finals that despite a first leg leave the last five to an marsay star striker team obana was left on the bench for life sig's still took an early lead only to be pegged back by the
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french side marsay then increase their advantage before forward john kevin i was seen scored to give life's a renewed hope but more say close out the game in style to prevail five three on aggregate the semifinal draw takes place in. ok let's take a look at the other results of the other europa league quarter finals the big drama coming in austria where salzburg overall the first leg deficit to try and six five overall against loss a.o. sporting lisbon beat it let it go and dread but the spaniards progressed to want an aggregate c.s.k. moscow drew with the english side arsenal advancing six three on aggregate after their first leg one. well don't forget you can always get the to be news on the go download or after google flyer from apple stuart that gives you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications of breaking news you can also use that out send us photos and videos.
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brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us that's all we have time for don't forget there's more at our website interview dot com emory does up with you at the top of the hour for me though i like to say have a great weekend. the people of the world over information they provide the pinions they want to reduce stress d.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch follow us.


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