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you're watching the news coming to. an international fact finding team arrives at the side gas attack in syria and even as the u.s. to close its warships washington puts off a decision on striking back for that suspected attack bases russia sees any u.s. military action rick. also coming up. the river and. india as the conscience of the nation we find out if anything has come of government promises to better protect its women. and
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a huge shakeup. habits. the new man at the top wants to reshuffle major brands and the altar and shine. a shakeup also at the munich the ministry our house reporter. for the next event. i'm clear we get details from hospital to correspond to. play. international inspectors of the rived in syria to examine the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack in duma this as this is a shift in tone from washington after president donald trump's initial comments threatening missiles the coming the white house now says no final decision has been
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made on how to respond to the suspected attack the u.s. president's comments had led to fears of a confrontation between the west and serious me an ally russia. to destroy its u.s.s. donald cook and u.s.s. port have been positioned off the syrian coast but if and when they get the order to strike is not yet clear after this bellicose tweet in which he threatens syria's ally russia that missiles will be coming u.s. president donald trump put off a final decision on military action. but we're looking very very very closely at that whole situation and. see what happens if. the world is in a position like that but. the president's more measured tone was echoed by the secretary of defense who said the u.s. is still seeking evidence on the chemical attack. there's
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a tactical concern. that innocent people we don't add any civilian deaths and do everything humanly possible to avoid that we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control. at the u.n. russia's and voice said averting the danger of war is also moscow's priority but he refused to rule out the possibility of u.s. russian conflict. i. want to. thank you. look we can look stupid any possibilities unfortunately because we saw messages that they're covering for washington they were very bad because meanwhile russia says the syrian government is now in control of the site of the alleged attack and specters from the international chemical weapons watchdog are
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expected to begin their probe into mount on saturday it's not clear whether the u.s. and its allies will wait for the results before deciding on strikes. journalists and to follow developments in syria from neighboring lebanon she joins me now from beirut until the o.p.c. double inspectors have arrived there how likely is it that they'll have proper access to the side to determine what exactly happened there. but the team arrived in beirut last evening they should be in damascus today and tomorrow they will be going to do the syrian regime has invited them and says that they would be given all the access that the wire and it would be taken everywhere that they are skeptical having said that the russian was there on the ground so in the western countries in america especially there is a fear that the russians would have already clean up and in that sense the o.p.c. w. would not find anything of any significance now on one side where this argument is
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being made in the united states on the other hand we've been told that the mandate is limited which means that while the o.p.c. w in a weekend sort of check. whether chemical attack took place are not it cannot a certain it cannot be in their responsibility on any one so i'm just up both sides both arguments can be true if the russians have cleaned up the site that means that they should have no problems with having o.p.c. w. pin the responsibility on either party and if they haven't cleaned it up then the limited minded argument would stand. meanwhile we're seeing a sustained u.s. naval buildup off the coast of syria and an increase in american activity what is a general view there on the possibility of military strikes. where the well that's on in washington now is how can they not hit russian assets to just hit the city in assets but that's going to be very difficult because over the last few days bashar al assad has moved. syrian assets on the russian bases the forces are now scattered
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now if you see we know that there are u.s. navy destroyers are now in the mediterranean and they do have tomahawk missiles tomahawk missiles that dumb missiles which essentially means that when they hit that target is not precise we saw that happen last year but last year it was a it was a limited strike now this year when trump says that it's going to be a smart strike he's talking about the g.m.'s precision guided missiles now d.s. if he uses there is a chance that he does hit specifically syrian assets and not russian assets but we have to remember we are also hearing rhetoric from the russians and they have a very supreme air defense system so they can actually shoot down these missiles up in the air so at the moment can america strike syria without striking russians that's the challenge for them until borel embarrass thank you very much
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for that assessment meanwhile two of america's closest allies in europe are also considering military action against syria president mccraw says france has proof that syrian government launched curing gas attacks in recent days and british prime is a tourism has also won the approval of her cabinet to work with the u.s. and france to coordinate an international response. carrier and land based french jets would likely play a central role in any strike against syria coordinated by nato allies the us britain and france. for the french president emanuel mccaw he could just be a question of when macro insists he has proof the acid regime used chemical weapons against its own citizens in the town of duma and he says france wants to remove syria's chemical weapons capabilities of course no less france will not allow an
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escalation or anything that could damage the stability of the region but we cannot let regimes do anything they want especially not crimes against international law. on the streets of paris opinion is divided on whether france should take part in any strike on syria. what the syrian dictator is inflicting on his people is frightening as far as france is concerned an intervention is legitimate and he wants to deal with the russians should say clearly to assad now you must stop and you should get out and then we would avoid a conflict but if we strike the russians will be obliged to respond. there will never be strikes. because france and europe are scared of russia. the russians provide us with gas in the provision order. britain's royal air force would also likely join a strike on syria all the indications are that the syrian regime was responsible
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and we will be working with our closest allies on how we can ensure that those who are responsible are held to account how we can prevent. the humanitarian catastrophe that use of chemical weapons in the future the continued use of chemical weapons cannot challenge british ministers have been holding a special cabinet meeting to discuss joining possible military action against syria the prime minister would not need the approval of parliament to give the go ahead for strikes. for its part germany's urging restraint in syria chancellor angela merkel has ruled out of joining any military strikes in the country here's what she had to say. look the event germany will not take part in military strikes which still remain only a possibility at this time but we will actively support efforts to send a signal that this use of chemical weapons is unacceptable. starts of dobbies german chancellor angela merkel there let's turn to
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a look at some other stories making news around the wad pakistan's supreme court has barred former prime minister now sharif from politics for life the ban stems from corruption allegations against sharif during his three stints as prime minister should leave resigned last july after the supreme court disqualified him from holding office for freedom to disclose income source. former f.b.i. director james comey has lashed out at the u.s. president dollar trump calling him a liar and comparing his leadership style to that of a mafia boss that's according to excerpts from his upcoming book trump five school me last may leading to the appointment of a special counsel to probe alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election the head of the panel that awards the nobel literature prize has resigned amid criticism of the handling of sexual assault allegations against the husband of a former panel member sara adonis said she had been asked to leave the swedish
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academy the news a newspaper had printed accusations from eighteen women. you're watching the devaney is coming up ahead protests in india as a brutal child rapes the conscience of the nation but many fear politics are getting in the rehab justice. christiane joins me now and folks going to heading it didn't completely new territory with a new boss and that's right it looks like folks falling is about to turn inside out at least ever so slightly advisory board of the world's biggest comical has announced the biggest structural changes in the company's eighty year history maker is planning several new brand groups the plan is to make it more efficient let's have a closer look how this will turn out the companies volume vehicles those produced in larger quantities like v.w. skoda and sat. in one segment segment then there's the premium segment with just
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audi and then there's the super premium group featuring luxury brands like paul gotti bentley and buggy and finally there's the bus and truck unit comprising i-man and scania they're also being prepared to go public separately but crucially six one six hundred thousand workers will also get a new boss have a decent earlier today and folks dogs headquarters involved spoke he had this to say the tale is this it's our aim to make postmodern one of the leaders in our awareness free you know when it comes to economic and you know great of strength and sustainability and we're on the right track to do exactly that so. our reporter stephen beardsley is at the super supervisory board meeting at the headquarters. headquarters in both school and from london we're joined by ellen ortiz an automotive analyst at ev a core i as i welcome to you both stephen just been
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a press conference that involves spall what's the latest. we care hard i think you talk to us in the biggest developments that we've heard about that includes the regrouping of a lot of the brands into these three categories but i think the biggest thing we can say here is that the biggest message was one of urgency if not impatience on the part of volkswagen when we saw one student perched the chairman of the supervisory board and have a d.s. the new chairman of the board of management both come out they had serious faces on he didn't spend a whole lot of time talking about the past talking about diesel gate for example the diesel scandal they referred to it hunted approach said that it was mostly behind them and then they moved forward we heard the sale very early on so what is my plan and then he launched into it so as you can see as you've already said this regrouping is meant to make it more efficient and the word speed came up a lot and the word. efficiency the idea of we're going to move forward now.
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to turn to you. moving forward but if we look a look back on last year record. looks to be financially sound why the restructuring and doesn't make sense. folks are going to still a very very inefficient car way it was some of the highest cost ratios in the industry so the group has far more potential and if it wants to you know be fit for the future spend the money on electric vehicles and autonomous driving they need to really drive efficiency forward and for that the new structure is a better set up. again. what do you think of him is he the right man at the right time for v.w. . he's the best manager possible for folks who are going right now and he's has the experience of working for supply of boss for the biggest company
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in the supply chain he's got a great experience from driving efficiency at b.m.w. he's now managed the volkswagen brand so you know the pros and cons and the special nature of the volkswagen granted but also and he also really understands the future and mobility two point zero you very tech savvy the way i experienced him at least i think is really very very good news for everyone because you. are talking about the right man at the right time steve and there are rumors that. the predecessor that was tired of his job only took in twenty fifteen what are you hearing that. yeah that's widely reported here you hear that very often not only was he tired of the job so here he may not have wanted it in the first place remember that he was at porsche's top when he was tapped to leave volkswagen through its most difficult time this is the time in which volkswagen it made it to criminal charges in the u.s. so you have to keep in mind this is a very dark time
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a very difficult time in which he and the company were both under fire and in which he was the face of again folks wagon it's hard to overstate the significance of volkswagen to this country. was at its lowest moment so maybe not the easiest task and we've heard that was by mutual agreement that he was let go or that he's moving on in other words. thank you very much to both of you. turning to the u.s. now where donald trump has now announced that he is looking into rejoining the transpacific partnership u.s. senator has revealed the president has assigned economic advisors to take another look at a possible reentry despite leaving the agreement last year on friday he tweeted that he would only rejoin t.p. if a substantially better deal with offered him than to former u.s. president barack obama japanese finance minister taro aso has since said japan will
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welcome the reentry if it means trump recognizes the significance of the parts it's back to return and protests in india over an ugly child wait that's right to get hot in india the rape and murder of eight year old girl has led to fresh protests in the capital delhi the opposition congress party has a midnight vision demanding justice for the girl eight men including two police officers have been arrested over the attack a c. fabiano was kidnapped in january then drugged and repeatedly raped over the course of five days before being strangled police and neighbors reportedly did nothing she belong to a nomadic muslim community in kashmir in the country's north some reports suggest the attack was an attempt to force looking muslims into leaving the area. local rightwing can the groups have turned the case into a sectarian issue because the girl was
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a muslim and all of the cues to walk into the incident is against the spotlight on the high incidence of rape in india and the lack of adequate action in punishing perpetrators. protesters on the streets of the capital daily on thursday. hundreds of people gathered to denounce the killing and protest the lack of action by the authorities. i don't know what kind of fund reveal growing up in what kind of country we are taking this country in which direction i can't explain what i'm feeling because i am angry but there are no words to explain the feelings. that is an attempt to use politics and use communalisation to protect those who have committed such crimes and a force that is infuriating and what i feel now is that there is an attempt what makes me angry knows that there's an attempted that and. kashmir after local
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members of indians governing party b j p barks the accused. anybody of the same to be cheap is also to be here they are simply the support criminals you know the support he paced and unbelievable support soon i mean i don't think there will be action. also in kashmir hundreds of hindu lawyers but spies in support of the accused men and demanded their release. face after they unsuccessfully tried to prevent the police from fighting their investigations of the killing of the girl in the week. the flaw in the story i'm joined by make now front from mumbai she's a writer journalist and works on women's issues made know the details of this crime tell us more as to why attempts of being made to turn this into a community issue in the us is muslim you know which are right trying to get cool the premise of this case was based on hindu. abstract and
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mutilated and eventually kid because of the fact that she was a muslim her death was supposed to send out a message a message to the nomadic tribe that lived in that religion jungle that you bet on even in the keep this. and let's just toroid justice was obstructed chachi it was also built on the basis that the hindu men were being targeted and against such a travesty of justice to communal that as this issue to sit well it says politicize it because the fact is that we should not be seeking religion in this case we should already be seeking justice for the death of a totally innocent girl and maybe the way does the government stand in all of this because this is another rape case which is very much in the news going to be chippy politician is implicated. yes exactly that's so now casey only an eighteen year old god was raped and again the accuse has has been let go he's proved it is no impunity a toy granted to him and similar to what we get all the case that we are talking
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about right now which is a c. plus case the government has completely not come out and condemned the replace it not condemn the act which is shocking the ministers in the cabinet today well you see if the flag there isn't gender equality and feminism i don't know why the b.g.p. is not speaking out despite huge backlash maybe because they don't want to. you know push me away the fed is a sensitive state it maybe it was a case is some judges made this close elections around the corner i don't want to advise the majority hindu community but whatever the reasons are. let's stick. around and look at. the new girl who had been taken to a lost and raped brutally by muslim men would the government have reacted then and that's the main question on the mind of every indian to do it but i've made up on thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us will be having some trouble with the line to mumbai so i'm afraid we'll have to leave it there thank you very
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much failed thoughts. some big sports news regarding by now they've jumped in cream from detail the split steps can talk us through it welcomes often to what reports the buying music has a new coat and to tell us about a more easy and a what is he like this reports coming in last night from the sports for mike is the kicker and also the german topper and build that nico coach the arm from her coach will take over by the end of the season now we're still waiting for official confirmation i'm reaching both clubs holding press conferences later today ahead of this weekend's business league matches protecting ray frankfurt of priest as back a couple of hours. probably because some kind of announcement is. immanent now this is kind of something of a surprise you have to say because of a kovacs was one of the names linked to the job for many people he wouldn't have been the first choice he's done very well and i'm trapped frank friends turned them from a club that used the fights against relegation to one battling for the champions
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league places. and he is on a contract there until twenty nineteen now as. one week ago he said i'm happy i'm from frankfurt i imagine being in that season but we understand that distil was done two weeks ago and buying will only have to pay two point two million euros to secure his services that's the release fee in his contract so a snip really when you consider some players go for fifty sixty seventy million euros that's why i say i have to confess i don't know much about an equal call that's what he paid for by how important is that for the club i think it's very important yes he was a by two thousand and one to two thousand and three as a player and i think that's probably the main reason that they have plumped for him because if you look at the rest of his profile he didn't really seem to fit by and he played as a defender and that's reflected in his coaching style from a gritty whereas you know in a bind a very attack minded and experience wise and though he's done well at frankfurt
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he's never coached in the champions league which he never won a major trophy in germany but that link with bind is important a big on identity this whole media sun media phenomenon is also friends with a sporting director has done so how does that so i think that that's helped him buy and also i wanted a german speaking coach you know the caveats represented in coach croatia he was actually born in berlin so that's not a problem for him i think after the disaster of color i'm sure of that he never really mosque and they wanted someone who could command respect in the dressing room and of course their first choice coach thomas to co ruled himself out a couple a couple of weeks ago it looks like he's going to p.s.g. ok man i do cranky people who buy in out of the slump how disappointed resends be to see him go yes there will be a lot of disappointment because he's done very well. as for the funds the board is well a prime because they desperately wanted him to stay as i mentioned it was a disaster at the start of the season under colorado law three he really has turned things around they've wrapped up the burns league or tried forever in the semifinals of the champions league behind christmas brought out of retirement for
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a second time to take this job and he made it clear he was only ever going to be a stopgap and for the end of the season and despite all the bible members trying to convince him to change his mind it looks like he just wants to go out at the end of the season maybe pretty straight up and. i don't think even for most folks says thank you very much for coming in the middle of the grove for this so he finals of football's europa league has just been made and must say i have been rewarded for eliminating rb leipzig last night with a tie against. the other seventy five would be between awesome ill and athletico the two legs will take place on april twenty sixth and may the good the t.v. news programs they live on a steady diet of video but it's often photogen this who can capture the heart of the story in a single image like this one the burning man by venezuelan a.f.p.
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photographer. last night he received this is press for two awards for what julie called a powerful image that symbolizes a country bunning. took the picture in caracas tooting violent protest against venezuelan president nicolas maduro the man in the photo was set on fire off the gas tank of a motorbike exploded he survived but had serious been injuries. many powerful images captured over the pa stand by for the genesis around the world here's a look at some of the finalists. come
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i call strikes me take football personally. by u.s. . military and the media. done years ago to follow lives in a city that is con man of a ninety six. did that. lying dormant like say the biggest favor seems we've got all the best goals we've got all the action the job is the whole of german football shared experience every match. just league of every weekend here on g.w. wouldn't be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out. of the struggle. though
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they do still still superheroes on a mission to change how to run smart women smart talks smart strange alleging this and by no means missed out on a brain creasing doing dangerous stuff some of them made. i want to welcome to another edition of euro max from flower displays fit for a king to luxury chocolate treats we have lots of fun topics on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. singing songs music maker around. and here's an unusual instruments. our physical range minutes.


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