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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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you're watching news coming to you live from berlin an international fact finding team arrives of the size of an alleged gas attack in syria as the u.s. deploys its warships in the region and washington puts off a decision on striking back for that suspected attack this is russia says any u.s. military action would trigger a war also coming up. the rape and murder of an eight year old girl in india still as the conscience of the nation we find out if anything does come off government promises for better protection for women. and
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a huge shakeup at the folks who are going to have it takes over as. the new man at the top who wants to reshuffle major brands and the possible china for the future. international inspectors have arrived in syria to examine the signs of one alleged chemical weapons attack in duma this as is a shift in the tilt from washington after president donald trump's initial comments threatening missiles becoming the white house now says no final decision has been made to how to respond to the suspected attack the u.s. president's comments had led to feel as if a confrontation between the west and syria's main ally russia.
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the destroyers u.s.s. donald cook and u.s.s. puerto have been positioned off the syrian coast but if and when they get the order to strike it's not yet clear after this bellicose tweet in which he threatens syria's ally russia that missiles will be coming u.s. president donald trump put off a final decision on military action but here we're looking in very very seriously very closely of that whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks will see what happens it's too bad that. the world puts us in a position like that the president's more measured tone was echoed by the secretary of defense who said the u.s. is still seeking evidence on the chemical attack there's a tactical concern. that innocent people we don't add any civilian deaths and do everything humanly possible to avoid that we're trying to stop the murder of
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innocent people but on a strategic level it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control. at the u.n. russia's and voice said averting the danger of war is also moscow's priority but he refused to rule out the possibility of us russian conflict. we want to. look we can look stupid people civilities unfortunately because we saw with messages that they're covering for washington they will get it because meanwhile russia says the syrian government is now in control of the site of the alleged attack and specters from the international chemical weapons watchdog are expected to begin their probe into mount on saturday it's not clear whether the u.s. and its allies will wait for the results before deciding on strikes.
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two of america's closest allies in europe are also considering military action against syria president to monitor macross is frances proof that syrian government launched curing gas attacks in recent days and british prime minister to resign may has won the approval of cabinets to work with the u.s. and france to coordinate an international response. carrier and land based french jets would likely play a central role in any strike against syria coordinated by nato allies the u.s. britain and france. for the french president emanuel mccaw he could just be a question of when macro insists he has proof the acid regime used chemical weapons against its own citizens in the town of duma and he says france wants to remove syria's chemical weapons capabilities of course no less france will not allow an escalation or anything that could damage the stability of the region but we cannot
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let regimes do anything they want especially not crimes against international law. on the streets of paris opinion is divided on whether france should take part in any strike on syria. the syrian dictator is inflicting on his people is frightening as far as france is concerned an intervention is legitimate and he. does the russian should say clearly to assad now you must stop and you should get out and then we would avoid a conflict but if we strike the russians will be obliged to respond. there will never be strikes. because france and europe are scared of russia. the russians provide us with gas in the provision order. britain's royal air force would also likely join a strike on syria all the indications are that the syrian regime was responsible and we will be working with our closest allies on how we can ensure that those who
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are responsible are held to account how we can prevent. the humanitarian catastrophe that comes with the use of chemical weapons in the future the continued use of chemical weapons cannot challenge british ministers have been holding a special cabinet meeting to discuss joining possible military action against syria the prime minister would not need the approval of parliament to give the go ahead for strikes. for its spawn germany is urging restraint on syria chancellor angela merkel has ruled on joining any military strikes in the country here's what she had to say but chance would look to an event germany will not take part in military strikes which still remain only a possibility at this time but we will actively support efforts to send a signal that this use of chemical weapons is unacceptable so one can you draw from the starts of. so that was german chancellor angela merkel for more on the story i'm joined by our chief political correspondent melinda crane under why has chile
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decided not to join any possible u.s. military action in syria. well neither the chancellor nor her spokes person speaking today in a press conference listed reasons but the fact is that this is absolutely germany's traditional position when it comes to what are called out of area missions meaning military missions outside of the immediate nato region and the reason for that is a very deep seated skepticism here in this country about the efficacy of the use of force particularly in a case like this one and that goes back not least of course to germany's role in the two world wars in the past century where indeed germany coming out of world war two basically continued or maintained a very strong policy of restraint when it comes to military force and
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a preference for what became known as checkbook diplomacy when germany has participated in out of area missions that it really has practically only been within a larger nato context and if you remember back for example to the iraq war germany very expressly rejected participation in that so-called coalition of the willing nonetheless we have heard both the chancellor yesterday in the sound bite that we heard just there and also her spokesman today as well as the german foreign minister all trying to walk the tightrope of nonetheless providing verbal and moral support saying that the use of chemical weapons cannot go unpunished and the foreign minister saying that pressure will be maintained politically on the russians to further pressure bashar assad right and right is the public stand on this issue melinda this support michael's position briefly if you can absolutely they do only a very very small minority around seven percent of german citizens say they think
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military engagement could be effective seventy eight percent reject any german participation in a military mission meaning that crane chief political correspondent thank you. this article and some other stories making news around the wired box on supreme court has barred former prime minister nawaz sharif from politics for life in the bandstand some good option allegations against sharif during his three stints as prime minister i'm sure if resigned last july after the supreme court disqualified him from holding office for feeding to disclose an income source. former f.b.i. director james comey has blasted the u.s. president donald trump as a liar and compared his leadership style to that of a mafia boss that's according to excerpts from his upcoming book trump fired colney last may leading to the appointment of a special counsel to probe alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen
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election. the head of the panel the towards the nobel literature prize has resigned amid criticism off the handling of sexual assault allegations against the husband of a former candidate member sarah adonis said she'd been asked to leave the swedish academy a newspaper had printed accusations from eighteen women. in india the brutal rape and murder of her has led to fresh protests in the capital delhi the opposition congress party held a midnight vigil demanding justice for the girl if men including two police officers have been arrested over the attack the girl named a c fabiano was kidnapped in january then drugs and repeatedly raped over the course of five days before being strangled police and neighbors reportedly did nothing she belong to a nomadic muslim community in kashmir in the country's north some reports suggest
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the attack was an attempt to force local muslims into leaving the area. rightwing hindu groups have turned the case into a sectarian issue because the girl was a muslim and all the accused a hindu the incident has once again put the spotlight on the high incidence of rape in india and the lack of adequate action in punishing perpetrators. protestors on the streets of the capital. the hundreds of people gathered to denounce the killing and protest the lack of action by the authorities. i don't know what kind of fun reveal growing up in what kind of country we are in this country in which direction i can't explain what i'm feeling because i am angry but there are no words to explain the feelings. there is an attempt to use politics and use communalisation to protect those who have committed such crimes and of course that
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is infuriating and what i feel now is that there's an attempt what makes me angry knows that there's an attempted. members of indians governing party b j p barks the accused. anybody of the same to. be asked to be the support criminals you know the. support the peace and the body supports you and everything to be actually. also in kashmir hundreds of hindu lawyers in support of the accused men and demanded their release. to the unsuccessfully try to prevent the police from fighting their investigations of the killing of the earlier in the week. t.v. news programs live on a steady diet of video but it's often photojournalists who capture the heart of the story in a single image like this one the burning man by venezuelan if the photographer hernando sheen it last night he received this is
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a world press photo award for what the jury called a powerful image that symbolizes a country burning shame which took the picture in caracas tearing bought into protests against venezuelan president nicolas maduro the man in the photo was set on fire after the gas tank of a motorbike exploded he survived with serious burns some force is now a newly crowned one was it a champions mine munich have chosen eintracht frankfurt nicko called watch as a coach from next season that's just been confirmed by the club has led a modest frankfurt side to fifth in the bundesliga he played for bind between two thousand and one and two thousand and three coverage also has international experience having played for and managed grisha he's agreed to a three year deal with. the draw over the semifinals of the europa league has also just been made arsenal have been drawn against a political madrid while i must say have been rewarded for eliminating the leipzig
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last night with the tie against the two legs would take place on april twenty sixth and may the third. masi has progressed to the semifinals despite. a first leg lead at the germans lost five two and france star striker team obana was left on the bench but leipsic still took an early lead only to be pegged back by the french side masi than increase advantage before forward kevin augustine scored to give leipzig renewed hope but must say closed out the game in style to prevail five three on aggregate you're watching the news coming up ahead. a huge shake up at fox bargain a new c.e.o. and a whole new corporate structure as the automaker looks to finally put diesel good
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behind it more on that coming up shortly. and coming up lit standing by for you you have that news for you shortly do stay with us if you get. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers one official information as a journalist i have work on the strength of many characters and they are all in the same order to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the friends. who can afford to stay silent when.


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