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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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the dawn of islam is a an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. place to. play. your thing the deputy is coming to you live from berlin russia says an alleged gas attack in syria was staged this as an international team of france to begin an investigation of the site to findings could determine if the u.s. decides to go unchecked rich i mean three strides also coming up a huge shakeup at folks father and advocates the stakes so what a c.e.o.
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the new man at the top and wants to reshuffle in the age of brands and preparing the auto giants for the future. and a very bad model for the general good in india still as the conscience of the nation spins in the once again puts a spotlight on how difficult it is for rape victims to get justice despite government promises to do better. player. play. continue i'm under thought she. russian foreign minister has claimed that a suspected gas attack in the syrian town of duma was staged speaking to reporters in moscow a love wrong said a foreign intelligence agency had to fabricate the attack he offered no evidence and did not name the country in question meanwhile an international fact finding mission has arrived in syria to investigate the attack what they find could
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determine if the u.s. and its allies follow through with threats operate tahlia to strike russia has warned any such act could trigger war. to destroy its u.s.s. donald cook and u.s.s. port have been positioned off the syrian coast but if and when they get the order to strike it's not yet clear after this bellicose tweet in which he threatens syria's ally russia that missiles will be coming u.s. president donald trump put off a final decision on military action. but we're looking very very very closely at that whole situation and. see what happens if. the world is in a position like that the president's more measured tone was echoed by the secretary of defense who said the u.s. is still seeking evidence on the chemical attack there's
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a tactical concern. that innocent people we don't do any civilian. and do everything humanly possible to avoid that we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control at the u.n. russia's and voice said averting the danger of war is also a priority but he refused to rule out the possibility of us russian conflict. i. want to. thank you. look we can look stupid any possibilities unfortunately because we saw messages that were covering for washington they were very bad because meanwhile russia says the syrian government is now in control of the site of the alleged attack and specters
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from the international chemical weapons watchdog are expected to begin their probe into mount on saturday it's not clear whether the u.s. and its allies will wait for the results before deciding on strikes. journalists follow developments in syria from neighboring lebanon she joins me now from beirut until the spectre's have arrived there how likely is it that they'll have proper access to the side to determine what exactly happened there. but the team and i can be rude last evening they should be in damascus today and tomorrow we will be going to do the syrian regime has invited them and says that they would be given all the access that the wire and it would be taken everywhere they are asked to go having said that the russian was there on the ground so in the western countries in america especially there is a fear that the russians would have already clean up in that sense the o.p.c. w. would not find anything of any significance now on one side where this argument is
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being made in the united states on the other hand we've been told that the mandate is limited which means that while the o.p.c. w in a weekend sort of check. whether chemical attack took place are not it cannot a certain it cannot be in the responsibility on any one so i'm part of both sides both arguments can be true if the russians have cleaned up the site that means that they should have no problems with having o.p.c. w been the responsibility on either party and if they haven't cleaned it up then the limited minded argument would stand. meanwhile we're seeing a sustained u.s. naval buildup off the coast of syria and an increase in american activity what is a general view there on the possibility of military strikes. where the well that's on in washington now is how can the not. russian assets be just hit the city in assets but that's going to be very difficult because over the last few days bashar
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al assad has moved. syrian assets on the russian bases the forces amount scattered now if you know that the u.s. need to store as and now in the mediterranean and they do have tomahawk missiles tomahawk missiles and dumb missiles which essentially means that when they hit that target is not precise we saw that happen last year but last year it was it was a limited strike now this year when trump says that it's going to be a smart strike he's talking about the g.m.'s precision guided missiles now these if he uses there is a chance that he does hit specifically syrian assets and not russian assets but we have to remember we are also hearing rhetoric from the russians and they have a very supreme air defense system so they can actually shoot down these missiles up in the air so at the moment can america strike syria without striking
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russians that's the challenge for them until vora embarrass thank you very much for that assessment to america's closest allies in europe with the considering military action against syria president and monitor francis proof that the syrian government launched curing gas attacks in recent days and british prime minister is a man has won over the approval of a cabinet to work with the u.s. and france to coordinate an international response. carrier and land based french jets would likely play a central role in any strike against syria coordinated by nato allies the us britain and france. for the french president emmanuel mccall he could just be a question of when mccaw insists he has proof the acid regime used chemical weapons against its own citizens in the town of duma and he says france wants to remove syria's chemical weapons capabilities of course no less france will not allow an
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escalation or anything that could damage the stability of the region but we cannot let regimes do anything they want especially not crimes against international law. on the streets of paris opinion is divided on whether france should take part in any strike on syria. the syrian dictator is inflicting on his people is frightening as far as france is concerned an intervention is legitimate and he wants. the russians should say clearly to assad now you must stop and you should get out then we would avoid a conflict badly if we strike the russians will be obliged to respond. there will never be strikes. because france and europe are scared of russia. the russians provide us with gas. we don't. britain's royal air force would also likely join a strike on syria all the indications are that the syrian regime was responsible
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and we will be working with. on how we can ensure. responsible held to account how we can prevent. the monitoring catastrophe that of chemical weapons and the continued use of chemical weapons. british ministers have been holding a special cabinet meeting to discuss joining possible military action against syria the prime minister would not need the approval of parliament to give the go ahead for strikes. where germany has ruled out any military strikes in syria the chancellor angela merkel said germany would help send a signal that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable. echo today by the german foreign minister and. it is unacceptable that russia has now twelve u.n. security council resolutions on syria just to maintain its influence there and protect president assad. this cannot be allowed to continue which is why we will
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keep up the political pressure on russia and we hope raise it further. because moving the russians to change their conduct is a condition for resolving the conflict in syria. let me know when our chief political correspondent melinda create she joins us from our parliamentary studios melinda germany has ruled out the military option what kind of pressure good foreign minister. we talking about. mr moussa didn't elaborate on that point but if we listen to what he said there and what he also had to say yesterday these are much more robust messages directed at russia than we sometimes have heard from the british the german foreign ministry and i think what germany is basically trying to do is say any military action that takes place is part of a comprehensive pressure scenario that is being put on russia and is essentially
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designed to signal that russia has gone too far in supporting a client state syria bashar assad who have used chemical weapons not once not twice but actually several times in furtherance of the war and that this has to stop and and i think essentially germany is saying look we would not be part of any military action that may occur but we absolutely are part of a larger pressure movement on russia on syria aimed at getting a diplomatic solution to the crisis in syria and aimed at getting a real change on the ground in the sense that military means are also means to an end not and in and of themselves and certainly what we won't be seeing to make it very concrete is any soon relaxation of the sanctions that germany has on russia every now and then that is something that's come up for discussion in this country
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i think that's absolutely off the table for now a minute to what extent does the gentleman objects to both the government's position. absolutely supportive if you look at the most recent polls only seven percent of germans think that military force will actually achieve anything in syria in terms of solving the conflict there seventy eight percent say they do not want to see germany involved in military action and that goes back to essentially a traditional position in this country there is skeptical about the use of military force very reluctant to see germany wield it that has a lot to do with germany's history in the twentieth century being very much a cause of two world wars with the result that people here tend to be very very skeptical about force in general and about german participation in particular so absolutely the government is reflecting public opinion on this do you have used
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chief political correspondent linda crane thank you let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild because found supreme court is beyond former prime minister nawaz sharif from politics for life more than stems from corruption allegations against the reef during his three for instance prime minister sharif resigned last july after the supreme court disqualified him from holding office before getting to disclose an income source. he's a former f.b.i. director james comey has lashed out as u.s. president donald trump calling him a liar and comparing his leadership style to that of a mafia boss that's according to excerpts from his upcoming book trump fired tickle me last may leading to the appointment of a special counsel to probe alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election. the head of the panel that awards the nobel prize said adonis has resigned amid criticism of a handling of
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a sexual assault allegations case against the husband of a form a panel member a newspaper had printed accusations from eighteen women done as was the first woman to head the swedish academy. you're watching the devaney is coming up ahead protests in india as a brutal child rape. the conscience of a nation but many fear politics are getting in the re of justice. but first a good heart and a new dawn at the largest car maker folks fog and get out as exactly nothing short of that in return the advisory board of the world's biggest carmaker today announced the biggest structural shake up in. eighty year history the automaker is planning several new brand groups the plan is to make the company more efficient and crucially folks bargain six hundred forty thousand employees all over the world have a new boss to. the w.'s new c.e.o. have at d.c.
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is wasting no time in his bid to make the famously unwieldy company lighter on its feet. also the list is in full expense in our aim to make volkswagen a front runner of the auto industry when it comes to economic and innovative strength and sustainability. so. good luck that i don't think the idea behind this is our conviction that a more efficient company should be steering strong brands have a decent joined volkswagen three years ago he's been a success as head of it's important to be w. brand so he's off to a good start among staff members their focus is highly focused and also has an eye on the future developments. but i'm an employee here at volkswagen. i've witnessed him at various events. and i can say that he's performed really well since he came here folks one is taller. absolve year and this is only the beginning
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for have at d.c. he's planning a major overhaul of the company which includes a stronger focus on the automakers business in china and then there's the question of efficiency how best to run such a huge company with so many different brands disses solution organizing them in groups which he hopes will inject some dynamism into the car maker the plan looks like this the company's mass market brands will form one group in it the core brands v.w. skoda c at then there's the premium segment featuring audi the super premium with the company's four luxury brands and truck and bus which says v.w. is being prepared to go public. and what about electric many observers say v.w. is coming too late to alternative drive trains but that too is something head that d.c. seems driven to change. let's see how investors are
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reacting to this and cross over to the frankfurt story straight we're going to go standing by don't know what are you hearing what are investors saying. well when you take a look closer look at the share price of volkswagen today it has been up of class of all their point seven percent there is still some potential of excitement i would say but in general after the news off this new c.e.o. we're breaking during the course of this week shares off the company again by almost eight percent at the beginning investors who are very much surprised there were no rumors about a possible new c.e.o. or this biggest reform that we are seeing now in the v.w. history but now analysts are telling us that they are happy with the changes hebrides is here considers and vespers as a man of actions they are thinking that with this new structure that you mentioned the company could use synergies much better and could in general get more efficient because yes works of art is doing very well but as a company it was very inefficient so with this new structure they hoped for more
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and better synergies higher margins and of course cost cutting. you mentioned. b.w. is making good money as we've seen last year. why all the fuss now. well the hammer that came from porsche and he was the face off this diesel gates kind of the crisis manager i was say you never get a volkswagen very well during that these are games scandal the worst by now it should be over but behind closed doors it seems that they feel they have been many arguments some have said that he was rather tired of his job he was criticized when talking about his ten million annually serry and making a comparison to the former g.d.r. regime and it seems that the supervisory board felt that he did not really have this visionary thoughts how to make volkswagen even stronger despite those very good sales numbers and we have to remember the owner family and the state of lower saxony they still have tremendous influence inside of the company and they simply
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wanted somebody else now. in frankfurt thank you u.s. president donald trump is considering to rejoin the transpacific partnership u.s. senators revealed the president has assigned economic advisors to take another look at a possible re-entry despite leaving the agreement last year on friday he tweeted would only rejoin t.p.t. if a substantially better deal was offered than was offered to former us president barack obama japanese finance minister taro aso has since said japan will welcome the reentry if it means trump recognizes the significance of the pact the trade dispute between china and the united states could be good news for chinese so be dissolved workers are rejoicing at the proposed fifty billion us dollar tariffs on american products by the chinese including soybeans chamakh
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chemicals and aircraft the threat is a direct response to u.s. president donald trump suggested taxation of chinese imports of the same while chinese farmers are delighted u.s. soil workers are likely to suffer. soybeans the latest casualty of proposed tariffs between china and the u.s. but chinese farmers at this shanghai trade exhibition remain unconcerned for them a chinese tax on u.s. soil imports is the business opportunity they've been waiting for for the cutter for years for a lot of people when i first started out a hay long she and province had a large share of china's so even markets here then american soybeans cane like the whole file american soybeans were a big assault on the chinese market like a water bottle of a whole lot of only that i will not go to india. it's a stark contrast to the mood among farmers in the us where china accounts for sixty
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percent of soy exports and the terrorists could cost them up to seventy percent of that chinese export a large chunk of future business has been steady we can sell more soybeans and do these other older more mature markets but it's not going to make up for the fact that we're being cut out of the fastest growing market in the world. if the tariffs are next and it's likely china's consumers will still face some feasted food prices due to the use of american soil in cooking oil and animal feed but the nation is already looking for alternative soit sources in countries such as brazil canada and russia. that's where your business ventures a little have an update for you in the next hour now expect some return to protests in india over a case of child rape they disturbing case. the brutal gang rape and murder of an eight year old girl has led to fresh protests in the indian cafeteria delhi the opposition congress party has a midnight vigil demanding justice for the girl eight men including two police
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officers have been arrested over the attack a c. fabiano was kidnapped in january then drugged and repeatedly raped over the course of five days before being strangled police and neighbors. portly did nothing she belong to a nomadic muslim community in kashmir in the country's north some reports suggest the attack was an attempt to force looking muslims into leaving the area looking rightwing kindo groups have turned the case into a sectarian issue because the girl was a muslim and all the accused a hindu the incident has once again put the spotlight on the high incidence of rape in india and the lack of adequate action in punishing perpetrators. protesters on the streets of the capital daily on thursday. hundreds of people gathered to denounce the killing and protest the lack of action
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by the authorities. i don't know what kind of fund reveal growing up in what kind of country we are taking this country in which direction i can explain what i'm feeling because i am angry but there are no words to explain the feelings. there is an attempt to use politics and use communalisation to protect those who have committed such crimes and a force that is infuriating and what i feel now is that there's an attempt what makes me angry knows that there's an attempt. after local members of indians governing party b j p barks the accused. anybody of the same to. be absent be the support criminals you know the support he picks. up the support soon i mean i don't think there will be action. also in kashmir hundreds of hindu lawyers but in support of the accused man and demanded their release. after they
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unsuccessfully tried to prevent the police from fighting their investigations of the killing of the girl in the week. it's selfish in a nicole covert. has agreed to be buying munich's coaching the next season jonathan green to need every sports desk is with me welcome jonathan. is with foot he was the frontrunners how did this deal come about yes exactly as you say confirmation of those reports that were emerging last night suggesting coach was going to me you know wanted success it's your pine because but it was a surprise because there he'd been linked to the crowd for many people he would have been top of the list now and a sense of how message the buy and sporting director come from this just before the champions league draw a coach's agree a three year deal with byron and even though he was under contract at frankfurt into twenty nineteen when the stands and this was confirmed by so how does it as well as his release clause in his contract just two point two million euros it will
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cost by and to have his service is that a bargain for them a bargain absolutely he's also played full of full by how important is that i think very important probably the biggest factor in this decision he was defend there for the club between two thousand and one and two thousand and three because otherwise if you look at the profile. it doesn't really suit what by would normally go forward both in terms of his name and also his experience that said that he has coached at international level with croatia he was represented them as a player and i think the big thing here is buying and their identity dismissed on media phenomenon that we keep hearing all about and somehow has it's also said that in fact he said he knows the characters and the structures and the d.n.a. of the club very well sir christopher byron and i think in the same vein this is why that in talks with robin and frank rebury to extend their contracts another year of course three or four they were going to retire at the end of the season you know aquash we were taking out from them but before you think is goes it lots of
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big matches coming up indeed because it always made it very clear that he was just a stopgap and at the end of the season he would be on his way even though binds the border trying to convince him otherwise but you get to pick some the finals. biggest of all the champions league and we have that draw as i was talking about munich drawn against ramage now this is a repeat of last year's call to find over a tricky because of one this of the last two seasons and last season of course of final six three on aggregate the other the other courts the final semifinal rather live a poor against roma now of course the last time because in charge of buying the unit we all know he won the treble didn't he said how brian's fans would love for him to repeat that and hand over the reins to cope with three new pieces of silverware in the trophy cabinet so we have to wait and see this is going to be interesting johnson created from us first says thank you. d.v.d.'s programs live enough to
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live on a steady diet of video but it's often photojournalists who can capture the heart of the story in a single image like this one the burning man by venezuelan a.f.p. photographer schmidt last night he received this year's world press photo award for what the jury quote a powerful image that symbolizes a country bunny she image took the picture in caracas during violent protests against venezuelan president nicolas maduro the man in the photo was set on fire off the gas tank of a motorbike exploded he survived but with serious burns in the course of a plenty of other powerful images captured over the past year by for genocide around the world let's take a look at some of the highlights found in this i'm going to leave you with these images.
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you want me. for journalist the topic of the week can and will mark zuckerberg keep his promise to change facebook's ways or has been a tightening of tact becoming anti social network that's our topic this week on. quadriga joining us. quadriga
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a value that all ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com to freedom. hello and welcome to quadriga it's been a very public come calling for a once triumphant titan of tech in less than a year facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has gone from celebrating the milestone of two billion monthly users to to a.


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