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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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of law are on shaky ground you just couldn't get it over. there should be. a pretty. anglo desh the dawn of islam itself an exclusive report starting april twenty first. another day of international controversy and confusion surrounding the syria gas attack first russia says that was no attack yesterday france said we have evidence today russia says so do way it was the british they staged it international chemical weapons inspectors go in so who should we believe until they report i'm filled. this is the day.
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we have irrefutable evidence that this was another staging which the special services of a nation had. a nation that is trying to be in the front row the campaign. for the. chemical weapons attack happened yes the u.s. yes it has happened the u.k. . happened france yesterday afternoon three separate analysis all coming back at the same thing. today the russian military released more evidence that proves that great britain was involved in the organization of this provocation in eastern. it's a blatant lie it's the worst piece of fake news we've yet seen from the russian propaganda machine. is back with a vengeance but with a difference the mechanisms of the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation
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that existed in the past no longer seem to be present. so russia says it has proof that last weekend's poison gas attack in syria was staged on orders from britain the russian defense ministry says london told the white helmets rescue group in syria to fake the gas attack in the town of britain has described the accusation as a blatant lie in. chemical weapons inspectors are expected. on saturday. it is almost a week since their cries shocked the world suffocated syrian children gasping for air among the hundreds of victims of a suspected poison gas attack allegedly carried out by their government backed by russia. now comes the explosive claim from moscow
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that the attack was the work of britain. to make sure that as good as your insurance is going to get us to me today the russian military authorities released more evidence that proves that great britain who was involved in the organization provocative act any stone. in the stadium laziest st george bush a story of a particular. apartheid meeting of the united nations the faceoff continued with recriminations flying back and forth the u.s. envoy scolded her russian counterpart and i'm in awe of the silly of how you say what you say with a straight face i really really. she told the syrian delegation that the u.s. was still considering a military response to bashar al assad all nations and all people will be harmed if we allow assad to normalize the use of chemical weapons. chemical weapons inspectors have arrived in damascus in search of answers about the looming threat
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of been through an end to a global conflict hasn't stopped families flocking to the cities theme parks. and not too crazy trump has lost his mind the syrian people do not get scared under the leadership of president bashar al assad and our hero army. we are not afraid because when it is needed we carry our weapons and fight with the army. syria's government has turned up the heat in bold in by its russian ally it's issued a warning that it will defend itself against any military strikes. well in war they say truth is the first casualty don't but he really knows who first coined that phrase but attributions go back as far as five twenty five b.c. despite his age it has never been truer than today syrians keep dying often in the
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most horrible ways while governments keep lying was there a chemical gas attack in eastern guta last week if there was who launched it the answer seems to be it depends who you want to believe russian military analyst pavel felgenhauer joins us from bosco the w.c. richardson is in washington a french journalist and is a better mood today is in paris welcome to you or let's start with you pavel felgenhauer in moscow so russia says britain states this gas attack in eastern kuta how much of that statement do you believe. no i don't believe the poems i believe this is current well are. rather senseless and. one of the up are. things they are read most are. over dr this is. who i mean that's
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my but that's the current style and i don't mean a russian proper. russian. diplomatic service they are use the rank your arguments got there and actually when russia has a point when russian officials are say the norm no one now believes not much because they get in line. and i. know you're wrong. keep at least some semblance of our president and his of move and elisabetta in paris president ma kroll says he has proof that the chemical attack in duma happened why should we believe him any more we believe the russians well the russians have got a dog in this fight i mean their own ground the culture mustn't the troops they've got. at stake. we all
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triple in time to this new latakia game which is that we can treat if. they lose this and say i mean that you know they're on one side they're in that she was on it but the less believable in france doesn't read the entrails who first of all does not have a tradition of lying in foreign policy which unfortunately is more often the case in russia and second does not really have a dog in the fight i'm jet no a demonstration of this evidence yet from a president macro. i don't. to some extent if the prove he has would if revealed put some people who obtained it in danger i suppose will take his word as truth i don't think if this were to launch an attack on the ground with troops on the ground i don't think that you know there would not be questions in parliament but right now earth there is an element of trust this is a president reelected almost exactly
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a year ago. here. he's a somebody who so far we have not caught lying and that faultlessly a presumption of belief and there's also the fact that the french diplomacy and the french secret services are pretty active a little east and usually their sources are good so we tend to believe ok clever to sit in washington let us talk about all of this talk of military action around the use of chemical weapons what is it about the use of chemical weapons that's so outrageous the united states and britain and france insensibility as they feel they have to intervene militarily. hi phil briefly a follow on with what your previous guest was talking about it should be said that the u.s. state department has confirmed today that they say they have proof that bashar assad used chemical weapons against his own people now to answer your question we should remember that it was after world war one of the international community got
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together to ban chemical weapons precisely because they were so morally heinous and can cause such suffering we saw in that report pictures of people vomiting of or at least we've seen pictures over the days of people foaming at the mouth. and so any kind of military strike that you're going to see is going to be to send a strong message that the international community will not stand by and accept this kind of conduct in warfare is the reason why you saw president barack obama draw his famous red line on syria it's the reason why after a chemical attack this time last year president trump launched the united states first direct military attacks against syria they were targeting an air base to try to punish the assad regime and say that this is not acceptable and we will not let other regimes around the world look to this as an example of something that will go unpunished ok so the strike against syria almost a year ago to the day does not seem to have worked so what i've missed trumps
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likely options this stage. it certainly does not seem to have had the deterrent effect that the united states hoped for so what we could see now could be another single strike of the sort that we saw last year we could see a more on going a concerted military effort to repeat strikes on an air base to make sure that it stays out of app out of operation we could also see trying to do nothing at all this u.s. has certainly lost its element of surprise here with donald trump tweeting that tweeting earlier this week that he would strike syria he's trying to kind of walk that back and reclaim some of the element of surprise by saying it that strikes were coming very soon or not so soon at all but it's unclear whether there will actually be any kind of action and if so what it will look like. rushed on buses as eleven says moscow would respond by shooting down american missiles and then targeting their launch sites does russia have the capability.
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well mainly some are. there the. be. target area and then b s then there's a possibility. for the most like with this. show we be she. will somehow go now. to russia. russia on. american bases are american ships. more are all and right now being crowned russia. than russia. if only syria not even if there are some russian maybe there. i
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don't believe russia. or not. because an escalation there in the middle east would mean that i mean i. mean the basic russian of course there was this. big russian interests that havel just just because what we're running short of time and i don't want to bring on is a live elizabeth mutate back in because the president has said many times that if the red line of chemical weapons use is proof that he will take single handed at ship and one wonders what france very elite go it alone against syria and russia. well it's a very interesting quite because that's not the first time that the french president say is that they will go it alone if necessary or rather you know they will take action in case that famous red line is crossed and that was the last time was possible or not in two thousand and twelve that was supposed to be something called
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a native with barack obama who at the last minute decided that no he didn't want this and so there was a feeding of betrayal and felt that france did not go to the only other hundred french intelligence sources have said that they. have got to with great interest something that we've not mentioned yet which was the attack by his radio also now the ace in syria which the israelis have said is an airbase from which chemical weapons were being put in bombs and to use to gong to do bomb rubble places these radios can do many things but usually they say that they've done something for a reason the reason is usually accurate it's going to be interesting to see when. everybody decides that after all they will let israel do this by proxy and not do it. that it's huge this one is is i think michael said that because he wanted to show that he was not all that he may end up being a lot and elizabeth matea in paris claire richardson in a washington and pavel felgenhauer in moscow thank you.
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activists in india are calling for nationwide protests to demand justice for an eight year old muslim girl who was gang raped and murdered earlier this year eight men have been arrested in connection with the crime but many question whether they will ever face justice. anger over a brutal rape case in india once again bringing protesters out onto the streets opposition lawmakers held a midnight vigil in new delhi demanding justice for the girl's family thousands responded to their call to protest at sea for bono was kidnapped in january she was drugged and raped repeatedly over the course of five days before being strangled. the incident has once again put the spotlight on the high number of rape cases in
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india. such partner look this is a national matter not a political one this is about the women in this country and today all political parties ordinary men and women are standing here. now. but many fear the accused won't face justice see for belonged to an american muslim community in kashmir in the country's north they have been protests here to some in support of the accused. local right wing hindu great think kashmir have turned the case into a sectarian issue because the girl was a muslim and all the accused a hindu even some members of india's ruling the j.p. party of joint rally supporting the body of the same to. the us to be the support for the you know the support the peace and look not to support soon and everything to the action. that faced with growing protests both in kashmir and
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in new delhi the government is insisting that justice will be done. this is an extraordinary story which works at so many levels the w.'s upper spanish he has been following it can perhaps until some of the last four years welcome a big rush to draw a line for us explain to us how the rape of an eight year old girl becomes a religious dispute in dus against muslims it is essentially all destruction film that is all it is this is basically an attempt to take away from the facts of the case and the fact of the case that eight men got together conspired to adopt and grape and eight or muslim go with the intention of scaring the local muslim community away that is what the facts of the case and that is what the police admitted in the court the moment people make it a hindu versus muslim issue it takes away from that fact in fact what is happening is it's a warped logic in which the facts of the case are turned on its head people obviously
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saying because it is a muslim victim and eat hindu men have been arrested it is the hindus who are the victims and that is what is happening in that's how it's become his divorce and most image you're looking at us from our side it seems extraordinary that that can happen what what what is the background allows that to go from a tragic rape of a small go to a political issue because whatever the that it is the destruction it's a huge destruction it is a huge. or a number of people who are involved with this are also lawyers i can touch upon that later but then just to go back to what the background to this is one has to look at the state where this is happening jumbo in kashmir one has to say has been suffering terrorism for more than two decades and the still it comprises of the john moody and the krishna division and these are split along religious lines that are religious fault lines that have already been in place that have been in fact exploited at a political level and these are really just four planes hindus vs muslims have only
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become further intrenched over time so this negative that is the hindus who are the victims plays into these four lines the b j p is the ruling party of the move that a huge victory in twenty forty and this seems to somehow tie in with the mood in the country absolutely if you look at nearly four years of b.g.p. rule at the center it's essentially single party rule because they have such a huge majority in the twenty fourteen balls ever since their victory in these nearly four years you've had an increase in the number of violent attacks against minorities especially the muslim minority certainly deserves a just worth making the point that the hindu nationalists the right wing hindu nationalist how far right they have gone is up for debate but definitely there is a hindu nationalist background there and ever since they came to power in these four years the number of attacks against minorities is a factor but equally muslims has increased and therefore that appears to be this atmosphere of impunity with which local rightwing hindu nationalist groups are
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operating in different parts of the country mr just does it approval critics would argue from the police from politicians that what you're doing is fine and your agenda is to prop in fact in this state where this incident happened if the g.o.p. is a partner in the government it is in a coalition with another party and it is in its very state where it has power that this hindus vs muslim or negative has taken hold very briefly that there have been similar out. cries about gang rapes and rapes in the countryside since that medical student in two thousand and twelve have things changed since then removed in terms of the law the law was strengthened year. sentences were imposed for repairs but you can make the case that since then awareness has increased around the country but then if you asked me today if a woman would walk into a police station hoping to report a search for a sort of weed she gets it would she get justice we don't know is that it's an open
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question here especially thank you so much. this president donald trump has described his former f.b.i. director james comey as an untruthful slimeball after details emerged from a no holds barred memoir due for release next week present from fired mr comey last may he was said to be unhappy at his handling of the f.b.i.'s investigation into allegations of russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections in his new book which the komi staving of the president on a professional personal level describing him as a man who twists facts to serve his purpose on trump's response has been characteristically blunt and delivered of course in the form of a tweet james komi is a proven leaker and liar virtually everyone in washington thought he would be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired he leaked classified information for which you should be prosecuted like the congress under oath he is a weak and untruthful slimeball who was as time has proven
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a terrible director of the f.b.i. and it continues as you can imagine in in similar vein now washington post reporter callum bourses has been reading a james cohesive book ahead of its publication on the tuesday he joins us now welcome to d.w. does donald trump have much to be worried about. well it sort of comes down to a he said he said in some of these situations and so what you see is probably a little bit more tribalism right so if you are inclined to believe the president you'll probably say call me is lying and if you're inclined to believe komi then you're probably going to side with him our latest polling shows that the general public sides with comi more often than the president so that should be perhaps one cause of alarm for the president he's holding on to his base they sort of believe whatever he says but the rest of the country is far more skeptical ok so let's
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bring up some of the biggest hits from this book well i think one of the big ones one of the questions folks would have had going into the book is whether james comey is going to weigh in on whether the president committed a criminal act in particular whether he obstructed justice by firing komi and the answer is no komi does not way and he doesn't clear the president of wrongdoing he does like into a mob boss and he compares him to a criminal but he stops short of saying that the president did anything illegal what he seems to be doing is being very deferential to robert muller who was the special counsel actually conducting the law enforcement investigation why is he going after his former boss in this way. well that's a good question and one perhaps is to protect his own reputation the president was very critical of call me on the way out the door i think another aspect to it if you believe coleman to be a man of integrity and i think that many americans do they believe that he is
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partly doing what he sees as a public service which is saying hey i have kind of a unique perspective on this administration and i have a story to tell and people ought to know the way of this guy operated and so it's sort of a combination of those two things of course there's a commercial element to this as well only a certain to an awful lot of books and he is going to be on virtually every t.v. channel in the next week and a half year promoting the book as well what's going to surprise people most about the revelations in this book. well i think that one thing that really will stand out is the way the james comey recounts conversations that he had with individuals who can corroborate or perhaps dispute the contents of those exchanges and i think in the coming days and weeks the public will get more of an opportunity to weigh the credibility of coleman's book for example he recounts very specific conversations with former president obama former attorney general or rather lynch
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with the current senate minority leader charles schumer and even with the white house chief of staff john kelly the kelly exchange for example is i think one of the most interesting nuggets in the book at the time of call me is firing john kelly was the homeland security secretary he was not yet in the white house and according to komi kelly actually threatened to resign in protest as sort of a show of solidarity with comi and komi says that he actually talked kelly out of stepping down and convinced him that good men like him need to be surrounding the president i can imagine kelly will confirm that now that he works for the president directly in the white house but if he doesn't come out and deny it i think that will be very telling the comparison with him of books is interesting because the book seems to say that donald trump is all about loyalty and your loyalty is to me not necessarily the constitution or indeed the american people. yeah i mean what calm is describing there is i think a consistent pattern that most political observers can see in this president which
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is the way he value way it's people institutions the media is whether they are favorable to him or not there's really no objective criteria there so remember for example that at one time this president used to praise james coleman that was back toward the end of the campaign when he called me the f.b.i. notified congress that it was reopening an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail usage as secretary of state of course was delighted by that development praised me for redeeming his prior decision not to recommend an indictment of hillary clinton but once i got into office and he got the impression that told me was going to not be personally loyal to him but was perhaps just going to do the job the way he saw fit and in particular the president was frustrated by called me his refusal to publicly say that the president was not under investigation come quickly fell out of favor with donald trump at that point. bush was very interesting from the washington post thank you for joining d.w.
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watching the news live from russia accuses britain of staging the poison gas attack in syria russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says last weekend's attack was faked on the old us from london a team of international of chemical weapons inspectors arrived in syria will begin their investigation tomorrow also on the program. untruthful slimeball not exposed to trump's assessment of this man he's a former f.b.i. director james comey. memoir is.


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