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happens russia's u.s. ambassador in washington missed one ton of solo this precisely as a personal insult to the russian president which russia russia couldn't accept he said russian lawmakers let him get a job out of however who is the deputy head of russia's foreign affairs committee here in moscow sad that russia was likely to call for a meeting of the united nations security council the chairman of the international affairs committee of russia at the house of parliament cost ten thousand cars that chuff he sat at the strikes were a violation of international law and probably designed to prevent investigators from the global chemical weapons watching from doing their work yuri is should you mention something of very important that. the russians in syria did not use their air defense systems but should the u.s. conduct any additional strikes how might russia respond
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well look in all reactions we have heard to so far and especially in the response of the russian ministry of defense we hear that the americans didn't attack russian targets and i think the hope of course is that there will be no military action from russia and the russian air defense systems located in syria territory have not been used to counter the missile strikes however. the russians have a letter a letter to flee a large military base in the syrian city of community mean i was there myself two years ago and saw that there are not just a few plants there but a whole arsenal of military equipment and personnel if the americans attack. then an open military conflict between the two superpowers us a and russia can no longer be avoided but so far there is no directed then job of it i think you're a shadow in moscow for us thanks very much for that very. while this western intervention in syria comes as investigators from
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a global chemical weapons watchdog are due to start their fact finding mission into last week's suspected poison gas attack in the syrian town of duma now syria and its allies deny carrying out that attack and say the western strikes are in that hindering the investigation by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the us defense secretary meanwhile says he's absolutely confident that the assad regime was behind the attack. it's almost a week since their cries shocked the world suffocated syrian children gasping for air among the hundreds of victims of a suspected poison gas attack allegedly carried out by their government backed by russia with military action looming moscow made the explosive claim that the attack was the work of britain. it's losing money it wasn't like you were there were many good sure there are supporters in europe she's going to give this to me it's
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a day the russian military authorities released and all evidence that proves a great britain was involved in the nation of these provocative act in eastern guta . at a packed meeting of the united nations the face off continued recriminations flying back and forth the u.s. envoy scolded her russian counterpart. yes i'm in awe of the silly and how you say what you say with a straight face i really really. britain's on boy rubbish the russian claims as she left the emergency meeting. this is great task it's a blatant lie it's some of the worst piece of fake news we've seen from the russian propaganda machine. in damascus chemical weapons inspectors were supposed to start their probe into the attack on saturday it's unclear how they'll proceed after the air strikes on alleged poison gas facilities. can they proceed let's talk now again
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with journalist colleague weiss was here in the studio chemical weapons inspectors college expected to begin their work today in duma will they be able to it's an area no overrun by the seat in the zeeman it's militia and with the population transferred over there was what if it's on the population i think cleansing if you would so it's going to be like a scene from because of luck i'm shocked shocked they've got big is going on here these guys would cover their trades you know you've been talking to people in syria about in the lead up to these strikes what do they want to see come out of an american in a british french intervention what do they want to see happen on the ground i mean a lot of people by now in syria out of the international situation and they know about trump would not risk would would with russia but they had yearned these millions of people who have been displaced over this process toward this you know
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had the disappeared don't kid the u.n. for a slap on the face against us but it didn't happen so i'm sure that they said so in these. disappointed that they would have loved to see for example the position of us because go in go in flames like we saw the bombs ellis' in the two thousand and three but they didn't give the maybe unlikely to. i see it now some analysts are calling this the biggest movement of american military hardware since iraq in the region what do you think could there be additional strikes from your perspective. if states becomes intent when vital interests of the united states win would threaten for example two months ago by either admission of u.s. officials pleased with that estimate two hundred the russian mission that is would kid when vital american interests would would go to be potential harm no medicaid don't see this as a threat to its national interest ok but international interest for the u.s.
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do include containing chemical weapons use and that's the stated goal of britain and france as well certainly this attack does go away down that road. in a way it does but the spotlight in these regimes this fight against that population is endless even when that when they they keep a fuse using brute anything which is don't need to use but they still use it ok to leave thanks so much for those insights this morning kelly a wise journalist bring us up to date here in the studio now american president trump has called syrian president bashar al assad a quote gas killing animal for his suspected chemical attack on duma now that the u.s. has launched military strikes on syria let's take a look back at the shifting american policies towards the conflict since the war in syria began in march of two thousand and eleven. what started as a popular uprising against a brutal dictatorship quickly spiraled into something far more complicated when
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protests began in syria in march twenty eleven the government responded with a heavy handed crackdown by the end of the summer then president barack obama had called on president bashar al assad to step down but the flashing quickly turned into a full blown civil war in august of two thousand and twelve president barack obama drew his famous red line for syria warning president bashar al assad that if his government used chemical weapons and there would be an enormous price to pay it all goes to the following year it appeared that line had been crossed. hundreds of people suffocated in rebel controlled neighborhoods around damascus firing at the mouth and suffering convulsions. the u.s. blame the syrian government the only party known to have access to sarin gas but instead of directly ordering military strikes a bomb i asked congress for approval the pressure for u.s. action east after a united nations resolution demanded that syria destroy its chemical weapons but
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certainly a new threat rolled into town a bomber announced in strikes against a different targets in syria the so-called islamic state also known as isel. last night on my orders america's armed forces began strikes against targets in syria. by the time donald trump became president syria's conflict had mushroomed into an even more complicated proxy war for regional and world power as. a few months into trump's presidency dozens of syrians but killed in what appeared to be a nerve gas attack on the town can she cone trump blamed obama's weakness on a resolution on syria in response the u.s. launched its first direct military attack on the country targeting an air base to deter assad from using chemical weapons again thing called for all u.s. troops in syria to be withdrawn and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now
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a little more than a week later trump was having to respond to yet another chemical attack he then blamed his predecessor tweeting if president obama had crossed his stated red line the syrian disaster would have ended long ago. on twitter trump promised a strike but later in the wait the white house was still saying that all options were on the table as the war in syria enters its. the united states looks no closer to a serious plan to stop the konitz we're back with claire richardson in washington and colleague here in the studio claire first to you what are the u.s. a strategic goals in syria callie was saying it doesn't really have any overriding interest there. it certainly doesn't clear that seem clear that there is a long term plan on syria and it's been one of the toughest foreign policy problems for the united states both
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a president obama and president trump have waffled on the issue for example in the as we saw in the report that i just filed of president obama was roundly criticized for drawing a red line against the use of chemical weapons and then after it became apparent that they all said regime had in fact used them he did not take military action similarly we've seen trump go back and forth earlier this month he was he ordered the military to bring home american troops in syria and he was clearly at odds with his military advisers in this regard they are wary of thinking of what happened in iraq and afghanistan and they want to stay in the country to make sure that the so-called islamic state cannot get a foothold again but not only has there not been a consistent history of policy toward syria it seems that aside from punitive airstrikes against possible chemical weapons attack it is not a clear policy going forward ok now khalid we heard claire they're saying that the red line put in place by obama was never acted upon by the previous president by
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the obama administration but you have a president here who's now conducted a second military strike does president have more credibility right now than the previous administration in the region marginally. i suppose but that again depends on the magnitude of this troy and what how much it's hurt the court if this it did not hurt the court eclair what do you think in the past few weeks we've seen the build up to this right now you know how well placed is the administration to move forward in this crisis with its partners you mentioned there doesn't seem to be a clear long term goal can it craft one quickly to make use of these missile strikes diplomatically. well known in the past few months we've seen a major shakeup of the top foreign policy advisers in the united states cia
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director mike pompei or having his confirmation hearing this week and also new on the job of course is john bolton has just started as the national security adviser and these are people who are widely seen as hardliners even though perhaps trump's administration is less stable than ever before having people who are widely regarded as a war hawks whispering in his ear make it more likely that we could see more military action in the future ok thanks for that briefly if you could last question to you what's been the response from the rebels on the ground to these missile strikes. these variables themselves have been have shrugged your because of the lack of support this report has been done or from the evolution or almost from the start so the they expected i think more ok colleague a wise force in the studio and clear richardson in washington thank you very much. gos bring you up to date now on the story at this hour the u.s.
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and its allies britain and france have carried out air strikes on suspected chemical weapons facilities in syria now these strikes are in response to last week's alleged poison gas attack in the syrian town of duma know about of dozens of boards that the pentagon says explosions have the capital damascus and to locations near the city of homs syria's main ally russia has warned the strikes will not be without consequences. i'm dr thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us we'll have more of the top down but. you haven't paid your debts. your child just received them back right. most of those monitoring its citizens with the government. and a hundred and sixty thousand surveillance cameras is russia misusing the
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