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there is and with the help of the russian army ok now should the united states and its allies conduct any additional strikes how would russia respond to that well i think the most important fact brian is that russian air defense systems located in syrian territory have not been used to counter the missile strikes that is what is the russian minister of defense pointed out and this fact particular seems to be very important for moscow as well and difficulties between moscow and washington are still on the rhetoric level in moscow has very well listen to what the u.s. president tom passed to say had to say in his televised address mr trump accused russian president vladimir putin personally of failing to avoid to the syrian president assad to use to use chemical weapons and the kremlin see this as a personal insult to the russian president which russia count except their actions have a relatively large military base in the syrian city of me mean if the americans attack mean then a military conflict between the two former cold war enemy is us and russia can
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obviously no longer be avoided but so far there is no direct danger of it i think you're either shadow thank you very much your for that from moscow around of course has forces on the ground in syria for the very latest from iran let's go now to eric randolph he's a correspondent for the french news agency a.f.p. in tehran thanks for being with us eric are ran is of course the most important regional ally for the assad government what's the reaction been where you are in tehran. very similar russian condemning the attack where you have these supreme leader ayatollah mohammad. describing it trump might call on criminals and strikes crime and the foreign ministry warning there would be regional consequences for the action without going into the specifics of what about my being i want to pick up on that if i could there is this talk of regional consequences quote that will hurt more than the americans what's not there.
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yeah sure i mean we have seen some escalation in recent days when israel carried out an asteroid last monday we believe it was israel killed seven or rainy and military advisors. which has been part of this ramping up of the tensions between iran and israel which. is something that israel is only trying to push back on saying that this may be the next step in that in the conflict and iran has remained relatively vague about what it is that it means by regional consequences but clearly there's a lot there's a lot they're worried about where this could go and you know moscow saying or we know rather that moscow was informed ahead of these air strikes turkey's also saying that it was given notice what about the iranians where they informed that the strikes were in or. if they were so far we haven't heard anything to that
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effect there's very few channels of communication obviously between the west and iran iran the revolutionary guards that are present on the ground will some of the use this is further proof of america's aggression that said the. alleged chemical attack last week was actually part of a conspiracy by the west to justify precisely these kinds of strikes and that will play into the narrative the they say though they didn't allow the chemical weapons inspectors time to properly look into this case before the launching these strikes bits with the narrative that iran is trying to portray that assad was being was having some success against terrorist groups on the ground and that these strikes that that for an attempt by america and its allies to undermine his battlefield successes ok eric randolph bring us up to date with the perspective there from tehran thanks very much. so where does germany stand in all of this more of that
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i'm joined by our chief political correspondent melinda trying to day melinda germany in the lead up to this is saying it will not offer any military help why that position that is the case and neither the chancellor nor the foreign minister outlined a list of reasons but as we both know this is a traditional position for germany to take a position of restraint when it comes to the use of military force if you think back to other out of area activities exam for example the coalition of the willing in the iraq war germany very explicitly rejected taking part in that where it has sent forces to participate in missions beyond nato territory it has always been with been within a larger nato const text of a real nato. and the reason for that quite simply germany's experiences in the
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twentieth century as the perpetrator of the holocaust as a country that was part of the causes of two world wars and that was absolutely deeply affected by all that ensued it is very skeptical about the use of military force and we see that in polls at the moment seventy eight percent of germans say they do not want to see this country take part in military action in syria traditionally germany wants to see a u.n. mandate doesn't it for any type of military action that joins the unless the chancellor did give her support let's take a look at that she joined other western leaders in voicing her support for the strike saying we support the fact that our british french british and french allies assume their responsibilities the military intervention was necessary and it was appropriate. ok that's some clear support will germany be supporting britain france and united states in other words well essentially what we're seeing is an absolutely concerted effort not only by the chancellor but also by the foreign
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minister by the defense minister of germany both of them speaking today all three of them giving giving the message verbal and moral support if you will for this action saying it is necessary and appropriate exactly that language used in fact by all three so a clear determination that that is essential and they have also made it clear that this they stand united with the other members of or with the members of the security council and yet we see quotes this morning from the foreign minister saying look i'm no pacifist but we made a clear decision that this is not the place for us to use force and to be honest prime germans germany's military resources at the moment are strange they are only to breaking point they would scarcely have additional capacity they have taken part in other ways in the fight against i.a.s. for example against islamic state with reconnaissance aircraft with training
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kurdish forces in the north of syria so they certainly have been a part of all of that but they're saying for this particular one count us out but we are absolutely with you in saying there has to be retaliation for a chemical weapons attack so a practical logistical side to to do this stand by germany as well well to try and find the missing mission into last week's suspected poison gas attack that of course in the syrian town of duma left dozens of civilians dead now syria and its allies deny carrying out an attack this is the western strikes are aimed that hindering the investigation by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the american defense secretary meanwhile says he's absolutely confident that the assad government was behind the attack. it's been almost a week since their cries shocks the world. suffocated syrian children gasping for air there among hundreds of victims of a suspected poison gas attack allegedly carried out by their government backed by
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russia. with military action looming moscow made the explosive claim that the attack was the work of britain. stuart it was really it was a moment there were many good sure there are supporters in europe she is going to give this to me it's a day the russian military authorities released more evidence that proves a great person was involved in the organization of these provocative act in eastern guta. at a packed meeting of the united nations the faceoff continued with accusations flying back and forth the u.s. envoy scolded her russian counterpart. as i'm in awe this silly of how you say what you say with a straight face i really really. britain's envoy rubbish the russian claims as she left the emergency meeting. this is great task it's
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a blatant lie it's some of the worst piece of fake news we seen from the russia propaganda machine meanwhile in damascus chemical weapons inspectors were scheduled to start their probe into the attack on saturday and in the wake of saturday's airstrikes diplomatic sources said that security permitting the team would present head with a brief visit. ok we're back with tyson parker from the aspen institute and mideast expert or weiss as well if we could start with you you know when you look at this chemical investigation going underway right now in in duma will it give us some facts we can count on i doubt it because the site has been taken over after the expulsion of most of the sunni population and that by this year in a busy month it's all it russia so if they are if they carried out this attack it's natural for them to hide their faces if you must leave the scene there because a blanket. the difference that a french officer say i'm shocked shocked that gambling is going on here ok tyson
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you know we just heard from a kitty that there are some legal questions out there about these strikes and now we look at the investigation under way in duma the. questions as to whether we'll even know it was syria or not that was behind these attacks what's the basis moving forward when you look at that well i think one thing to note is that the degree of confidence the u.s. government has had has actually become more confident since thursday so they went from being investigating to a high degree of confidence yesterday which they've obviously latched up discussed with allies and what they're looking at more than anything is blood and urine samples from victims which they've attributed to what is likely a chlorine or nerve agent attack you can definitely trace where that could have been produced and the mode of deployment is consistent with the syrian regime so i think that's the basis that they have although they have not released the exact information to the russians are saying this is a false flag operation conducted to incriminate the syrian government i mean this
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is obviously consistent with russian behavior generally which is to kind of missed the space create plausible deniability as was mentioned the syrian regime has control of the site they could easily scrub the site what the evidence that should be looked at is the victims themselves ok khalid the america's putting together its strategy do you see one emerging right now. nothing but hopes only if you use this strike as a way to pressure to russia to get iran out of out of syria which is also very farfetched because they think that the video feed on the environment and that they call that over thirty by iranian backed shia militia so if that's the us that i think i think it's a long shot ok so you're saying this is actually directed against iran more than it's directed against the syrians very and directly ok tyson what do you think about that i think that we have now two data points we have the april seventeenth attack we have the attack from last night and what we can determine is that there is a very focused very clearly defined objective here which is to limit the deployment
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of chemical weapons and any time they are deployed there will be consequences and those consequences will be somewhat proportional to that chemical attack i. i think beyond that we cannot derive any objectives from this action in syria ok briefly last question for you tyson does that mean there will be no move towards regime change by the u.s. and its allies don't see that as being on the table ok collect you agree yes and not only the. support for the regime one way or another this chemical weapons that is a year before the chemical attack which was at the same time europe had the conference to be constructed syria saying basically said do it it's over political transition and we even support you and directly i mean even when the regime is when it can't help itself with this fight use can make its use and its chemical weapons at least you can be a wise and barbara thanks very much for that. it's a reminder of what's been happening so far with this story the u.s.
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and its allies britain france have carried out air strikes on suspected chemical weapons facilities in syria now these frogs are response last week sludge poison gas attack and do most with dozens of civilians that pentagon says explosions at the capital damascus at locations there's a city of homs. the state of new news thanks so much for the. sounds it truly reverberates. stuff. they're manufactured by a team in northern germany. using cheap. muscle palm. down they can't craftsman. heroics next.
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what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer needed next to the top. you know web special. dot com football made in germany. i want to welcome to another edition of your a max i'm your host megan lee from a cubana recipe to computer keyboard creations we have a mixed bag on the show here's a look at.


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