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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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you're watching news live from berlin divisions over syria deep enough the u.n. security council members rejected a russian resolution to come down with the western and missile attack on legends chemical weapons sites this as u.s. president donald trump proclaims that mission accomplished but will the intervention change the force of the war also on the program. tens of hungary and take to the streets in anger at prime minister viktor orban landslide reelection they're demanding a recount and an overhaul of the country's actual system. i
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was on a welcome to the program well the u.n. security council has rejected a bid from russia to condemn the air strikes on syria carried out by the u.s. the u.k. and france russia called the emergency meeting over what it said was an illegal use of force the u.s. says that the operation cripples syria's chemical weapons program and warns its forces are locked and loaded ready for more strikes if damascus uses poison gas again. all it took was a show of hands. i'm dry as bait to keep the u.n. condemnation on the u.s. . failed overwhelmingly. only bolivia and china
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backed the vote to advance and local the russian and u.s. ambassadors refused to give an inch and a sign of cynical distain a group of western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation russia condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack against syria where russian military personnel are assisting the legitimate government in its counterterrorism that from society through its actions the united states makes an already catastrophic humanitarian situation in syria even worse i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line. enforcement came in the early hours of saturday when u.s. french and british forces launched one hundred five mess iles that's a legit chemical bunkers in syria in response to
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a suspected gas attack last week the white house declared mission accomplished showing off satellite images of the destruction. but moscow says the damage was minimal russian state t.v. broadcast from inside a base it said was targeted a syrian commander claims that with the help of soviet missile defenses the intercepted the weapons. again but they were flying at a low altitude for about five kilometers creating decoys therefore it was not easy to detect a true target but we managed for the moment syrian servicemen have no reason to fear more western attacks washington has described the strikes as a one time shot. so president trump and u.s. military commanders are hailing the operation a success but questions about the u.s.
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strategy on syria remain w.'s aleksandra naaman has more from washington president still no triumph was very quick to declare success after the strikes against syria sweeting mission accomplished a phrase that invited unwelcome comparisons to george w. bush and he experiences in iraq four notes from some pain seems to be successful the you ask was able to send a clear signal to syria and its patrons and to avoid a direct confrontation with the russians and the pentagon is confident that it has crippled assad's chemical weapons program but the question remains what is exactly the mission and what is president's tromps strategy on syria and more and more lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demand answers criticizing the president's position as inconsistent and saying that the broader strategy is needed
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. allows you to use washington bureau chief alexandra fund naaman for more now we're joined by journalist on child for following developments in syria from neighboring lebanon for us and we heard from washington there that president bush says it's mission accomplished what exactly was that mission then it wasn't of course an attempt to seize president assad was us. well no it certainly wasn't the mission as stated by dollar trump was to ensure that assad regime does not conduct any chemical attacks ever again in that mission has certainly not been accomplished it's of course a political statement for dollar trump to me but if he has accomplished that mission as he says he has and certainly explain how saw three sites have been attacked allegedly these sites were. holding chemical stockpiles there's no
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evidence of that that's been provided let's for a moment believe that is true it is very easy still for the assad regime if indeed this history making chemical weapons to continue to make them remember in two thousand and thirteen russia and the united states had an understanding that assad is going to give up all of the chemical stockpiles of the chemical attacks have continued and the strike yesterday has been quite limited if you see the reaction that has come out of damascus and in many ways the strike is not been as huge as was promised by door drunk but he says that if there are more attacks the united states is locked and loaded so there will be more so that perhaps will prove to be some sort of a deterrent to the assad regime but as far as we speak to the experts analysis of vision they all seem to believe that it will not change assad regime speaking of the one bit. will whether the strikes as opposed to terror from further chemical attacks or not remains to be seen but what we don't know is what the syrians are
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saying are you hearing anything from them what are the different sides saying about the airstrikes. well people in the mask even those who perhaps reluctantly support bashar al assad are now support of the mall because now there is a nationalist following the ad because america has attacked an arab country so they are supporting bashar al assad they have gotten to the streets because it is in the soup flag and sloganeering for bashar al assad those who are refugees in the whole rebel like in areas of syria turkey border all have them to strike and there are unhappy with it as well because they don't just want a shot or less as a legit to stop using chemical weapons but also to stop bombing in areas which are under a control and also for us to go and that's been the demand because they want political change in syria and both the united states and the you can say that that is not
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their agenda and that is not what they're seeking in syria. for a freelance journalist speaking to us there in beirut thank you well germany did not take part in the airstrikes but supported the action german officials are due to meet with representatives from france britain and the u.s. later today to discuss what steps should be taken next german foreign minister heikal math says berlin will help lead a new diplomatic push to end the war in syria. from suing the united nations must lead and carry the negotiation process. but the un needs our active engagement to give a new impetus to the discussions from. so we will work together with france to create an international format of influential nations to give the political process new momentum to schwartz's. now to some of the other stories making news around the
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world. beyond maher has her page raised at the first family just like you and warnings the country is not ready for their return they were processed in a newly built reception center around seven hundred thousand right and i have fled to neighboring bangladesh since last august to escape a brutal crackdown on the muslim minority. by u.s. vice presidents mike pence the seles of the americas in peru momentarily leaders meeting at the most of the americas in peru including u.s. vice president penn's have said they're rejects elections in venezuela next month they're calling for a free and transparent voce in which all political parties are led to his base and it's where the socialist president nicolas maduro has been excluded from the regional gatherings. peasants have turned asian rio de janeiro to demand answers in the killing of a popular city councillor. franco was and i have spoken critic of police brutality
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she was shot dead last month no arrests have been made. an emergency warning has been reissued for a bushfire that's raging across parts of sydney australia around five hundred firefighters are trying to control the blaze passengers in this train filmed the flames as it drove through the blaze so far no homes or lives have been lost in the fire which began on saturday. all that hungry thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the capital budapest organizers say that the country's election system has unfairly given prime minister viktor orban a landslide victory or one around fifty percent of votes and last week's election after running and immigrants who come paying under the home gary and system he secured two thirds of parliamentary seats.
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dictators shout these protestors at the man who last week won another landslide victory i there furious that victor opens anti immigrant campaign security must serve straight time in power in hungary his ruling fit is party won just on the hof the vote based on preliminary results has given him two serves of parliamentary seats. of our first we're not satisfied with the results of the election and we want to demonstrate that the forty nine percent is not two thirds meter deep or a moderate. there are calls for a recount a new election eve a new electoral rolls but among the tens of thousands who took to the streets of budapest there was frustration at the disunity among the opposition parties to what is it will be obvious that the opposition are pathetic. and circular it's terrible
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they're so weak on able to reach a compromise and they kill each other instead of joining forces for us. this protests was one of the largest hungry has seen for several years but even if the outside world is listening it would take much more to change the politics inside. south african anti-apartheid icon winnie mandela has been laid to rest in soweto tens of thousands of mourners from across the political spectrum attended her funeral the political activist died last week at the age of eighty one after a long illness. it was an epic farewell to an anti-apartheid heroine thousands packed into the stadium to celebrate the life of nelson mandela's former wife winnie singing cheering and crying along the way. a miracle. the moment a monday. there you are here to post about it to them was all returned
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to him for his gun for our freedom of info. now we were docked his belief is that the african to game i'm mourning the death of our mother we need to give that on monday now we are yet understand them to celebrate and live to lend a hand to ease the last place i saw what i can say and so much more i read me didn't i see my dad supplied so i know my place how can i am when me and i do that i'm a little. for more than thirty years she was at nelson mandela's site during her husband's long imprisonment she took up the struggle of black south africans occasionally calling for the use of violent means even so such as her in jewing legacy political leaders to pay tribute. march us this is the pain for a moment for us. we do not want to be denied the joy and
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recording of the life of so wondrous a person. after five hours spent remembering the complex picture of winnie mandela as life on more than two weeks of mourning but the heavens opened the. then a riccardi of red bull has won the chinese grand prix and shanghai it's the australians sixth career graeme for a win and his first in shanghai coming in second with finish driver valtteri of mercedes followed by compatriot kamya i can an overall leader the bus in fattal suffered a minor collision and ended up an eighth look at the driver standings now still in first is that followed by lewis hamilton of mercedes and his team made terry haas and therese ricardo thanks to his when it moves up to fourth and battles for our teammates can you read conan's and fast. you're watching d.w.
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news and coming up after a short break the point is they get mobile showing you a boat load of goals from a high school ring at the sasha de not state the old telling you stay with us. you. want to go over to. learn german with d w. any time any place. whether with jo jo and her friends. i need to study in the next door neighbor misha spritzes it's where she joined the.


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