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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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you're watching news like from berlin divisions over syria deep into the u.n. security council members reject a russian resolution to condemn the western mentality talk on alleged chemical weapon sites as u.s. president donald trump claims the mission accomplished but will the intervention change the political or also on the program. of brazilians take to the streets of rio de janeiro to demand answers in the case of claims that he can play franco she was going down last month and watch her supporters say it was
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a political assassination. and in going to think a soccer leverkusen continued their march towards the championship believe qualification to have a big win over from person. on it on a welcome to the program well the u.n. security council has rejected a bid from russia to condemn the air strikes on syria carried dave by the u.s. the u.k. and france russia called the emergency meeting over what it said was an illegal use of force and the u.s. says that the operation crippled syria's chemical weapons program and warns its forces are locked and loaded is ready for more strikes if damascus uses poison gas again. all it took was a show of hands. and russia's bad to heat the u.n.
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condemnation on the u.s. and her allies failed overwhelmingly only bolivia and china backed the vote down the russian and u.s. ambassadors refused to give an inch and a sign of cynical distain a group of western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation russia condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack against syria where russian military personnel are assisting the legitimate government in its counterterrorism efforts through its actions the united states makes an already catastrophic humanitarian situation in syria even worse i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line.
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not enforcement came in the early hours of saturday when u.s. french and british forces launched one hundred five mess iles that's a legit chemical bunkers in syria in response to a suspected gas attack last week the white house declared mission accomplished showing off satellite images of the destruction. but moscow says the damage was minimal russian state t.v. broadcast from inside a base it said was targeted a syrian commander claims that with the help of soviet missile defenses the intercepted the weapons. but they were flying at a low altitude for about five kilometers creating decoys therefore it was not easy to detect a true target but we managed. for the moment syrian servicemen have no reason to fear more western at times washington has described the strikes
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as a one time shot. of a more now we're joined by journalist and child for following developments in syria from neighboring lebanon for us on tell we heard from washington there that president trungpa says its mission accomplished what exactly was that mission then it wasn't of course an attempt to president assad was us. well no it certainly wasn't the mission as stated by dollar trump was to ensure that assad regime does not alter conduct any chemical attacks ever again and that mission has certainly not been accomplished it's of course a political statement for dollar trump to me but if he has accomplished that mission as he says he has and certainly explained how saw three sites have been attacked allegedly these sites were. holding chemical stockpiles there's no evidence of that that's been provided let's for
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a moment believe that is true it is very easy still for the assad regime if indeed this history making chemical weapons to continue to make them remember in two thousand and thirteen russia and the united states had an understanding that assad is going to give up all of the chemical stockpiles of the chemical attacks have continued and the strike yesterday has been quite limited if you see the reaction that has come our demands and in many ways the strike is not being as huge as was promised by dollar drum but he says that if there are more attacks the united states is locked and loaded so there will be more so that perhaps will prove to be some sort of a deterrent to the assad regime but as far as we speak to the experts and analysts in that region they all seem to believe that it will not change assad regime speaking of the one bit. will whether the strikes as opposed to turn assad from further chemical attacks or nash remains to be seen but what we don't know is what the syrians are saying are you hearing anything from them what are the differences
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saying about the airstrikes. well people in damascus even those who perhaps reluctantly support bashar less other now support of him all because now there is a nationalist in the air because america has attacked and out of country so they are supporting bashar al assad they have gotten to the streets and their cars is in the soon flag and all sloganeering for bashar al assad daughters who are refugees and up all rebel like in the area on the syria turkey border are have their own in the strife and there are unhappy with it as well because they don't just want a shower assad regime as a legit to stop using chemical weapons but also to stop and bombing areas which are under control and also for us to go and that's been the demand because they want political change in syria and both the united states and the you can say that that is not their agenda and that is not what they're seeking in syria or talking to
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us from various banks. and moving on to brazil where thousands have turned days in rio de janeiro demanding answers in the slaying of thirty councilwoman manny l.a. franco she was shot dead a month ago after an event on empowering black women find go had been a fierce critic of police brutality racism and discrimination against the poor though her murder sent shock waves through brazil there have been no arrests in the case so far. speaking out for the woman who can speak no more a month after a popular radio councilwoman was gunned down her supporters are determined to keep her legacy alive but the investigation into mariel franco's death appears to have stalled officials have confirmed one detail she was killed with police bullets said to be stolen to help you get leads this is
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a political crime aimed at silencing everyone mariel stood for the people of the slums blacks women gays and lesbians the state is behind this crime. franco's death because especially close for tele re a patrol they were close friends like franco petrovna is a leftist politician devoted to feminist causes and defending the poor petroleum has received numerous death threats since taking office and since franco's murder she doesn't go anywhere without bodyguards but she refuses to be intimidated. about it but we must now keep moving forward we will not give up we will continue mariel's fight around the world to achieve democracy for those who never had it those living in the slums and the fringes of brazilian society. as. most people here believe this was a political assassination franco's case shocks the country and prompted an
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outpouring of protests especially in rio where the military recently assumed control of the bankrupted state's public security and many here are critical of this move that we're going to tell about our democracy is under threat this worries me but at the same time it empowers me to take to the streets just park we're here because we want justice and we want to defend what little democracy we have in brazil there's a. lot they killed mariel's body but not her voice. telling me and the other demonstrators have no down that mariel's legacy is far more powerful than her killers could have ever imagined. and to some of the other stories making news around the world. myanmar has
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repatriated the first her hands of family despite u.n. warnings that the country is not ready for their return they were processed in a newly built receptions and her around seven hundred has been for him to have fled to neighboring bangladesh since last august to escape a brutal crackdown on the muslim minority. tens of thousands of public areas have taken to the streets of central bid to pass his test by minister bhutto opens reelection they oppose the country's the electoral bills which gave or been skewed as party a two thirds majority in parliaments despise getting just fifty percent of the force. ricardo a red bull has won the chinese grown prix in shanghai it's the australians six the career grand prix win and his first in shanghai coming in second with finish driver valtteri bottas of mercedes followed by compatriots came a right turn and overall leader of the boston fattal suffered
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a minor collision and ended up in eighth spot of the driver standings now still in first place is so followed by lewis hamilton of my c.d.'s and second is teammate fell terry stays hers ricardo thanks to his win moves up to fourth and specials ferrari teammates can be right conan is in fifth. time after some german soccer and by munich wrapped up the bundesliga title last weekend so decided to rest some stars for their game against gladbach but the match was still important by and we're bidding to stay in the groove with a travel on the line while god bok are going for europe. clark back fans were hoping a weakened by and would give their side an easy ride defender jerome bowen saying was among those handed a well earned breather by the bundesliga champions nicholas zillah came into the starting eleven and enjoyed a difficult start he lost out in this challenge of yours that german each one notes a club back in the eight minutes he spent oh i have no chance but despite big games
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on the horizon in the german coke and champions league by and pushed hart thomas miller close to an equaliser here. in the thirty six minutes they did level militant prissie began as he set up some drove. robert leaven dusty's fill in almost missing. by and were clearly the best at same and just before the break but they headed home by the glass but people young summer should have been better. in the second half it was more of the same with byron rampant some of them not burgers hat trick but was then powerless to stop tiago making it three one in the fifty first minute. the recall german title holders completed a staggering ninety five percent of their passes and it was soon for one thanks to david all of us cracker. substitute levon dusky
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then maybe five. his twenty seventh league goal of the campaign. of a pioneer still hungry your pint kids can book away with another treble if they continue to play like this in the crunch weeks ahead. find we'll have a new coach next term on tax a fine for nico colebatch fit and he's battling to be fined first in a champions league place but host labor kids and how the pundits take us fourth pasta for the big game but china to have a big score. before kickoff all the cameras were focused on one man. the future byron coach. took it in his stride and focused on his current job coaching frankfurt but he saw his team fall behind after twenty minutes. with the cross and you know the winning the aerial battle one nil for labor. only three minutes later frankfurt answered. and the mexican made it won all that the
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interval was after the restart. and in the lead in the seventy second minute i i too won. the winger not offside the boy made his instructions seem to bear no fruit seven minutes later and finished a picture perfect counter-attack to make it three one. and two minutes before the final whistle completed a hat trick. for one for those in the final score the but so did the news have an impact on the game. i went into the game i prepared the team in the weeks before i'm a professional i didn't just start doing it yesterday i've been a boon to sneak a professional for eighteen years i know exactly what it means to go. i'm quite
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relaxed. but the man of the day was not. but. he watching you have anything to life and bread and more at the top of. the. center. i. discovered. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d. w. media center at media center dot w dot com.


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