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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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you're watching the news live from berlin after airstrikes an american threat of further action to syria's leadership i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas and again the united states is locked and loaded us ambassador nikki haley with a clear message to the united nations that as the security council rejects a russian resolution to condemn the western missile attack on alleged chemical weapon sites in syria we'll get analysis on the aftermath of that attack. and
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speaking out for the woman who can speak no more a friend of mary ellen franco defines death threats as she searches for answers in the killing of the popular rio de janeiro councilwoman. and some welcome to the program the u.s. and its allies have said they have no further plans for missile strikes on syria but the white house has warned the u.s. is locked and loaded to act again if damascus carries out more gas attacks syria's president assad has said the western air strikes were based on a campaign of lies in the un security council a bid there by russia as regimes main backer to condemn the strikes has failed. all it took was a show of hands gone but are and with that russia failed in his bid
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to get the united nations to condemn the u.s. led strikes in syria sort of cynical to stay in a group of western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation russia condemns in the strongest possible terms of attack against syria where russian military personnel are assisting the legitimate government in its counter-terrorism three year proves i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line. that informant came in the early hours of saturday when u.s. french and british forces launched more than one hundred missiles at what they said were chemical bunkers in syria it was their response to last week's suspected gas
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attack the white house declared its mission accomplished and showed off satellite images of the destruction yet those on the ground said that this building at least was not a chemical weapons site. if there were chemical weapons in the building we would not be here my colleagues and i came here at five o'clock this morning if there were chemical weapons we would need to wear masks and take other protective measures to even be standing here. the only people who would be able to provide clarity in this war of claim and counterclaim would be independent experts but they are unlikely to ever get the chance to look. journalist and child for us following developments for us in syria from neighboring lebanon and all thanks for joining us the u.s. says its mission accomplished what was that mission not because they're saying that it's not about regime change and if it's of clarity on what they really mean when
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they see it when he says mission accomplished the idea of a century was as streets donald trump's tweet suggested that the united states of america along with france and the u.k. want to deter the assad regime from ever again using chemical weapons if indeed they have been used which is not in a foolproof manner been there yet when the strikes happened the promise was that the strikes would be much bigger than the last time which means the last airstrikes are harsh account chemical attack. they were not bigger they were double the number of missiles but in the school for it they weren't as huge and the impact of it has not been that great the damage to assad's assets has really not been that even though america saying that they destroyed the facilities that manufacture chemical weapons so in a way what mission has been accomplished only dollar trump can explain it in that slot he hasn't ok so he hasn't explained but there hasn't been as much damage as
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perhaps that we were expecting based on the comments of they were making before the attacks what are you hearing from the syrians what do they think about this western intervention. well syria's are been divided it is a syrian civil war and you need. syrians of all kinds of ideas there are some who support assad and there are most others who are reluctant there are many who just tired of the war in want the war to end but yesterday we saw that the syrians and damascus the denizens got out in the streets and they forced america strike and stood for bashar al assad because when the medicare taxes there's also this arab street sort of mix up and there is nationalist fervor now these are the people who are either supporting assad or are reluctantly supporting him but those who support the rebels all of five million plus of refugees they want assad gone but even then this strike was not. the sort of news that they wanted to hear they of course want
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assad to stop using chemical weapons but they also want to stop stop them arming them stop using artillery stop using better bombs and essentially they wallace are to go and they want political change that dollar time says it's not his engine now that the mr me says is not her gender so in a sense the syrians have not been very happy on either side the syrians have not been very happy with the outcome of the strikes so direct intervention in the syrian civil war is not the goal of the americans or the british but one of these air strikes me for a political solution in the country. it's already been very tough mothers who was entered its eighth year engineer a process has been going on it's been buried up to rican sites so many different interests if you just look at the region you quarter cup us are going to be our turkey iran we've got sillier now you also have russia and the united states in war since the russians into being so there are multiple sort of interest here russia was in back my china this strike essentially means that the resolution
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a political resolution to this crisis would be even tougher to achieve in the near future and charge for our correspondent in beirut thank you. i'm now joined by daily political correspondent melinda crane to discuss this further melinda thank you for joining us the major fear perhaps was that an american led intervention a military intervention what put them in direct conflict with the russian is that right still clear and present no i don't think it is i think it has been substantially mitigated by the fact that this strike was indeed so limited and so targeted and that russia for example showed immediate relief its spokespeople could not get out there quickly enough after the strike to say none of our forces on the ground in syria were damaged in fact the strikes were wide too far apart from any
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of our installations and similarly us spokespeople very very clear to say we did not look to hit russian targets we did not look to engage with them now we know that russia is very eager to get a summit between vladimir putin and donald trump if you look at the larger picture russia's actions in syria are very much about read gaining influence on the world stage a summit with trump would be that therefore i think they're looking toward that goal and not looking for an escalation of hostilities with the u.s. from their side ok and another actor and this of course was the british let's have a quick listen to what british foreign minister boris johnson had to say earlier today we in the u.k. do not see an escalation absolutely not that was what was so important to get all message over to russia over to everybody involved that our response is limited to
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say no to chemical weapons. so no to chemical weapons but if anything has changed if it has changed after these air strikes how does this affect the parties involved i think i'd have to agree with until vora who we just heard there in that interview with beirut the fact is this is done very little to change interests and influence on the ground what causes people to change their behavior they change their behavior when they have the sense that the costs of business as usual are higher than the costs of change now. just got a very clear message that any strike would be limited that it was only about chemical weapons as we heard there this was not about trying to deter him from taking further military action against his own people in general and in fact we know very clearly from sources in the u.s. as well as britain and france that nobody amongst those countries is interested in that kind of major escalation precisely because of the risk of
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a conflict for example with russia if anything i think this very limited strike has knit bashar al assad and russia even more closely together has made assad possibly even more dependent on iran if there is any leverage at all to be exercised here in the interest of change it would have to come from those two countries ok so this is been a limited air strike you don't think that it's going to change things very much in terms of how assad and russia are going to behave but the europeans specifically the german and french have said that they were are looking towards a political solution could these limited airstrikes in any way impact a diplomatic solution for syria well they seem to have caused europe to suddenly rediscover diplomacy after having been largely absent from the process for the past year and a half as we also just heard from the correspondent in beirut diplomacy has been going on here for six years there's a geneva based process from the u.n. pretty much stalled there's a side track process under sponsorship by iran russia and turkey called a stunt to europe's been entirely absent from that as how the. the americans so can
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the europeans do anything to really change the situation what leverage they have possibly financing for reconstruction that's a rather ugly equation however what they could hopefully do is pressure russia that kind of pressure maybe coming from germany might make a marginal difference but i don't think that europe is suddenly going to change this entire equation chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you for your insight. to india now where another child rape case has shocked the nation police say they've discovered the body of an eleven year old girl in the western city of surat they believe she was abducted raped and strangled to death this comes amid days of protests in many parts of the country over the gang rape and killing of eight year old. the muslim girl's body was discovered earlier this week demonstrators have been demanding justice for her and other victims of sexual crimes in india. and brazil where thousands have turned out rio de janeiro
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demanding answers in the slaying of city councilwoman mary ellen franco she was shot dead a month ago after an event on empowering black women franco had been a fierce critic of police brutality racism and discrimination against the poor though we're killing sent shock waves through brazil there have been no arrests in the case. speaking out for the woman who can speak no more a month after mario franco was gunned down her supporters demand answers one particular detail of the investigation has spiked their suspicions officials say she was killed with police bullets they say were stolen. franco's death cuts especially close for telia patro name they were close friends like franco patrol is a leftist politician devoted to feminist causes and defending the poor and she too has received death threats. kill people this is
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a political crime aimed at silencing everyone mattioli stood for the people of the slums blacks women and the l g b t community the state is behind this crime. since franco's murder petrone doesn't go anywhere without bodyguards but she refuses to be intimidated. by it but we must now keep moving forward we will not give up we will continue monday at least fight around the world to achieve democracy for those who never had it those living in the slums and the fringes of brazilian society it is read the way it is most people here believe this was a political assassination franco's case shocked the country and prompted an outpouring of protest especially in rio where the military recently assumed control of the state's public security many are critical of this move especially since franco's slaying by democrats help our democracy is under threat this worries me but at the
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same time it empowers me to take to the streets i just mark it because we're here because we want justice and we want to defend what little democracy we have in brazil through. my battlegroup they kill mariachis body but not her voice. telling reappeared true. and he and the other demonstrators have no down that mario's legacy is far more powerful than her killers could have ever imagined the first you're watching the news and coming up after a short break the bundestag a show with cracked harrington boatload of goals from a high scoring saturday on match day thirty. so stick around for that more news at the top of the hour though we hope that you can join us thanks for watching .
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