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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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harrington show you a boatload of goals from a high scoring saturday on match day thirty. so stick around for that more news at the top of the hour though we hope that you can join us thanks for watching . a news hour miss mathilda she said let's move along some of the team sounds the so-called changes not today's kind of him qusai but the focus should. be playing put big dreams on the big screen.
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movie magazine on the dumbing. earth the home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to those be embodied in the series of global three thousand on g.w. and online. when bird calls most and search for a first book beagle colebatch didn't hesitate to pick up the phone it takes the coaching offer from the newly crowned but is the good chance he starts there july first hold up wait a minute with five games left to play freight for head gear up in their crosshairs but buyers really. one heap colebatch they reportedly paid two point two million
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euros to trigger his release because at frankfurt the croatian took over there and twenty six teams in frankfurt fought off relegation that year the following season they finished eleventh now they're better than ever they've been in years. but what about the other clubs who serious about making europe into serious about staving off relegation let's answer those questions right here on the bundesliga here's what's coming up. we'll take you out to munich where table travel chasing buyers hosting gladbach could the bulls get closer to europe and take advantage of the champs and second string line up from the table chemical to the pits its bundesliga survivor story in the relegation threatened fresh off defeating shell to hamburg headed out to often heim in hopes of another upset and sweat cellar dwellers cologne visited berlin at the billy goats last the reverse fixture and
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we're hoping to avoid this week. took him to the but as they get here on t w i'm chris harrington who is thirsty on match day thirty let's start with frank for the news of nico kovacs leaving caught management off guard they were blindsided and so are the players the move might seriously stagnate the rest afraid for its season especially considering their opponents' labor coups frankfurt's first obstacle in a tough road ahead looked destined for europe maybe even the champions league head to head this fixture has never ended goalless and they've met sixty five times chances are laver couzin would take advantage of a side who could be suffering from a little emotional shell shock. before kickoff all the cameras were focused on one man. the future byron coach. took it in his stride and focused on his current job coaching frankfurt but he saw his team fall behind after twenty minutes
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. with the cross and you'll see him bronze winning the aerial battle one nil for laver. only three minutes later frankfurt answered. and the mexican made it won all that the interval was after the restart kevin put leverkusen in the lead in the seventy second minute i i to one. the winger not offside. his instructions seem to bear no fruit seven minutes later and finished a picture perfect counter-attack to make it three one. and two minutes before the final whistle completed a hat trick i for one for laver close in the final score were so did the news have an impact on the game.
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i went into the game i prepared the team like in the weeks before i'm a professional i didn't just start doing it yesterday i've been a boon to sneak a professional for eighteen years i know exactly what it means to go. i'm quite relaxed. but the man of the day was not nico but kevin fall and. a tough loss for frankfurt they held one of the first half but there's always that second fittingly but units match up matches next up with the british think a crown secure by iron can afford to be subpar on the domestic pitch and they can rest some key players points for them are pointless at this point but there is pride to play for a lot bought their opponents headed by our defeat back in november which is no small feat club up a few paces away from the doorsteps of europe took the field
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a get some of byron's second stringers could the folds of the table against pirates second best. a lot back fans were hoping a weakened by and would give their side an easy ride. defender jerome bowen saying was among those handed a well earned breather by the bundesliga champions nicholas zuma came into the starting eleven and then just a difficult start he lost out in this challenge of yours that jim inch one no it's a club back in the eight minutes he was then oh i had no chance but despite big games on the horizon in the german pope and champions league by and pushed thomas millar close to an equaliser here. in the thirty six minutes they did level militant christian again as he sets up central wagner. robert levin dusty's fill in almost missing. button would play the better the same and just before the break buckner headed home by the left but keep
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a young soma should have done better. in the second half it was more of the same with byron rampant some of them not dug his hat trick but was then powerless to stop tiago making it three one in the fifty first minute. the recalled german title holders completed a staggering ninety five percent of their passes and it was soon for one thanks to david olive us cracker. substitute eleven dusty then made it five. his twenty seven league goal of the campaign. of a final still hungry you'll pine kids can walk away with another treble if they continue to play like this in the crunch weeks ahead. if we keep the ball rolling with their match day featuring teams that need some staying kolo still at the very bottom of the table was looking for
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a glimmer of hope in berlin the billy goats desperately want to save their sees it and so this hamburg. who had a visit to hoffenheim on their plate hoffenheim home wrecker is among the best this season while hamburg despite beating shaka last match they didn't do it all the road where they are even worse they coloe who prevail in this mismatch of a match up. after a spectacular way to gauge shock at last week hamburg were hoping to grab more points in hoffenheim but the hosts needed just nine minutes to get the home crowd out of their seats my it was a false dawn though as binyamin who can a strike was ruled all signed by the referee canaveral in the danger zone and deemed to block to impose specs view of a cannot remain up for his poor positioning nine minutes later bulldozing his way through hamburg defense to break the deadlock his fourth goal in three games with
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nico shows they collected away with cross and found himself in acres of space to take on hamburg's wobbly defense and set up i'm sure lloyds have double the host lead in the twenty seven minutes of a m happy coaches the home side to get decisively it into the second half where they went on to create multiple chances and really put pole is back under pressure . to nail the final score relegation looms large as hamburg go down without a fight in hoffenheim. cologne and coach stephan rutenberg find themselves in the same position as hamburg desperate for results as they attempt to escape the drop and they started well in berlin grabbing the lead in the twenty ninth minute need another betancourt taking advantage of poor head to defend. but the home side made a comeback in the second half. with a funny take an equaliser in a fortnight. and
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just three minutes later they took the lead again it was so he packed his price and had his one thousand home go and germany's top flight. fans pushed their side on but it wasn't enough to won the final score and remain rooted to the bottom of the . stood guard and however know each other well with co. complications i am playing is facing their respective full mateen after a quiet top it was the home side that drew fast money in the second i've even tommy with the wonder strike in a fifty five minutes. but the gaston let the heads hanging kept fighting nicholas fuk luke knocking it stood got stole as the game ends and injury time how to have a sets off with a hell merry attack and it paid off to cope with the design of the equaliser his twelfth goal of the campaign. jubilant scenes on the hanover bench as
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old friends share the spoils. now let's take a look at all the matches so far on match day thirty francs for playing with the ghost of me coco batch last big fire with a landslide win against god but thanks to that saga of wagner brace the two last place teams hamburg and cologne both lost on the road stu got hand over it even on a friday whilst working out for a kind of goal is draw on sunday lot of action one big one the roared darby shaukat in dortmund and then we have brave men in life on monday yes the actually continues my verses freiburg now let's take a look at what all that means for the table off in the high grass off the high they jumped up to fifty pushing frank forty six points and let's not forget the missing hits berlin who swapped spots with stu gart early moved up tonight let's move down to the bottom half nothing much has changed down here hamburg and cologne look to
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be getting closer to the second division with every match day. as always we have a show with a look at the play of the day as chosen by you on twitter and with eighty three percent of the vote the winner is david all of the austrian it never scored with his weaker right foot before but what a way to end that this thunderbolt was byron's fourth goal in their demolition blog . and was clocked at check this one hundred seventy miles per hour. what a strike david all of us with your play of the day. and that's all for us here at the bundesliga for me in the rest of the team here in berlin sit back and enjoy these scenes from saturday's x. is the best see see you on sunday dr o'keefe is if.
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