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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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to express their views freely. d w dot com or the freedom. to choose it. surely school africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion. is easy and what we say deputy comes to mind please join us on facebook at g.w. forgot. how the one offered to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week i'm your host of meghan lee here's a look at what we've gotten store for you today. legendary lover a new museum in venice showcases casanova. blossoming art
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danielle offices and top floral designer and belgium. mr clean clothes dove and creates art fire washington grimy surfaces. when we hear the word casanova we tend to immediately think womaniser but in fact casanova was actually in a tie in philosopher and writer in venice. casanova was a seducer to say the least by his autobiography a story of my life is considered one of the most authentic sources of customs and norms of european social life during the eighteenth century while now a new museum in venice gives visitors a closer look at other aspects of casanova's life. a trip back in time to a more lavish era most famous lovers of all time. casanova. he was born
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in this alley in seven hundred twenty five. a small marble plaque commemorates one of the city's most colorful sons. i admired him a lot his not only about love or i think but also his quick translator he bidets the lottery a fraud in france his soul corridors that he only a prisoner that succeeded in escaping the but if you galloped. clear who is a student who came from paris for two days to find out more about casanova and she happened to meet another fan kano paralytic who just opened the first museum dedicated to casanova. and this employees think a lot of tourists take selfies in front of the plaque. that's why i think venice
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should have more cost and over than this because people are curious about him and want to know more on the borders it does that contradict us that disappeared or sold in or. the pond that soap opera found in the coming graduate district this is where the businessman found a space where the casanova museum which he financed himself. six rooms allowed visitors to explore who casanova really was more than just an eighteenth century playboy. because on all the more formal casanova was much more a great writer a philosopher a musician an alchemy and even a spy his thoughts when i read a spear a. multimedia technologies introduced the famous figure beginning with his youth in venice and continuing up to his death in seventy nine hundred. eight casanova was a free spirit a kind of adventure his restlessness pushed him to travel throughout europe where
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he met important people of his day like french philosopher and russian empress catherine the great. casanova's twelve volume memoir provides plenty of interesting insights into eighteenth century life but the venetian is mostly famous for his a rhotic escapades they've inspired countless films and helped turn casanova into a legend. a smartphone app who guides visitors outside the museum in the footsteps of the famous lover. cousin of his mother was an actress this small porch is where he grew up in his grandmother's house later he said to have lived with his father by the grand canal in the pots of money. next the out brings visitors to the piazza san mateo to the famous cafe florian this is where venetian high society met during
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casanova's lifetime. we haven't got the space so the other part of the gossett overcame her off a especially during the carnival of the sudden he sat in one of our reigns and flirted with women. of the he was one of venice his great characters and a highly refined man that are. a lot of us already got the flu. but casanova also had enemies in seven hundred fifty five he was arrested by the inquisition and thrown into a dungeon. here in the doge's palace in a small cell with a lead roof the master of seduction was imprisoned for a year before managing to escape. he would later write a book about his flight over the rooftops it became a european bestseller and brought him plenty of adulation. no he stayed here across the disco now for. the talk has
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a story of his flight definitely helped carson over make himself more interesting to many european a risk to grasp at the time and they would all by the better you know they'll do the casanova also leads to this small taverns near the realtor bridge it's reputed to have been casanova's favorite and is a highlight for claire. is attracted to not only because he's very handsome but also he's really talented i think he has so much confidence in himself and he has magic to come ace people. of course you shouldn't take everything in casanova's memoirs at face value but the hunt for clues is exciting and gives fans of the world's greatest lover a chance to discover a different side of venice. handsaws have been used as musical instruments for about one hundred years now also called
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singing songs now surely the most famous player of the singing saw was the actress marlene in detroit who supposedly played it at hollywood parties while this rare instrument in the meantime is still produced in these modern times and we visited someone who builds them in his workshop here in germany. this is an area for a kind of sound a musical saw accompanied by a harp people mostly think of sauces something used to cut wood. but for real stuff isn't there his favorite musical instrument he spends his days performing teaching and making singing songs. for him off this i was always on the lookout for a craft something i could make i worked as a guitar technician i was used to tuning instruments but i never built any myself and back to me is what it's all about to explore it and to stay on the ball.
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first he started playing sauce but then he also started making them nowadays he produces about one hundred singing songs per year each one is unique accomplished on the public a lot of the sound results from the s. curve of the blade so if i bend the saw in just one direction you'll hear only a screech at best. but when i bend the blade and twist it into two directions at either end to get an s. cut it starts to vibrate. but. the sound also depends on the length and pick this of the lane. and the surface might have been sanded differently. a closer look pretty eels that a typical feature of a saw is missing. a preface or of course has teeth. that way you can saw the news the other side to make music but regular tunes tend to be too thick. this material is very flexible.
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they have this you couldn't use a real cross cut so for this initially i made my singing stalls with teeth but that made them awkward to handle. and teeth on exactly ideal if the musician is weighing charles's or address. that in the living saw. singing songs also have handles customers can choose from a variety of different woods stood aside usually answer group to the tip of the play that makes it easier to play. the instruments heyday came in the one nine hundred twenty s. german film star monina dietrich often performed with the song and brought it into the spotlight in hollywood. but since then it's fallen into obscurity. and i think it is the sound of
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a musical soul is of course special with the normal ear couldn't stand to listen to it for ninety minutes at a stretch usually it's only played for two minutes or so maybe five or a maximum of ten minutes after that you have to have something else the sound is very piercing and really irritates some people. but it also has its fans. a sing song world championship took place in poland in two thousand and eleven. took fourth place. but performers of the musical sall remain few and far between and ralphs davis likes it that way he's happy with the nice instrument and his passion for singing songs. it claims to be the smallest republican the world's the lithuanian artist republic of priests now it's only
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a half kilometer in size and that slogan is everyone has the right to be happy well it all started in the one nine hundred ninety s. when lithuania broke from the soviet union and became a democratic state artists then established their own colony user peace recently celebrated its independence day and we went there to see how life operates in this artist paradise. piece is of tiny self declared independent republic this artist's colony covers just zero point six square kilometers and lies entirely within the lithuanian capitol building yes. minister of foreign affairs of police and he's one of the republic's founding fathers. forty three. folders dream that some. we've also heard of dr who thought i was there for the first two three which are all sort of.
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money on the south of the cup and to which we saw whole change the world. this foolish dream has become the fantastical republic of peace founded in one thousand nine hundred seven it's run by artists. behind these walls the heart of this micro nation the had been a cafe it's both the seas of government owned a meeting place for local artists. meets for business discussion with the so-called minister for justice and the heads of the republic's own t.v. network it all started in the early one nine hundred ninety s. after the collapse of the soviet union. people moved to lose district officials. bought flats here. because nobody wanted to really few people here
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who are different from the people of. it's all of us but from the other shore the through the roof of the. library there were. you know there were things. for like. what began with squatters is twenty years on and officially subsidized project to support young artists the incubator helps but in ceramic artists painters writers musicians fashion designers and graphic designers it's the first project of its kind in the baltic states. yup i was born here manages the incubator and not only that. we all sit around this national museum in our premises and public post office where tourists from all over the world get
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their passports stamped with this republic. so we have all elements of independent republic. tell us to parties has issued invitations to the fifth world conference of peace republic ambassadors and consuls here a silver clove of garlic is awarded for services rendered it's the job of the ambassadors to make the mock republic known in their home countries from justin is among those being on it. i take it very seriously it's like coming home it is like a family gathering and that's the nicest thing about being an ambassador meeting dimensions of having fun is one of the basic principles of the constitution the republic's own currency used on independence day is a case in point is that there was this is the usual p.r. euro which is always tied to the price of beer. you can pay with it and the euro is always worth as much as one beer notices and that changes every year. every year
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the beer changes in value. it's the most important currency here. that's based on the angel represents freedom to defy her. and to the angel most important celebration is held on independence day it starts with an artistic parade and the arrival of the ambassadors the republic's official flag is also on display it depicts a hand with a hold of it and symbolizes the impossibility of holding on to things. it's taken on a special meaning at a time in which more and more wealthy the through a new and russians are tuning into billions this trendiest and most expensive residential district. this is for our new people are coming but who are these new people will probably keep the spear through. thomas chip will find to protect the spirits of his small republic he has to after
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all and she doesn't have a defense minister. moving on now to the art of floral creations and down your arse is a well known florist from brussels so he discovered his passion for flowers as a child out in the fields around his home decades later us as a supplier of flower arrangements to the belgian royal family but they aren't his only customers his flower decorations are in demand on both sides of the atlantic. artistic flower arrangements on display in japan for us all at an indian wedding in italy. arrangements are and the world over. the belgian turns everything green into amazing displays. in
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his home country is known as the picasso with flower arranging but compliments like that just make the modest florist smile. many people say he's an artist. of the flowers. but on my name. very simple. the title is not important. opened his first florist shop in one thousand nine hundred incent nicholas near brussels four years later he moved there with his family in two thousand and three he opened another store in the belgian capital brussels today he's a well known figure all over the country. among costumers the belgian royal family. and top fashion labels. this is for the fashion designer. this is his favorite flower.
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it. because it has been maybe copied fifty times. and beauty brands also embellished the images with a signature look. at the back of the. shop in. tokyo. and this is there is it's course called korean smile but. it's done one by one and there is. that project took two days and nights his wife marianne has played a key role in his career. my wife i would be nothing i wouldn't be famous and nobody would have known about my existence she was my she was stabilizing me she
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was keeping with my two feet on the ground. that's all. sort of passed on that passion for plants to their daughter and she runs the business in brussels. doing the impossible and doing it perfectly that's what drives generations in twenty seventeen last turn the royal wedding in the emirate of man into a scene out of a fairy tale to do it she had to fly in over thirty thousand flowers from the netherlands by hand and arranged them while ensuring they got enough water. one hundred people worked on it for two weeks. has followed in her father's footsteps after years of hesitation on his part she finally convinced him to work his court florist for the belgian royal family i think it's it's life and it's something you have to deserve every time again because it's not something that is guaranteed for years to come so again there's
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a pressure for. both father and daughter apparently fried pressure donal's just returned from new york city's but tanika garden into a sea of kids. will be on display until the end of april. the sixty two year old has already moved on to other challenges working with flowers is one of the most ephemeral of art forms. that. i'm always forced. to make new things and that is why i like about it and belgium's most famous florist plans to keep on creating must of pieces for years to come. most perfidy artists look for empty walls to paste or spray paint on and they don't worry too much about whether the space is clean or dirty but with klaus douban the
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dirtier the wall the better that's because he uses a high pressure cleaner to create his images he calls his style reverse graffiti we met up with the artist at work in the south of france. painting with high pressure it's a way of life for german artist klaus dull for. this time his canvas is a hobble wall in the southern french city of set he plans to spray thirteen images of reverse scruffy t. here. dirt is removed from the wall giving rise to an image. of the imei from the start of the hours i love working outside with all the challenges involved i'm often asked an interesting question does it bother me that the work is transients that it has a limited life span. but something temporary like this can carry meaning and messages about life or that it often is our job as. his tool is
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a high pressure cleaner which he uses to spray water on to the wall darvon has worked for years with technician excitement from the cash a company which makes the cleaners for this project the water from a high pressure water gun comes directly from the mediterranean. the senses that it does not use is in the fact that water is the only way to achieve such a brilliant contrast when you clean off the organic material it gives rise to such clear contours that lend the figures an astonishingly expressive quality. stone. delvin uses wood stencil to create his reverse graffiti images. he's planned a series of thirteen portraits for the harbor wall portraits of people who once lived in set. of. books and colleges with old photos of set and i've picked out the most expressive faces i don't want
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celebrities but rather people whose faces really express something about life and that was the only criterion just men women and children across section of society it. is located thirty kilometers. south of. it's one of the most important fishing ports on france's mediterranean coast. the marble wall is one of its landmarks it's six hundred fifty meters long and nearly three meters high. the moral of the difference or the more a lot of the harbor war was the first building project that turned set into a city. of port was built three hundred fifty years ago. and that informed this artwork. on the first day dolphin completes three portraits. in his day job he works as an art teacher but it's
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reverse graffiti talk you pisces free time. he's collaborated with cash since two thousand and seven the german company is the world's biggest manufacturer of cleaning equipment their first major joint project was on the owner's dam in western germany with the work covering eight thousand square metres it was followed by blossoming flowers in japan in two thousand and eight and in two thousand and twelve a gigantic tiger in south korea. reversed graffiti is the perfect time form for me i've always had a weakness for the large scale works now i can really bring that to life on down there's no bigger canvas in art. after three days darvon is finished and the set however ward is now probably the longest open a gallery in the south of france. that's how long it remains depends on three factors the slope of the wall the direction it's facing
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and the climate my experience would say that because it faces north as a good chance this work will survive for at least five years so that both of. the people is the title of closed alvin's tribute to thirteen city inhabitants although . reverse course he she fades over time she's all she's likely to live on in the communities memory for years to come. now with that we wrap up another week of euro max now don't forget to like us on facebook to see more fun videos from the show as always from me and the rest of the crew here thanks for tuning in and we'll see you again next week.
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please when it's so cold the phone freezes on top of the lawyers. that's what i am tani as a player so far only a few know about cumshaw complaint but anton and his friends believe in the russian surfer revolution played by surfers love come childhood in fifteen minutes on t w. ultimately the
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you're watching the news live from berlin after air strikes an american threat of further action to syria's leadership i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is locked and loaded u.s. ambassador nikki haley with a clear message to the united nations as the security council grid jackson a russian resolution to condemn the western missile attack on alleged chemical weapons facilities in syria.


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