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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2018 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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more brain. defending the strikes on syria the u.k.'s prime minister says it was right to act with the u.s. and france after the suspected chemical attack in duma but the russians maintain it was staged as inspectors wait for access how to make sense amid the fog of contradiction i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. just last week russia blew up to un resolution that would establish an independent investigation able to determine responsibility for this latest attack on each occasion when we have seen every sign of chemical weapons being used russia has blocked any attempts to hold the perpetrators to account at the u.n. security council so regrettably we have no choice but to conclude that diplomatic action on its own is not going to work. and also coming up the
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former head of the f.b.i. is taking on the u.s. president who talks about and treats women like they're pieces of meat who lives. only about matters big and small and since the american people believe the person is about to be president of united states on moral grounds. more later in the program but first we begin with syria where the red line of chemical weapons use has allegedly been crossed by the assad regime and countered with western airstrikes and yet has anything really changed the war for syria's future continues with assad's advantage in tact at the diplomatic war of words between the world's powers rages on with the rhetoric a sea of contradiction on monday u.k. prime minister to resign may have defended the air strikes in syria conducted with her allies france and the united states saying that she had seen evidence assad was
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behind it russia says. it's all a bunch of lies who's to be believed and is there any way to get diplomacy back on track expert analysis is just ahead but first this report statements of the prime minister. after the strikes the questions and there are many first british prime minister to resign may was forced to explain why the u.k. joined the u.s. and france in attacking syria without getting parliament's prior approval we have acted because it is in our national interest. it is in our national interest to prevent the further use of chemical weapons in syria and to uphold and defend the global consensus that these weapons should not be used will should that justification fail to satisfy her opponents i believe mr speaker the action was legally questionable. and on saturday i.
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i just members to calm down because this intense debate underlining the dire lemma faced by western governments. saturday's strikes on three syrian sites led by the u.s. are intended to signal that the use of chemical weapons won't be tolerated. it's the o.p.c. w.'s job based in the hague to answer another question what exactly happened in duma earlier this month. dozens of people reportedly died here on april the seventh for to victims many of them children suffering and struggling for breath after the suspected chemical attack the o.p.c. w. inspectors are set to access the alleged attack sites on wednesday but since saturday had been blocked from doing so frustration surfacing at the watchdogs emergency meeting. this was also but you will see some for allies to set out or
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case in. to make very very clear. to. us russian foreign minister sergei lavrov denied that had been any obstruction and in syria there was no chemical attack. meanwhile of the monday syria strategy was back on the table to play in a sea appearing to stall more sanctions on moscow a possibility that you use foreign policy chief federica more greeny conceded an end to the conflict and never felt so distant. and for more we're joined now by kristen helberg a syria analyst and author of two books on the conflict she is currently working on her third thank you so much for joining us this if. we're in a bit of a contradictory situation here on the one hand you have the o.p.c. w attempting to investigate the alleged chemical weapons attack but on the other hand you have western allies which have already reacted they've already retaliated
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against the assad regime you know with this presumption of guilt here so is the investigation irrelevant no it's very relevant actually and everybody's waiting for the experts to enter duma actually to. save what is still there as evidence but i think the u.s. and france especially they're very confident about the evidence that they already saw because we had some open source investigations and some facts seem to be very clear by now that you know that this was at least a chlorine gas attack you have different canisters and cylinders that landed on a building inside where most of the death people were brought out to russian military police was entering the same building already last week we know the coordinates of this building there were two helicopters in the air this is what we know from the over from the air space controlling so now everybody is waiting for the fact was there a nerve agent inside these cylinders as well because the symptoms of the victims.
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the number of bodies the number of victims what would basically lead to the fact that there has to be age and so this is this is what we have to know about you really and lot sample said what if that fact does indeed come out what if the o.p.c. wu does indeed say that a nerve agent was used can we expect further consequences for the assad regime its russian allies i don't think so because it has been proven before especially last year after the attacks of whom with more than eighty victims at that time it took the o.p.c. w. and the u.n. investigation about it so actually the message to president assad house he looks at it is that he has a green light in keep on fighting people with conventional weapons unless he does not use chemical weapons he is free to use whatever he wants to keep on fighting the rebels and to reconquer the country as he wishes to do so at the end of the day
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on the ground it probably does not indeed make a difference if anything it might in fact just empower assad or embolden have yes actually he feels very much for your short by what happened because he can you know . he makes himself look like a victim of western aggression and that makes him very popular inside in the meantime i want to talk about the rhetoric the managing of the message because every time you have a claim here and you mentioned that you know all the facts seem to point in the direction of indeed a nerve agent being used also of the counter claims that are coming from the russian side that are coming from the assad regime. you know russia has claimed that this could have been an attack indeed from the rebels in the country what are we to make of that they don't see a possible i mean the rebels don't have the technical capacities to to stage such even with chlorine gas or not know that they cannot i mean there they were encircled for five years they have never used in the past few years they have
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never used nerve agent you know at. all the nerve agents usually it was sunny in syria and the serene has this chemical fingerprint that leads to the regime because it comes out of the. regime. blago any whatever they use so it's very unlikely that the rebels would do this at that time and i mean to ask for reasoning it's do you always presume that this regime acts like that of a real reasonable or like a strategic actor it just doesn't do that you know bashar assad got what he wanted the rebels. they left one day after the chemical attack and this is all what he wanted and it worked out and all these claims about you know having staged attack it's ridiculous really if you look at the facts that we know until now meantime there have been efforts on the diplomatic front and i want to turn to one of them because we saw the german foreign minister abbas in fact speaking at an e.u. summit today which was held on this particular subject let's just have
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a listen and i'd like to get your reaction after. this conflict can't be solved without russia we have to find a way to achieve what we all want firstly a cease fire access for humanitarian aid a transitional government in syria a constitutional reform minded time elections. but we need a solution that everyone in syria can accept. as the practice of the regime the russians also need to understand that. and a solution that everyone can accept that is indeed a tall order isn't it especially given the gridlock that we have seen at the united nations there is absolutely no consensus there on how to proceed so what do you make of what the europeans are proposing here is there anything new in it is there anything that's realistic this is wishful thinking to make it very clear whatever he mentioned no mr mass or even the europeans are being discussed saying it's all
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in the. u.n. resolution twenty two fifty four from december two thousand fifteenth it's all there no more attacks against civilian targets humanitarian access political transition it's all this there's a timetable for a new constitution elections as all that has never been implemented the basic problem is not to have a new u.n. resolution but how to implement the ones that we already have here and this is not going to happen because the u.n. security council would not act russia will you know prevent anything from being implemented and that's the basic problem and there seems to be this recognition increasingly. especially among the western powers there that the syria conflict cannot be solved without russia on board but if we flip that a question and we look at it the other way around does russia need the west right now it doesn't and i mean it's really dominating the conflict and assad will probably win it militarily but on the middle perspective on the long term russia
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does need the west and mr putin knows that he wants to diplomatically seal what he invested militarily with some kind of a political solution because he needs the west to pay for reconstruction reconstruction of syria is going to be very very expensive between two hundred and three hundred billion dollars and russia and iran are not able to finance this even with the help of china they are not going to be able to do this so they want he wants the west to pay for this kind of reconstruction but this is actually the only card that the west has in its hands and they should very much take care about how to handle it because they should put forward some conditions that have to be implemented before paying for anything inside syria especially under the assad regime control because they use reconstruction you know to. to punish their enemies to foster a demographic changes there and this is not going to lead to peace and this is not
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going to lead to any way of stability. so with the control of money might come a newfound power indeed for the west i just want to turn briefly now to to another topic before we have to go there was an article that was written in the new york times an op ed this weekend which said the real battle might be coming and that might be the battle between israel and iran in fact we know you know proxy is there within syria do you agree i agree completely i think if this conflict escalates on an international level it's going to be between between iran and israel because iran really went to syria to stay there it has established a presence not only militarily not only politically but even socially even economically that for israel it really presents a major threat you have the iranian revolutionary guards inside the country you have thousands of iranian leadership us and israel considers this to be a real danger to its owns the billeted security and we already see this israel is very regularly hitting targets inside syria and this is going to continue in this
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has really the potential of a lot of the right of the direct war between the two direct war or maybe even proxy wars you know with the interference of lebanon you have hizbollah in the bone and so this could escalate between these three countries syria in lebanon and israel this the major regional implications here christian helberg syria analyst as we mentioned the author of multiple books on the subject one coming out later this summer we very much appreciate your analysis thank you. well nato secretary general younes stoltenberg has defended the past weekend's airstrikes against alleged chemical weapons facilities in syria he said that they were needed to uphold an international bound on chemical warfare stoltenberg spoke after meeting the turkish foreign minister in ankara he said that the u.s. france and britain had no other alternative than to strike in syria and accused russia of blocking an international probe into the alleged chemical attack. on the
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turkish foreign minister had not driven over wage between nato a nato ally turkey and russia. and relations between turkey and russia have been tested previously by differences over the war in syria but russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart to type or to want have forged an increasingly close alliance in recent months support for turkey's president remains on high as his home turf in istanbul shows that is where some backers chair his willingness to stand up to the west. and. look that was two thousand and two i was at some photos of him here in the shop this was taken just after he became prime minister. yeah sure i one could talk about the president for hours when they were kids their families were friends later became a barber and dredge a tire barrow on one of the world's most well known politicians but they never
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forgot each other even today the president sometimes comes in for a hat. when he visits we see huge crowds traffic jams even get so busy he comes here every three to four years in this area practically everyone my age and up knows him personally when it was time for him to be serious he was serious when it's time to joke he would joke he's still the same he hasn't changed at all. he's nice with. my hands barbershop isn't cousin pasha a conservative neighborhood of istanbul this is where i add one grew up and where he dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player but then decided to join politics. today the local stadium is named after him and most of the people here are loyal supporters of the soccer club and the president. under such
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a case very much about the people they're very satisfied he's decent and charitable . got a disability i'm sorry in the piece the only politician in the history of our public who stands up to the west. getting a good laundry on a monday going to them when a politician uses academic language the message does not come through. but he knows how to speak to the masses and that's why people vote for him. so. many turkish people are proud that ad one has turned their country into an important player in the region politically as well as economically mega projects like the new istanbul underground railway or the gigantic buspar is bridge have earned him the reputation of a visionary a man of action. after all deny one supported adams policies as
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well. for several years he was a minister in one of his cabinets but in twenty thirteen they parted after a dispute the president has. changed a lot since human only here. turkey was taking big steps towards conforming to e.u. standards and having a pluralist democracy. but after the third election we started to see more of his ego. he didn't listen to others anymore and this is the air to want the world knows now. everyone on the show on the on in front of their two on the walk. the world might soon also get to know the spilled the president's new favorite project in make a mosque intended to outshine all the others in turkey. many people say the president is building a monument to himself. the mosque is so huge one can spot it from many places in istanbul. journalist most of the harsh says the project shows
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just how much as one focuses on symbols of power now the president has become less and less tolerant of criticism harsh says and he knows what he's talking about his book about alderaan has earned him several lawsuits. we put out a lot better one has a single plan he does not want to lose the election no matter what he wants to remain in power this is his only goal. he likes to see himself as a big boss who runs the country like a patriarch. but heir to one will never become a big boss who controls all of turkey he's only the big boss of his followers and supporters will. turn look at this and we can both of those. in cousin pressure the president's old neighborhood to most of the people do not share such criticism if it were up to yes sure i hung the barber. one would govern for another fifteen years but he could stop by more often for happy at.
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former f.b.i. director james comey it says that donald trump is morally unfit to be president of the united states he was speaking in it in if in an interview on american t.v. as part of a publicity campaign for his new book which is being released on tuesday now ahead of that t.v. interview trump blasted call me on twitter calling him quote a slime ball. it's all out war between the u.s. president and james komi. in a publicist he blitz for a searing tell all memoir the former f.b.i. boss launched an intensely personal attack on trump what was your impression he had impressively hair that looks to be all his i confess i stared at it pretty closely and my reaction was let's take a look at what time in the morning star was too long as it always is he looked
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slightly orange up close with small white. half moons under his eyes but message was serious trump poses a danger to the us system of government he calls the president a liar obsessed with spins going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president the bits of feud between the two men started last year when comey confirmed that the f.b.i. was investigating russian links to the trump campaign weeks later komi was followed by trump the stakes between this clash of the titans announced sky high if trump isn't dices for trying to cover up possible campaign collusion with the russians mr koizumi is likely to be a star witness and he says he cannot rule out that the russians have compromising material on trump these are more words i never thought i'd order about a president states but it's possible and i wish i wasn't saying it but it's just it's the truth trumps response to k.
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means attack has been a vitriolic series of tweets branding komi a slimeball he describes him as always ending up badly and out of whack he's not smart and he will go down as the worst f.b.i. director in history by far the last may trump fired komi triggering the rush for investigation nearly a year later the probe is getting ever closer to donald trump and now came his words to further wounded and increasingly beleaguered president he is morally unfit to be president and correspondent claire richardson is following the latest developments from washington so claire what is really going on here in this spot between coming in trouble. hi sara well this was a highly anticipated and your view and a lot of it goes down to the key question of james comey his credibility and he's being treated and the case is being treated and how you see him as a character obviously he's someone who was fired by trump this time last year from his role as f.b.i. director he's also someone who has
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a book coming out tomorrow in which he will be trying to sell more copies so you can see from that angle that this is all something that he's saying to try and get more views but it should be said that komi is someone who is widely seen by both democrats and republicans as a respectable character he's in fact a career long republican himself and he's often seen as this sort of square jawed face of the law who's above partisan politics whichever way you do see it it's a remarkably a damning assessment from someone who held a very high level of public office about the president's capabilities of holding that office and from some really saw this as a betrayal one of the moments that spoke about in the interview was how the president asked for his loyalty how he felt that that was inappropriate thing to ask of the f.b.i. director and how he felt that trump's insistence on having his inner circle remained loyal to him reminded him of his days working with the mob bosses. and we know also that this book that it is actually not out yet it comes out later this
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week we've heard from some white house reporters they say that trump is angry ahead of the release but he is in florida this week as any. that's right he's furious but he is at his club mar a lago in florida all week where he's going to have a lot of time to really over this and why does officials have said before that when the president is in florida this is a time that we can see him be more volatile he said of unshielded by his white house staff he's got a lot more time spend with old friends reminding him of his former lifestyle and he's got a lot more time to watch t.v. and really get upset about what he's seeing the former f.b.i. director saying about his character claire ultimately though this is the man who hillary clinton said cost her the election why would trump be taking him on. that's right it's interesting to note that komi is hardly some kind of democratic sympathizer because he was the one who in two thousand and sixteen announced that
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he was reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's allegedly use of a private e-mail server and remember this was a just days before the election and she says it's what cost her the presidency and he was really grilled about this in the interview he defended his choice to tell congress that he was reopened at the f.b.i. was reopening an investigation into clinton by saying that you really have to see it through the lens of the time she was widely believed to be the incoming next president of the u.s. and he felt that he really had to be seen as not playing favorites and to cover himself by reopening this investigation but of course she and her campaign see it quite differently claire just very briefly before we go one of tom's lawyers has been in court today also the porn star that he allegedly had an affair with what has been going on on that front. that's right trump's longtime personal lawyer michael cohen has been in court trying it chew it get the
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court to let him and his legal team look at these documents that were seized during a very high profile raid of his offices last week they say that they want to see whether they are protected under attorney client privilege between the lawyer and donald trump and the federal prosecution has been saying that that would be special treatment would not be appropriate for richardson in washington thank you. for now the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either at your news my handle is at tara kelley t.v. and don't forget the hash tag is the day to see who can say.
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hello what to look for this. is because if i didn't. i'm a south american i'll cook up a plate of soft how do you think norm coleman. i think i'm going to have what it takes to become internet darlings in twenty eighteen. year old. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was
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a big mistake and it was my mistake. facebook and the days where the scandal was a one off occurrence. just what does the company do with the personal data of its billions of uses. insiders explain the facebook system so dangerous not transparency. in forty five minutes. just wasn't going to survive narratives night right here i've been vocal to bangladesh what is the true face of the country looks like. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting has hindered progress and is limited to extremists are gaining more influence just marcus's the rule of law far on shaky ground we've just
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couldn't you know we've got love there should be. anybody. i'm not. trying to lead desh the dawn of islam as i'm an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. two. are i welcome to another week of your remarks i'm your host meghan li from cuddly tasty tapos we've got lots of interesting topics on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. street art images for a talker for barry croston captures the work of banks speak. to lug.


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