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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election. u.s. protectionism is bringing together old rivals japan's prime minister and the chinese foreign minister announcing closer cooperation is this the race to become the new leaders of global trade also coming up you know what they say about one man's trash well one indian company is helping rubbish pickers to get into regular employment and if you fancy a touch of luxury how about buying a piece of paris is famous ritz and unique not to fax from the historic hotel are going out for. undone the winter and this is your business update donald trump's protectionist policies and the looming trade war have brought japan and china closer together relations between the two asian powerhouses have been strained for decades but in the face of u.s. tariffs it's time for beijing and tokyo to mend fences. this handshake
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between japanese prime minister shinzo the and chinese foreign minister wang ye could mark a turning point the two nations now aim to resume talks that were put on ice eight years ago as doubt hangs over the future of international trade the regional rivals now want to show a more united front. the world is now full of uncertainty trade protectionism is rising at as a result the free trade framework is under threat the rise of unilateralists and is challenging fundamental international rules we have relative stability in our region and we need to appreciate that. although donald trump's name was never mentioned during the talks his decisions have helped kick start the move towards better relations between asia's two largest economies the u.s. moved to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on both countries has angered decision makers there and china faces even more penalties for what the u.s.
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says is years of intellectual property piracy and theft now top politicians in china and japan plan to meet regularly economic conflict with america is giving their rivals a common cause. and the u.s. government has announced a ban on american exports the chinese telecom producer said t v the u.s. department of commerce says that he is lied about reprimanding employees involved in illegal business last year the firm was found guilty of violating trade sanctions imposed on iran and north korea agreeing to a settlement but the u.s. now says not all employees involved were punished the ban means u.s. companies will be unable to sell to the company for up to seven years and insulters watching this from wall street against plenty of chinese firms work closely with the sate state and we've seen a while way get into similar trouble with the u.s.
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is the tide turning against chinese tech companies. the heat is on there's no question about it and it is to a certain degree a new development and we have talked quite a bit in the past couple of days and weeks that donald trump might try to make it more difficult for the chinese investors and companies to invest into the u.s. to get all the g. area all told that it will be more difficult for chinese companies to buy into the u.s. to get all the industry is so now we have a case the other way around so that also american tech companies might not be able to do as much business with china as they used to we have to wait and see you said to you might be a special case but it certainly is an interesting new development in the tens chinese u.s. relations and netflix results out and it seems that there shocking skeptics and beating wall street expectations what's the story. well at least the initial
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reaction here on wall street is quiet before the stock after the last earnings report in generally it was up about forty percent after back then netflix reported record new subscripts with scriver numbers so now at least on the first glance profit and revenue also beat wall street expectations and after the stock was a bit shaky in the monday's session the first initial reaction after hours was very much feed the stock at some point gaining a good six percent in after hours trading we will get more details on those netflix numbers on tuesday all right quarter bringing us that news on demand thank you very much for that. and let's head back over to this side of the pond now turkey's economy is recovering rapidly growing by more than seven percent last year now that stronger the china's growth but with the turkish currency the lira on
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a continuous downward spiral it seems the country is using cheap debt to keep the economy afloat yet soaring inflation is putting that strategy on shaky ground. turkey is cheaper than ever for foreign tourists the turkish lira continues to hit new lows against major currencies. it's lost nearly half its value against the euro for examples twenty fifteen. but although that might be great for foreign visitors it's a huge problem for the country because it has to import commodities like oil and gas the country's central bank could apply the brakes by raising interest rates but president rhetoric tired out of want has hamstrung that idea he's betting on a looser monetary policy that wants to retain low interest rates to help drive
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economic growth and he accuses those who aren't of the same opinion of being tools of western powers ever want to tributes the fall of the leader to turkey's enemies . turkish companies are suffering the country's largest manufacturer of food products isn't debt to the tune of billions in hard currencies but in its home market sales are in the falling. has already warns that it will soon be unable to meet its obligations all told turkish companies are creditors around three hundred billion dollars some economists now believe turkey could be the flash point that sets off a new financial crisis. rubbish on the streets in the rivers and in the sea india is sinking into a deep copy crisis the problem is particularly prevalent in the capital and other major cities due to a lack of efficient disposal systems throughout the country now one entrepreneur is
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fighting against this wave of waste. india's economy is growing and with it so are the mountains of rubbish garbage has been piling up for decades in the country's major cities. functioning disposal systems instead millions of illegal waste collectors wait through the rubbish and separate the trash from the treasure it's a dangerous job. to get bad one dollar two dollars a day you put behind in good trash never know what they're getting they're not there don't wear any safety gear so if you have lost everything in life you have no life that's when you actually become better because. now i got garbage has plans to tackle india's waste crisis with the help of rubbish collectors workers can separate the rubbish in the recycling factory instead of on the street.
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we have done our own thirty five million kids go. through our system and their own speakers are on board so we're trying to as much risk. of being fired livelihood as much as possible and they get to fix it salary their lifestyle is very good they can fix it work i mean they get weekly off. the company collects and analyzes data from junkyards waste collectors and domestic households to make the system more efficient. the information is then made available on the internet. much. like.
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the company is currently supported by indian i.t. giant mindtree been in a few months it plans to break away by itself the organization is set to be deployed across the country to help eliminate india's garbage. coco chanel hemingway and the billionaire rockefeller family the ritz hotel in paris has hosted the kremlin but after spending millions on its time to slow out the old furniture that those guests have used in style with an auction. bets like this were essential to the well being of the likes of coco chanel and they must to provided some extraordinary sleep after the french diva resided for almost forty years at the paris ritz the prestigious house underwent a major overhaul and is now auctioning off many items that are no longer needed
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only know about ten thousand artifacts from the last century will come under the hammer not all of them are exorbitantly priced. you could have a collection of eight hours trays at one hundred euros the extras have the name ritz on them and then you have much higher prices the torch carriers for example their large lamps which are estimated to be worth around ten fifteen thousand euros . the auction catalogue includes beds from the one nine hundred thirty s. and hemingway era boston are the objects the more unusual like the ritz fusspot top . it's probably the oldest object in the sale. caesar ritz the founder of the ritz wanted his guests to have the greatest comfort and he placed a beautiful bathroom in every one of the rooms and the suite. all items are on show in reconstructed hotel suites at the art curial auction house until the
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highest bidders take them off to their new homes. well the all five star gold plated business update if you want more check us out on the social media from me and the d w business team here in london thanks for watching.
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hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scrooge a reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them why and why. in countries like russia china churchy people are told it is a self and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work had to lose well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me no longer smoking mirrors it's not just about me figure and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. shunning is boring golf and i were giving.
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