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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 30  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting may third on t.w. . one story dominated the bundesliga this past week. before.
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the split. and replaced him and. all eyes are on the new byron coach although the big match was between labor course and frankfurt the fight for the fourth champions league spot with frankfurt in fifth out to upset labor course in a place above them. but they come out on top in the sun does this not. in the seventy's perhaps. now it's world class buyer up against five. for the one hundredth edition of this classic fixture. and this one's got plenty. of verses daughter not the league's top derby and this. time to direct for second
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place by the concrete them to me for those we have seen continue to smoke just as also get rich and extreme as ever. want to know what he so happy about time to kick off this match day bundesliga action. this was a crunch game for both hoffenheim and hamburg could relegation threatened hamburg grab some desperately needed points. would half a night be able to give their european ambitions a bill. when it comes to last chances you have to take every single one you can. and often find when the first ones to decide. one nil for the hosts not so fast. with said cannot be called offside the
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referee disallowed by human hidden ashraf an attempt to manage but home fans didn't have to wait long for the opening goal. now being scored his fourth goal in the last three matches he's been unstoppable. just coach couldn't agree more. i think your first touch wasn't really intentional but of course he has brutal pace and is able to block the opponent to look so nice that just judicial watch. after taking the lead on him wanted more the team looked to double lesko adding pressure on the struggling business. three minutes before the half hour mark nico szell swept through the hamburg defense finding out i'm soloing for a close range finish. i. think i
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live. an easy to nil advantage for the home side in a fast half. lives. of the home by the wants and often i was simply superior to us in the first half they played with power and aggression and exactly what we were missing if you know how to that's what doesn't i'm going to harm. but hand that had the chance to. i got to do satire with a strong but precise shot to close the gap for the visitors posting a spectacular saying from hoffenheim people out of about a month. i post to a vendor night at the other end i call a spec did well to tip a hidden head on to the post with so lies follow up also striking the woodwork. but
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the intensity of the match wasn't reserved to shots on goal strong tackles and something antrix told part of the show i. out to that hash. it out it took just. another defeat so we're hurting or yet again. lead. here novels man and his team are very much on the road to european action next season. whereas for hamburg it looks like time to say farewell to a top tier football. player. live.
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it's also time to say goodbye for nico call botched currently still culture and talk to frankfurt. was mentioned. i got a call from munich and i was given a job offer. jesus. yesterday i accepted that offer. his lineup same game strategies for frankfurt will now be under intense scrutiny and his move has already caused some tension. because most are complete projects so it's a completely wrong timing we've been working things out among ourselves but there's also a third party involved in this and that's why on. they did their thing and thought only about themselves and not what's important find for fun for it and often for if you don't we need now is common concentration we're sitting here the day before an extremely important much you can spy leverkusen and now we're talking about something completely different. because that's simply not good so you need.
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to leverkusen the focus was on securing a champions league spot it was fourth against fifth but the past two turbulent days had left their mark on frankfurt on and off the pitch. the first goal went to their opponents as duty on bronze headed in after twenty minutes i haven't fully man just couldn't stop patting his forehead superstition. about that comes close it's life. and he's skeptical about my heading abilities so he was shocked to see that me too because every now and then i get one in but it's kind of rather it was probably one of my nicely goals shyly so i don't know national until. last week labor kusin swept aside like six forty one now it was frankenstein the champions league beckons for labor force that should have been the headline from the match but there was bigger moves i can deny that the last for it what what's been going on the last twenty four hours. and i thought that didn't leave
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a little mark on our game i mean. we're not any machines or robots that can and can ignore the facts that's been the trend is going away. but frankfurt also started well two minutes after the opener a well worked move was finished off by marco fabio i told bunch also guided frankfurt to the german cup semifinals it's been an incredible season so far. but frankfurt could still finish the campaign with nothing to show for their efforts just as this match to. eighteen year old guy javier it's in his fiftieth bundesliga match came up with a cheeky backfield to set up a bowler who made it to do what i. i and then three days in the seventy seven i. crank for one now gradually starting to fall apart i reports from right before the two one i honestly thought the game would end want all. fall and scored his third and laver cousens for thanks
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to another selfless assist from kareem bello robbie on wednesday cup matches team travel to shelter for the cup semi final if they win they might well be his future employers in the final. if they lose. will likely be given the blame i get the fans were on best behavior ninety minutes of relentless support even after the final whistle exactly what the team and the coach need now. nico kovacs recruited by byron as a player in two thousand and one will soon return as coach. you should because it was. when i had the clause that it's in my contract the twenty six days to make that option could happen some day this is and now it's happened and say maybe i was more prepared for it than others it was in this someone would approach me some day and say ok mr you've done a really good job but the job against leverkusen was not a good one and a setback for cover which nevertheless for frankfurt he was the right choice well
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he also be the right one for by. your kind is a legend and although he never stung for the munich team and his playing days. has made his debut and spent most of his career at his hometown club. and it was his on those for mitchell it's pretty special for me playing against club back again this year but this will be my last match against them. and you get when some of you are smiling. no. they won't happen again sigh of relief. has also started his prolific country and career at mansions out back before making the move to munich and further afield. i guess lives and breathes spy and even when facing his old club. and all the fans
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of the allianz arena do not expect any less from their beloved characters. but the first chance came for the away side and the ninth minute they made sure to drew first blood. a swift move and i left footed strike from use the term much put mention clapper had. his first place perfect in play shot and him his second just like to go with the season. come on finals also things were looking good to begin with we had
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a chance and we made the most of it after that we showed them too much respect to call some respects. against a team and by him that runs the risk of being punished. thomas millar picked out some of our half of the equaliser eight minutes before half time . and the same became clear that the hosts would not be happy with a draw. just four minutes after the equaliser milla again played provide this time beating young zuma with a leaping header. it was the eleventh understudies second breaks for the club. for me about i'm a striker so i'm happy to score it's even better when we play here it was my first home game in the starting eleven and that's why i'm fine yes he's an improved immensely in front of goal and that's very positive for the entire team supports it was a defeat exam to manchester. and thought they came very
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close to netting i have tricked i six minutes after the restart tiago pounced on a rebound from about a shot to make it three one for the hosts. but it was dubbed an alibi he might the crowd go wild. i strained international scored his second goal of the season a screamer of a goal in the sixty seventh minute and put his supposedly weaker right foot. i. robert levin dusty came on as substitute for the last twenty minutes of the match. i. was going scoring machine wasn't about to miss out on the passing i and it was eleven dusty who sealed
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a five one victory for the police to get champions even after clinching the title by an on taking their foot off the gas and either in their opponents or i saw in the produce of meant a lot to me i spent twenty three years ago out boxes and they were for the most part wonderful years. after. the wonderful years like the times when had to berlin versus cologne was a classic encounter dobby's elko wasn't even born then but managed to make his own bit of history on saturday. his. three was a milestone home goal for house. holds that. number one thousand it has all been looking so good for cologne when leonardo britain's course squeezed in the opener. but had to emerge from the break more decisive four minutes into the second half martin plotting hard to cross ended up
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with those who make no mistake. it was his first goal in three months and in the past as three matches goals routed home. alone coach stefan will be back will be off in summer as his team looks destined to draw. fans at the opel arena with the latest to protest against the new monday night game . another point of contention this season has been the video assist. in this case the referee had already blown for half time and sent the teams to their dressing rooms when he was alerted to a penalty from mines. due to a handful from all of a camp. problem the plazas calmly converted to put the hosts one. on it got worse the freiburg find their own keep alexander short of gave the ball
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away in the box leaving the philologist to top it and. try books past and practically only chance was the shot by newspapers and. television his men it was a fruitless evening out. none of them much was the villages whose very secured a vital win for minds in the relegation battle. and also one of my kids from a coach. folks wagon arena hosted a fancy light show before kickoff. but sadly there wasn't much action on the pitch not of the football variety at least. the match was a washout in more ways than one. and
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not even a clean one at that. college board's john moravec got his marching orders after a second booking. marco wished to be given the ten men visitors the lead only to see his log come back off the crossbar. and moments later cold yet call rattled the woodwork at the other end. four minutes from time félix also had to go after a second yellow card but having played the second half a man out spoke had only themselves to blame for failing to take advantage of them to be a real fight but that's really a geisha. contessa's hand of the two teams with little to play for. that mario gomez was out to impress hoping to make
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germany's welcome squad it wasn't to be his date however. team like eric to me cold and it's a lot to laugh at from the edge of the box to give the one side. the house with looking like the second one is i'm told make. a long ball into the strip cutbacks in stoppage time. plus fukuoka runs impressively to head the ball over the hope at sea and into the net one one it ended. in braman hansen who was light six had to come away with a win in order to stay within reach of a champions league spot. since first attempt was a nice try but no money shot. bama was on point but also fell short. did it better must use a shock shot hit the post. but nicholas moyes
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andar was there to get the rebound. to play. like six had to hold their socks up if they still wanted a crack at the champions league. and other more look mon stepped up for the equaliser wonder what was it from like is that enough to be the cream of the crop. there's still plenty to play for. and this time. it's up to don't mind to make up for the embarrassing for for sure in the reverse fixture. that we talked about a lot about how that was even possible. how could we be so stupid to let that
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happen. at home in a darby much fuel. for the fans the real daddy is about bragging rights at the side whether you go to work the next day with a smile on your face or not. written. last week we had a burst water pipe at home an assessor came over and saw me at home and didn't know before whose house he was going to be in the homes in town he looked at me and said we'll even take one mil the neighbor was also there and smiled he's also a huge shock of fairly much you could really feel it when the derby is coming. it will shock his chance to. consolidate second place. it sounds that you can it's always an explosive dobby but the second verse is third and we have the chance to overtake them you make so much extremely exceptional as a witness to. a win is a win win that's all that counts and doesn't have to be pretty as long as you give it your all and win. and this match was
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a bruising encounter. but chuckle quickly had dortmund under pressure. talking foot back was coming close twenty minutes sent. to compensate for the last of the top when needed to perform above average but lacks the required punch. as for the hunt side they donated in possession and had more chances given can apply and had nearly a cheat darby hero status. or reacted i am profoundly sure that for next a million philip after half time anything was still possible still now little. five minutes after the break shocker broke the deadlock on a plan the terms darby's here are indeed. not optional sahad gifted child to the ball and for granted it.
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dortmund were dumbfounded. the visitors still wanted to impress their fans but did little on that front with clinic it such as this. and their passing and build up would know better. just compare the coaches. to ask it wasn't darby marriage which took a left side. to do and it was not only about the prestige they too are fighting. for a champions league place. but the captain was no big help on sunday. a free kick for shocker but who would take it. up the collie told me you shoot it shoot it and if it's on target it will be tough for the goalkeeper to save and yeah i had a perfectly good example get off it. not have one hundred twenty six kilometers per
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hour. that helped the goldmans who didn't even stand in the white. euphoria for shaka devastation for document and to top it off i suffered an injury that will sum up for the rest of the season. not a good day but they fell prey. to choke a win because that to death goes enthusiasm at least he knows how to get the fans going to put in a smile at first i said no but then i had the feeling that if i didn't the ultras would tear down the stadium i had to go up to ten holes. astrodome and find a two no last means they'll be no smiles on the way to work tomorrow her. two nil to shaka. ok facon happen but like this. don't mean looking wobbly with four matches to go before we take
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a look at the table that's tom the clock back to two weeks ago in frankfurt at that time it looked like nico coba would stay in front fat. this club. he said it's actually going to be the main sheet and it's going. to feel cookie baking to say. the end of the scots from head to scene from my own to at least me so if you're from fishing and was a bit of evolution affection from aston top i'm not saying it's a. good if a year is this is the. best but it's all i don't want to persuade those of us in fatah. it's a cheesy beneath the patrician call of. any perspectives to. go but sure this is space that was way up over this. infinite somebody behind all of them funny but impact. on the champion spy and it's still
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all up for grabs shocker looking good but dortmund's leipsic hoffenheim and frankfurt will be fighting tooth and nail for the other champions league spot. meanwhile on the teams down to thirteenth can count on playing next season in the top division the relegation play off place is still up in the yeah but for hamburg and cologne it's pretty clear that chip has anywhere he sailed. and finally our goal of the weekend. for me machine from brazil. are free to just go broncos ridiculous design. thirty five years young and in the form of his life. he started super get them off and on that's being overlooked is that his mind must off to hold him accountable to
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love tough i suppose from one's own snuffles from before. pro naldo i've had a seed or a road that i guess better known as not to go. so if they can't control culture it's a local. giant leap to champions league victory. being from what i see on the full english. anywhere in martial arts class. hope you enjoyed that to see you next time on kick off. please. the but. the big. the big. the
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big. the big. the be. the big. boobs. the be. the be. the be. the big one it's so cold the foam freezes on top of the way above twenty tommy the ball far only a few know about come check the bum tongue most firms believe the mushrooms from revolution the buy surfers love come charging
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obscene. block your store t.v. the smarter the b.w. force more the butcher watch the book to do the extraordinary the besides blood saw but no more of the becomes more cheesy. the beast lemme. see. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire others. going to work on the environment magazine. b.t.w.
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. we make up about three quarters of the things that found out that we ought to separate services. they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters enough because they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent of the platform for africa charging. player. plays. such.
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live. syrian state media say the country's air defenses shot down a number of missiles over the city of homs through the night on monday state television showed footage of a light in the sky which it said was one of the intercepted missiles responding to the claims the pentagon said there was no u.s. military activity in the area at the time that. the. e.u.
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foreign ministers met to thrash out there is pons to events in syria but the block .


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