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this is you know when he was live from berlin america and lacan put on a united front but the crank still show the french president has been in berlin on an all out push to get under american tobacco's reforms for a more united europe but germany's risk averse chancer may put the brakes on changes that including hefty price tag also coming up israel turns seventy as the nation celebrates its founding the prime minister calls on israelis to make sacrifices to ensure the safe you church and cuba swears in its new president
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meek will be as kind out he takes over the reins after six decades of rule by the castro family handpicked by rule castro the new cuban president vows to continue the revolution. aleric thank you very much for your company everyone french president and many one might call and german chancellor angela merkel have put on a united front during talks today here in berlin but their divisions have started to emerge mccall is here to breathe fresh life into the his vision for reforms is called on germany to join him in delivering a reform roadmap in time for an e.u. summit in june but america has toda cautious line saying her government has to assess his proposals before moving forward. all right we've got to team.
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average for you to use chief political editor mikaela krisna who was at the two leaders press conference and berlin a short while ago and he never used max hoffman standing by for us in paris mikhail i'm going to start off with you did the chancellor buy what the french president was selling. well she did admit that compromises need to be made but of course she means both sides and when both speak of european unity they didn't always mean exactly the same thing french president call stress that that can't be a eurozone a strong currency without convergence and what he really means is risks sharing and standing in there for each other now germany i'm going to michael's own m.p.'s are actually driven by the fear that this could mean more german taxpayers' money being distributed across europe which she wants to see as more competitive miss and the big question is how they tie all of these conditions together and really make some headway before that next summit coming up in june all right i suggest we listen to
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a short the sound bite that we have cued up of chancellor merkel speaking after that press conference the re shaping and really founding of europe is much more than a project of peace each should also show that we can only pursue our values globally to get them as well as defend the interests that is if we have a european level i would have a city should be enriching us military space yes and this is why we have important topics to discuss today. because she's not committing to anything there i mean how strained is the chancellor by domestic priorities. well she certainly had her own c.d.u. party m.p.'s signal quite clearly that they will hold her to the word of the coalition deal that's the very foundation of a fourth term in office with the social democrats here and that means that any money being spent out of palin would have to go through the german bonus talk
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germany's parliament at the same time both sides want nothing less than reinventing europe and that also means a joint line in foreign policy which becomes all the more important and this picture of you see that we saw today is all the more important with both leaders heading for washington next week first i'm on a call will visit d.c. and talk to u.s. president donald trump and the german chancellor and with that trade war over many i'm terrorist just being avoided it's all the more important that both find a common line i'm presenting that max i want to go to you in that paris that there's a lot riding for in my car he is facing a big task back at home in france tell us what the situation is like and france right now where you are. you know well he's trying to save the european union in berlin but i'm going to macro you see anger over boiling here in paris maybe we've had a look here. you see members of the different unions demonstrating at the heart of
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paris we have about thirteen thousand five hundred people who don't forget that we have these demonstrations all across france at the moment you have students you have post then postal workers but especially you have the railroad workers who are fighting to keep their decades old privileges and since my call is somebody who's trying to change those laws many here see him as a capitalist who's trying to take away everything that they fought for in the past there's a lot of anger on the streets we've already had a big police presence tear gas you name it so this is this is very palpable in a very different i imagine atmosphere for what's yours. unsing in berlin right now max the french president has been on this a year long drive to reform the euro zone if he hits a wall now or he has to water down some of the reforms that he wants to see implemented does that hurt the image he's trying to project as a person who can get stuff done. it might
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a little bit i mean he's been very much trying to uphold that image for example in syria saying this is a red line if you cross it then we'll do something militarily that's what he did on the national or the domestic front right here he's been acting many of the campaign promises tried to change things for example labor laws and all that and you can do that because he does have a majority here in the french parliament so that's a very different situation from what he has on the european stage where he doesn't have a majority in parliament he doesn't even have any delegates a problem that because his movement is so young and he's fighting for allies on the national level i got a medical official believe is still his ally that as we could sell enough for the first time today in berlin when it comes actual policies they are not on the same page you. are right max hoffman that reporting from the french capital paris and a mechanic offner in berlin thank you both with really appreciate it. aright
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we will move on now to our other top story because israel is celebrating the seventieth anniversary of its founding with events across the country prime minister benjamin netanyahu began the day by inspecting a guard of honor he praised his country's achievements but also said israelis will need to make sacrifices to ensure their security in the future festivities began at sundown yesterday with a lavish show being staged in jerusalem. but even as the nation unites to mark this milestone there are sharp divisions in israeli society the. agreement is perhaps deepest over the issue of settlements in the occupied west bank for the israeli right there are they are among the country's major achievements for the left they are a blight on israel's international reputation daily news travel to the west bank for closer look at score days lies deep in the occupied west bank sixty
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families live in this illegal israeli outpost near the settlement of she to our own cuts of moved to s. coders than years ago with his family it's situated in the middle of an area where palestinians want to establish this state seventy years ago there's nothing here it's not it was empty it's a real symbol for israel. these grapevines right here it's you know it shows belief shows that we're back here we're coming home we're our home. or more come home every year for growing cutoffs conviction made him come here because this land today and some area as it was known in the bible and claims it is jewish land according to international law though the settlements here in the occupied territories are illegal they're said to be one of the main obstacles to a two state solution. in the center of tel aviv dawn is taking part
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in a demonstration against the israeli government's occupation policy. leftist organizations called for the protest. they're also protesting the use of snipers and recent demonstrations at the gaza border at the beginning of april there is a lot of fear. that an entirely they are hearing from the from this little enough to say they think that the now harm is are at work. are deleted. they think they're. on the other side of the street a few members of the ultra right movement try to disturb the protest. in the past few years israel has seen a significant move to the political right don calls herself a left leaning activist and says it's not cool to be on the left anymore she'd like to keep the public debate alive on issues regarding peace with the palestinians and a two state solution the message we found on these demonstrations is that we must
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have peace we need to fight for this peace this situation that does not serve us. don posted activities on social media and internet platforms in the hope it will have some influence on other israelis. young israelis like alan cutoff i'm not interested in a two state solution he's convinced that the settlements of the security of. open. military school you learn that if you sitting on the mountain you're protecting the valley this whole area as you did in some areas the mountain the whole area of tel aviv is the valley everybody knows if you sit here you're protecting the cities in the valley if you don't sit here you're not protecting a new certain mendis being built not far from here officially sanctioned by the government for settlers who were forced to leave their outpost to defend realities two points a few seventy years after the falling of the state of israel the visions for the
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future could hardly be more different. one of the suspects on alleged anti-semitic attack in berlin has turned himself in to police the entire incident was caught on mobile phone camera by one of the victims he and his friend were wearing jewish style skull caps when they were attacked later told they don't need to use they were wearing the kept for the first time to show an israeli friend it was safe to do so in berlin. police in armenia as capital on have arrested dozens of opposition demonstrators protesting constitutional changes that allow a former president to become prime minister protesters a claim the move is an attempt by ex-president surge of sarkozy on to hold on to power it's the seventh consecutive day of protests in the city. britain's queen elizabeth has welcomed the leaders of more than fifty commonwealth countries
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to buckingham palace they will discuss issues including climate change terrorism and cyber security the queen says it is her wish that prince charles becomes the group's next head. turkish president richard tiber to want to has announced plans to hold early elections on june twenty fourth the early polls will hasten turkey's switch from a parliamentary system to a presidential one that will strengthen once power. came just before turkey's parliament voted to extend the country's state of emergency which grants the government sweeping powers. cuba has a new president and his name isn't castro for the first time since the communist revolution more than a half a century ago the country's leader does not heal from the castro family on just a short while ago the us was sworn in as the country's new president replacing brokaw strove to lawmakers have decided to elect canal to
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a five year term is climbed through the ranks of the communist party for years he has now said his mandate is to give continuity to the cuban revolution. broke castro will remain the leader of the communist party in the meantime but cubans do have expectations from their new president. i read change it is not the era of fetal and round castro may be coming to an end but the cuba they built remains launch of the unchanged cubans expect the new president to continue his predecessor's legacy of slowly modernizing the communist country. that will mean more of it still the same for me honestly as long as things keep improving on their own as well about how we. make our own dns can now will now be the first leader of communist cuba who was not a member of the revolutionary generation and he's expected to carry on reforms introduced by now ex president raul castro such as allowing citizens to run small
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businesses and reducing restrictions on foreign travel cuba's new generation is optimistic i would like to travel i'd like to travel and see the world. while many cubans dream of change the social programs of the castros communist party remain popular dance canal a party loyalist is a cautious choice for a cautious country in cuba the revolution will not be jeopardized. as a surrender for about hugo of our top stories that we're following for you right now german chancellor anglo american and french president and one might call have put on a united front during meetings here in berlin but divisions have still shone through my corners called on germany to join his push for your wide economic reforms viju record meanwhile says really wants to stand with france but that her government must first assess the risks. and israel has kicked off celebrations to mark seventy
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years since the jewish state was founded in the middle east prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said israel won't spare those who raise a hand against it but also hinted at better relations with some arab nations. only iraq thank you so much for spread. in this part of your day with us i'll be back at the top of the hour see that. this valuable germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something henderson says we must overcome it india. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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